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The God of Time was struggling against the very forces of the universe, but he was only a single entity. Sweat trickled from his brow, and his lungs heaved against his sides. He stood in the center of the Thistle Meadow at the head of a large, mirror-like tear in reality that was threatening to consume them all. A blue shield of energy pressed against the large, glassy surface which stood vertically in the middle of the meadow like a sideways lake.

From the fluctuations of force and wind that pulsed through the Meadow, the signs of oncoming tragedy were there, looming. The pulsing shield against the rift seemed to pull with it clouds and storms, spiraling to the center like a moth to a flame. Too early in the day, the light faded, and even the moon seemed wan and weak, rippling strangely in the sky as if it too would soon fade.

With lines of worry etched into their godly, pristine faces, the four siblings united for the first time in an age. The God of the Earth, with deeply furrowed brows strode next to his smaller, charcoal brother and pulled water and rock from the earth, forming a rotating shield of his own creation against the rift.

The goddess of the moon snaked around to the other side, pulling essence from the blackness of the sky like a dreamless void while weaving the dark through carefully threaded streams of wind. She layered the darkness and wind against the glassy surface. In a thick cloud of blooming flame that was torn quickly and reformed with the force of the wind, the God of the Sun approached his sister's side. Light from his very body poured into the rift, and fire rimmed his sister's shield, stabilizing it as best as he could.

But it was not enough.

The forced of nature conspired against the young gods, and Time knew that they had only one choice. The God of the Earth seemed to share this same thought, and he turned to the God of Time, dipping his head in a gesture of great sadness. He traveled instantly to where his son was in the Foothills, and the God leaned down, touching Hototo on the forehead and breathing against his forelock.

"You are a protector of the mortals now. When the world grows dark, only you will have the power to nourish the land and keep it alive. I will return when I am able. Be strong. Be brave. And know that I am proud of you."

In an instant, he was gone, and his large, draft figure was torn into the rift. One by one, the gods released their holds. The God of the Sun found Israfel in the World's Edge, sadness-etched lines into his proud face.

"You are the light this world will not have, Isra. Stay steadfast and bold. Be the star of the land, the hope of an age, and one day, I will see you again."

Once he was returned, the God surrounded himself in a thick cloud of churning fire, leaping directly into the void. The God of the Moon snaked away next, going to the Windtossed Foothills to visit her son.

"Mesec," she whispered. "Soon, the world will be dark, and you will be the only one who will understand its ways and desires. You are a strong boy, and you must lead them with your knowledge. Goodbye."

The goddess reappeared in the meadow and cloaked herself in darkness before sliding inside the glass, silent and sly like a shadow. Finally, the God of Time traveled to the Foothills to meet with his daughter who was too young still to understand what was happening. Soon, that would be changed.

"Roskuld." His voice was deep. "You are the time keeper. Days will not cycle. The Sun will not rise, but you will know the seasons and feel the pattern of then spin of the Earth. Watch after them."

Once he returned, the blue shield left and the rippling tear grew exponentially larger until the God of Time stepped through the hole. In an instant, the rift was gone, leaving the meadow in an eerie and ominous silence. The world did indeed grow dark, and day came without the rise of the sun.

Upon waking, the four demi-god children would all find themselves at a year old, their bodies altered by the God of Time. They had been forced to grow up, to age to protect the mortals in the gods' absence. Only the four half-gods had the power and the connection with Helovia to keep it functioning in this strange age of eternal night.

Lining the roads and well-worn pathways that lead to each lined were large, lamp-like trees. Their bark glowed bright shades of green, blue and purple, and their leaves gave enough light by which to travel. In the herdlands, the shrines provided enough light by which to live. The pool in the Foothills glowed brightly like the fires in a lighthouse, a beacon to all who called this land home. The mists of the World's Edge sparkled with light and lifted to settle in the bare boughs of the winter trees. In a way, the mists because stars, fallen from the skies, blanketing the land. The fire in the Dragon's throat began a pillar in the sky, erupting straight into the heavens. Its light illuminated the oasis, giving life to the vegetation. In the Basin, the mirror in the cave reflected against crystals in the walls, creating a massive entanglement of light that pulsed from the cave. The light illuminated the lake which seemed to glow from beneath, providing some comfort in the frozen land.

The gods left a single message in the veins, written in a language that was read not in the mind, but the heart. It glowed across the remainder of all four stones of their shrines.


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The tensions between Psyche, Deimos and her sister had left Ophelia with a sour taste in her mouth and a knot in her soul that she was still trying to work out. Should she leave? Was that the answer? The tired feeling that numbed her entire body seemed to only be growing worse, and she seemed to always stand upon a balance of turning cold and trying to hold onto the goodness and compassion that had been so far abused.

She was not happy with who she was becoming, not pleased with the choices that had been presented and how she had been forced to act in response. Ophelia did not blame Ktulu inherently for wanting to protect Midas - she knew she would have done the same. The white mare also did not like the fact that she was growing to resent her sister for pulling her into this murderous endeavor. As they battled, she had seen the expression on her father's face when he stood upon that hilltop, and it was filled with disappointment. Paladin had taught them honor, to justly battle, and while Ophelia had a different set of morals than her father, she had to believe that what he taught protected the soul.

With every contract, she felt emptied out, strung up and tumbled dry. She felt as if she was spitting on the precious beauty of life in exchange for what? Items? Corporeal things? Trinkets? Of what use did she have for these items and what made then worth another's life? Nothing, no price, could ever tip the scales into a balance between life and crafted things that would be forgotten in death.

