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[OPEN] a time for healing.

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As the monster toppled like a rockslide, I watched with amazed, bi-colored eyes.

Many of my allies left the battlefield behind, some of us wondering what that monster had been. Others, probably sure we did not want to find out. I, however, had noticed in my flight above the horrible damage done to the earth below. The small grasses which had fought their way through the snows had been trashed by the foul acid within the creature's bloodstream.

It is on heavy wings that I lower myself the foot of the mountains leading to the Heaven Fields. On the first day of Birdsong, the mountains mourned the destruction of the earth instead of welcoming it with a beautiful song. Even in the dead of night, I knew. I could feel the trees, the shrubs, the struggling flowers weeping. More importantly, I felt the strong beat of a heart capable of answering the tears and the prayers which were searching for my father. He may be unable to heal their scars at the moment, but I certainly could.

Landing upon solid, earthy hooves of bronze, I walk toward the mass of the former mountain. Its eyes prodded out, its trees torn asunder, the monster looked nothing more than an unholy pile of rocks and sludge. The earth at it the bottom of its hideous display torn, battered, burned.

As I stepped closer, however, life began to pour into the area like a fresh breath of air. The poison was eked out of the grass and the soil by the hardworking earth, turned by some divine magic into needed water and nutrients for the earth. The burns caused by the exploding plasma sun begin to disappear, the scarring like a forgotten memory as mosses surround the trees and rocks at the base of this mountain. The boulders of the once great monster had gashed open pits which begin to show the buddings of future flowers.

Spring had arrived, and I, Hototo, had brought it in my wake.
I would make mother proud.
I would not let my father down.

With a silent nod, I take a moment to appreciate the work of this gift I had been given, noting with a placcid smile how the air felt strangely warmer. The first day of Birdsong was here.
The night would end soon.

[ Set immediately preceding the RE monster attack. Open for anyone. <3 ]

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give me your eyes for just one second,
give me your eyes so i can see
everything that i keep missing

Each little vibration wound it's way up around my legs. I had been heading in God knows what direction for God knows how long and all I had felt were weird vibrations that had yet to make coherent shapes. So, I had continued forward, feeling the snow seem to get thicker and thicker until I could feel a lack of it in the distance. Instantly, I wished for my companion who was now missing, the caw of his voice as he warned me of the dangers ahead and kept me to a certain area in order to keep me safe. But, unfortunately for me, he was not present anymore because of that incessant buzzing of that barrier. The connection had been broken and the feeling of it was ingrained in my skull and the feelings in my limbs.

Not yet had I come across anything with that same amount of buzzing - that same amount of force that felt as though it could knock someone off their feet yet did nothing when you touched it. And, so, as I inched forward the incoherent shapes formed into sharper details, the ground seeming completely desolate land, broken from a battle with something that probably could not have been from this world. Uncertainly, I continued to edge closer and closer until I was right at the line where the cold snow ended and the land turned to black dust (not that I could see the burn marks of the ashes, just feel the horrid cracks in the ground that made me believe that a fire had raged across the land).

There it was! That incessant buzzing that enveloped my frame and almost created a headache in my sensitive skull. My frame swayed a little bit, legs threatening to give out as my mind placed the source of the buzzing and isolated it from the rest of the world, allowing the image to begin to even out. It was hard work, though, as the buzzing continued to move, and with it the earth changing around it. Was that grass growing? Were those... flowers? And then, it stopped, concentrated in spot - on one being in particular. Could this be one of the Gods they had spoken of? Either way, the earth which had seemed barren a few moments ago now seemed to be covered in the life of the Spring. Even a warmer air seems to be blowing in.

What was all this? I had no words as I edged into the fresh green earth (or what I assumed was green from the explanations I had been told so many years ago) and headed a bit closer toward the creature that was creating these vibrations. A circle around him of about three feet seemed to house the power of it, and then it faded out, pulsing into the ground as if it were a heartbeat. A rapid heartbeat, but definitely a heartbeat. A heartbeat that seemed to try and put every other vibration in it's rhythm to call for it to match and to grow and to live. Once I could muster away what was trying to put my heart in rhythm with the buzzing that made my muscles tighten, desperate to move, I managed to concentrate upon the looming creature that was the source. Looming seemed to be an understatement, as wings gave him an air of brilliance, though they didn't seem needed as the vibrations seemed to want to wrap him up and allow him to float in the air without the added assistance of a parachute to hold the air. And the horns, curved ram horns on his cranium along with his thicker frame actually seemed to exude an elegance that even some of the lighter breeds were incapable of possessing. There was the slight movement, causing me to shuffle back a step, only to realize it was a nod - the vibrations seeming to follow out toward me, wrapping me in a comfort that I had yet to feel in this land that I was to now call home. And, upon his maw was a smile - one that wasn't over exuberant, but simply as if he could accept that knowledge that he seemed to be the heart of this land's existence.

