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[I don't really expect a reply and won't be posting back here most likely ^^ Just wrapping things up for Ampere IC.]

The pegasus girl drifted on the winds of the desert, little different from the rest of the lands without the sun to guide their warmth day in and out. The scenery was nice though, and vaguely familiar. She'd been here once before, seasons past, and it was that trip that had inadvertently brought her back here.

The very pool she'd washed in gleamed in the moonlight below. She chanced a blue glance at it between outstretched hooves, but the chilly weather did not goad her into skinny dipping tonight. It brought back fonder memories of warmer days since past and company better kept than that of her lone self. The very stallion she'd been on the hunt for since the black spy proposed she visit the lands.
Her mind breathed it like a sigh and her thighs echoed the sentiments. It made her painfully aware that she was in season and more likely to melt under the gaze of a stud than usual, but there was no denying Gaucho had looks to him that could turn you to butter regardless of estrous cycles. She laughed to think of him now, the simpleton, a turn on really the more she considered it, as they had drifted in the water's arms. She couldn't seem to recall now why she wouldn't let him catch her.

A shake of her head cleared the thoughts, the wind pressing her back into reality as the currents shifted abruptly and caused sharp turning on her wings. The feathers rustled in complaint and the muscles strained as she drove through the invisible barriers, climbing higher to avoid further turbulence once she was settled.
It hadn't been long that she'd been visiting the Throat - though she truly had lost all sense of time with the absent sun. However long it had been though, gave Ampere a sinking feeling, as if her heart were drifting into her gut. She hadn't seen hide nor hair of him, though she supposed asking someone might have been helpful she didn't want to impose further than she was. If he was here, she'd find him, she just wanted it to be soon. Something about the idea of borders, and that gleaming line of steel they were building here, it made her feel restrained.

If it wasn't soon she'd leave. She'd have to, before she forgot she could.

Faint movement from her right made Ampere's head turn, a stupidly wistful thought that it was the flying bay or some other equally handsome stag approaching, was soon dashed with the recognition of what truly rose on the horizon.

The line that came was large and imposing, a noteable movement of bodies to be sure. It spurred the mare's curiosity and she shot forward, eager to slake her thirst for foolishness. With each wing beat she drew closer and with it the scene unfolded further.
The line of bodies melting into another. Armies clashing.
The stirring of dust. Hooves shifting.
The outcries of rage. War Drums.
The thud of meat striking meat. Battle's Symphony.
The curtain of red - the emblem we all wear.

Getting as close as she dared was still too close for Ampere. Fear clutched at her breast and she rose quickly and even faster, she was gone. It was not her war one way or another and she found plenty of other ways to risk her life and earn scars than by fighting over land and ranks and metal walls.


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So innocent; pure & sweet.

Eventually, tears dried up; you were a lake drained, a dam broken, the water gone to the sea. At the very least, that's what I told myself. My eyes were raw and dry, as if I had scrubbed the gritty sand making up the desolate Dragon's Throat into them. I'm not sure how long I cried for. A long time, for certain. Yet eventually, the hurt hardened to anger, as it always does in life; and so I fled the foothills tossed by the wind and guarded by the pillars of stone, mountains tall and more stern-faced than my leader, the Constrictor herself.

I told myself I would not cry any longer, and the tears no longer fell. Hotaru might call me petty, disruptive, shallow and weak. Maybe it was true. But I was not useless. I could- I am- strong. Instead of hanging my head in shame for the truth, it would strengthen me. They could never use those words against me if I used them as my armor against the vicious world- armor and a dagger thin and long, ready to scythe down my next victim, stab them in the back if that is what the Grey wants. Unlike my twin, I will never leave my herd cradled close to my big, soft heart. They are my family, my blood (not really, but you know what I mean) and my bonded. I wouldn't just leave because of some idiotic family feud. You see, Ru has changed me with angry, so careless words; for the better I tell myself, but to be honest, what has changed but my quickened descent to hell? I will be my mother, but more beautiful, more persuasive, more ruthless. Again and again I vow to myself that I am strong, I am tough, I am untouchable (unless I want to be touched by that prince I'm still waiting on).

I'm lying to myself again, trying to make myself feel better. Truth is Hotaru hur... never mind.

She has made me stronger, that's all that matters.

The mercenaries fight at the edge of the world, so I run fleet-footed south, curious to see how our temporary allies fare as they attempt to mount their attack on the Throat. My heart thud loudly in my chest, almost frantic, barely controlled, rumbling against my rib cage, fighting to free itself. I ignore my stupid heart, the way my chest heaves hard and my lungs burn for more air, my legs ache for a break. But I don't stop, and I won't. Stella told my mother once that I can be terribly stubborn sometimes. It's true- and I'm not sure if being stubborn is a fault or something good. Maybe it can be both.

Isn't everything a little bit of good, little bit of bad?

The sand is cold beneath my feet as I slow, breath rasping, a thousand knives scraping at a chalkboard. Moonlight illuminates the Throat with a silver brush, pale grays and smoky chalks. Black water, tossed with pearl foam, roar against the beach, thundering and rumbling against the soaked sand. It's faded against the screams of war. I have never seen war before. Crimson flowers on the porcelain, the elixir of life dripping from wounded bodies. Shapes, dark and titanic in the moonlight, crash together with the thunderous smacks of hard-muscled flesh hitting one another. I cannot see the appeal of battle right now, where the sounds cut at my ears and salt burns in my nostrils from so much fucking blood spilled. I trip over something, and my heart thuds in my ears, and I scream, and then I'm falling to the ground and then I leap to my feet. It's just a smooth piece of driftwood... not bone, nor gristly red muscle attached to some cadaver (I know that's totally unrealistic considering bones would have to go through the decaying process, but I was scared, okay?).

I watch the war wage on. More unicorns than pegasi lie battered on the ground.

A black pegasus tipped in blue flies above me. Spooked by the sudden thought it might be a Throater (and it would be not good if I was caught), I spin around, hooves digging into the soft sand, and race from the battle, bringing home the news that I think is slowly becoming clear.

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It had not been long after we arrived that the Basin attacked here to. I did not know where the other foals where, but my sister was safe. At least, I knew where she was. Hopefully no one else would find her there. No one that would mean her harm at least. In the meantime, I decided to move around the boarder and see some of the fighting. They were our allies after all. I wish I was old enough to help, but sadly I am not.

It was then I saw her. Just a quick glimpse, but enough to send me running. Who was this girl who thought it ok to come on my allies turf? Was she one of them?
"HEY YOU! COME BACK HERE!" My legs stretched out giving chase to the girl. It felt like I was gaining ground, but I honestly couldn't be sure in this darkness. Oh how I missed the light. I gave chase until I made out the shape of the wall. With a snort I came to a halt, smelling another scent instead of the Basin... The Foothills... Had they been in on this together? Did both herds attack my home so they could attack here to? How dare they?! Just cause they took the Foothills and kicked my brother and Kimber out... and just because they killed my parents.... They had no right to take our homes.

Did my family know? Did anyone from the Throat know? If not they were going to find soon enough... Cause i'm going to tell them all what I think I just saw.

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