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Home Awaits Me [Freedom Challenge - Varath]

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You see, it took a lot to get me worked up, but when I got worked up I got really fucking worked up. Yeah, you see, my thoughts were racing right now and my heart was pounding out of my chest. Anger was pumping straight through my veins and my nostrils were flaring and contracting rapidly. I had been here too long, and I had been cold too long.

I usually had a good and long fuse that would die out before it could reach the dynamite. This was different, you see. THIS was war, THIS was my freedom, and I had been taken from MY home. For this, I was pissed. For this, I was really really pissed.

My silvery eyes scanned my surroundings to evaluate any and everything that could be used to my advantage. However, I quickly realized these could also be used against me. I saw the darkness of the night but that couldn't exactly help me with my dusty buckskin body and the moonlight cascading down would give me away. However, it would also give me an advantage in seeing my own opponent.

For this reason, I had chosen a clearing where I could easily see. There was no cover and no brush. Just wide open, hilly, snow covered ground. The snow was hard I guess you could say, and my wide hooves easily acted as snow shoes in a way to the point where I didn't fall through into the snow. It was slightly slippery, so if I didn't have my footing right with attacks, I could easily fall.

My extremely large, stocky, yet tall frame moved silently into the opening. My usually warm voice was now husky, gruff, and carried a dark streak of venom. I was still indeed myself, right now. I was just showing the world a side of me that had been rarely, if ever, been seen. "VARAAAATTTH!! COME TO ME! SHOW ME YOUR DAMN FACE!" I finished with a battle cry, and long, loud, and gruff ring of a roar that sent shock waves from my body and into the skies.

[Object: Avalon is challenging for her freedom.]
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[Setting: In a snowy clearing with nothing in it. The clearing is about 300 feet in diameter with little to nothing outside of this area. The snow is slightly more frozen than powdery snow so things can get slippery if not careful. The sky is black, littered with stars, and the moon is beaming full force, creating a dim light.]
[Restrictions: Cannot kill Avalon and or seriously injure her to the point where she is on the brink of death or will permanently be disabled.]
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Please state who you are challenging in the title, so that they may know. If you are challenging for your freedom, then you need to include the guard/person who stole you in the title. " ✗- You must state in your thread title that it is a challenge. Within your post you must clearly define what is being fought for. If you are challenging a specific character, also include their name in your thread title. "

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Varath was returning home from the World's Edge, bruised, beaten and angry. He grimaced with every step, feeling the way his back pulled when his spine swayed naturally. The normal, lengthy gait was hindered by the pulling and pinching sensation of injury, and the scars that now ran the length of his face, over his eye, bled profusely, staining the white snow with his crimson liquid. As he made his way through the narrow pass, he tried to let out a breath of relief. He was home. A healer could tend to his wounds.

And -

He heart his name being screamed. The stallion squinted, pushing his ears back on the crest of his neck. Bloody hell, why the racket? Oh. The mare he had captured before he had gone to war was still there and still angry. Why had she not run away? He had not been there to keep her captive... Varath contemplated if she was stupid or just naive, but he couldn't decide an answer, and his head hurt too badly for him to even care.

Quietly, the colt approached, his body bruised and bleeding. "No need to yell," he grumbled. "I was not even here." Varath pushed his nose in the direction of the exit, instantly upset that he had done so. Damn, it hurt to even move. His evaluation of his father had clearly been premature. "Go." Varath looked at her with his own, strange, two-colored eyes.

"You could have run away a long time ago, and I am not fit to fight you. Just... go home." Varath grunted, turning to gimp off toward the never-freezing lake. The purpose in his stealing of her had been fulfilled. She had been removed from battle - not that it mattered all that much. From the depressed clouds that hung around the mountain members, he could assume that they had lost both wars.

[[OOC: instead of having this default via lack of reply, I wanted to give it IC resolution. Varath lets Avalon leave, and there was no fight, so no VP would be given.]]

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Varath allows Avalon to leave.
No VP is awarded.

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