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[DROP] Last breath of a survivor

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When life tears you down

A series of light approaches from the darkness, and from first glace it looks as if one of the lamp trees had gained legs. The movement was slow and halting, every now and then dipping behind the trees only to appear again. The darkness of the night was still prevalent, and the moon, in this dark place, was obscured by the now lush and full trees. As the lights grew ever closer, so did the form of the one carrying them, on her proud head.

A large, rack of antlers seemed to settle onto her back in an ornate way, and each tine glowed from the inside, casting a bright, soft light over her furry form. She was a deer, one that stood about as high as a tall pony on long, slender legs. A great mane of hair flowed from around her neck and onto her chest, and her eyes seemed to glow with the same, strange light as the tops of her antlers.

In her wake, she left star-like, glowing prints. They were small, like the tiny shapes of her hooves, and they slowly faded as she came to a halt, breathing heavily. Wrapped in a small bundle that was strapped to her neck was a strange, soft-shelled, breathing orb of sorts. Carefully, she set it down, her breathing hard through her soft nostrils.

Slender legs shook beneath her, and she was clearly ill. Liquid dripped from her nose and the fur on her neck hid gashes, but the smell of blood would be apparent. It fell on the ground near her precious charge, and she looked out into the woods with an expression of desperation. She needed to be sure that this gift would survive, would live... She had to be sure...

The creature lifted her nose to the sky and let out a mournful, loud cry, shaking the leaves on the trees. After closing her whiskered lips, she dropped her head again and drew in a shaky breath. "Please... help." She whispered, closing her eyes and leaning against a nearby tree.

One by one the lights on her antlers went out.

Now, only four remained.

She was passing - the light of her life turning to darkness.

A new companion has entered the land of Helovia called a "Cerndyr!" This drop is for a royal Cerndyr companion. To learn more about them, read below. The winner may choose one of the four types below. If you end up choosing a "lamplight" cerndyr, then you are welcome to use this table :3

The winner of the drop will be determined by a small task and a dice roll. Please respond here within 4 days/96 hours to be considered for the drop. In order to be considered for this drop, you only have to have "a" companion on your wishlist, since this was obviously not one of your options before!

The Cerndyr are deer-like creatures with ornate antlers on the males and are very intricate and lightly built. They are known for their mystery and quiet behavior and hatch from orbs. Once an individual and self-governed animal, the cerndyr lost their homeland and their ability to survive on their own.

Royal (rare): Are large sized deer (4.5ft tall at shoulder/150lbs) where the males and females both have full sets of antlers with 20+ tines. They are often abnormally but conservatively colored and have extensive elemental markings and permanence.
Common: Are medium sized deer (3.5ft tall at shoulder/100lbs) where only the males have antlers (16 tines) and the females are bare headed. They are normally colored with medium expression of elemental markings and permanence.
Plain (rare): Are small sized deer (2.5ft tall at shoulder/60lbs) where the males have antlers (10 tines) and the females have smaller more delicate antlers (8 tines). They are normally colored with little expression of elemental markings and permancence.

» Earth Spirit :: Antlers are woven with living plants and they can make themselves and their bond-mate disappear, blending into the natural environment.
» Dark Mist : Can summon thick mists that can cloud emotions and thoughts of their opponent, and their markings almost seem obscuring and dark
» Lamplight: Can ignite the tips of their antlers in an illusionary flame or light that can cast a beam upon a weak area/place on their opponent; their hoofprints often glow temporarily
» Starpast: Can conjure 2 small ethereal figures of the past that can charge itself and it's bond-mate, giving energy to move slightly faster temporarily, and their markings often have a soft glow

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Yes yes I'm wandering yet again. Don't ask what has drawn me here yet again. It's so dark yet I still choose to wander around. My sister was safe back in our home in the Edge, our family had come through and we had kept our home. Some how the dark did not stop me from being curious to explore the lands. The Deep Forest always had a pull for me. I had tried to gain a green dragon friend before, and saw my father die... I didn't want to think of that now. After all I had to move past that fact....

Wait, what was that? Yes, there is a faint light not far ahead of me. I could see it both in the air and on the ground as if they were hoof prints. I pick up my pace into a trot, carefully placing my hooves so I don't step on a root or get my hoof stuck in a hole. It was then I heard a call followed by a voice. "Please... Help" My pace increased as I began to trip trying to get there faster. Someone, or something needed help.

When I arrived I saw the most interesting creature. She looked like a deer, but yet something told me she was not one. Her face was barely lit by the lights that seemed to be coming from her antlers. "H-h-hello. You called for help? I am Sakura. I will try to help you the best I can." My light green eyes watched her carefully, interested and very curious. I wanted to childishly walk up and look her all over, but I was not one to be rude.

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[Image: sohtable.png]


On the day the sand turned red, I was out gathering materials for the wall.

I had been feeling so useless, you see, for my magic had disappeared with the sun, and I had thought that if I could only do something, I wouldn't feel like such a burden. Zenobia had been born, of course, and so I was less impaired than I had been previously, and so I had wandered off with her in search of metal. When I returned, I was stunned to see the damage that had been done - none of it, thankfully, to the wall, though I certainly would have liked to see them try. Immediately I was plagued with a desperate sense of guilt, for not only was my magic incapable of finishing our protection against invaders, but I had not been there to assist with the defense of our home, however little help I may have been. But then I looked down at my daughter, far too young for the dangers of war, and I was immediately grateful that I had taken her away for the day, though our search had proven fruitless on the dark, clouded morning. It was then that I thought of my mate - dare I call him that? - and though I longed to look for him, for I cared far too much for the steed, I knew that it was to Zenobia that my attention belonged, at least until everything was sorted out. And so I drew her back to the heart of the Throat, and there we stayed until it was clear that the fighting was over and victory was assured.

It is of this that I think as I soar through the skies, again plagued with that restless, helpless feeling that has been constant since the disappearance of the gods. Perhaps if I travel far enough, I will find my way back into the light. At first, I kept expecting the sun to rise; now, it is only a distant hope. Still, the moon has returned, and so perhaps my hopes are not unfounded. Light-trees show my path below, and as I near the Deep Forest, I sink lower and lower in the night sky, finally touching down through a small hole in the trees. It is even darker here, and I am momentarily thankful for the solitude. At least here, I don't have to pretend to be okay. Here, I don't have to explain to Zenobia who her father is and why he isn't around. Here, I can just be alone.