Carefully, I took a breath in before shifting my position to look at the stag who, upon a second inspection, also seemed to be very young - not much more than a year old. "This is amazing," I whispered, blind eyes gazing toward him but unable to lock upon his gaze. "Truly amazing..." And then, she allowed her voice to gain a few tons of volume to be heard clearly. "You, fine sir, seem to be the heart of this land..."

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Silence is, perhaps, the most maddening thing about the endless night. It permeates the very air in his lungs and Soren pushes it away with the muffled clapping of hoof on stone. His head hangs low, lips skimming the trail where he fails to see much more than shadows, the sharp edge of protruding mountainside. Darkness renders even this familiar road quite strange, but he climbs anyway, unwilling to surrender to the now-constant buzzing of fear in his veins.

He waits with every inhale for a calamity; he finds none, and travels on. When at last his hooves scrape over dry grass and not the crumbling earth of a naked path, Soren sighs. This air lacks the wetness of fresh grass; it smells instead of ruin, and he peers into the dark with weariness biting away his attention. Why bother to come here at all? The dark makes him tired; the gods have quite abandoned them.

“Stop whining,” he tells himself. The sound of his own voice makes him braver, and he moves across the meadow with cautious, curious steps. If only there were an answer to the question of the vacant sun… He would endeavor to pull it back, certainly. The lethargy in his bones comes only from helplessness, and not from any inborn tendency toward sloth. Still, Soren sighs into the dark and wonders what there is to do that is not killing – for killing, at least, he is too young. He twists his ears in every which direction for a while, wondering if some other melancholy might exist near himself. And it is then he hears them: voices – one voice. Joyous.

He arrives too late to see Hototo’s miracle unfold; the evidence proves springy underfoot and the air feels warm, full of a green scent. A lively scent. What is it the mare said? The heart of this land… Soren cocks an eye at her, tracking the pale curve of her coat and the odd way she holds her head – as if looking at nothing. He shakes his own head a bit in wonder, and looks to the dark, winged form standing before them both. “You did this?” Soren lowers his muzzle to sniff at the grass. “With magic?” He lifts his head to blink at the boy – not much older than himself, he thinks, though the dark likes to toy with shadows. If only Soren himself had such magic, to heal the earth, to bring back the day... A quiet sigh passes through his nose. "Who are you?"

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Soft hoofbeats stir behind me, and I turn my head cautiously to view the figure of a mare, pale in appearance. Her tendrils of silver are long and flowing, coat an almost serene white even in this darkness. Even her eyes were so light, so clean. It was then I realized as she spoke she was not locking on to my gaze. Blind? I think, though I had never encountered the malady before. Mother would certainly know if she were here. I smile at her, the kind words, the thankful tones with which she spoke.

I know, however, that I am not the heart of the earth, but my father is. My father is the earth, the grass and the waters which feed all life here. He is the heartbeat of this world. He is life. I am simply his progeny, trying to fill in the massive void left in his absence. I know that, if father had been here, he likely would have healed the damaged earth much like I had. He would have saved this beautiful terrain from the rot that comes without sunlight in the presence of acid. He would have saved the world. I can only try.

"You have me confused with someone else, ma'am," I say modestly, trying to shrug off the inherent compliment of her words. "I am just fulfilling my duty."

A second body, much more springy and young, rushes into the scene with all the grace a yearling can hold. His dark face reminds me of mother, though I am uncertain why, and I find myself smiling like a goof at him as well. His words make a more solemn expression return to my young eyes, and I nod. "My gift," I say, vocals deep and baritone, even in my young age. "I have always been good with plants." I almost laugh, but refrain, keeping the joy of my little joke to myself until someone else would giggle. I doubt they would; I am not really known for my humor.

"My name is Hototo," the spry voice is open, willing to give my title easily. Even after meeting with shadow skeleton in the deep forest, I have not learned the meaning or value of keeping your name a mystery. "And you, ma'am and little mister?"

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