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Quietly, I slip through the twisted mass of trees which tower above me like sleeping sentinels; tiny hooves imprint, but barely make a sound when pressed into the soft white soot that falls in an endless torrent around my gangly frame. This soft infant body shivers as a cool breeze kisses my shoulders and spine. Suddenly yearn for the long haired warmth of my Momma’s belly, and debate on turning around to quench my desire. She has velvet covering every inch, warm velvet, soft velvet, thickly coated—it would glistened when wet; water seemed to repel magically from an adult body that was protected by a hefty undercoat.

I wasn’t quite old enough to grow an undercoat, or feathering. My ebony nose has a thin trail of liquid running from each nostril, I sniffed every so often—this would cause a tickling sensation in the back of my throat that was all together unpleasant, and then I would snort and wheeze. Soundless of course, I simply blew air and snot in all directions as a warm mist flooded my vision ahead.
A call, unfamiliar and certainly not my Momma’s sweet voice startles me unintentionally. My head jerks toward the bugle of its own accord, eyes widen to dish shape and my steps are frozen. One forelimb hangs uselessly instead of taking the next step forward. Of course, I’m frightened at first and then I felt as children tend to—that growing seed of curiosity. Why would someone bellow so loudly this early in the morning?

The answer came quickly enough, horses (I could smell them long before I saw them), more than I had seen at one time…they suddenly began to pop out of the forest like flowers in the snow. I hung back, retreating to the shadows (even though it would be hard if not impossible to hide something unnaturally colored with darkness.) Luckily, my coat is wet; and because of this it is also darker. Perhaps I would mingle easier. Eventually my shrinking self sums up enough courage to follow these strangers; they don’t realized that a purple shadow is trailing their bodies silently (or so I guessed). None turned, nor did anyone pay me any attention. Talking, lots of talking that went through one ear and back out the other. I half listen and say nothing. What could a child answer to this anyways? .
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See this, and see it well; perhaps it would do'ya to know that the unicorn of which we will soon speak, can now see as well.

His mirror, was still broken. Shattered, from where the boy-king had stepped through, and never repaired. It was only until a few days ago, that Myrddin had ventured into the cave to see the sight with his own eyes. Nay, not with his own eyes, with his new eyes. With eyes gifted to him from the Goddess of the night herself. Through this new gaze he saw not only the forms and outlines of the living, but of the life-force beating within. Deep within all things, he could see the flourishing and fleeting pulse - the wasted and pitiful attempts to cling to the white-hot spark of life. Could he channel that energy? Could he mold it? He had sought the wisdom of the Time Lord in his cave, only to discover the crack in his mirror was still there. Fearing that the Lord would be pulled in and out of time, should he try to step through, Myrddin remained silent. Instead, his old bones had roamed Helovia, in search of the God, but always arriving too late.

Now, he returned home. He would beckon the Lord through the glass, if that was his only option.

Once upon a time his blinded eyes and deafened ears might have missed the meeting which was occurring, but now, the glare that such a group threw to his new-age eyes, was impossibly to resist. Slowly, with age and diligence, the Haruspex trudged forward. His aged and weary body was not without wear and tear from his travels, yet he was no closer to death than when he had left. Silently, he contemplated all that was said; his ancient philosophical mind greedily taking in the information - noting what might be pertinent to ask, when he did call upon the Patron of their lands.

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Wild-eyed and stormy-maned, Alan heeded the call of her Dark Empress. Admittedly, she didn't know much about Psyche. Alan had followed Nyra, had followed d'Artagnan, and in the end, Mauja; Psyche had fought in the Edge war, had been there when Mauja disappeared like smoke in the wind, but before the feral mare had had much of a chance to get to know her, she'd taken off after Seiren. Deimos had accepted her back, and she'd seen neither hide nor hair of Mauja since, and only a deeply rooted sense of duty had her heeding the call. Alan was part of this herd now, again, though she would pass judgment on their leader in time - observe, quietly.