Can't I?

A flickering light catches my eye, and I look around quickly, tensing, for it has not been so very long since the invasion, and before that, my dearest friend's death - my nerves are still on high alert, to say the least. But I only see a gently fading light moving through the trees. Something about it seems to call to me; I cannot say what, exactly, but I follow it nonetheless. A small part of my mind hesitates, implores me to go back, to leave, but I will not. Perhaps it is the recent events, but I instinctively know that this light - no, these lights, I see upon closer examination - need assistance; when they begin to sink to the ground, I quicken my pace, and I just catch the raspy plea for help. It is a deer, a very sick one, of a variety that I have never seen before. My heart goes out to her, for her call was desperate, and I step closer; a young filly has beaten me to her side, however, and so I politely wait before vocalizing my own offer of assistance. "My name is Sohalia," I tell her, lowering my head so that it is close to hers and she will not have to strain. "How can I help you?" I struggle to keep my voice even as her lights begin to waver and die; am I to be left, again, with no way to help one that needs me? "Tell me, quickly."

"talk talk talk"

Live... I want to live on fire
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Want to live to feel the daylight

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give me your eyes for just one second,
give me your eyes so i can see
everything that i keep missing

Should she be traveling? Should she be running away from the Throat? But she needed time. And, her heart had been broken knowing that if she had gone into battle she might have been at a horrible disadvantage. She no longer had her Hawk. She no longer had her eyes. She no longer had her other half of her soul. And while it seemed to be radiating and pulling back into her it was difficult for her to continue on, knowing that her soul was broken.

How long had it been since she had been so dejected? How long had it been since she had almost fallen apart? She had tried to be strong. She had tried to protect the young ones. And it had seemed that they hadn't really needed her help. But, that didn't matter. She felt like she had been useless. She felt like she hadn't been doing her job. So, she would find more information - information that the winged mare seemed to have already grasped. So, perhaps she would head back toward the Threshold. But, before that she went a bit farther south, edging along the border line in the thicker forest and feeling the vibrations of the barrier as it radiated through her chest and ears.

She felt useless. She felt alone. She felt lost. But she wasn't. She knew how to get back home. But did she have family there? Would anyone care if she happened to disappear? She hoped someone would. But, again, that loyalty was pulling on her to continue toward the Threshold. Blind eyes peered forward, audits perked and at attention. Her entire body taking in the slight vibrations as she shuffled her way through all the underbrush. And that was when a loud, piercing cry shook the trees. Instantly, she placed the center of the call and came rushing toward it. Could she prove that she was of use? Two words were whispered, Please... help." and there was something upon the ground. An orb. But it was vibrating with a heartbeat. It sang of life to the mare's hooves and body. But the one who was right beside it reeked of death. Her frame seemed to be trembling. Each inch of it suffering from some ailment not particularly present. Were those wounds? Covered deep under her pelt? Was that liquid dripping from her nares?

Rasta could tell the deer-like creature had closed her eyes, and was using all of her energy to stay standing. It took all of her to continue to wait for someone to come and help. Words choked up in Rasta's maw. Should she help? Yes. Her hawk would have wanted it. "Ma'am. I am Rasta." she whispered, before bobbing her head in recognition of the tiny one before her and the crafter who had brought her to these lands. "If there is anything at all that I can do I will help to the best of my abilities..." Rasta shuffled her feet, standing up a little taller, the blind gaze directed toward the doe's face but unable to focus upon her appearance and it was obvious through the twitching of it's orbs as they shifted back and forth as if searching for that thing to lock onto. Blood. The scent was still in her nostrils. she needed to know - was the blood coming from the doe before me. Uncomfortably (and quite ashamed), she spoke toward the younger one. "Madam Sakura, Madam Sohalia, could you tell me one thing, please? Is the creature before us dripping blood? I can smell it, but I can't see the liquid to tell what, specifically, it is. I'm sorry, being blind has its difficulties..." Rasta's words were soft, concerned - not at all demeaning toward the creature before her. But, she needed to know the doe's state. She needed to know just a little more information than the world had decided to allow her to reach on her own...

620 words
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The grasses had returned.

That one truth struck Ampere with a greater jolt of hope than anything else. She had been hungrily feasting on the lush seas of green to such an extent that her sides had a pronounced bulge. She hoped that her health and vigor would return faster now, as she had nearly withered into frailty and dust over winter with no warmth or food available.

Speaking of jolts though, not everything had yet to be returned to her, but at least there was progress and the gentle blink of the stars above had not been an anomaly in whatever normalcy this world obtained now. Things were clicking back on track and it made her memories revisit what little she understood of this event. The gods were oriented, she believed, had been told even, but her faith in the truth of that and them wavered still.

It wavered as much as her bloated body on the air steams as she fought to stay aloft when gravity threatened to yank her down. A thin sweat had broken out on her neck as she strained with her weight, so recently a non issue with her emaciation and general small stature.
The urge to rest, and perhaps graze some more, eventually overwhelmed the desire to continue fighting the wind and so Ampere made a slow descent to the ground below. As she curved along the path of the sky she noticed the oddity of moving lights. Over time she had grown adjusted to the unfamiliar trees and foliage that expelled their own light, trying to service as small, grounded suns in the absence of the daylight, but it had never been enough and Ampere had never been comfortable with them. So to see one move certainly set her skin crawling.

Shaking the creeps from her hide she drew closer to investigate on foot, surprised to find an unusual creature rather than a bizarre plant. Others had already drawn near to offer their help. She didn't know them, and for the most part ignored them, such was her intent on the glowing deer, but she recognized the kindness they were expressing and it uplifted her spirit.

Quietly she settled in alongside Rasta, her voice adding to the chorus of assistance, though in her heart she was not sure what she could do to help. The art of healing was beyond her and the brief training Ampere had in spilling blood did not seem applicable to someone trying to reverse that very process.

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Are there silver shores on paradise? Can I come in from the cold?
I killed a man in a far away land, my enemy I'm told.

Please...Please! Have mercy...Ye God's of Old...hear this cry, and bend your ear.

