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The silver damsel had embarked off toward the Veins of the Gods from her desert home, intent of hailing the deity that had blessed her with the power of foreseeing. Sunlight poured over her roan physique like liquid amber and implemented her dark coat with a new-found luster, gracile head held low as she moved with leisure.

The radiant illumination accentuated the shallow furrows of her muscles as they flexed beneath her skin. Her silken fur was adhered with patches of sweat which marred it with what appeared to be a legion of sooty maculations. A white foam had effervesced between the crevices of her front legs, which rubbed uncomfortably with each stride she claimed across the sun-baked terrain. It was mid day. The orange sun, opulent and relentless, hung high in the midst of a cloudless azure veil.

Cassiopeia made the trek to the Veins of the Gods so she may learn. She had become a seer once again; an oracle for her beloved herd. It was requisite that she educated herself on the lore of Helovia, and so she came here at the hottest time of the day to seek an audience with the one who could bestow such knowledge onto her. She figured it would be the ideal time: such is for a god of fire and light, and so she proceeded up the narrow pathway, cyan eyes anchored upon the peak of the volcano as she lurched ever closer to her destination.

Upon reaching the summit, she called out into the bustling wind, yearning that her voice would not fall upon deaf ears. "Sun God, I call upon thee, so I may know the lore and history of this great land." She stood mutely, the wind gently whispering in her ears as she gazed up at the seemingly infinite sapphire sky.

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I gust of hot wind is the only thing that answers your call. The Sun God is busy wreaking havoc on the inhabitants of Helovia.

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