She found the milling throng of horses and settled nonchalantly beside the Time Mender, her leonine tail curling around her hocks, lashing the air from time to time. She said nothing, merely listened, and chuckled quietly when Arah spit out her venom about the incident with the murder. "Aye," she spat out in agreement, remembering the many times border patrols grumbled of trespassers in the Edge. "They're bold and stupid, all right." Her voice lowered, eyes going to d'Artagnan's; her own amber ones swirled with her characteristic fire. "Your dog hungry? If we don't do something with the corpse, it'll stay preserved all winter, and it makes me mad to look at."

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Feeling somewhat like a fish out of water, the liver chestnut steed trailed after Illynx. They had travelled north, chasing the changing weather as it shifted from autumn to winter, bringing cold weather to bite at his old wounds and threaten his footing in all this unfamiliar terrain.

And of course, upon reaching his potential new herdland, there was a herd meeting. Of course. It only served to greaten his gathering unease as he shadowed the gold-marked vixen, lingering close to her side as they moved amongst the gathering unicorns. Only unicorns. It sparked a suspicion, deep inside. Could this be?

Staying silent, Ruka listened as words passed back and forth between the others. He strived to go unnoticed, in case someone should recognize him for things he may have said or done in the past. If this was the group he thought it might be, he hadn't exactly been... polite to everyone before. Even if it had been a brief encounter.

Emerald eyes were watchful, following the sounds of each voice as it was raised, noting who was present and assessing them rapidly. He knew no names, and not a one sparked an immediate hum of recognition. He was a stranger, a mere possible inclusion to this specialist group, listening to things that were quite dire in meaning. The possibility of a war... it hadn't been all that long ago before that he'd nearly been a casualty of such of thing. And he didn't know where his fellow survivors were. But still he kept his silence. His experiences were his own, and he didn't know enough to weigh in on what was going on.

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Winter is always a confusion of pallor and sadness.

She harks the Lady's call, entertaining precaution in liquid blue eyes. The Basin is a landscape of strangers whose names she does not care to learn - warriors and mages, minstrels and healers. Fine winter white gives way to a blur of colors - black, silver and red; blue, yellow and gold. A fine tapestry indeed, but how many of them are anything more than just transient beings, so eager to alive but so quick to die? Huyana lets her gaze flick from face to face impassively as she comes among the mob, remembering the unrest the Red Dragon had caused, the bitter seed he planted in her heart. So many are ardent to bring about the end of another, no matter how close they are in spirit or relation; everyone is so hungry for false justice in their pursuit of the illusion of greatness. There is no time or want for peace, for love and happiness - it's all forgone in favor of a lust for bigger things, a love of greed. Huyana finds little love for this dark lady and her cunning words - she wonders where the ice king is, in all his cold majesty - surprisingly soft for a lord of ice. The rainchild is not afraid of any threat of bloodshed. She has always retreated into herself in times such as these, finding the comfort of her mind far preferable than glory through bloodshed.

A familiar face is seen through an ocean of strangers, kind amber eyes in a sea of harshness. It takes a moment for the roan to recognize her, but when she does, a small smile presses onto her lips. Lena rests by an evergreen, a little furry pale thing pressed against her body. Unmindful of the words and politics dancing around her like a dangerous ballet, the girl moves closer to the bay, interest keen on her expression, but before any utterance of greeting passes through her lips, another pair of eyes catches her own - bright blue and jewel-bright, bound and sewn against a landscape of dark. She freezes, breath barely passing through her nostrils in a haze of smoke. Deimos. Briefly, Huyana remembers a cold autumn midnight by a lake studded by stars, his nefarious gaze piercing the darkness more than any astral presence could. He stands near the Dark Empress - why didn't she notice him before? A brief look of mild discomfort passes through her face, entwines itself on her horn.

Huyana stands by Lena beneath the fir, hoping to catch her gaze with some semblance of apology. The rainchild is quiet, a dark shadow in a snow-bright world, but the normally joyous nurse seems worried - it does not suit her whimsical features, the girl thinks, looking at her small white consort curiously. So much has happened, she laments, watching Psyche again, distrust and discomfort creasing her expression. "Black dragon," she murmurs, words lost in the frigid wind. I do not like where this is going.