Hush child - let us not speak too loudly. For the creature of our discussion has not heard the vocalization of any thoughts other than his own, for so long now.

For so long....So long has Myrddin wandered. It seemed only an instant that his eyesight was restored to him by the eternal Goddess of the Night, only to be striken away by the eternal night. All went black and all...

all left the Philosopher's soul. All sense of is and was and ought and duty. It fled like so much wick burned up in the night - used and only appreciated once it was dampened. And so, Myrddin had left with only the light to bear witness - he had left his cave, silent for so long, and ventured into the darkness. To die or to learn of his fate - either an acceptable outcome. He cared little if he lived or died - only wishing for knowledge. Only wishing for..



Days and months blurred together, but the only real thing Myrddin could be sure of, was the light ahead. It blurred in a way different than those of the lamplights which burned into his mind. The trees burned with a fake sort of light. The Goddess of the Moon had given him the ability to see into the very heartstrings of that which lived, and while the tree's pulsed with light, their life force did not similarly grow. You lie.... he thought of them, as he passed. Wandering..

An invisible vagabond.

But are different. You pulse with life. Like a wraith drawn to the heavenly host, Myrddin drew near. Across the distances the strange creature called - the light - the scent of blood. It might have been kilometer's or days - is there any way to measure the passing of time, in such a vast mind? There might be, but I know not of it. There are others here - equally pulled by the ebbing lifeforce of this strange creature perhaps. They are like silvery wraiths in the night, but he hears their voices clearly - the sounds crashing in his mind which has remained mute for so long.

Blind eyes, given site by divine intervention, sweep over the gathered view with objective and polite interest, before falling upon the creature.

"Hush" He orders - his voice sounding like that of a singer, who has smoked far too many cigars and grown old and complacent. "If there is one among you who is not here to help - let him speak. If not, hush. Do not make her use her dying breath to calm your voices."

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She had travelled far, seeking the solitude of the dark forest. Her presence had only been in the forest a few times, now some greater force had drawn her here. Slim and nimble legs smoothly navigated the rocky ground, her eyes searched through the forest, the Impersonator knew that there was movement going on around her, the trees replayed the sound back to her. Stumbling footsteps...hushed voices. Arah dipped her great antlered crown under a tree. Then the voice sounded out. "Please... help." Orbs that were a pure gold widened with worry. Someone needed her, someone wanted her to help them. Was this why she had been brought to the forest? It was such a pain riddled voice, it called directly to her soul, her kind heart, so she began to move quickly towards the voice.
When she arrived others where crowded around something, probably the injured one. The white doe pressed forward. They were all offering help which gave her hope, perhaps whoever needed them was not beyond their skills.

Coming up and moving behind an ivory stag, the doe's eyes rested upon a creature she had never seen before. It's slender and beautiful body was broken and bleeding. Arah could not explain it, even though they had no bond, no conversation no...nothing, the silver doe felt that she understood this dying creature perfectly. Almost like a...sister. They matched each other in so many ways, only Arah would not get to befriend this beautiful sister. She could only help her move on peacefully. Everyone offered help around her, Arah however did not need to use her voice. This sister, was beyond healing. They shared so many similarities, however Arah knew it was their kind spirits that they shared the most. Compassionate eyes watched her dying sister on the ground, a single tear fell onto her check. Finally the stallion told them all to hush, the doe was wasting previous breath to answer all of their questions. Gently Arah moved forward, pausing for a moment she stopped and then laid beside her sister on the ground. "It's okay, do not worry." Her words where gentle, spoken at barely more than a whisper. Arah did her very best to keep the pain out of her voice. Kings may have guarded their kingdom with a heavy heart, however Arah's heart was her kingdom and she was always willing to share it. "Hush now, did not fret. Only tell us what you have the strength for." She offered the doe a watery smile.

"We will figure out the rest." Arah knew that the dying doe had come here with a task, that when she had called out for help, it had not been for herself. Her eyes glanced over to a glowing orb on the ground, was was that strange thing? Further more did it belong to the deer? Arah slowly stood again and moved to inspect the orb, gently she pressed her nose it it, to see if it would hurt her. When it did not she gently began to roll to orb of light back to it's owner. Then she resumed her place laying next to the dying doe, feeling the tears streaming down her face, Arah did not hide them. For so long she had felt lost and mostly without a friend. However looking upon this doe with heart felt eyes, the sliver mare realised that there was more to life than feeling sorry for yourself.

Instead the doe, who was finally herself again, a feeling caring loving mare began to hum. A barely audible sound, it was the tune of her ancestors. They always hummed or sang it when a member of their herd passed on. "Your body, warmth, voice and laughter may leave us. However your spirit will always be one with ours." Arah had never liked those words before, however today she was truly willing to accept this doe's fate. More than that she was ready to accept the doe's spirit.

She had grown much since entering Helovia.

674 words.
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So innocent; pure & sweet.

The world, Raeden was learning, was a fragile place, sinking under the weight of lies and broken promises, purloined secrets and stolen moments forged from nothing but hope and frail wishes. Every day, every second, the world is sinking, suffocated by forgotten ambitions and high aspirations that have fallen, crumbled to dust and cobwebs. She has been crushed, bones cracked, ribcage curling in, squeezing her heart, by words that have shattered her house of glass. For all her dreams, all her stubborn, resolute beliefs, they are all too easily crumbled beneath a careless word; still, she perseveres, too afraid to be her own person, to be more than the mirror reflecting the expectations of her. Expectations she was born from, assumptions she was molded to, clay folded perfectly, all the cracks hidden by a clean coat of paint, still there; are they still spreading, cracking, just waiting for the right moment of heat or cold to ruin the statue? Like the dog born and raised to the hard, ham-fisted grip of the master, she does not know a path different than the one she treads now.

Swept in by a hasty wind, the wraith of gold and cream appears on the threshold of a dying doe.

Out of her league, drowning, lips hardly above the water sucking her in, she flounders, wallowing, alone at sea despite the vultures crowding in around her. Coats of cream and ocean-foam white surge in around her from the darkness eating the world, the utter blackness that swallows everything in it's way even if the grass flows up from the earth, sparkling blades of emerald, little warriors fighting the dead soil, bursting forth with life from the rotten earth. Feathers whisper in her ears, murmuring stories that she cannot understand, and the filly pitches forward with eyes wide and stunned, questions bubbling up at the tip of her tongue, witnessing her first death so different from the starved, ancient and ceremonious repeats of battle after battle in a drawn-out war of blood and gore.

