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[JUDGED] complexities and contemplations of activists

Hespera Posts: N/A
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The black pegasus shouts out, a ear-shattering cry of anger, an unfair accusation. She is stout and athletic, of a muscular, attractive build; electric blue tattoos sparkle on her ebony cheeks, dusting her muzzle and bodice in radiant azure. Shaken from her composure, shocked by the mare's unreasonable shriek of a challenge, Hespera recoils, ears pinning to snarled silver mane, pale eyes hardening in astonishment and immediate defense of herself. How dare the mare throw accusations in a verbal vomit completely unasked for? Foolish mare; the stormchild only hoped she could follow through on her bold words. "Bitch!" The lightning maiden snarls, jerking back from the mare's aggressive attempt on her face, gravel skittering as she makes a hasty move back. Otienu gives a screech of anger at her shoulder, where he leaps into the star-streaked night, wings beating a furious drum in the air, picking up speed in a flurry of feathers.

The unicorn twists zealously, muscles tight, sooty lips curling back to expose pearl teeth, sparkling eyes bright and hard. "Back up your words with force!" Above her, Otienu screams, voice rising in pitch to an ear-splitting pitch, and drops from the sky like a silver bullet, wings unfurling from his furred flanks, striped tail twisting beneath his body to balance himself as he drops onto the ground with a thud of defiance, facing the blue and charcoal damsel with haughty amber eyes. "It is Otienu who subjects me to what he wills, not the other way around, fool. I would not think to force him into anything- he chooses his own path, and I simply accompany him." The stormchild growls, a thunderous rumble in her chest, the sound of a lightning storm gathering above.

"Revoke your challenge, and forfeit, or fight me like the obnoxious winger you are."

For a moment, Daermaethor's lessons played in her strange mind, blending into Otienu's curiosity of the companion rights' activist mare pulsing within Hespera. Thoughts of cordality and kindness, of remaining aloft while always listening, never becoming attached. Yet she shoved it from her mind, ignoring the advice taught over a year or so carefully. As long as she did not turn into Ionwë, the petty fool- even the thought of him made her gag and retch, feeling ill at the memory of her half-brother telling her what had happened to... never mind, never mind, never mind- she was fine and well. Still, even as she inhaled and exhaled, lungs quivering as she expelled the tension from her- tension that might slow her reflexes and overflow her mind with worries- a twinge of unease settled in her stomach.

You see, she had offered the mare a chance to forfeit, but she was about to attack the pegasus before she had a chance to.

Faeron would have lectured her for many days over the wrongness of this.

But Faeron, the silver warrior, was dead now, as was Berian, and Dingane, the god of war- well, Dingane was imprisoned and trapped somewhere far away for breaking the laws set into place by the oldest gods- as were the many others that Hespera had met and loved. Even Gëda, the battle prince in the bloody fighting pits of wolves' gambling dens, had been slaughtered by a new unicorn rising to the top of the vicious fighting circles.

Bugling her clarion challenge, the banished goddess leapt forward, dropping her head, tucking her head over her vulnerable throatlatch and plunging into a swift canter, careful to keep her feet over the treacherous footing. She aimed to crack her hooked, branching horn into Ampere's throat- not to puncture, but rather in the same way someone would smash their flat hand into the throat and send them choking and flying.

From there, Hespera rears up briefly, snapping at the other mare's left ear.

It's glorious, forgetting the painful memories that haunt in the moment, when thoughts fall away and one focuses on herself, and nothing else. Hespera hopes to push Ampere to the edge of the volcano, near to the gaping rim where beneath lurks blue magma that burns and sizzles. She would like to have the flying creature closer to the perilous edge rather than her- if she were to be pushed off the ledge, she would not clamber out of the molten lava. One of the advantages of being a pegasus- always being able to fly.

It would be nice to be able to fly.

Having leapt from her withers sometime past, Otienu soars downwards from the sky, beating his wings what is, hopefully, only a few feet away from Ampere's face, in order to distract her from the task at hand. He feels he has been wronged, in a slightly conceited way- he cannot be thought as a defenseless beast under a unicorn's control!