Put simply, what they were doing was wrong. She had tried to spin herself a lie in which to found her desire to please her sister. Ophelia had told herself that their band would protect others, but so far? A god contracted them to take a flower, and the Basin, one of the largest herds, contracted them for warriors. In there very first action of gaining a homeland, they violated her lie - they took from the weak who had nothing with which to protect themselves, a broken herd.

Cloven toes crunched the snow as she drifted through the meadow. Normally, she would have gone north, but this blanket of white made anywhere she roamed feel like home. But something was wrong, on this day. A large, rippling surface of a lake seemed to sit in the middle of the land with the God of Time at it's front. She furrowed her brows, realizing that the situation was more grave than her initial impression.

The sky grew dark and storm clouds thundered overhead. She could not hear over the roaring of the wind, almost too loud to bear. Wind picked up and blew her pale and crimson hair around her face, catching in her long, slender legs and around her face. She felt her heart begin to beat fast as the other gods joined the fray. A pulsing energy kept her back, and she grit her teeth against its power. Ophelia was powerless in this moment. She watched as they one by one disappeared and reappeared only to be sucked into the void.

The God of Time was the last to fall, and the rift disappeared. The sun did not return to the sky, and shadows grew longer. An unnatural quiet settled over the area that had once been in such turmoil, and she felt fear creep into her soul. What had she just witnessed? Was this the end? Was this the end of the world? Ophelia could only stand and stare, paralyzed by what she witnessed, a hopelessness covering her soul. The great architects of their land had gone...

She could hear the sound of her own heart beating, every rustle of her hair through what was left of the breeze from the violent storms. The shards of stone that had once adorned her hair and made her almost glow was gone entirely, snuffed out like the flame of a life. She looked up as the flap of Tinek's wings caught her attention, and she felt him settle in her hair.

"Are we... alone?" he asked.

Ophelia stared at the empty horizon, wrapped in darkness. She inhaled once, sharply as tears rose to the brims of her eyes. "I can still hear you, Tinek..." she murmured quietly. "I... I believe this may be the end." Was the dream she shared with Mauja prophecy? Had they tumbled into the hole?

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And here he was again, in the middle of nowhere, the middle of everything, halfway between the Throat and the Threshold – a white shadow in the night, a frost-wraith drifting over the carpet of snow. Pale light threw him into stark relief, his shadow crisp against the pale backdrop, and like something from another world he glowed silver, edges both blurred and sharp at the same time. Irma was a quiet ghost above him, soaring on the winds, his eyes against the horizon when his own grew heavy with brooding. He was barely looking at where he went, trusting her to keep him safe; tall grasses lay bowed under the snow, ice lacing the few stubborn strands that stilled defied winter, and these were the things he saw as he walked, head bowed and heavy. White smoke rose from his nose, testament of life where his impassive face and guarded eyes otherwise betrayed none.

Day by day it felt like he was getting farther from his goal, despite being closer than ever, and day by day he spent more and more time away, knowing that time only increased the risks – and yet he wasn't ready to leap, to tumble headfirst down the abyss and land wherever he may. Things were about to change, either a lot, or not much at all. He only needed to keep to the shadows, and then pull the trigger, release the flame, the spark.

If caution was a flaw, then he was damnably flawed. He was treading the thin line between where caution was justified, and where it was simply cowardice.

Irma tumbled into his mind, a jumble of images and colors and smells, and the wind picked up, a cold finger sending shivers down his spine as it flowed past. Mauja's movements stumbled to a halt, head thrown up, nostrils wide; his heart quivered in his chest, the owl's frantic transmissions confusing him more than they shed lights on things.

Are you alright? he cried into their bond, scanning the rapidly darkening skies for signs of her – and there she was, ruffled and pale, righting herself from some tumble through the air, swept back by some unseen force. He released a breath he hadn't been aware of holding, heartbeat steadying, and she banked left to face the way she had come from again. The sky offered her a vantage point he could never get, and he saw the shimmer of something, and Asni beside it, almost as if bracing.. Irma hovered where she was, and together they watched, transfixed, as one by the gods appeared...

.. and his own eyes saw something else, a white shape further off, one that sent his heart tumbling and mind reeling. Ophelia! He would know her anywhere, from the red of her fringes to her stance, her long legs, the horn upon her brow – his heart knew her even if his mind wouldn't, and before he had the time to reflect over what he was doing he was rushing her way, even as the skies fell dark.

Somehow he split his vision, one eye on the ground, one eye in the air; he saw the Gods flicker and return, saw them disappear into that something, wind whipping tails and wings and manes around, roaring in his ears and deafening even the faint crush of brittle grass under his weight. He was noiseless, only because the gale drowned him out, insignificant and brief as he was in these times of trouble.

And then, Asni followed his brothers and sister into the void, and abruptly things seemed to return to almost normal; the storm lessened, the sense of suppressed, thrumming power vanished, but the world was so dark and.. and.. and...

He felt weightless. As if something was suddenly not there anymore. As if his blood ran warm and light, as if something he had not quite been aware of had disappeared...

His run had slowed to a walk, confusion written plainly on his otherwise closed face, and Irma crashed down from the calm, but so dark, skies to land upon his withers. The tight grip of talons, the spill of desaturated blood in the darkness, was her gesture of comfort, and he found himself clinging to her soul the way a dying man clung to whatever was closest – the way he wanted to run up to Ophelia and hug her, hold her close, for if everything ended now, he wanted to be with her.