Lithe, slender, a many-tined doe, blood a hard and heady scent in her nostrils, broken and battered.

Raeden is scared, wishing to recoil, flinch away from the scent of death that begins to seethe in the air, the rich stench of the brief moments of utter oblivion before the bugs come, and the cycle of life turns on. She is afraid, petrified of what might have made the graceful animal so utterly different, and she treads silently, hooves making but a ghost of a whisper on the grass. Light by light fades from the sprawling array of antlers, fireflies winking out, and her head is spinning, swirling, an empty wasteland. She is dying. Something wet dripped from the doe's damp nostrils, something that gleamed angrily in the delicate light cast from those luminous eyes and shining horns curling in magnificent, graceful loops. So frail, delicate and long-legged, something that reminds the filly unpleasantly of herself, but such different circumstances. Help. Raeden swallows the lump in her throat, steps forward with a gentle tread, thoughts spinning, twining together and falling apart as she tries to enunciate grace, repeat the same elegant movements of her mother.

Right now, she only feels young and clumsy, a child dressing up in a business suit and pretending to work with daddy.

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Stumbling through the woods in the dark, I realize Ru is no longer by my side. Glancing about, I search for her. Wherever had she gone? I nickered, green gaze sweeping through the trees. Earlier that day, I had felt something within me being restored. I had felt something within me shift, like locked doors opening, the lock thumping to the ground. Digging deep within my soul, I found myself whispering to the trees, watching as they moved to the side. I felt pleased with myself now, happier now.

So I waltzed through the Deep Forest, hunting down Ru. I nickered softly again for her, but gave up. She was probably off doing something. I felt a little ashamed to let her be by herself, but she needed some freedom. As of late I've been watching her closely. So there I was, walking through the forest, when I heard a moan. The depressed moan echoed, bounding off the trees and reaching my ears. Perking them, I tried to locate where the sound had come from. I weaved through the trees, desperate to find the source of the moan.

Lurking within the shadows, I saw a beam of light, flickering in the distance. Walking forward, muzzle outstretched, I searched for the light. As I searched I noticed the light dimmed, flickering faintly, now barely visible. Frowning, I began to quicken my pace, searching desperately.

I burst into an area where a doe lay, blood tripping down from her mouth. Gasping, I rush forward, passing a few of the horses that had already gathered. I halted as my green gaze settled on the one familiar figure. That one, crude little figure. My eyes widen, and I mutter an inaudible word. "You," I muttered, just barely moving my lips. I narrowed my brows at the filly. She... she was the cause of Ru's pain. I heard Ru's words echoing in my head, the words she had spat at the feet of her family. I huffed, keeping my green gaze on Ru's sibling as I approached the doe, spotting the little orb like thing hanging from her neck. "My dear doe, you... you're... " I looked at her, worry flickering in my leafy gaze. "I am Tingal, please, allow me to help." I moved a little closer, lowering my head in greeting. The doe's antlers were apparently the source of light, but there were only four tips lit. I bent down slightly, eyes showing worry as I stared at the doe.
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Why, wherever he walked, did creatures insist on disturbing his peace, his solace? The cursed beast walked with a huff, unused to, and annoyed with, the hustle and bustle that had been created by these intruders. He had been unable to find a cave since his rendezvous with Lena in the Meadow, at least, not one nearby. So he had ventured to the Forest, the tall trees blotted out the view of the Moon in the sky above, and lulled him into a sense of security. If he could not see the Moon, then maybe he would be able to avoid the Sun as well, and the pain and suffering their presences brought.

He longed to be alone, to sulk and hide in his solitude, to admire his reflection in the strange lake at the heart of the Forest, to enjoy his peace without the judging eyes of others peering at him. And yet, there was a strange, irritating sense of loneliness that niggled at him, causing him to seek out those who were creating a fuss nearby rather than run further from them. When he came upon the scene, he looked with indifferent violet eyes, silently assessing each being who had appeared to this distressed doe. The creature was a strange one, and she held within the curve of her nape a strange orb - and that was something Kiro had seen before.

He wasn't very interested in it, nor in the entire debacle of the mother dying. The last time he had seen one, he had offered the whole of Helovia to a monster, and had his first encounter with the Time God of this place. Would that the God had alleviated his curse, he might have cared more for him, and the orb that was whisked away by the sneaky illusionist. So, as he stared from some distance at the orb nestled by the doe's breast, he wondered what made them so valuable. He had ascertained that they held within them those strange, miniature companions he had seen attached to others - Lena included - but truly, why would, or should, that ever interest him?

The others all offered to help, all asked the suffering doe to waste her final breaths on ways in which they could extend her life. "She is lost already." He grunted, his deep vocals murmuring from the outside of the gathering, as he swished a tail, and simply resigned to moodily observe what unfolded.

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The earth was no longer a dying mess, making them feel less stranded. This,as the moon, must mean another God had made it back. One she new little of, but didn't find herself saddened by the thought. There were many she hadn't meant, places she hadn't seen, and hopefully time ahead of her to do so. With Gods or not she never knew how much time she had. Was it something that changed with choices? Or was it set in the strands of time, a string that would eventually break at just the right moment. She often thought it moved closer to a knife in times of battle, without notice when there was an invisible threat. Did each test of it make the thread weaker or stronger? Faelene didn't care a lot for philosophy, because there never seemed to be one simple answer. She lived her life assuming it could be fragile, full of weakness, mistakes, but it could be steady, meaningful, worth every breath.

The dark mare walked through the forest casually taking in the changes. It was strange, spring overwhelming her nostrils, the grass muffling her hooves. The trails of old passers here and there. Today she didn't have any want to see faces, old or new. She had no want to think beyond her terrible, silent thoughts for she didn't trust her tongue to speak. Didn't trust her heart to be quiet. Sielu, sometimes Mauja, and even times Leander were ghosts that wouldn't leave her. Where she might have a smooth tongue with her unfaltering steps she found herself losing focus, drifting often into memories real and make belief, very much lost. She didn't know what part of reality she should be in. She was having a hard time finding her drive, a sense of purpose.