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1/4 + 0/1 Closing Defense
Word Count: 800
Companion and Magic Uses: 0/2
Summary: Charges at Ampere, tries to catch her in the throat with her horn- nothing fatal, more of a smack. Rears up quickly, bites at Ampere's ear, tries to herd her back towards the edge of the volcano.

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Just to clarify for the judges-
Setting: Veins of the Gods
Weather: Birdsong start - endless night, moon and stars out, still cold. Some wind.

Prior Injury: Ampere has burns on her front hooves and fetlocks from the lava monster RE.

Prior Attack: Ampere lunged at Hespera within the thread, but for the sake of making judging easy, Wanda and I agreed the attack would completely miss. So rather than starting with the two of them circling each other/far away, they are already in close proximity, but that attack and Hespera's evasion of it shouldn't really apply to the rubric at all, same as a horse warming up their muscles/circling doesn't really apply, just helps set up the following moves better.

Hooves scatter on the lava-warmed plateau, their harsh connection with the uneven surface bringing a sharp jab of pain to the over-worn toes and the sensitive nerves within the burned hoof wall. It makes her unsteady for a moment, her balance swaying as the feverish pitch of a battle rises behind her on the wings of screaming griffon.
It reminds Ampere how she longs to return to the embrace of the sky; to rid herself of gravity's chains and the weight that accompanies them.

Somewhere within the din caused by the furious creature and the rush of blood in her ears, Ampere catches the racket of Hespera's voice, nearly hysterical with outrage.

Ampere smiles into the night.

She shifts her head to throw a haughty glance of blue over her shoulders. Her mane tangles with the gaze as the wind stirs, coaxing her feathers with some ruffling.
The ache to fly is nearly palpable.

"I pick fight," Ampere retorts, her body already in motion as she surges forward, wings increasing in size as they unfurl from her sides and snare the wind. They slow her down though, dragging in the current while her stride, shortened and sloppy from sore toes, cannot give the needed speed fast enough.

Hespera sweeps in quickly, her short build so similar to Ampere's gives her the power to move low and swift. Ampere cannot hope to squeak by on physical talents alone in this fight, she has no given advantage for once.
Hespera's horn jolts forward like the crack of lightening it resembles. It drives into Ampere's left flank just as she shoves off the ground with the coiled muscles of her well-shaped ass. The blade doesn't slip in deep as it was not Hespera's intent to stab, but since her target was altered so radically its angle is not as true and its point is hungry, as most unicorn horns are. Ampere feeds it readily, black splitting open a seam of crimson that trails down her hide as the wind lifts her to safety.
It will bruise and soon harden with a scab, but otherwise is too superficial to impair Ampere the rest of the fight.

Wings beat hard and heavy as Ampere labors to get airborne. She kicks out in reaction to the pain in her left haunch, the blindly sailing hoof perhaps connecting with some front section of Hespera as she rears up.
The height Ampere achieves is enough to keep her free of Hespera's jaws, once more targeting a region already out of reach.

For a moment Ampere is taken away from the battle as she revels in the domain of the sky.
The weightlessness of flying gives her an ecstasy that numbs the aggravation of her burns and allows her to forget the angry flesh of her flank. Her wings, though strained in the rush to give her this moment, now stretch on the endless plain of the world and relax as she glides. Ampere tilts her head into the sensation of wind pouring over her body, of her mane tapping against her nape and her tail slipping between her thighs.

She is happy.

All too soon the reality of the moment is eager to return. The bliss shatters into... feathers.
Wings rebuff her face, which recoils with a snap towards her chest, eyes pinching tight, as Otienu arrives in a flurry. They do not hurt, only startle.
His anger tears at Ampere's heart and she does her best to barrel past him, unable to launch any offensive at the misguided creature. Even now he struggles to fight against whom would be his savior, so wrapped up in the unfortunate bond he shares with Hespera he cannot untangle his own emotions from her's. They share the rage of the moment and as a pair respond with all their available equipment.
For Hespera, sadly, this means using him.
To her he is equipment.

Ampere screams, her chest ready to explode with the unfairness and cruelty of it all.