"Ophelia," he said, but it came more like a hushed whisper, uncertainty playing across both face and voice. Tentatively he reached out, to brush his muzzle against her neck, as if unsure of if what he was seeing was real.. and some part of him expected her to shatter at his touch, to fall like ice to the floor and merge with the snow. For if the Gods went.. would it not make sense that they took everything of beauty with them?
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The winter had only seemed to begun, but was somewhere in the middle of its time. There was a lot of occurrences that had happened in its cold wake, but nothing too treacherous. Other than hearing about this duplicates, Faelene had not noticed anything wrong, anything out of sorts. It was disappointed again by the Threshold wanderers she begin to head into the wilds. The Thief only followed the strange tug of an invisible force that had her nerves set on edge by something foreboding she could not yet see. That she couldn't begin to understand.

Closer her dark legs cut through the snow, taking her to the Meadow where the energy was all wrong. In fact she couldn't control it at all it was out of her grasp. A faint frown tugged at her lips, lines about her eyes while she forced harder through the trails of white. The red maned was determined to see what was happening so she pressed on even though a wiser creature might have darted the other way.

Black, heavy clouds began to block out any light, but she could see the vivid blue of something oval. Drawn to it, she saw the God of Time in front of the bright, blue.....shielding against a reflected..hole? Silver irises were upon him. He looked strained, as mortal as she had ever seen him. While tempted to go to him, he was with the other Gods who seemed to try to face the same object. The wind a fierce creature trying to steal her breath, she could not move closer. The red maned stood, letting it lash against her hair, drawing air in quick gasps. She was afraid of what they were fighting, afraid of what was happening. There was nothing in her that could comprehend their actions, nothing she could do.

Two white figures who should have stood from the darkness, only briefly caught her eye. One she knew, while the other she didn't. Right now silver eyes couldn't tear away from the rift, and her mind was running to rampant to question anything but the Gods now throwing themselves into the void. A cry passed her lips, but it was muffled by the storm. The God of Spark had returned,to only take his final step with the rest. Whatever remained of brightness was gone. The light went out and Faelene would be nothing but a shadow, blending into the dark canvas that now was their world. In this place it wasn't smoke that killed the blue sky, and killed the light. It was something much worse, and Faelene didn't dare think where the Gods were now. Nor if they were coming back.
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After Déodat, the frozen land of white dust and silver stones seemed dull in comparison to the blood stallion and his eccentric manner of cold charm. It would be a lie, and a rather poor one, to say she had not been near-blissful in his dark company and the way his eyes were so dark. The svelteness of his sculpted muscles, the vermillion of his shining coat, the white that draped gracefully over his shoulders and withers, the sparkling indigo eyes. Beside him, the damned did not feel as damned; and her stone-dead heart did not feel as hard. His velvet voice, rich and dark, sweet on her charcoal ears. Oh she was no fool; he detested her, hated her, for she bore no crown like his ruby jewel on her forehead. Still, there was an inexplicable something between them, a black fire burning darkly, corrupted and a crude parody of love, but nevertheless, it was there, glowing, between them.

Knowing Déodat had returned to his home unknown in the perilous world that was the north, made ever more bitter by the frost and snow of winter, the hellion had begun venturing downwards, down through the narrow bridge connecting the steppe to the larger body of land, past the mountains tall and dark, foreboding in their silence, interrupted only by the occasional rumble of avalanches chasing down their wide flanks. Mountains; she had traveled through them a few times in her chase of ambitions and terrible thoughts, down their winding, impossibly long passes filled with haunches-high snow, sometimes so deep she literally swam through the softer powder, praying she did not sink. Confutatis had wandered through many places, after departing Isilme. Exploring the world, learning what she could do; well, it was an experience that could not be matched by others.

Unfamiliar as she is with Helovia, she did not know where she stopped, only that the scent of horses were ever stronger in the air, a plethora of intermingling stenches that twisted together, impossible to decipher. Pine and frost, like Déodat; the heat of a stallion, the fragile perfume of a mare; and four more, four so strong it overpowered everything else, the burning smoke of flame, electricity that she tasted on her tongue, the death and decay of darkness, and humid earth.

Her one amber eye sought out the sources, finding a mare of pearl and a stallion of ivory, with black petals scattered over his rich silver bodice; a mare of ebony, mane of scarlet; but those were not who drew her eye. It was, who she was certain, were the gods. From a stout pony, robust and strong, shaggy black with faint cream patterns, to the tallest of them all, a massive stallion with a rack of curling horns and eyes of emerald, they emanated power and strength. It very nearly hurt, the power that radiated outwards from them, and Confutatis recoiled, a surge of surprise bursting through her. Four of them? Why, how? Were they what had drawn her idyllic path here of all places, near to a roaring river?

Darkness gathered overhead, and something primitive warned her; something terrible was coming.

It was then her eye found the vertical disk, just like the strange walls of the Arch, lying suspended in the air.

Fear arced through her. It grew stronger, more abhorrent, as one by one the gods disappeared only to return, and as the first leaped into the hole. Then the second, the third, the fourth.

