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Dune's Gallop

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Dune, in all honesty was hot headed and wasn't really into friends. He Preferred to stay put of other colts way. He was smaller then most, but had a big canter. Even though he didn't know how to fly yet, he still tried. It was Dawn and the sky looked like it was splattered with red paint. Dune decided he would gallop and try to take off, a running start. He started at a trot and worked up to it. The wind blowing his mane back. It whipped at his tucked away wings at his sides. He decided to cut it after his little fun. Dune pushed harder, he broke into a canter, it was so graceful that he couldn't even hear his hooves hit the ground. He cantered faster and faster noticing there was not a lot of room to transition into a gallop up ahead. There was a giant boulder, and more trees... He would have to weave through them! He picked up speed as he sped through the bushes. He swooshed my them making them quiver. His started to gallop, halfway to his spread-wings. He spread his wings, but didn't take off at first, he stayed low to the ground his hooves dragging. He Beat his wings, but no air cousins made under them. He sighed knowing his full flight feathers, were still in the wake of coming. He kept on flapping and flapping though. He finally got off the ground as small air-pockets formed under his wings.[Image: black_pegasus_by_skye_fyre-d4ii65l.jpg] [Image: Black_Pegasus_by_Dannys_angel.jpg]

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