Further she walked.What was beyond the bend she didn't know or thought much of. Blood tinged what would have been sweet air, and she felt something stir inside of her. Long limbs began to trail the evidence of pain. The strangle of a pitiful sound bringing forth that own sad hole in her own heart. It sounded like a mother whose child was dying. A nightmare if there ever was. Hurrying, nostrils flared wide with her eyes, at last finding the glow of light that had begun to flicker. Barely, she heard the ask for help, because the blood maned would see she was not the only to come answer. Stepping forward with little noise, she caught the words of others, knowing two of her fellow Unicorns, one filly she should, while the rest were strangers, drawn to the same cause. An antlered beauty the lit up the darkness with her remaining light. Silently, she stood in the circle saying nothing, only observing. They were all here to help her, and so silver eyes softly looked to the beautiful lady now understanding. The doe was a mother using what was left of her life, trying to save a most precious gift, because the life in the orb was evident in its tiny, delicate breath. Maybe, the Thief was the only one to notice by the comment of the silver stallion in the distance. Maybe, because she was a mother she knew she would have made the same ultimate sacrifice.

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beauty is what is on the inside, not the outside

I walked throughout the deep forest, my clefts taking me to some unknown place. I heard voices out far in the distance, but the one who was asking for help caught my attention. I looked around at the dying surrounding, how dark it was. It was darker than most parts than I had been in, for I had tried to stay away from the shadows, there was evil beyond us.

I kept walking, making sure to keep a comfortable pace so if I needed to run, I would have the energy to do so. I crept along to the group standing around a deer, pleading for mercy. A smirk appealed to my face as I steadily walked up towards here. "You must get up." I told her in a kind voice, nudging her a little bit. ”Here, you can lean on me for support if you would like." I glanced her a curious smile.

She was bloody, yes I knew. But I wasn’t just going to let her die like this. Anyways, what had caused all the pain towards this poor creature? She was so sweet, how could anything do such a thing? I would have to get her to a doctor quickly, I don’t know how much more time she has, hinting the fact that her lights are slowly fainting. But where would I find such a thing out in the middle of nowhere? It’s not like something just going to poof right in front of us.

I smiled and then glared back to the others standing around. "Is anyone a nurse or doctor?" I smiled, looking at them all in the eyes with courage. There was no magic running in the veins of this land, but hopefully someone could help her without the use of power. It couldn’t be that hard, could it?

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The night was endless, yet in her heart it felt like sunset. Though the bleeding of the skies was missing, and the golden hue of the falling orb settling down over the horizon was in its long slumbar, she knew. She loved the sunset, yet at the same time each dying day left an emptyiness in her heart. Each day would begin and the mare would be hopeful that today this day, things would change for the better, yet in the passing weeks, months, and years of her short life, only sadness and despair had been granted to her. Sunset, to her, was a sign of dying hopes and dreams which bled out into the skies above her.

But only blackness hung over her now. The stars glimmered softly, thousands of tiny orbs trying hopelessly to make up for the one light the land did need. they were no good to the earth. They did not make up for what was lost.

She wandered quietly, lost in her mindless, thoughtless daze as her legs carried her through a deep forest. The smell of foliage was sweet with dew and the mare found herself taking deep gulps of the scent. It was a nice change, given her thoughts. Yet as she moved, the smell changed from sweet tang to iron. Her head raised, eyes blinking as she fell from her daze. Sights settled upon what at first appeared to be fireflies, yet as she neaqred and one by one the lights flickered out, she realised it was not so. The lights, of which four weakly lingered, belonged to a deer like creature with a beautful crest of antlers. She slumped against a tree, her breathing heavy and laboured, with the unmistakable scent of bleed clinging to her body. Before her was an orb of sorts, which was marred by droplets of blood, and from the shadows, forms were emerging.

Horses; unicorn, equine and pegasus alike, were slipping from the dark depths of the forest toward the lights, drawn like mosquitos to a flame. Their voices called out, introducing themselves, asking to help - Artemis snorted to herself. Why bother speaking your name? The creature is dying, thought the unicorn. She did not speak up; a pale unicorn with a crooked, antler-like horn spoke for her, politely yet sternly asking to voices to hush. Still, she hid herself in the trees, unsure of wether or not to emerge.

Normally, she would have turned and walked away, yet her eyes met those of the creatures and she found herself unable to walk away. An uncharacteristic pity - no, empathy - settled over her as her eyes moves down the legs of the deer, toward her charge. The orb glowed meekly and the deer hovered over it protectivly like a mother. Something in the mare old her to take the orb - to protect it as the deer herself was unable to do so. Artemis knew the doe was lost - her life was in its own sunset - but the orb could survive.

Finally, Artemis stepped forwards, head lowered in respect of the doe. She passed a familiar face, nodding in acknowledgement of Anthiea before standing before the dying doe. She smiled softly. "The orb. It lives, doesn't it?" She murmured in understanding, knowing that the doe cared little for her name, and had thoughts only for her charge. Why else would she be protecting it so? The tiny orb pulsed with life - Artemis could feel it in her heart. It needed help.


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You see, there's this storm brewing
and it ain't stopping.

I was a curious individual and when I heard MANY creatures talking at once, I often times found myself in a curious state that I couldn't quite refuse. My black head was lowered as I surged through the brush, my black and white spotted coat appearing quite abruptly as I emerged with my warm presence.

I was a tall individual and I guess one could say that I was indeed towering over several of these other equines. However, what attention was most brought to me, was a doe lying in the center of them all. Some wanted to waste the doe's time and life as her life was slowly fading away and others simply wanted to get straight to the point. As the breath was being slowly drawn from the creatures lungs, I held my head low, straight out.

My blue eyes looked at everyone and then at the mare. I had yet to say anything. My ears showed that I was indeed calculating what was going on. I had never seen anything much like the doe. I thought does were supposed to not have antlers. I thought that does were supposed to be antlerless? And I thought that deer were supposed to look like.. well, deer.

She was carrying a package upon her back. It was indeed glowing and it was indeed an orb. I was extremely perplexed and the smell of the crimson liquid know as blood was apparent. This deer needed help and it appeared as though it would be her dying wish. The deer seemed to be far beyond repair and I wouldn't shout it out to send everyone into a panic.