And then the world was plunged into utter darkness, and Confutatis screamed. A horse's scream is a rare thing, just like a human's, horrendously high and loud-pitched, terrible and ghastly, ferocious. Could one truly blame the mare? For she thought her eyesight was gone in her left her, too, disappeared, and fury roared in her veins. How dare they take her vision? The mare half-reared, forelegs lifting off the ground, a mixture of fear and rage burning her inside, scalding water, and she was panicking. What had happened? Horses are prey. Susceptible as they are to fear, near everything and anything scares them; should one be surprised the dark mare flees for her life, running from predators that are not there, crashing through the river and to the trees, soaking wet and wading through the snow, desperate in her attempt to run?

Fly Confutatis does.

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It was hard to settle down in any one place. Her entire life had been spent roaming from one destination to another, always accompanied by the same familiar faces and guided by their wisdom and comforting voices. She had been strong, independent, as wild as the soaring hawks... and yet she had been safe. Protected and loved, never forced to face the temper of nature on her own. Things were different now. Her mother was no longer there to voice words of caution, to throw her own pale body in between the shadow that was her daughter and the vicious claws of a predator. She had already done that and paid the price of bravery with her hearts blood and the light in her eyes. Dögun, the dawn, was dead, and with her she had taken the spirit and hope of the black stallion who's heart she'd once been gifted with.

Gloomily the shadow mare remembered the last months with her father as she flew with steady wing-beats toward the south, on her way back to the desert she now called home. He had seemed broken to her. Rökkur, both of their dusk and beloved protector had never been himself since that night when the wolves attacked. Shadow couldn't blame him, she missed her mother beyond what words could express... But she had at least tried to keep going. Not given up and followed along with the first rag-tag band of drifters they'd come across. Her home had disappeared back then, destroyed by grief and distances. Would she ever be able to find anything similar to that? Could these strange and magical lands really be what she was looking for?

Deep in thought, the little pegasus flew almost blindly through the day and relied on long experience to remain on a good high altitude. She never could have anticipated the sudden thrust of wind that shook her in the air, ruffled to feathers and whipped black hair away from the face and neck. Hurriedly the crow adjusted the angle of the wings and managed to keep herself from falling to the ground - again, it'd have been the second time since she came here - and peered up ahead across the white landscape to see what had caused the disturbance.

The sight sent a shudder through her body that had very little to do with the chill of the winds. In the distance a scene played out that had very little to do with the comfortable times of her past, a sight so strange and... otherworldly that the newcomer didn't even know how to react. A vertical something shattered the peaceful day and tore the landscape apart with its non-belonging, and before it stood a tall unicorn and did something that made the air crack and sparkle like lightning. Another horse appeared seemingly from nowhere, taller still and heavy like the very earth, but Shadow didn't manage to see what he did; the winds were getting stronger and pushed her backwards in the air. It took up all her concentration to stay in the air as gust upon gust tossed her around and stole the air from her lungs. It roared in her ears and whipped her woolen body from all sides, until she blinded and half choked was forced to go down and take cover on the relative safety of the ground.

Shocked and disturbed by the absurd weather the young mare looked up, violet eyes staring through the fading light between the beasts struggling to do something with the rift and the horses that lingered not far from her, looking just as taken aback by the event as she. Then it wasn't some annual tradition or magical game. It made things worse, right? But who were those majestic horses with wings and horns, what were they doing? What was going on? Fear chased through her and tugged the ears back along the poll as the tall horses disappeared into the void one after the other. Light followed with them, and as a darkness thicker than light settled over the skies she couldn't help it, couldn't hold back the terrified neigh that tore from her throat, one that mingled with the voice of another not too far away.

Bewildered, panicking, she stared around in the thick darkness, desperately trying to orient herself. Which way was south? Where had the others gone, the two pale and two black horses? Bile rose in the throat as the blackness invaded her eyes and she began to stumble blindly over the meadow, hoping beyond hope that she would chance upon the way back to the Throat. HP: 42

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The Heart Family
Valentine && Cherie && Aiko

The whole family was out today since their happy reunion, but they were completely unaware for the most part of what tragic times Helovia was about to go through. They traveled out in the cold winter, playing in the snow as a family for the first time since his return, and he couldn't think of any other way to spend the day. They played all morning, and it was quickly brought to their attention that something was wrong. The snow didn't feel quite as right, and the wind blew harder, seeming to drag them in a certain direction. Aiko was brave, and took no hurry in following the signs that the Gods of Helovia were bringing to their mortals and servants. Cherie and Valentine swiftly followed their filly, curious of where this all was coming from. They didn't have to travel far, but they soon found themselves in the Thistle Meadow along with some other horses. Though all eyes were upon the Gods.

They watched as they each tried to control a massive rift, and failed. One by one, they disappeared into the hole, sealing it for good. What had happened to our Gods? Valentine whinnied, one filled with pain and anger. Why had they done this to them? What was this all about? He was a stupid mortal at the time, not understanding what the sacrifice was all about. And perhaps he never would find out in the end. He spoke to the empty air, almost yelling at it, as if it would bring them back.

"What...just happened? Why? Why! Did we do something wrong?"

Soon after the gods disappearred, the lights went out, and the darkness closed in on the family, the trees that lead to the Demi-Gods sprouting to cover in some of darkness to the left of them were the path was. Confused yet again, he looked across, but saw no such being by them.

"We...we've been left. Or save? Oh the Lord of Fire...your light has left me, I can feel it. I feel the magic of crafting gone from my bones...but why? What a terrible day for us this is."