She drops suddenly, turning on her right wing as it tucks to her side. Her body flattens into a line so akin to an arrow that her forehooves are the tip and her feathers the fletching.
As she nears the ground both wings snap out, her rump feathers also flaring up to gather the wind and slow her momentum.
It's too late to stop, but Ampere doesn't want that. She intends to drive her hooves into the back of Hespera's skull, much like she did to the lava monster. Her feathers only parachute to keep herself from splattering on the ground. Part of her maneuver depends on ricocheting off Hespera back into the air with fast-pumping wings.

Ampere grits her teeth, anticipating the backlash of pain.


W: 799

Defense: horn cut left flank, missed rear bite, hit in face by feathers
Attack: blind kick at hespera's front during rear, diving hoof attack at the back of Hespera's head

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Hespera Posts: N/A
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Hespera hears the mare pick her poison, and for that she is glad. She would much rather fight a willing opponent than one still sleeping on her hooves.

Together they come, to dance their dance of tired muscle and to spill their blood. They are partners, daring and dashing, trying to cut one another's throat while keeping in time for the music that will not wait for them should they fall behind. This will be first time she enters the dancing hall in Helovia, ready to pick the one who will be her downfall. Excitement makes the once-goddess glow, as well as a hunger to win, and she adds an extra dose of passion to the movements she tries to enunciate with grace and ease.

Hespera lets show a tight smile, the clipped one men put on when their friend beats them at their own game, when her pronged silver horn catch the rushing black pegasus in her left flank. There is no appreciation, no glow of warmth to her heart, no rush of burning pride that she has managed to put down her horn to that ebony flank. She is still learning to feel in this crazy world. It is difficult to comprehend all the little emotions, all the small sensations, when it came rushing up to her unwanted, unasked for. Pulling back the tines of her silver horn from the coarse hairs, she shakes her head briskly, dislodging a few stray drops of crimson blood. They fall to the earth and stain the blackened rocks with splatters of russet. Then the unicorn steps on them, and they are gone.

Wings batter at the air, and one of Ampere's wildly flailing hooves strikes out, catching her in the right shoulder. With a grunt of surprise and pain, the black mare drops onto all fours, shoulder twinging a protest, hooves skidding a little over the rough rock. At least it's not wet- then it would be truly terrifying footing.

Above, Ampere screams, and startled, Hespera throws her head up in alarm, eyes seeking out the flying mare. Otienu screeches back, but his own sympathy bursts through to Hespera, wild and fresh and brisk to her anger. Stunned by the raw pity pulsing through their bond, the unicorn is momentarily distracted. Perhaps, without her companion, she would have been smited on the head and collapsed upon the ground until a liquid pool of obsidian and ebony was all that was left of her shaggy form. Lucky for the fresh-faced mare, so new and naive to Helovia, and to true, physical battle, the silver griffon's alarm, different to the soft waves of pity, alerts Hespera to the coming danger. It is too bad she had not fought a pegasus before- she was unaccustomed to how to fight a flying opponent. When she had sparred with Lace, they fought on the earth, quick, sleek and feral as two bull elk preparing to meet in the rut.

Now, with hooves soaring at her head, what was she to do?

Forcing herself to think quickly, the mare drops her head, so Ampere's hooves scrape along her poll. Luckily, the wound is light, her crest and poll mostly protected by her thick, wild mane. More unluckily, the tip of a hoof catches on her forked horn, thrusting her head downwards unwillingly. Though struck a touch dizzy from the blow, she throws her head up abruptly once more, hoping to scrape at Ampere's vulnerable stomach with her lightning-shaped horn.

The burnt scent of lava scorches her lungs as she inhales and exhales; the earth is molten, and even the stone beneath her feet is faintly warm, perhaps from the heat as she maneuvers closer to the deadly edge of the blue volcano.

Hespera's small, delicate ears pin to her skull, baring her teeth in a savage grin. Otienu chirrups, wheeling back into the air. Seeing the effect he had on the mare, he wishes to go back to her- this time to claw at the mare who won't land for what the griffon thinks would be a fair fight. The wind rushes in his ears and murmurs in his feathers as he picks up speed, beak parted, claws extended, rushing towards the mare's neck, ear-tufts pinned, hoping to claw at the left side of her neck- he comes in perpendicular to her left side. Below him, Hespera's afraid. From the way Ampere tried to avoid him the first time, she doesn't doubt that she would avoid hurting Otienu. Nonetheless, the unicorn dislikes her heart of hearts charging into the fray; it would be all too easy for a stray hoof to send him plummeting to the earth.