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Kou, as usual, was late to the herd meeting, but who could really blame her? She had two twins she was trying to watch after and both had disappeared from her side some time ago. The pale nurse had heard her leader's call but had ignored it for several minutes while she searched high and low for her two sons. Finally she gave up and headed toward the call that had come from her leader. Still, she was trying to get used to Psyche being a lead alongside Mauja. She was used to the Frostheart being the only leader. Hopefully Psyche wouldn't disappear again. Or Mauja for that matter.

When she entered the scene she took note of her doctor standing with their son. Blue eyes traveled over the crowd, looking for their other son but he was not present. Kou moved quickly and quietly to d'Artagnan's side and waited patiently until he finished speaking before she nudged him with her muzzle. "Have you seen Roux?" She asked quietly, less concerned about the meeting and more concerned about her absent offspring. "I can't find him anywhere."

She was tempted to leave the meeting right then, but hesitated as everyone began voicing their opinions of trespassers and the like. What caught her attention was the mention of a corpse. Couldn't it be put to better use than just allowing some scavengers to devour it? And what of their southern border? "We could put up some sort of defense for our southern border, couldn't we?" She asked. "Doctor, you know of poisons. Are there any plants we could try to grow there that would be harmful without being ingested? Pretty flowers that would tempt someone to stop and smell and damage their lungs." She glanced at Psyche before looking back to the Doctor.

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While Faelene should have eagerly met her Lady's call, today there was hesitance weighing her limbs. In fact the red maned had barely moved, shuffling snow from her coat when Sielu had bounded toward the gathering herd. By that time she knew she needed to follow, but she did so with a slow purposeful walk. She rather not be in the middle of this, it already felt chaotic by the number of followers.

Twitching her dark ears, silver eyes looked for a patch of white but only saw Kou. This couldn't be a good sign.
Tentatively, she searches for a purple hide, and barely sees Sielu trying to blend with the others. The winter was not treating her kindly, and Faelene headed to her, brushing along her. Feeling they might be here awhile, as she felt the need to speak she thought about her red velvet blanket that was lined in white, and it appeared upon her back. Feeling the cool energy, she gripped it, sliding it onto her daughter's back. Softly smiling she offered her a brief nudge, feeling she might want to remain. Mindful she drifted closer to the front. Brief gazes were offered to those around, but she would have to get to know them later.

Surprise rose her brows, Kri and Psyche had fought? There was a sense of dread, thinking about Ari the Pegasus that would not seem to go back to where she belonged. Could she have been from the Throat? Faelene would have to find out later, happy to to know Psyche had been the victorious one. This contract with the Grey she wasn't sure if it was the best idea. Would they really help? What she had heard they didn't sound neutral and she did not want to watch her back twice. The DarkEmpress continued to speak, the red maned understood their lack of options. This was her trying to protect them. Which made Faelene know she was doing right in holding respect, for continuing to serve the amber eyed Lady. The Thief was quiet after that, merely thinking, studying the expressions of her fellow Unicorns, and forming her own ideas.

Now, became the time to say what she needed. Addressing the brindle stallion about a blanket seemed the first place to start. "Crowley, could you make a blanket for Sielu?" Faelene was glad he was a bit back to normal, but it seemed he had a different variety of symptoms she tried not to stare at. Raising her head, silver eyes directed to the Empress, their General, and the Phantoms. "If anyone needs go near the Throat, I rather I was the one to do it, and alone if need be." What bothered her was leaving Sielu, because she wasn't sure who she trusted beyond Mauja. Who didn't have their own kids to watch. Faelene couldn't help wonder where was he in this presenting danger? Again, cast it aside thinking she would find an alternative.

"I am sure the hot bloods of the Throat will think twice before attacking here in the blistering cold, but yes let us not let our guard down they are not very sensible in their choices," she agreed with the deformed colt's wise words. While she wasn't sure if he had beaten death or barely managed to escape by Sielu she was finding many things were possible, and his presence did not bother her.