His daughter felt the same way, almost crying as she watched the events unfold. She sobbed for him, for she considered the Sun God to be a kind and gentle soul, on that she had respected. He had chosen her to go on a quest for him, and now he was gone. What should she do? She would finish the quest for his sake, in memory of him.

"Mr. Sun God, I'm going to miss you. You were nice to me, and you were nice to others. Thank you for being so nice to me...I will miss you, and so will my papa. I hope you come back to us someday, thank you for your sacri-fice."

Cherie, however, said nothing. She was confused, looking upon the four Gods working together to mend...something. She was clueless about what they were doing, and then they disappeared. Her mate and foal were both mournful, but what was Cherie? Just plain confused. She didn't know the Gods too well, but she knew that they had granted Valentine with the magic to craft, and her daughter a quest. Or at least, the Sun God had. She had lived in the Throat for so long, and though she had never met him, she should say something for him.

"Thank you Sun God, for everything. For Valentine, for my sweet child Aiko, and for taking care of the Throat when we needed you. Though we have never met, I wanted you to know. Goodbye, God of the Sun."

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My activity as of late has been something to scoff at, and I think that it has become something of a wake-up call for me. My meeting in the Dragon's Throat had taken too much of my precious time, and I think that because of my desire to meet with each herd and their leader I have put other -- more important tasks -- behind me. I have been foolish, I know that, but all I had wanted was to offer my healing properties to each faction of land, regardless of their intent or their history. My beating heart is in the right place, I think, but I must learn to prioritize things. Perhaps meeting with the Gods – as I have been doing, but I fear that they have all been too busy to pay too much attention to me – should have been my first task, but wandering the dry deserts of the Throat had not been all bad. After all, I had gained a second shadow.

My bi-colored eyes are too focused on the frosted terrain for me to notice the four magnificent forms of my Gods, all gathered together for what must be the first time in decades. My long chocolate legs are just skirting around the edge of a thistle plant when I hear the cries of some stallion, pleading and crying and questioning something else close by. The dark tresses that conceal my curved face shift to the sides of my golden cheeks when I look up, and my eyes widen in shock at the sight of them all. A trio of heart-branded unicorns, the familiar porcelain forms of the emotional unicorn and the spotted stallion, a little shadow mare, and a scarlet-haired beauty were all staring at her Gods, silently cheering them on and hoping that they would be able to weave the rift closed with their magic. But one by one each deity fell, and after a moment of thought the green God – " “God of Earth,” I murmured to my follower, gesturing to the tall draft with curved horns – appeared to say something to his siblings, and I watched despairingly as each of my beloved creators disappeared and then returned. My dark lips drew together to form a thin line as each God entered the rift, and my striped body began to sway gently, as if it were growing too tired to stand. My dark ears swivel back and forth to listen to the words of each mortal gathered here, but they soon rest in a position that displays my current mood; distressed and anxious sadness.

I think of the words that I should say to honor the actions of my fallen Gods, but this language is foreign to me and I am afraid that I will stumble and fall when I should excel. Finding the right words to say is not my strong suit, but healing the wounds of the broken is, and so instead of commenting on the courage that these beings had possessed, I wade through the deep snow and to where the glassy figure of the rift had been. My long banner of dark braids drags across the field of thorns, ensnaring itself in the occasional bush, but I ignore it. Once my slender legs have carried me to the spot where the Gods had been taken, I pause, waiting for the world to become completely black before performing this private ritual. Only the soft glow of the vibrant trees reaches my golden figure, and the light reflected off my headdress shines in my eyes. The glare of the beautiful trees does not bother me, though, for my dark eyelids have covered my mismatched orbs and I have arched my neck in a deep bow, even deeper than the one that I had graced the Sun God with at our first meeting.

A gentle smile tugs at my lips at the thought of the fiery God, but the feeling is soon replaced by sadness. I have lost him, and with him I have lost a piece of my heart, as I have lost the rest of the beating thing with the disappearance of his siblings. I know that my past with them had not been as full of knowledge and kindness as I had hoped it would have been, but that does not change my opinion of the four creators of this land. I still love them, I still believe in them, and in their name I will forever revere them, for they have always been the light to guide me in times of darkness, and I am certain that they will continue to guide me even in this fearful time of hopelessness.

Walk walk walk.

"Talk talk talk".

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The Dragon's Throat was a distant memory for the flicka, though she had not travelled for very long outside its borders. It was a whole different world for the youngling who had been so confined in her homeland. Mother had never let her wander, and the day she had left had been the first that she had seen snow. It was a memorable day for many reasons, none of which were on her mind at the moment. She walked rather cheerily alongside Talianna, the wandering healer whom she had met in the days before her departure from home. Finding her had been a blessing for which she thanked the gods profusely, and as she walked jauntily alongside the mare, she again thanked them for her good fortune. She was, however, blissfully unaware of their current predicament.

Or she was, until they arrived on the scene of catastrophe.

At first, she was simply awed, for she had never before seen the gods. Mother had taught her to respect their power, but that was the extent of her knowledge. Bi-colored orbs widened first in awe and then in dismay as her young mind took in the darkness that seemed to battle the gods. They flickered, and then reappeared. What was it that the large stallion - the God of the Earth, Talianna told her - had said to them? Had they given up? Or had they sacrificed themselves to save their mortal followers? And then they were gone, and the world was dark, and the youngling had never felt quite so alone, even in the midst of all the others. For the first time, she found herself wishing for Mother.