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2/4 + 0/1 Closing Defense
Word Count: 791
Companion and Magic Uses: 1/2
Defense- head drop (poll scraped, horn knocked)
Attack- slashes at Ampere's stomach, wrath of Otienu attack :P


Ampere The Mother of Companions Posts: 719
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All is fair in love and war, it is said.

Exactly is fair?
Otineu thinks it means to keep all hooves on the ground, but would he do the same?
Ampere would argue to keep companions out of the mix, seeing as she has none and refuses to hurt the one involved.

Fairness is when you release the chains that bind the soul and let your own blood spill on the ground, of your own choice, not sending the gryphon to fly so hastily into the fray after gorging on the emotions channeling through the bond.

So the love and the war continues, unfair, like Ampere's failed attack.

Hooves skid and scatter on the shale of the shrines. The terrain does nothing to aid balance and certainly offers no cushion for impact, a further blow to the pegasus' equilibrium. Ampere is crashing, her attack born of passion rather than tact, and all for a tiny buzz cut, what a waste.

Her front end slams into the stone and it jars her burned toes so immensely that they buckle beneath her, unwilling to endure the tragedy of pain. Ampere slides to her right side, the right-ward descent from above inevitably teetering her that way - a pity she hadn't tottered left, her already damaged side. She's wise enough to tuck her wings in the moment she feels the absence of Hespera's skull; she wouldn't be getting airborne with no landing pad to push off from. Still, the feathered appendage is not built to sustain such a hard hit and a distinct snap, crackle and pop can be heard as she fumbles to a halt on her side. Fractured likely, but better than landing with it open and having it break or rip off completely.

Mercifully Hespera's horn does not find Ampere's flesh, too busy bowing to the ground when Ampere was in range. She could not kiss the ground and jerk up at the same time, certainly not without a fine beating from Ampere's passing rear hooves.

With a groan akin to a morning following binge apple eating, Ampere unfolds from the cocoon of agony and staggers to her feet. It is not a fast process, though it seems like it because the world is spinning. It is for this reason, among others, that Otineu is able to land a direct hit.

The silver flash of feathers and fur sweeps in, beak and claws parting to serve as a living blade, one that slides so easily into Ampere's 'back'. Ampere shields her head by turning to the right, eyes pinching shut as though failure to see the act would make it any less of a travesty to her. Otherwise she does not move and her inaction says it clearly - I will not fight you.

A shudder racks her frame as the damage is dealt, more mental than either of her opponents can imagine. Red rivulets form on the cleaved muscle of her neck, but the rivers run deepest upon her heart, a depth that resounds with every beat. Ampere is drowning in them. The water wells up from within, forcing out everything else, and begins to spill free in whatever way it can. It finds the creases of her eyes and there unleashes.

"I will take your sins!" She screams suddenly, whipping her head around to the right - the left too sore from the assault that has since painted her shoulder crimson and the ground soon the same. The sky is hollow with the momentary silence that follows the outburst, but there is no need to wait long.
Ampere rushes forward, her hooves creating a terrible clatter, uneven with her lame front end, but it is her voice that splits the stars. "AND BEAR THEM PROUDLY!" she roars with terrifying intensity that ignites within her very bones. Each stride aches in her very being, but Ampere would gladly die for this cause, and tonight she just might.

Ampere carries on with the charge, neck stretched out black and red, teeth uncurling beneath blue. An obscure shape should sweep into view as Ampere's left wing arcs up and forward, hoping to catch Hespera's head with distraction, but a heavy slap would do nicely too. In that same moment Ampere's teeth seek out the tender skin of Hespera's neck, passing on her left and aiming high towards the crest to grip her.
Ampere does not stop there. Her momentum continues forward, intending to drive into Hespera, forehooves lifting to try and climb over her like a mountain to be conquered.

Ampere intends to seize Hespera, and then trample her into the dust of these godly ruins, just like the fallen deity she believes herself of being.


W: 800

Defense: crashes into the ground after missing attack causing right wing fractures, missed stomach horn stab, direct hit from gryphon in right neck causing deep gashes.