"Ma'am, I wish to not waste precious time so I will indeed make this quick. What is it you wish for us to do with this glowing orb? As long as it is to cause no harm to the good, I will see to it that the task is done." My warm, calming, soothing and friendly voice poured into the atmosphere quite hastily. Nevertheless, it was apparent that my giantess self meant no harm. I was a good person. I would always fight for the right reasons.

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when you and I were forever wild.

The deep darkness saddened the mare, letting her small Arabian head hang low, her long ebony mane reached down, touching the awaiting forest floor. It dragged along the layer of pine needles, dusting the hard packed, root ridden forest floor. Her snow dipped legs, and stomach stood out against the endless night, the bolt of white streaking down the little mare's elegant dished face, before tinting a pink at her muzzle.

My bouncy, yet conserved trot carried its lithe body, through the wood. A faint crescendo of a deep, commotion perked my tiny ears. It caused me to raise my little head, and open my warm, amber eyes to the sound, batting my long eyelashes. Long hair caressed birdlike bones, gently swept in the light breeze.

The blur of horses in a crowd came into my view, as she approached the group. My dainty hooves pattered on the ground, she started to listen to the clearing voices. Someone was hurt. she peered through the mess of others, making her way, slowly to the front of the crowd. In the middle lay the creature, her body thin, and elegant, as my own. Her small rack of horns was decorated with a lessening number of burning prongs. the left the smallest, and most resplendent light. She looked limp, and as if she was dying, something I could easily figure out if I had not tuned out the noise. my eyes started to water at the sight. The helpless deer, laying in a mess of pine needles, and dirt. a creature of this beauty, and magnificence should be treated as a goddess, and not dying, and laying in the dirt. My tears started to fall, streaming gently from my ambry eyes.

I did not know any possible thing to say. I had no knowledge of healing, all I could do was comfort the doe. I walked up to the electric soul. The sight was truly saddening, It seemed as if few knew what to do. Neither did I, for that matter, so I kept my mouth shut.

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The lone stallion had been sleeping when a quiet voice invaded his conscious, instantly drawing him from his light slumber. In a flash the pegasus had risen to his feet, wings splayed out him a movement to provide balance and a weapon of defense to bat away anyone. His chest heaved, eyes wide the white of them revealed as he searched the darkness for the source of the plea. Someone was calling out, their voice weak and feeble. Calming his breathing the elegant horse folded his wing to his side, keeping them slightly raised and ready to strike out. Like a knight sheathing his trusted blade, keeping the sword loose in its scabbard and within in incase of a sudden attack. Although fragile a Pegasus's wings could provide a nasty wallop to anyone who dared stray too close, utilizing their natural strength needed to thrust his might frame into the sky a pegasus use their wings as much as their hooves. He had seen the same attacks used when a male swamp protected its nest from an invading fox and assumed that it wasa natural instict for winged beasts. But that did not matter, what mattered was that his hooves were carrying him farther into the forest, closer to the one who needed help.

The nostrils on his soft nose flared as the scent of blood reached him, causing his own heart to pound as the natural instincts of a prey animal such a he tried to kick in, screaming at him to run. But he would not. He could not leave this creature, though he knew not what it was, to suffer alone. If he could help he would, if not he could attempt to locate another with such abilities, or simply provide his comfort toward the distressed animal. The smell of the creature was unlike anything he had ever smelled, it was faintly familiar to that of a deer, yet help its own powerful essence that spoke of a distinct species all its own. Lowering his head, ears perked forward in a show of curiosity and causing, Apache slowly approached, the scent of others mixing and mingling with that of the strange deer.

He could see her now, regal and beautiful despite her obvious injures and weariness. Faint pinpoints of light glowed at the tips of four horns, growing weaker by the second as her life forces faded. It seemed he had not been the only one to hear this woman's call, each horse had come with same intention to help her. It touched him to see such fine equine in this land. Nodding his head in a respectful gesture to them all he rolled his weight to one side as he stopped, leaning toward the deer as he bowed his head. Deep soulful eyes gazing into the dimming ones of the mysterious woman who so fiercely watched over a glowing orb the rested next to her. Her eyes held a determined, somewhat desperate light in them and he too realized that this orb was indeed precious to this woman. He wanted to help, to heal this mysterious and beautiful creature, but even he could see that her time was short. She was not long for this world, and so he merely said in a soft gentle voice. "I am Apache, please tell us what you would like us do fair one."

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When life tears you down

The equines. For such a long time her kind had been free from the oppression of need for survival. Independence, hard fought and bitterly won, still surged in her soul, but she knew that in order to survive, compromises had to be made. Would this be worth the price? Only time would tell, but she prayed that the decision she was making would be blessed by the antlered deities.

What had wiped out her kind? She did not exactly know. Darkness had swept over the land nearly in a matter of hours. Her kind were many and varied. Some, like herself, glowed, even in the blackness, and they banded together.

But, that was not enough.

Things... creatures... living earth seemed to come forth from the shadows, summoned by some devilish sorcerer to destroy them all. Instead of staying and fighting, she had grabbed her prize and run. And she had not stopped running. Hooves and lower legs were still stained with the blood of her fallen brethren. If any more survived, she would be labeled a coward, but this had to be worth it. None could have survived... right? Not like this... Not with those... things.

The lady seemed to be fading out of consciousness before she snapped back awake. Golden, glowing eyes peered at the many faces, seeing a few had arrived late. So many souls... so many unworthy. Her vision was faded. She could not make out the shapes and shadows. All she knew is that one of them had to care for her precious child, the once future royal of all Cerndyria - now reduced to naught but a companion.

Ah, but she complains when so many come to help.

"I offer a prize of which there is no mortal price that can be paid," she whispered, her voice slow and deep. "The light is fading, so quickly. The child will not survive on its own." Deep sadness etched her features. "To one of you, I will grant my child as your companion. It is the last of its kind, to my knowledge. The child is precious... so precious... my people..." She wheezed a little.

"Go forth and gather. Return with items to make a nest worthy of this orb, for you might be the one protecting it here, in this very forest. Make a safe haven that will keep it from harm when you have to leave, will warm it in cold and cool it in warm, protect it from the elements, for its survival is of the utmost importance.

When you return and build, a second task will await you... to see just how determined you are to protect this child of mine. Darkness approaches, children of the four horse gods. Though its seems... it might already have begun."