But there was no going back now, and so she looked to Talianna, hoping desperately that they would reappear, that the light of her world was not gone. "They will come back?" The statement was voiced tremulously, lilting at the end to morph into a question, for what certainty did the youngling have in this world after what she had just witnessed?

"Talk talk talk."

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There was something... wrong. Something terribly, terribly wrong, and much too close to home. Daringly the Wild Rose ventured to investigate, drawn by the tumultous swirling of energy and air, each step hesitant as she fought against an urge to flee back to the Edge instead of proceed further.

Then, she saw it. A rip in space and time and the forces of nature, reflecting all before it. And what was before it was a shield of blue energy, wielded by the sturdy and compact form of the God of Time. Breath catching in her throat, she stumbled forward another few steps, mane and tail lashed about by the wind to sting face and legs. Against her back huddled Zaffre, wings tightly folded against his sides to keep the warring forces from wrenching him from the grulla mare's back.

As they watched, the Gods gathered to stand together. Time, Earth, Moon, Sun. Each wielded their respective elements in a valiant effort against the rift that struggled to tear everything apart. But... it wasn't enough, even she could see that. Instead of shrinking, the rift remained steady, defiant. Desperately her mind whirled, straining to find some sort of answer, terrified of what would happen if the rift remained as it was. It was the byproduct of another such rift in reality that had allowed the dead to flood Isilme, forcing her and her friends and loved ones to flee.

Confused, anxious, she watched the scene unfold before her. Earth bent his head to his diminutive brother, sorrow etching the lines of his body... and then vanished.

What...? It seemed the thought was barely formed before he was back, though she knew some few moments had passed. And then... he was truly gone, swept away into the rift. The shields began to drop, as the Sun God, brilliant, arrogant God of the Sun, vanished in turn. Heartbeat thundering in her ears, Smoke counted the beats before he too, returned to be swept away into the rift, stepping through while wreathed in flames. A hollowness followed, deep in her soul, resonating through the bond as confusion and loss rose within Zaffre. Fire was gone... and suddenly she understood what the Gods were doing in those precious moments away.

In those moments in which she came to that realization, Moon took her turn to depart, heartbeats passing before her darkness cloaked form stepped through the rift. The hollowness within the Wild Rose doubled, tripled, and she knew that the healer's magic of the Edge was gone, taking with it the last remnants of her smokey magic. Sorrow filled her as she watched Time take his turn, dark eyes intent upon the spot he had vacated. Then he was back, that blue shield disappearing and allowing the rift to expand... until he stepped through.

Within a blink of an eye the mirrored surface that led into who-knew-what was gone. With it went the light, moon and sun and stars, laying a blanket of darkness over the meadow and all those hapless witnesses of this tragedy. One by one, new lights winked into existance. Strange glowing trees in butterfly tones, bioluminescing in small, last gifts to the dwellers of Helovia. In the distant south, she could barely make out a bright glow against the cloud cover, sparking a vague hum of curiosity.

A quiet thrum of inquiry prodded the mare out of her private sorrows and loss. Her head jerked up, tail flagging as she realized anew what had been comprehended before. The Gods... their children. Isra... Her daughter needed her now. Her bright fire, dimmed by the loss of a father, just as her older children had lost theirs. But this loss... oh let it be temporary!

Without a glance for the distant lost figures upon the meadow, the Wild Rose reared up, poised in wordless tribute to the four who were lost. Then she spun away, racing across the snow covered terrain, running in the shadow of the dragon whose mind was still tightly wound with hers.

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It was with Daryth that I walked today, humming quietly to myself, finding it much easier to maintain that unique link I shared with him with this gentle, lilting song my mother had sung for us keeping my concentration focussed upon the draw of my magic. Some might think my singing meant I was happy, but right now, the melody was mournful and hushed, sung not only to maintain the link to my magic with relative ease, but to express the feelings of sadness and grief that plagued all of us since the discovery of Torasin's, and Solstice's body. The image of death was imprinted upon my brain, the stark clash of the deep crimson arterial blood staining the golden and white hide… I knew what death was about. I was omnivorous, I had hunted and broken necks and drank the blood of my prey before. But never had I seen one whom I loved and cared about taken down, without mercy, without a chance for him to ever survive such an attack… I had never before seen the death of one I considered a friend, a brother, a member of my extended family in the Edge. And while I was young and able to divert my mind to other things often enough, I was still plagued with the image of his dead, vacant stare, of the resounding unhappiness that permeated the air around us, of the lingering depression that haunted my mother.

It was not until Daryth tweaked me with a silent mental note, that I registered the quivering atmosphere to be caused not only by this sadness, this depression, but also something more global. I paused my step, lingering on the borders of our home, nostrils flared, ears swirly atop my head at the sound of nearby guards on patrol. But then there was running, swift steps, and sensed more than saw, that a blue dragon was flying nearby. A few lengths away, obscured by the mists and trees of our home, I saw the movement of the Wild Rose, and fuelled by a similarly frantic, impulsive energy, I followed her trail, whipping my elongated tail back and forth, as my wings unfurled in the next clearing, and I took to the skies. Daryth flew with me, and we easily tracked the mare and her dragon - soon we needn't bother, for ahead of me I could see exactly the reason for this strange, quivering atmosphere of instability and fear. I landed farther back than Smoke, but swiftly approached, ears pricked forward with keen curiosity, unsettled by the silent awe in Daryth, unnerved by how he seemed drawn to the strange energetic void that these great, powerful figures seemed to dance a war-dance around.