Attack: Charges at Hespera using a left wing towards her head for distraction/slap while aiming to bit and grip her crest, uses momentum to drive into Hespera and hopefully knock her balance off allowing Ampere to yank her down and trample her :D


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Hespera Posts: N/A
:: :: ::
Hespera sees the ebony body gilded with electric blue sail over her skull, and even when she attempts to toss her head back up for a stab with her horn, a hind hoof clips her just before the ear, narrowly missing her eye. After that and vivid images of a missing eye, Hespera decides it might be best if she keeps her head down, and so pulls her chin in close to her chest, her long whiskers tickling the soft shagginess of her shabby, dark-gray winter coat.

A thud, one loud enough the unicorn can almost imagine it resonating in her bones, announces the fall of Ampere, a faint crackle whispering of a fractured bone. Blood roars in Hespera's ears as she stares down at the fallen soldier, images flashing through her head at an alarming rate, of places far different from the rocky ground by a volcano where the gods once lived.

Fallen. Delicate legs splayed. Neck battered and bruised. Wolves howling. Hoofprints written on haunches.

Revulsion rises in Hespera's throat, bile bitter in her mouth, as beyond the vile memories she sees her companion diving in with a shriek of triumph, honing in on the staggering mare, razor talons extended and mouth wide. The moment before the large griffon hits her is one filled with sudden compassion and a burning need to stop now, pity and a vicious hate for Hespera surging through their bond with electric passion. Still, his claws savage the black mare, and with the damage done, he rises. With a start, the unicorn realizes something terrible. How she... how... she doesn't understand. Was it the act of the mare turning her head, allowing the blow to land without a cry, that created such rage inside his young, unknowing heart?

For now, Otienu screams with hate, his screech nearly obliterating every other sound, and flies at Hespera in a flurry of wings, even as Ampere bellows out with a cry to shake the heavens.


Wings, silver and black, block out the stars, and terror burns in Hespera's heart, made stronger by the fear of the talons of her own heart of hearts turned against her.

Claws sink deep into her face, ripping and tearing, shredding her right ear. He lands, wings buffeting her face, vision obscured by flying feathers of gray and iron, and the unicorn shakes her head, pain pouring through her face. She is on fire, dying, breaking, shattering, a statue of glass falling, just waiting to hit the ground, and be obliterated from this cruel, twisted world. Hespera rears, shaking her head, harder and harder, off-balance and ready to fall, and then she does. From her jerky movement as she tried to dislodge her companion, the wing-slap misses her entirely, but Ampere's chest knocks her in her left shoulder and chest area. She tumbles down onto her right side, exposing her left side to the stars, a tower with nothing to support it, and hooves are everywhere and Otienu's screaming in her ear. From the harsh fall onto stone, her right side is cut up, strips of skin hanging from her side, the red wine of the body running over the stone, creeping along slyly.

She is a damaged good.

Otienu has clawed her eyes into darkness, flesh from her face and eyes hanging off his talons.

Hooves run across her left side, from shoulder to hip, muddy prints leaving deep bruises. In a vain attempt the mare tries to get up, hooves flailing, staggering to her feet. Though she can not see it, blood runs down from her eyes in streaks of crimson, fresh and wet. Otienu wheels off from her, landing at Ampere's feet, reaching out tentatively to try and rub his beak affectionately against her left front fetlock, pleading her to forgive him. He will stay with her now, if she permits.

Hespera chokes, rage consuming her at Otienu's sorrow and hate. How did he turn so quickly? Was she doing it wrong the whole time? She loved him!

"FUCK YOU!" She screams, tears running from her ruined eyes.

She steps back, broken and bruised.

Empty, she turns, head hanging nearly to the ground, and stumbles away, hooves catching on the uneven ground, as Otienu watches her, sadness in his eyes. But for him, he has no regret.

He purrs, a soft rumbling churning in his chest.

Then she spins around, charging forward over the uneven ground, furious, damaged, too broken to just leave. She flies at Ampere with no intention, no reason, but to hurt her, to bow Ampere's head and let her feel the pain she has dealt to Hespera. All the ache is still there, but Hespera does not care.

Her teeth snap wildly, and she hopes to throw Ampere to the ground herself.