The stallion with a very unusual curled horn, and vivid eyes like the moon began explaining of a Pegasus with a very eerie ability. "What did she look like?" The red maned questioned, because she wanted to know where this one lived, like they needed that messing with the male's heads. Of coarse she wasn't sure she liked her foot being stepped on by their other Corporal. Scouts had to know how to keep from provoking the enemy, not egg it on. Faelene trusted Arah, and Roland by their recent accomplishment. Maybe, she was taking Illynx the wrong way, she had no idea what she meant about mimics. Briefly she closed her eyes, wishing this could have been an uneventful Frostfall. Arah's voice, Faelene perked, flashing her and Roland a grateful smile, small but still worth something.

Then they were talking about a dead Pegasus, and Faelene wasn't sure if she should be satisfied or horrified. Maybe, the Throat would come knocking sooner rather than later. Maybe, Unicorns blood boiled and that's what kept them warm here. She was certain if it came to war, she wouldn't mind taking the Throat down a notch with the Edge. If only they could severe their ties, would the Grey be the key?

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I'm trapped in all these lies, all that is left to do is die..

The Aurora basin. It was quite a sight, beautiful but terrifying in its own sort of way. The mountains kissed the vibrant horizon, now enclosed in impenetrable sheets of sleet and ice. Already, he took a quick liking to it. Calcifer hated hot weather. He despised the feeling of sweat caking his body, the stagnant blistering heat tugging at his breath. Revolting. A loud snort erupted from his chest, shuddering his shoulders. He was vigilant of the exquisite, delicate snowflakes gracefully dancing through the air all around him. The tall, lean conifers loomed overhead, their needles brushing gently against his side as he walked through the terrain. He couldn't let himself become too relaxed. This was a new realm with new horses, new faces, and possibly new enemies.

With every footfall, the snow gave way underneath his weight before crunching loudly. He felt somewhat vulnerable being so perceptible and clamorous, but he was confident in his strides, he was everything but a coward. Calcifer was a fighter, he took pride in battle and was excellent in combat. Perhaps that was the account for him agreeing into coming into this herdland. He would value them a fine warrior. Or at least that's what he thought. His thoughts were cut short at the sound of a voice ahead. Curious, he decides to take a closer look. His presence was screened by several trees as emerald eyes scanned the first equine that came into view. The gender was female, he could perceive this by the fragrance that was carried into his nostrils by the numbing breeze. Her appearance was also unmistakably feminine with her defined, lithe figure. He listened to her speech with alert eyes and attentive ears.

The dark mare spoke of gossip and rumors that appeared to be occurring between certain herds. She created the impression of a leader, the mistress of the basin. She seemed to be recruiting the members of the herd. Why can't everyone just come to terms and get along? Pfft, he was one to talk. Still, he hid behind the cloak of foliage. 'make yourself known, coward!' He thought blatantly. Before he could lift a limb, another horse appeared almost out of nowhere. This one was decorated with a pair of horns atop of his head, his body bound with white stripes. What odd horses that inhabited these lands. First he met a mare with caribou antlers in the threshold, and now he sees striped horses with antelope horns? Preposterous.

Soon several horses of all shapes and sizes make themselves known. All were unicorns as promised by Descaro, one of the stallions who called this region home. He wasn't necessarily racist, but he believed that unicorns were superior of the three races. Now he was beginning to feel like a spy. He inhaled a great deal of air through his nostrils before stepping out from the vegetation to greet his soon to be herd mates. He held a haughty look about him, his marbled horn proudly crowning his head. His red chestnut coat was vivid against the snow, reflecting his bold attitude. He was always a cocky prick in crowds, but if you caught him alone, you were destined to get the better half of him. He circled around the diverse array of horses, finally stopping in between a grey lady with bright red tassels for a mane and tail. "Good day." He said simply, wearily to the fae beside him. Immediately he flicked his emerald gaze unto the dark mare, the apparent leader of the herd. He bowed his head ever so slightly in a sign of respect to the empress, a meek smile forming at the creases of his lips. "My lady, I would be honored to protect your herd and serve as a solider." His voice was deep, masculine. He intended to skip straight to the point. I mean, he was never one to beat around the bush. "I realize i am new to these lands but i would be willing to learn." And with that said, he gave a final nod of gratitude before observing the rest of the herd members that encircled the area.