I recognised one of them, for I had seen him before. The Lord of the Sun, God of Light and Fire, had overlooked my presence before, and I was sure he would take no notice of my observation now. I stared at the others, and from my mother's descriptions, I recognised the one responsible for crafting my beautiful home out of the very whims of her thoughtstream; my heart soared, I could not lie, and it took a great amount of shivering self control to resist calling out to her a greeting. I looked at the third, the Earth Lord, and then the fourth, the Time Lord, with large, golden eyes that drank the information in and seemed to store it at the edge of my mind, the data seemingly too large and confusing for me to comprehend all at once. I sighed suddenly, realising I had been holding my breath as I watched them all struggle against this force, and then I remembered to check on Daryth, panic rising within me as I saw just how far he had pulled away from me, clearly wanting to go towards the battle.

Then, the deities disappeared, and everything seemed to occur instantly, yet painfully slowly.

Daryth! Come back!
I must go with them!
But I need you!
I will be back, child.
No.. Daryth!

He flew towards the vortex that swallowed the Gods, one by one, and I lost sight and feel of him as the charred and ivory God of Time stepped through last, my mind reaching out to an empty void, my heart and soul seemingly torn straight out of my chest, my magic gone, and my friend gone with it. Daryth… I kept murmuring to myself, blinking as the eerie darkness, and the unnatural illumination that followed, settled into my surroundings. None of it seemed to sink into my mind; I did not comprehend any who were around me, I did not feel anything aside from the vast emptiness that filled me up, leaving me standing there, an empty shell of raw and hurt emotions. Though I did not voice my pain, my mind was aching from the mental onslaught that followed, and in the wake of the Wild Rose, I turned upon my haunches, springing without thought into the air to return to the everlasting darkness of my misty homeland.. without him.
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Tinek had stayed far from the winds as they began to spiral, honing on on the center of the rift, but one figure remained adrift. A white owl with blue markings.


Ophelia tore her gaze from the insanity that roared around her ears and tore through the fibers of her mane, trying to find the spotted stallion as she squinted against biting winds. The intensity of the plumes brought tears to her eyes, at least that is what she told herself as the salty liquid streaked down the delicate planes of her face. Even as she wanted to run to his side, she was rooted to the earth, her cloven toes splayed as she braced against the forces that waged around her.

Slowly, her gaze returned to what was in front of her until each god disappeared into the void, leaving them alone. What can create can also take away. He was running, and she could not move, could not will her limbs to detach from the ground in which she was rooted so firmly.

What if she became weightless? What if she drowned in the sky? Or burned in the darkness? What madness would follow that she would have to face? What was it like to live during the final days of the world? But as long as her hooves were still touching the ground, as long as she was still breathing the same air, as long as she was still touching something... she was alive. Somehow, in some way, she was alive.

Was she still breathing? She could not hear the air move past her lungs, could barely feel the air move down her throat. Until silence fell and the world became a deafening noise of her own body. Heart thrummed in her ears, lungs gasped as they expanded, hair rustled so loudly against her fur, and she could still hear a ringing of the wind that had died.

Mauja yelled her name.

Ophelia cringed, ears tilting away from the power of his voice that echoed in the absence of the howling winds. She blinked more tears from her eyes, still stuck to the ground, unable to move and breathing fast. Had she told Tinek that it was the end of the world? Was that the sound of her voice? Ophelia had only ever once been so entirely shaken, and she had run from that world when she was so young, carrying her sister's weight across foreign lands, falling, failing and getting up again. The shades had come in the dark, but there was always a dawn. Always...

When his soft muzzle pressed against her neck, she leaned into his touch, appreciating that he continued to ground her into this reality, safe from the danger of her memories and into the present catastrophe. Ophelia inhaled a hitching breath, trying to pull her eyes from where the rift had been only moments before. "I... do not understand," she murmured. "Are we supposed to survive this? Are we supposed to wait?" she asked, knowing that Mauja did not know the answers either.

Even though the God of the Sun had turned her away and tossed her from his presence with fire, Ophelia knew that he was necessary, and even in her loathing, she knew that they needed the sun. Would everything die? "I thought that this would only be a dream..." she murmured, finally lowering her gaze to the blackness of the grass beneath her hooves.

A scream caused her to start, and she snorted, gray nostrils quivering as her eyes widened, straining to see in the dark. She shifted closer to Mauja, neck lifted proudly and arched on her high withers, fibers of her tail still and pooling around her hind hooves. Two, pearly auds tilted forward upon her brow as she heard crashing following the scream until the sounds faded into nothingness again. What haunted the dark spaces?

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More came, distant shapes buffeted by the winds, surrounded by halos of mane and drowned out by the din of the divine gale. But he had no eyes for them, no thought to spare the other individuals who came to witness and mourn what the Gods were about to do.

In the darkness he found her, his black muzzle brushing against the white of her neck; she didn't shatter, she didn't come apart like the petals falling off a flower. Instead, she pressed against him, and he muffled a groan of relief and closed his eyes. She was still real. She was still alive. As long as she was, they'd be fine, wouldn't they? They'd get through it, somehow, and.. and Mauja was used to darkness, if not this compact. But what life was there in the darkness, without the touch of the sun? If the rest of Helovia migrated somewhere else, should he remain, a madman, cackling and declaring himself King of Nothing?

