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[OPEN] Into dust we turn

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ashes to ashes

The ground in the Thistle Meadow started to shake and rumble, and the waters of the river rippled wildly. A force began to pull the liquid together, the torrent of streams waving through the air and spiraling into the shape of a large stallion. Dust picked up as the winds began to stir, obscuring the vision in the river as your eyes had to squint against the stinging particles. The water and earth began to solidify, sides of the strange horse beginning to expand and contract with breath.

In a way, the god of the earth was being reborn. His journey back from the other side was different, blocked. Instead of coming back through a portal, he had merged himself with the very fibers of nature in this realm and pulled himself back together.

Finally, the dust settled and the great, large bay stood in the center of the water, inhaling his first, clear breath. He stood with his massive pillars spread in a way that spoke of his unbalance. Wings were pushed from his body, acting as a balance. The god opened his deep, emerald green eyes, looking out at the night sky and feeling his heart stir with hope. None of the grasses had completely died and the trees were in growth.

He smiled. His son. Hototo had done what he asked. Hototo had given life back to the earth.

The god shook dust from his body and walked from the river, moving across the land. Lush, green grasses and flowering plants erupted in his wake like poetry. Trees bloomed and blossomed. He had much land to visit, much to do, but here was a good start. The land would await the sun patiently, and he would heal what his son had started.

This is in part an effort to get back to the roots of our character, partly a way to allow the admin time to reset and push through some projects, and partly because as writers, we are all masochists who have a penchant for tossing out characters into fantastically precarious situations.

The Endless Night plot is going to be a part of a serious of events that are going to be happening to fix the rifts. Currently, this is the "broken magic" phase. This means that magic exists, however, it is incredibly faulty and not entirely reliable. Also, the only magic currently available is moon magic and now earth magic (dark, wind, earth and water or a hybrid of those).

Any characters possessing Dark, Wind, Earth, Water or hybrid of either element magic will now be able to use their abilities. Unfortunately, the abilities will not work perfectly or seamlessly. Wielders may find that their magic turns on them or has unexpected effects. Without the balance of all other elements in the land, the magic remains "broken".

Only long standing characters with 125+ posts AND dark, wind, earth, water or dark/wind, earth/water hybrid magic will be able to use their magic without side effects, as they have a stronger connection to the land and magic. However, if you want your older character to struggle with magic, you are welcome to have them be "broken" as well.

Characters with 125+ posts CAN USE ANY TYPE OF MAGIC, but it must be BROKEN! Meaning that often times it will backfire, cause damage, become incredibly addicting, uncontrollable, etc. This is where you can be incredibly creative!

Characters UNDER 125 posts cannot use their magic unless it's dark, wind or dark/wind hybrid magic. Soon a plot will be released where their magic connection can be broken as well.


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The earth trembled with fear, quaking from the arise of the god. the nearby stream started to splash and churn, as if being stirred by someone. My tiny eyes peered over the small hill in the medow, revealing the birth of a god. There I stood, meters away from the great being, a being that I didnt even know but was so magnificent, and pure that I knew he was "unearthly," stretching out of the ground like a tree, bracing himself, with his wings and spread legs as if a newborn colt. His emerald hair waved in the air, and swirled around his sturdy ram horns. The God began to walk.

This god did not leave footprints in his wake, he left life. It seemed to be oozing from every inch of him, the land was restored as he walked. I watched in awe. My tiny golden hooves shook with a mixture of fear, jo, and delight. But fear of the powerful being was overtaken by the lithe emotions, making my tiny cinnamon body bound towards the bay. I flapped my wing, and flopped my destorted one. I ran up to the side of the god, my pace doubled to keep up with him. My eyes were not ahead, but fixed on the mystical being. I was too busy ogling at the stallion to notice the light was still gone. But that was of no matter. He has fixed the plants, and grass. I can now eat with comfort, other than the bitter, dead grass.

I pranced with high heels, and grea elegance, trying to impress his greatness. I puffed out my chest, and arched my tiny neck, not saying a word to the great stallion. I tried to hide the huge grin of delight on my face, as my eyes still peered towards the god.

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You see, there's this storm brewing
and it ain't stopping.

A grumble from my stomach had left me with the reminder that my home was dark. It was like nothing was changing; nothing was going to change! I wanted to go back home, back to where it was all started. That way I could live in peace like a normal damn horse.

But this rumble didn't stop. This rumble was growing and as it did, it was getting louder... and louder. I rose my large head from it's lowered position to see something forming from the ground. It was taking the shape of a large horse with wings and from what I could see curled horse.

I waited in the shadows, looking to see what was happening. With every step he took, I could see life, flowers, GREEN grass! My body instantly lurched forward toward the food. It much like putting a nice, lovely steak in front of a starving dog.