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3/4 + 0/1 Closing Defense
Word Count: 799
Companion and Magic Uses: 1/2
Attack: (After falling) gets up and throws herself wildly at Ampere, biting blindly at Ampere's face.
Defense: Not sure what this counts for (companion attack or not?) but Otienu attacks her himself, blinding Hespera. Wing-slap misses her when she rears, shaking her head in attempt to remove Otienu from her face. Ampere hits her in the lower chest/shoulder with her Ampere's neck-ish area (her head sort of going over Hespera's shoulder?) and then Ampere's run over her from her chest to hip point on Hespera's left side.

The pains of staying IC >.>


Ampere The Mother of Companions Posts: 719
Dragon's Throat Sultana atk: 9 | def: 11 | dam: 4.5
Mare :: Pegasus :: 14 hh :: 6 years HP: 73 | Buff: DANCE
Kygo :: Green Cheek Conure :: None Blu

Rage is a terrible thing. It has a way of blinding us, fooling us into thinking we have the control. It feeds us power and it makes us feel strong. It sets us on the top of a mountain so when we roar at the world it may better be heard as it echos, yet what gets built up comes crashing down, and with rage when we soar so high, we fall, inevitably, so far. We find that we have no control after all, but are a host to an emotional disease.

Ampere is heart sick.

She barrels in all broken and worn, each stride on the hard ground compounding her effects and staining her muscles which yearn for respite. Her heart has silenced the complaints and her soul has filled the noiseless void with the battle cry of that blind bull called rage. Before she's even understood everything that has happened Ampere has shoved Hespera over and trampled her into the stone and the dust. She has ravaged the mare in her moment of confusion and pain, unbeknownst to Ampere, shut in her world of red, but now the crimson veil is lifted and blue eyes blink out and they see. They see the horror of action in chaos overload and all her mind can fathom is, I thought this was what you wanted?

Ampere backs away suddenly, her head bowed between her knees as her haunches curl, back feet stepping on her tail. Some strands yank free with a jolt of nerves reminding her how much all of this is real. She wishes to do nothing more than hide beneath her wings and nurse the wounds she has sustained, both inside and out. She feels them all now crashing upon her as the adrenaline fades away and exhaustion sets in like dew to the morning grass. Her front feet throb in tempo with her pulse, the nerves frayed by all the harsh wear on the stiff ground. The slice along her left flank remains angry and at risk of infection. Her right wing is limp and dull at her side like a wet flag in a hurricane. The flush of talon marks on her neck still dribbles crimson, but nothing like the sheet that flows from Hespera. The sight terrifies Ampere, who despite her efforts could not hide herself from the image of getting what she wanted. I could kill her, Ampere thinks, wondering if she should. The thought unravels like the contemplation of an individual poised with a gun over a dying dog, ready to put the animal out of its misery.

A gentle nuzzle upon her leg startles her attention away from Hespera. It causes her hair to prickle and sends her head snapping down too fast, eliciting a fresh gush of fluid from her neck. The pain stiffens her, but the fuzzy gryphon at her hooves softens her. This is what I really wanted her heart murmurs, beating with a fresh pulse of life when she was so close to withering. She does not want the blood on her hooves, or his, she laments the red staining his body, but she knows no other way. She has no other talents, if this mess could even be called that, and she knows no better way to make them see. After all, Otienu is here with her now, is he not?


The word frazzles through her ears like a biting insect and at once garners Ampere's attention, breaking the brief moment of gentleness she shared with Otienu. Her blue gaze slides like electricity through the night, bright and domineering, as Hespera rushes forward. I will not kill her Ampere decides, as if the task were in her utter control. It would hurt him too.

This was hurting all of them.

Hespera comes and Ampere whirls her ass around, nose dropping, but she does not bow. Her hind end rises to meet Hespera, intent to rebuff the mare in her chest or neck with a strong, albeit close-quarters buck. Ampere is tired and hurt though and her movement is slow and sloppy, her injuries loud and demanding on her focus. Hepera's impact shoves her forward. Wings seek to catch her, but the one is ruined and so her knees take her in. It is a heavy embrace that resounds in her teeth with a click. She scrambles upright fast as she can, but the fight is gone from her, she has already won tonight. She tries to stay just out of reach from Hespera, hobbling extensively now on her sore feet and knees.

