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He had been robbed. At least, his soul felt it had. Then again, one could enter the murky metaphysical waters of whether or not a creature such as Gaucho indeed had any sort of soul, and where it might one day end up. Can we really fault those who blindly follow orders? If it can be proved or demonstrated to your satisfaction, that they truly lacked the mental capacities to know of what they had done? Then again with Gaucho, was anyone truly in a position to judge just how much went on behind those stormy, blue-gray eyes? Was it simply a ruse, and ha-ha, fooled you all, Gaucho is really much cleverer than we've been giving him credit for?

It seems laughable.

Then again, there are moments when it certainly seems like there might be more to him...


The great bay canters easily around the Heavenly Fields. Is it brighter here? Maybe it is, or perhaps it is simply an illusion, that the face of the Moon appears closer, given the altitude, as well as the abundance of those odd glowing tree-lanterns. Were Gaucho a more contemplative soul (ah! That word again!) he might wonder about where they came from, whether their properties could be harnessed, etcetera. Instead, he merely eyes them with a healthy scepticism, and allows them to give off their light.

His strides are long and easy, but his mind is not. He keeps seeing the dark creature who dared to enter the Throat, and the odd words that it was shouting. How could such a creature slip unnoticed passed their borders? Tee-oh ? Mara hissed a negation in his antlers, gently reminding him that Tio had not been seen for some time. Nodding his antlered brow and rattling the skull, Gaucho grunted in agreement, as he continued moving easily in circles, conditioning his muscular body to the slightly less brisk, climate.

After a sheen of sweat had accumulated between his thighs, the great beast came to a halt, flanks heaving as his lungs sucked in air. It felt good to run, but it would feel better to spar. He had been robbed of a fight between himself and the shadowed intruder in the Throat, and that was a loss he very much wanted to make up. Rising up upon his hind legs, his dark forelimbs struck at the moon, as a loud call was emitted from his throat.

PLEASE The call begged, Fight me! Make me whole!

A breeze, cooler than that typically found in birdsong, wound its way through Gaucho's surprisingly long mane, fluttering it around his impressive antlers. Upon his shoulders, a collar made of hardened leather hung easily around his muscles, with sharpened bone spikes protruding every inch or so.

[Setting: Heavenly Fields - time of day is indeterminable, although the moon is out, and there is much light provided by the lamp-trees. The air is still slightly crisp, but not as cold as Frostfall had been.

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