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Hi guys! I might do this occasionally for fun :3

I've always found doodling and getting some time to be less restrained and silly helps me in general with all my art, but more often than not I never know what to doodle! So what I'd love to do is get inspired by you guys, which in turn gives you some Blu art ;D aka Bluudles

Please post:
- LINK a ref or image of your character  -- or anything! I can do things besides horses.
- LINK a song or two that compliments the character/mood in some way.

* You must provide links for your reference and the song. I take it as a sign of respect that you used the time to post a link for me. Entries without links will be ignored.
* One post per round!
* Same person cannot win twice in a row.

I close this at random time intervals. Please no more entrants after I post a closing comment.

I post the artwork here for you! Feel free to do whatever with it :)
The art will range in full body to heads, silly doodles to serious sketches or even speed paints!

Thank you all!

- You can always ask me for the PSD file, I'm more than happy to send it to you! I usually save several layers that I work on which may make it easier for you to fiddle/improve upon things. *Note I use SAI*
- You can move my sig layer into a better position on the image, so long as it is never removed.
- You can re-enter a partially done bluudle if you win again and ask me to take it to the next level for you (i.e. sketch to lines, lines to color etc.). I'll usually say yes!

Tag me only if starting a new thread.
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Well it doesn't show too well on this layout's BG but on other colors it looks good :)
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So your playlist brought out something a little weird, apparently. The face started this image and I just chose not to fight the strange.
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Helovia Hard Mode

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I didn't see closed anywhere on this so I thought I would ask for a Merlin picture. Feel free to delete if I missed it!

Merlin Only full body ref I have is her pixel sorry! But otherwise she is a sexy little thing with a spitfire attitude; it's hard to find songs that are inspiring for her but I will try my damnedest.

Music 1
Music 2
Music 3

Cause Merlin is a psycho... Thank you <3

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OMG this will be perfect for angry posts XDD

Thank you so much! <333

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I LOVE her! Thank you so much Blu! <3
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