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More arrive.

The stallion takes little notice, apart from allowing a glance to rest on each of them. The crimson maned maiden who arrived so shortly after he, earned a slightly more lingering stare from his violet eyes, as he admired the beauty and grace with which she held herself. More arrived, and more still, until the steed was almost overwhelmed with the crowd. It had been a long time since he had been around this many others, evidently drawn as they were to the prospect of helping a poor dying race.

Suddenly the doe began to speak, confirming his thoughts. Another grunt, sceptical in its resonance, sounded from the steed. And yet, a niggling urge itched at him, poking and prodding a sensitive area deep within him. He couldn't identify it, but it annoyed him, irritated him. A shiver rolled from his shoulders down his spine, ending with his tail swishing to and fro against his flanks. Build a shelter, he grunted again, to himself this time, as he turned away from the crowd to passively search the woods that surrounded him.

He did not ask for help, for that was not his style - no others could help his own curse, why was he bothered to even try to help this doe alleviate the curse of extinction? Because the doe had given them an answer, a solution, where his own curse was still so unknown. He thought the issue had been solved with the absence of the Sun and Moon, but then the Moon had returned, and he had felt the curse reawaken within him, even if it didn't show itself until the Sun rose at some time in the unknown future.

Build a shelter, he grumbled to himself, as he attempted to remain focussed upon his task at hand, instead of be absorbed, as he so often was, by his own dire circumstances. The forest held many broad leaves, many trees - and ah, just what he was looking for. A fallen tree. It's broad trunk had been hollowed out by termites, but they had left the harder wood of the outer shell of the trunk in tact - and cleaned, with strange carvings left behind from their trails. Kiro thought himself quit ingenious as he examined it. The part of the bark he was looking at specifically, was shaped like a cone cut in half, with a wider curved end, that curved to the height of his chest at one end, and spread out until it was almost flat at the other end. It had been warped and tempered by the elements, but it was solid in its foundations.

With smug satisfaction to prove the crowd who had barely noticed him his intelligence, he clenched the bark between his teeth, and dragged it. The journey took time, precious time which he knew the doe did not have. When he arrived back to the clearing, he shuffled his way through the crowd, dragging the bark until it was near the doe and her precious cargo. Here, he dropped his bark, and began to dig. With his cloven feet, and even his long, sharp horn, he carved a hole in the earth that was the shape and size of the orb. With a sweep of his tail, he encouraged soft leaves to line the area, before he grabbed the bark once more, and placed it over the nest. Shuffling some more leaves around the place, he gave it one last satisfied snort before deeming it worthy. Standing before his shelter, he presented himself, and his structure, to the doe.

"I am Kiro… Kirottu." He hesitated a moment, knowing that he needed to be honest if he were to prove himself worthy of the doe's cause right now. He paused before he continued on, dipping his crown to her level, speaking in tones that were smooth and warm. "Your child would be safe within this nest, for it looks like nothing more than a dead fallen tree that most others would overlook. I would keep watch over it always. It is small enough to keep in the warmth, keep out the damp, but also allow it to breathe."
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give me your eyes for just one second,
give me your eyes so i can see
everything that i keep missing

So many more had arrived. Her surroundings were slowly beginning to become hazy as her mind fought to outline each of the souls from their vibrations. Each of their forms beginning to meld a little with the earth, even with the trees they seemed to be standing next too. It was taking all of her concentration to attempt to pull the image of this doe-like creature out clearly before her. Muscles were tensed a little, as well, not enjoying the massive presence of other equines. Safety was always underlying her actions - safety and the protection of those which she could offer her aid too. She had been a leader once, the idea of taking others under her wing did not ever go away after having doing so for so long.

But, leader no more. And she was reminded of that as the creature spoke. Her voice was slow, deep, broken. Even wheezing. It was obvious the fae was not going to last too much longer. Granting the child as a companion? Did Rasta really wish to have her red-tailed hawk replaced? She wished for her winged glory to return, so dearly. It was tearing her apart each day - feeling that empty hole in her soul as she continued to attempt to push forward in these new lands, trying to remind herself that she was safer than she had been in her old home. Trying to forget that she had needed to leave her family behind to be safe. Trying to cling onto the little bits and pieces of her old companion. But, no. He was gone. She would no longer be able to bicker with that hawk who had so clearly been connected to her life source in a way nothing else possibly could. Companion granted as a gift, or not, she still could not allow the doe to leave her child in less-than capable hands, be it Rasta's own or one of the other equines who had meandered into this clearing as well. She only knew Soh, and really, by this point, she would be joyous if that mare so happened to grasp onto something that would always be there for her - as her hawk had been for Rasta.

Gather. Items to make a nest? A safe haven, warm but cool, protected from the elements. Nest. That simple word tore at Rasta's soul. Her frame trembling instantly as she closed her eyes, frozen in the spot for a moment. The glowing marking on her haunches shining a little brighter for a few moments as she fought through her emotions, begging for her hawk to somehow come back to her - to guide her in these moments. That hawk had, really, only been an extension of her soul. An extension that had broken off and left part of her damaged - a part of her she dared not show to anyone, as she still believed herself to need to look as though nothing was bothering her at all times. Taking in a deep breath, she felt one tear trail down her cheek as she remembered her hawk flying above her, complaining about not having a nest. And then, she set off to work.

Another deep breath, focusing on the surroundings. A tree over from where the doe was there was some ditch - a deeper one, but not too deep that someone would fall in it. Cautiously - so as to not bump into the other creatures that were mere blurs in her mind - she edged closer to the tree, standing right at the lip of the ditch and stepping in it to see just how far down it went. Up to her knee. Not necessarily too deep. But, it would require some kind of padding. Leaves. Twigs. Grass. Why can't I just build a nest, Rasta? It's not like we aren't staying in about the same place anyways? The mocking voice of her old hawk slid into her mind as the memory replayed itself. Leaves. Twigs. Grass. That was all that was needed to build a regular nest. Perhaps she could use those same things in order to build her own.