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She came as soon as she heard the call. She spotted her daughter from afar, following her to the meeting. She halted, far behind her daughter. She glanced around, questioning where Mauja was. She pushed the thought away and continued forward, towards the gathering crowd. Her hooves fell gently on the snow as she found her way towards the gathered herd.

She saw her dear leader, Psyche perched above the crowd, gazing down at us like an eagle watching prey. She began to speak of all sorts of events, and the brutish mare listened. She heard a few others speak before her daughter's voice piped up from somewhere in the crowd. She perked her ears and bore her eyes in her daughter's direction, seeing the top of her black mane and her delicate horn. She smiled, proud to hear her daughter wanted to learn to protect her herd. She moved closer to her daughter, bumping her muzzle against her daughter's speckled rump. Her daughter turned her head, a little surprised. She smiled back at her mother before listening in on what everyone was saying. The blue roan did the same, her ears swinging to face whomever was talking. At the moment, it was Faelene, but as soon as she stopped speaking, an unfamiliar stallion began speaking. He offered himself as a soldier, and so as soon as his lips closed, the mare smiled and spoke her share of words. "My Lady, Psyche, I tell you I think it is not very useful for me to be just a citizen, so I wish to become a Phantom." Closing her lips, the mare bowed her head, her icy gaze settling on her dark Lady. She kept her tail swaying as she gazed at the Lady of the Basin. She stood there, waiting for someone else to speak.
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Descaro twitched, head rising up to the sound of the call for a herd meeting, it seemed Psyche was requesting the presence of the herd for their normal season meeting. He moved away from his half doze, stood dutifully by the mountain pass that connected the Basin to the Steppe, and began to purposefully trot through the icy cold drifts. His movements careful with nostrils flared as he watched his footing on the ground that threatened to topple him over. It didn't take too long before he found the gathering of weird and wonderful unicorns that he had come to call his herd mates, nodding to Calcifer happily before attempting to slap Leyra's roan flank with his tail as he walked past snidely. Moving to stand near his General Deimos dutifully, respectfully nodding once to the Empress.

It didn't take him too long before he got the jist of the meeting, frowning at the mention of their rival herds, but soon becoming intrigued over their slowly forming contract with the The Grey. He didn't really like the idea of fighting side by side with hornless and pigeons, but if it got them what they wanted, then so be it. Many spoke up then and Descaro listened to every word, remaining quiet in the background like a Soldier should, it was his duty to know and to follow.

The only words he did speak that meeting were words any warrior should to his leader, words of loyalty that he would gladly put into action. "Ready to serve Empress, I will go wherever you command." Be it guarding the borders or helping spies infiltrate their enemies, he would do it.

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Sophistication as cruelty and perfection as virulent truth

The blackened gray stallion had been honored by the silver demon of death's invitation into the fold. He would observe the inner workings and learn the ways and politics of the group and then slide in with grace and dignity - as agile as a snake and with just as secretive purposes. Varath was not a stupid colt - at least anymore. A few firm beatings and nursing bloody wounds through aching nights had, for the most part, rid him of any childish behavior that would have remained. The herd consisted of mainly unicorns, those of his blood, and somewhere, there had to be more like him. Someone had to loathe the bare-heads and feathered gits just as much as he, but the tricks was finding them without alerting any to his own bias.

As such, he observed, dual colored eyes of silver and crimson ever hawkish and auds ever careful. The young buck joined the meeting called by Psyche, his solid hooves crunching through the snow with a certain sinister confidence. With a vibrantly wicked gaze, he watched the conversation bounce to and fro, mostly centered on the lead mare who he chose to observe with even more scrutiny. Varath was not a womanizer or misogynist, especially not with the powerful and cruel females in his own family, but he found that sometimes, they gave off more with their expressions than males. Would he learn anything by observation? Would a twist of lips in irritation tell him of her views? A subtle wrinkle of the eyes tell him of a distaste?