"GO, you've nothing left here!"


W: 800

Defense: Gets pushed over by Hespera onto her knees, very gimpy now :(

Attack: Bucks at Hespera's chest/neck

p.s. I loved your post ;-;

Would you like to drop this down to a 3 post spar rather than a 4 post one? It seems to have come to a natural conclusion and both of them are almost dead xP however I am fine either way, just a proposal!

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Hespera Posts: N/A
:: :: ::
Everything hurts, burning with a fired-up passion that leaves her hollow, the outside world numbed to the raging pain that is beginning to kill the mare, slowly battering her down; a fortress conquered, a mountain climbed, a castle defeated. So much blood. It flows in sheets of crimson, dripping onto the ground, scarlet against the black. Perhaps the worst of her wounds is her face, completely savaged; the crimson elixir of life drips from it, a sullen tide rising, bruised, cut, and battered beyond repair. Little remains of her eyes, essentially pulled from their sockets. Long stripes of flesh peeling away curl down to her nostrils, and her left ear is particularly shredded, little more than a nub remaining of it. Cuts hang open on both sides of her deep black body; her left, trampled and oozing blood more slowly, the right sliced up in rough, careless strokes of the hard rock beneath her. The stench of blood is thick in the air, and salt is sharp on her tongue. Needless to say, the damage done to each other is spectacular.

The simple effort of running to Ampere in a desperate and wild attempt to finish her nearly sends her sprawling onto the ground, but she catches herself. Her breath heaves, her legs shaking beneath her, a new-born foal on a spring's morning, slick with blood from the mother's womb; still she tries out of idiotic stubbornness that would likely simply kill her.

She fights with raw passion now, a pulsing fury that crushes the pain.

A hoof hits her left side of her brisket, creating yet another bruise where the leg joins her chest. Still, she hears the smack of muscle and brawn hitting the earth, and feels the impact of Ampere hard against her chest, sending her what Hespera hopes it sent the pegasus sprawling. Skidding to a clumsy halt, she backtracks, hearing the groan of pain from her adversary. Sudden guilt cools her temper, dousing her in cold water. This battle was too savage, too long, and had too great a loss. She had fought, and there was no way she had won. The price was too high; why did she continue fighting? Turn away.

Somewhere in the back of her overrun mind, Otienu agreed with her silently, but she shoved away his acceptance of what she said.

She hated him.

That voice becoming all-too-familiar bellows in her ears, and Hespera cringes, recognizing the brutal truth confronting her now. Nothing is left for you here. She had let down her companion, herself, even the other mare; her father, her mother, Daermaethor and her dearest friends. The realization was, in part, a blessing; for she could come to terms to it, make her peace, instead of marching blindly on, denying the truth. She was a failure, and Tarleton was right with every bone in his damned body. Glancing at the rocks surrounding them (though she could not see them), the desolate shrines of the gone and lost, the unicorn offered her thanks for the slim chance she had at life left, and a bitter thanks for clearing her eyes. It was a cold and broken hallelujah.

Without word or comment she turned, limping away, never having felt so bruised in her life, and knowing she was bleeding to death. All too soon she could slip away to the ne'erworlds.

For a moment, Otienu hesitated behind her. His amber eyes searched for Ampere's; he gave a little chirp, a dip of his head, and took to the skies, wheeling off in the other direction of Hespera, leaving his bonded behind, though he could feel her pain tugging at their mental connection.

Faster and faster he coaxed himself forward, until the silver griffon disappeared into the night.

When would he return?, Hespera wondered.

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H E S P E R A | A M P E R E
- - - - -
By my verdict AMPERE is the winner.
Ampere receives 1 VP.

Hespera -- post 1 (attack only)

+ 1| Attack: horn slap? to Ampere's neck.
+ 1| Attack: bite towards Ampere's left ear
+ 1| Attack:Otieru trying to distract Ampere.

+ 1| Emotion.
+ 1| Flow.
+ 1| Easy read.

AMPERE -- post 1

+ 1| Injury: Horn to her left flank
+ 1| Defense: Taking to the air, which evades the bite
+ 1| Attack: Kicking out as she tries to get airborne
+ 1| Defense: Flies past Otieru's distraction.
+ 1| Attack: Trying to fly into the back of Hespera's head.