Reaching up to attempt to snag some branches she realized she could only grab one on all fours. She let out a small huff before rocking back on her haunches and only standing on her hind legs. She was just tall enough to reach one of the larger branches. And so, snagging on it with her jowls she yanked it down and to the ground with a sickening crack. One that caused her to jump back, her nerves taking over. Too many vibrations being sent around. It was definitely beginning to get confusing. Deep breath. One. Two. Good. She snagged the top portion of the larger branch, which was about the length of her body, and then placed both of her front feet onto the middle of it- snapping off a smaller piece. And, then she repeated the process until she had quite a few to cover the hole, without having it fall in.

But, there were not enough leaves, and she could not reach anymore branches. Turning a little so that her haunches were lined up with the tree she kicked out, slamming her back hooves into the tree bark to dislocate the leaves. They fell down slowly, painfully slow. And it took a couple more kicks to jar enough free to begin to pile them at the bottom of the hole, acting as a cushion for the egg to rest upon. Once satisfied that it was cushioned with enough leaves she began to pick out grass, starting to place that delicately around the edges of the hole, to pad the sides of it.

Almost done. Would her hawk be proud? She did not know. But she desperately wished for his eyes at the moment. How she wished for his sight - to tell her if it was looking absolutely horrendous or not. Placing the branches so that they crossed and hid the top of the hole while allowing air in she took one last look. A rock. She needed something to protect the front. After all, most didn't come near the trunks of the trees, it was too dangerous if they were bolting through the forest. But, the rock would definitely serve to protect the edge of it. So, she attempted to concentrate again, feeling all of the moving forms as they rushed around for material after material to build the nest as it was required. And, it took a few tries, but finally she found a couple of rocks that, when placed next to each other, were about the width of the opening to the tree. Carefully, she inched toward them before beginning to push them the ten feet or so back toward the hole. And, once satisfied with their placement she peered over toward the doe, taking in a deep breath.

"I understand that this really isn't too much more than a hole, ma'am, but I have added a few things. It is near the base of the tree, in the corner between two of the huge roots, to keep travelers from accidentally stumbling across it while they run from the darkness or any other threats which their minds have perceived. At the bottom of the hole is a bunch of leaves, to act as a soft cushion for the egg itself, and the walls are rimmed with grass, in case the egg rocks a little to the side and falls against the wall. On top of the whole are branches that simply look as though they have fallen from the tree itself, but they are covering the hole with it's leaves so as to help keep the weather out - much like the canopy above will do - while allowing the air to circulate through the hole. And, before it, rests two rocks so, again, no one can accidentally step into the hole. Then, if you would allow me to, I would use the bundle as an extra layer of protection from the weather on top of the hole. But, I understand completely if you feel the egg would be in safer hands with someone else who is also very capable in this group that has appeared..." She explained, her voice soft and quiet. Companion to replace the one she had lost...

Could anything ever replace her hawk? She was doubting it. But, she would not allow this orb to die just because no one could figure out a good way to protect the creature whose gift of life was the fae's dying wish...

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While there was not the true sense of silence, the only thing finding its way to her ears was the harsh breathing of the doe. A sound that proved she was alive, and yet it was only a matter of time until her body failed her. Heavy waves, somber, and unsettling of how fragile all life was hung about like a thick mist. The fading of those lights eventually would send them once more into the deep, darkness. The lack of light was nothing new, but it saddened her, this fate that couldn't be undone. Another light taken. The maiden was determined not to let fear wreck havoc upon her. The red maned didn't know if she should be the one to entrust with such a gift, but she too wanted to do what she could for the doe, the child and soon to be bonded. The tips of her ears drew back, wishing anyone would guarantee the protection she sought. Hardly one for promises, she only made a vow in her heart to do her part whether large or small.

Swiftly, the instructions were given. The orb needed a nest, right here, right now. There were words that cut her wrong. Have to leave it? Why, would they have to? Whoever received it would surely stay here, such a treasure to watch over. This wasn't time for questions. Faelene began to think what would be best. All things went still in her mind. A second task? This was what made the air (even warmer than the Basin) feel cold against her skin, in her very blood. All she could picture was a monster, a beast that fed in the shadows that would think nothing of the precious orb, let alone a hoofed protector. With the doe's final warning Faelene too set off to do a search.

Using silver eyes, she glimpsed in the dark looking for a hollow tree, or a live one with a hole. Or even a burrow among roots, or rocks. Those couldn't be moved, and lack of time she immediately dropped those ideas. All she could think of was the need of a huge rock. Aware she had passed one, she traces steps, ignoring the brush that scraped at her legs. Her eyes kept skittering around for a piece of grey.

Aw ha! There was the jagged face, spotted with moss here and there. The problem was getting it back, but in this task she didn't need to pretend a life counted on it. Easing her breathing, closing her eyes, she began feeling the air around her. Slowly trying to pull out the energy surrounding. Suddenly, bumps from the chill form beneath her thickening coat. Like a conductor the broken magic sends a light electric pulse through her veins, making her limbs jolt. Carefully, open eyes, she begins to focus on the rock, and feels the fickle magic begin to reach out, building. The stone begins to move, dragging against the soil, and then lifts, hovering few inches before crashing down. The red maned continues to stare, sweat beginning to form beneath her bangs while she again tries to force the rock backward. It rips through the ground, going a little further on its crooked path, rising just so before falling. Proud, and yet tired she decides to do the rest with other strength. Neck bent down, she prods it with front hooves, rolling it along in its awkward tumble.

Coming to the gathering, she gives it a final shove by a tree. This one large enough she could hide behind it. In a hurry all her own, paying little attention to anything else, she begins to dig at the base of the trunk, where the ground is highest. A hole is soon made, not quite twice the size of her hoof, while the length almost reaches her cannon bone. Satisfied, she beings to collect pine cones, crushing them, before shoving the pieces inside. Knowing it needs more softness, insulation, she starts to clip at nearby brush, getting the thick parts of leaves rather than sticks to set on top. Forcing some green bits down, into a tighter pack, she leaves some to place over the orb. Trotting over to the doe, Faelene respectfully dips her head, and begins to explain her nest. "A hole at the base of that large tree will keep the child safe from the rain, and direct sun. The ground, crushed pine cones, and leaves will insulate it from strong temperatures, and yet keep it from suffocating. Shall you choose it, the rock will go enough over the hole to keep varmints from stealing, and larger creatures from crushing." If someone had a better idea she hoped they came forward.

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