Then it clicked. This was the Earth God. "Good day, God of the Earth. It is an utmost pleasure to be in your presence!"
"blah blah blah."

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And so the invasion was lost, and with it the dappled mars spirits had sank. This world she had entered; this new land of darkness and woe, it disturbed her greatly. So far, in her short life here, she had received no happiness, only confusion ad doubt in her own life choices. Why had she allowed herself to hurt that filly, when she had vowed long before her journey here to protect those who needed it? Why had she banded with mercenaries to destroy the land she had nearly become a part of, that had invited her in? Her head hung, long tendrils wrapped in a seemingly endless trail down the center of her thick crest, trailing down her shoulder. Her forelock hung over her face, breaking the blooded tear 'V' that marred her snowy face. She would not leave the Grey, that much was certain - where else could she go, really? - yet she was unhappy. Perhaps she could find answers to her hearts dilemma out here, where the world was endlessly dark and her mind could lose itself in the clouds? Or maybe she could tire her legs out and finally get a decent nights sleep. Either way was fine, really.

A sigh escaped her lips, billowing out in a chilled steam. She longed for the warmth of the sun upon her back, and the birdsong in her audits. Slapping her banner across her hocks, her eyes found the moon - its eerie crescent grin beaming down upon her, mocking her. She scowled, shaking her head at the blinking stars, which laughed at the silver warrior. The mare let out a frustrated whinny at the moon, stamping her large, cloven hooves into the sodden earth, feeling the cold dirt ooze around her frog. "Don't mock me, lady Moon!" she begged, though she knew the Goddess would do no such thing. it was all in her head; where the titan was born, the Gods were but a faded memory. Here; they were very much alive, yet they had forsaken the land.

The moon continued its ever-presence grin and she felt her teeth bare, lips folding back in anger. An angered hoof stamped again, yet the earth did not simply sink under her strength; it rumbled.

The ground was shaking, trembling under her feet. An earthquake, maybe? Her ears pressed against her skull, but not before she heard the rippling of water close by. Confused, the mare threw her head around, trying to find a source of the rumbling earth through the darkness that gripped the meadow. As she did so, she spotted something moving; like an ethereal serpent rising into the skies, twisting and turning and forming something new. Ears relaxing from her skull, they pricked forwards and her face softened. The panic from the sudden rumbling melted from her body as she watched the display, almost deaf to the rumbling and cracking of earth around her. As she watched, the water formed the shape of a grand stallion, his body deep brown like pine wood, his horns as sturdy as rock and wings powerful and majestic. The stallion dwarfed her, his crest arched and proud. The mare could not help but be in awe - the warrior had never seen a God before, nor had she expected to witness one materializing before her. As he walked, his hooves brought life, and though the sun did not rise in his presence, he somehow made the world seem brighter. She hardly noticed the prancing colt as she watched him pass by, silently turning to walk in his shadow. Her heart hammered and her spirit raced.

Suddenly, her heartache was forgotten, distracted by the beauty of the earth itself.

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We won! The invasion had been won. Ha! The Basin could never win against the Dragon’s Throat! We were far too mighty for them. No one had accepted the challenge that I had offered for my home, I just assumed that they just found the idea of fighting a wolf was far too difficult. Although horses had the gift of strength, I had speed on my side and I had a mouthful of daggers. I was a fatal weapon and when provoked, I would go in for the kill. I would do anything to protect my home, my pack.

Something made my thought run and hide away. My legs froze as my claws dug into the ground. I could feel that something was coming. My harks pointed forward and my head lowered to the ground. My nostrils flared as I inhaled a breath full of dirt and different scents flooded in my nose. Suddenly, the Earth began to shake. My hackles rose, even thought there was nothing to fight off. I knew that this was probably just an earthquake. Wait! It was an earthquake! Only the God of Earth could bring those (or so I assumed)! Could that meant that he had returned to us! Had he come back like the faithful Goddess?

Dust flew everywhere, making it hard to see. I squinted, my eyes of fire trying to fight off the fog made of dust and dirt. I faintly saw the water from the river rise, and form into the shape of a huge figure. Now, I know that I am small and all, but this guy was HUGE! Then, my vision went brown as the dust began to pick up.

Finally, the dust settled down and there he was. The God of Earth was in my presents. There were a few others here to, but I just ignored them. My orange gems were pressed on him. I would not let this one out of my sight until I really had to leave. I had to make sure that he was not going to leave once again. We could not survive without our mighty God of Earth.

Lush, neon green grass began to sprout from where he walked and my hopes flew. The grass was back! I could once again feel the tiny little tickle of the blades of grass rub against my paw pads. A smile graced my white lips and my tail began to sway back and forth. My hackles settled down and a huff of bliss came out of my maw.

“Welcome back, mighty God of Earth. We have been waiting for your arrival.”



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