Only time would tell, and he had all the time in the world. Where once a childish impatience had grabbed him by the skull and shoved him in the direction of war, he now waited with the calm of an oncoming storm. The breeze was strong in his soul, the thunder heads roared, but the rain was still on the horizon. As he listened, he discovered that they had had problems with passers by and spies trespassing on the land and that tensions were high.

Varath smiled only a little, choosing to speak just enough words, eyes resting on the leader's visage. "I have only just arrived again," he said quietly. "I met no other on my path. Certainly if you need a warrior or spy, I can be of assistance. My anonymity could be to your benefit."

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"Come, my darlings! It is time that we talked."

The one feminine voice had rung through his ears back and forth. His tail flicked in anxiety as he stiffly raised his head up to hold a sight on his ruler. Lady Psyche called her people, as handfuls of thus mare and stag moved forward. Anticipation in all of their minds Farenjer had wondered. The stag flicked a dread of lock out of his glazing eyes before he stepped forward from his place to gather with his fellow citizens. Their ruler watched over all of them with amber eyes that gave a gentle glow ting to them. The stag felt himself feel uncomfortable amongst the crowd. Locks of ebony hair began to fall back onto the sides of his eyes, but he did not move a quiver to remove for his sight. Farenjer did not want to attract any attention from anyone onto himself. It was something that would be easy for him to do to himself considering he would be a different looking fellow. But something relaxed him as he tugged himself to look around the people surrounding him, they all were different. From different worlds or bound to Helovia. These people he had considered were no less of a man then him. They all had their own history, all had a different story to tell. The stag then with a small amount of comfort, swayed his head gently back to leave the ebony dreads away from his glowing eyes.

The lightning unicorn finally held concentration on Lady Psyche. When she had cleared her minds and had began to speak. Announcing of dangerous and cold Frostfall that was soon to come. Little did the unicorn know on the back of his neck his hair was standing up. As if it wasn't cold enough... Farenjer glimpsed at her lips draw downwards slightly. In a clear and ringing voice she told of Dragons Throat and their hostility toward The Basin. Farenjer couldn't help but think of how furious they must be for reasons that many would give opinion on. She continued on about other news such as what Farenjer had heard of. The contract. Farenjer had no opinion for The Grey sometime ago. Just that they were a mercenary group. He was most certain hearing about them when they came here to have a contract settled with The Basin. ...but I must remind you of the alliance between the Throat and the World's Edge." A shiver ran down Farenjer's back. He knew that they would be plotting against The Basin. It was something that had to be dealt with certainly and quickly before they do something drastic. He snorted and continued on listening to her.

Lady Psyche finished the last of her words. Looking to see any who would speak out to give what they should do. Farenjer was more then happy to see his fellow companions tell Psyche what The Basin should do about this alliance. Many voices ringed around the large group. Every one of them Farenjer thoughtfully listened. The Weaver spoke out questioning about spy plans for The Basin. Another voice, more accented came after. Farenjer recognized the silver bay stag, Totem, another soldier amongst them. More patrols... guards... Totem decides for more protection for his fellow brothers and sisters. Also a keen eye in the skies for the figures of Pegasi. Voices continued to speak out for suggestions about it all. His eyes were shining as he yearned so much to speak out as well as his brothers and sisters to their Lady and see his opinion on the matters. Finally after all had finished what they wanted to have a say in, Farenger cleared his throat, loud enough for his Lady to hear he said "Yes, yes, more people to join the ranks. As an apprentice at learning the arts of forging and crafting. I would like to have a say that soldiers will be needing more protection on themselves if it comes a time to shed blood and hold magic... Tools will be needed to assist the weak and wounded... and of course we all will need something to keep ourselves warm from Frostfall. But recourses will not last, and we will need to collect a handful of it now and then if we are certain to survive this Frostfall. But I'm very sure if we could do it once, then we can certainly do it again." Some things will be tougher to get, others very simple. Running low on resource will be difficult for others to restock it, I know that for sure... the cold can get to anyone.

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