It wasn't a pleasing thought.

She pulled him from his reveries with a question he had no answer to. He sighed, softly, and tilted his head to press his cheek against her neck, slowly moving his body to stand beside her – the world would grow colder, but her warmth was like a trickle of life through frozen veins. As long as he knew others were alive, he would be alive, too.

The lull of silence was shattered by screams, and voices, as if they suddenly understood what had happened, the magnitude of this.. betrayal? No; he wasn't sure that was what it was, even if he would've labelled it thus in his bitterness. They were doing something, but what? He felt Ophelia shift beside him, and pulled his head away to let her move. He knew where she was anyway, and after the first screams had subsided he heard someone's flight, and the still-talking voices of some group who seemed to revere the Sun God.

"I don't think this is the end," he said after a moment, but his voice lacked the conviction he needed – but to say anything else would be to give in to hopelessness, and he had no intention of doing that. "But I be damned if I know what it is." In the surreal silence his quiet voice was barely more than a whisper, afraid of stirring up something in the darkness. Again, he swung his gaze around, and saw nothing. Nothing. It was familiar, in a twisted way, because they had dreamed of it, of fleeing the destruction of the world brought about by the pounding of his hooves, but that blackness had been lit by the scarlet roses around her feet.. and the gold leaking out from his scars.

"You were my light in the dream," he murmured after another moment, feeling awkward. "And..." What was he going to say? It had ended with him falling through the floor, spiraling into blackness, hardly the end he wanted to find him in real life, too.. nor did he want to put the burden of being "his light" on her, when she had other concerns. It was.. more along the lines of, as long as she was alive, he'd pull through. He lowered his head with a sigh. "I think we'll be fine, if we remember those who matter to us. I think it's too early to tell if the Gods expect us to do something.. so for now, I think we should wait, and gather our friends and families, and make sure they are safe..." Perhaps it would pass in a few hours, or a day or two, and if so, to make all sorts of plans of action was foolish, especially when they had no idea what was going on. But something, the darkness in his heart perhaps, told him that it wasn't going to end that fast.
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It was funny, how much time Irrydae could spend thinking about one horse.

Her heart would hammer and she lost that oh-so-calm demeanor she has so perfectly sculpted over years of her life. It was something her mother had forced upon her, to be exact. Though before, Irrydae had used it for secrecy rather than what she used it for now: her position of the Storyteller. The star speckled mare was set on maintaing an air of maturity and wistfulness, she knew not to take her position lightly. It was one of power, and that wasn't something to be taken lightly. Irrydae would not abuse her power, as she has seen one to many times.

It was the bitter bite of winter wind that slid down her spine which snapped her out of the reverie that plagued her mind. A subtle sigh escaped her lips, eyes focusing again as she was brought back to the present. Her legs numb from the snow, she grudgingly moved onward, solid hooves crunching in the snow with her light, balanced footfalls. The end of her tail dragged slightly on top of the sparkling white snow, as if covered in diamonds.

Irrydae did not know where she was going- she had no immediate goal or destination. But she could not stay in the Foothills. Certainly, Evers was there, and she knew she would end up running across him. It was inevitable. She felt too.. cowardly, too nervous to talk to him again like she had that night in the Heavenly Fields.

Irry was barely aware that her legs were still moving fluidly under her as her mind, as usual recently, drifted to Evers once again. It made her wary to be so blatantly unaware and unfocused, and it was if she had no choice against it. She shook her crania, mane cascading in waves down her neck as her golden orbs focused, drifting to the darkening sky. Plain confusion crossed her face, it should not be even close to night yet. Purple ears tilting forward as the wind started to pick, as did her pace. Sturdy hooves were placed carefully in the snow as she approached quietly, but there was no need for that. The wind was now howling so loud it hurt her ears, and she strained herself to move forward, wings pressed tightly against her ribcage. Then there was a point where she could not physically go any further, no matter how hard she pushed her legs, muscles rippling under her skin from the strain. Her face was once again a calm mask, eyes watching the giant tear in front of here. It was then, she saw the four Gods. Worry instantly shook through her figure, lips turning down slightly.

One by one, the gods disappeared before returning. Worry turned to sadness as she watched the gentle Earth God disappear into the rift. Irrydae wanted to run over there, but she knew she couldn't, something forcibly holding her back, and that it would be of no use. The Gods knew exactly what needed to be done, and it was not her job to judge their decisions. Pain rang through her heart as the Time God slipped into the tear and the wind stopped. Irrydae nearly fell on her face as she stumbled forward, the invisible force no longer holding her back. Darkness surrounded them, pressing tight against her form. Her mouth opened to let out a gasp of horror, but no sound escaped her as fear, pain and worry ran through her bloodstream and electrified her mind. So, was this the end? Golden orbs did not waver from their stare at the spot where the four gods had disappeared.

She felt... empty. There was no explanation for how the star mare felt, besides that she did not feel whole. Her frame shook slightly, letting out one silent sob. She needed to be strong, she was always strong, but she let herself crumble for one second before pulling herself together. Irrydae was barely aware of the others that also stood staring at the empty field. A lot of time passed, and Irrydae did not notice. She was numb from everything. Her eyes did not twinkling with curiosity, but were sad, the only spot on her bodice that showed any, and all, of her emotion while small clouds of her breath plumed from her nares.

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