+ 1| Emotion: His anger tears at Ampere's heart and she does her best to barrel past him, unable to launch any offensive at the misguided creature. Even now he struggles to fight against whom would be his savior, so wrapped up in the unfortunate bond he shares with Hespera he cannot untangle his own emotions from her's. They share the rage of the moment and as a pair respond with all their available equipment. Q______Q
+ 1| Flow.
+ 1| Easy read: coiled muscles of her well-shaped dat ass.

Hespera -- post 2

+ 1| Injury: kick to the right shoulder
0| Defense: Lowering her head to avoid Ampere. If a 1300lb pegasus is flying at the back of your head, I doubt you're only defense is just going to be to lower it.
- 1| Borderline PP: More unluckily, the tip of a hoof catches on her forked horn, thrusting her head downwards unwillingly - You cannot dictate that Ampere's hoof hit here, because this would likely cause additional damage to Ampere. Further, given her speed, I actually think she'd likely take a chunk of horn off.
+ 1| Attack: Tries to horn-attack as Ampere flies overhead.
- 2| PP: he comes in perpendicular to her left side : You cannot dictate where your opponent is.

+ 1| Emotion.
+ 1| Flow.
+ 1| Easy read.

AMPERE -- post 2

+ 1| Defense: Continues flying, and so misses the horn attack.
+ 1| Injury: Companion attack.
+ 1| Attack: Wing attack to Hespera's head
+ 1| Attack: Bite towards Hespera's crest
+ 1| Attack: Tries to run Hespera over? lol

+ 1| Emotion. ALL THE EMOTION.
+ 1| Flow.
+ 1| Easy read.

HESPERA -- post 3

- 2| PP:...a hind hoof clips her just before the ear, narrowly missing her eye - Blu never wrote this as an attack, therefore it is PP to add it in.
+ 1| Defense: Is flailing, misses the wing attack.
- 1| Injury: no mention of Ampere's bite.
- 1| Defense: Gets hit on the left side by Ampere, but it's this line that lost yo the points: Hooves run across her left side, from shoulder to hip, muddy prints leaving deep bruises. #1 if Ampere runs across her left side, you're in a world of trouble. There is no mention of pain, but likely there would be fractured or broken bones, or internal bleeding.
+ 1| Attack: Charges at Ampere.

+ 1| Emotion.
+ 1| Flow.
+ 1| Easy read.

AMPERE -- post 3

+ 1| Counter-Attack: Turns around to buck at Hespera. Gets shoved forward in the process.

+ 1| Emotion.
+ 1| Flow.
+ 1| Easy read.

HESPERA -- post 4 (defense only)

+ 1| Injury: Gets kicked by Ampere.


+ 2| Breed.
+ 2| Terrain.

+2| ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the points for how realistically you played Ampere, both her previous injuries, and those she sustained during the fight.

Nothing of note.

Comments: Blu, I have to say, I think this is one of the best spars I've ever read, in terms of the character. You wrote Ampere so flawlessly here, I can't even begin to describe it. Your imagery was so vivid, that I could literally picture every grimace on Ampere's face. Her activism was so apparent here, and the depth of her resolve to fight for Companions and not against them, was literally incredible. This was wonderful on your part - I'm sorry I didn't have the pleasant opportunity to read this sooner!


+ 1| Breed.
+ 1| Terrain.

-1| I think you need to take into account the injuries that Hespera sustained, and how they would affect her. The two that stand out to me, were literally being run over by Ampere, and having her face attacked by her companion. You wrote that her companion blinded her in the comments, but acted like it was no big deal afterwards. Ampere literally ran her over, but you had her get up, and run and charge after. This is highly unrealistic.

+ 1| Never read anyone have their companion attack them before!

Comments: Some powerplay here - I think you just need to slow down and re-read what you're writing. I really liked how much you stayed in character and had Hespera's companion attack her - although on the first read-through, I didn't really understand the motivation for this. Great spar overall in terms of imagery and descriptiveness!

Ampere - 76
Hespera - 62

Image Credit: dirkjankraan @ Flickr

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