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Mud. Glorious mud! Torasin curled his lips as he carefully picked his way through the dark forest, green eyes warily looking around him as Kiba patrolled the skies on brown leathery wings. Bits of snow fell from the grey abyss above as clouds began to roll in from the north, engulfing anything and everything in chilling cold as it did so. The time was around midday, though Torasin thought it was hard to tell, considering how dark the forest was. The golden stallion had set out from the Worlds Edge with the intention of visiting the Threshold, but his troubled thoughts had turned him further south and into this dark, dank forest. A place where the Qian was first formed and he had proudly watched Mirage lay the foundations for them to claim a home of their own. Torasin had never liked the Dark Forest, though it was more for the way the trees moaned and how the wind whispered death, his creamy tail was frigid and his ears uncharacteristically to the side. He had hoped that by coming here, walking through memories, that he might be able to finally put his mind at rest.

So far, all he was feeling was a cold chill.

He mourned still for the loss of Brooke. He mourned that he hadn't been the father to his two sons like he should've been and that this constant torment of the mind was causing him to be a bad father to his daughters as well. He worried that his cursed life would take Solstice away, the image of her cold and lifeless made him shudder and he valiantly tried to shake the thought from his mind. He knew Solstice was strong, she had not the venomous tongue of Brooke, but she was strong in her own way. A way that Torasin admired and he admired her further for the love she gave her children everyday. He was happy that Sakura and Takura had a mother like Solstice. Yet, Torasin felt his head dropping further and further as he slipped towards depression.

What was this darkness he felt?

Gilded legs fell to a halt and he frowned at the sticky ground below, an amulet of spark falling slightly forwards down his neck. Torasin knew what this darkness was, it was the same darkness he had felt when his first lover died and it was filled with regret, anger and a painful feeling of loneliness. He had been brave, ignored the abyss that opened up before him and chosen to smile instead of cry. Only Mirage had ever seen through his golden facade for she too shared one similar in her shadows.

Time rolled on and his heart had been torn from his chest once again. This time, Torasin wasn't sure he could stand up and keep going, his gaze becoming intense as he almost wished the ground would open up and take him somewhere far away. Folds of pale mane falling over his weary, sad face as he stood a lone golden figure amongst the black depths of the deathly forest. Not even his chosen art, healing, could save him. When before that had been his salvation, the Moon Doctor couldn't find those same metaphorical ropes that had pulled him out of the darkness. Minutes ticked and a long, fed up sigh left his grey lips just as branches began to crack and a new weight appeared on his rump.


Torasin turned around and smiled wanly at his brown bonded, his eyes almost coming to tears at how grateful he was to have such a friend. He knew, that no words were needed between them, Kiba understood and he sat close to his friend in a black time.
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There are things I have done
There's a place I have gone
There's a beast and I let it run
Now it's running my way
Frosted feet carried the restless beast away, the trail of his wandering invisible against the thin cover of new snow: his breath didn't quite steam into the air, the snow didn't lie quite as thick and soft, and the nights seemed both darker, and brighter. Brighter, for the sun didn't lay quite as far below the horizon, but darker, because there was less snow and fewer stars to light it up — and no colored lights to wash across the sky.

Now that any of that mattered now, though; the sun had risen behind a dismal cover of gray, flakes of snow gently falling from the overcast sky. Like old friends they settled across his haunches, stuck to his mane, only to fall to the ground each time he shook himself. In many ways, it was a reminder of home, the way things ought to be, and in other ways, it simply.. was, a state of being that carried neither positive nor negative energy. Simply, a state of being.

As he passed into the deep forest, the world grew darker. Ancient trees pressed in on him, the tangled undergrowth poking up through the thin cover of snow. Bare trees mingled with pines, and despite the lack of leaves they still did their best to blot out the gray sky and steal all the snow — he felt weaker, more vulnerable, among the trees. Crisp and fallen leaves crunched underhoof, but his mind was elsewhere, remembering a pack of wolves and their huge leader, the beast which had pounded him to the floor. A moment of such uncharacteristic weakness, at the mercy of a predator beast, yet he had escaped unscathed, but he was warier now, warier of what this dark forest held. He might not be so lucky the second time.

It wasn't what he had expected, then, as he thought to be more alert — yet there he was, spying an anomaly with his eye, hearing it with his ear, before the scent hit him. Instantly, Mauja ground to a halt, his cautious senses straining to discern what it was.

Wings rustled, and Irma passed their location: the picture of a gilded stallion, equine, splotched with white and a brown dragon, entered his mind. And he realized, that he knew who it was. Torasin, the foolish, golden preacher. Did he still wear that scar, the "S" Cineviam had carved into his haunch? Such a clever, wicked thing, remnant of another era — his anger had been hot in his gut, controlled and doled out in just enough to neither make it uncomfortable nor frustrating. Now, he just felt pity, and hated himself for it.

He wasn't sure why he drew closer — shouldn't he have walked away, and left the man be? Shouldn't he have simply ignored the weakness festering inside, and gone some other direction? Yet he didn't. Step by step he drew closer, a pale ghost in a forest of darkness, a sliver of light; his forelock fell across his eyes, veiling the world, and he made no attempt to mask his approach.

"Torasin," he finally said, half-loud.
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It was almost instinct that alerted Kiba at first, a prickle along his spine and a dark foreboding that had him constantly twitching. Something was wrong, or something was going to be very wrong. The air wasn't right, breathing didn't seem as natural and his wild eyes showed the first signs of panic. It was similar to that calmness, when the world seemed to take a deep breath before a wild storm tore it's way across the land. A dull ring of fate in his permanently alert ears as his heart screamed at him to turn back, but Kiba was struggling for a reason why? Was he becoming delusional, irrational or taking his duty of sky patrol too far. Was he so alert that he was tricking himself into thinking something was coming. Taking in a few deep breaths, the brown slowly calmed himself down and dismissed his wild thoughts as a trick on his mind. Nothing was wrong, no one was going to get them. It was all fine. Totally, fine.

No. It wasn't.

His scent. His Look. His Voice. For a moment the dragon hovered in the air, trying to take in that fact that Mauja the Frostheart was in the same forest as they were. Close to them. The dragon needed to think clearly, but fates damning call combined with the appearance of the stallion who tried to kill them the only time they had met, was all too much for the golden healer's normally gentle friend. With panic, Kiba mentally gripped the bond that tied them together forever, pouring all his emotion into the mind of Torasin before shouting the warning call.


Startled, the patched stallion turned and fell to a sharp halt and ears nervously flicked atop his slender head. Eyes wild with uncertainty and fear, he didn't know what he was supposed to be running from. Panic flooded in from Kiba and it was then that the Doctor of the Worlds Edge heard the voice, missing the spotted stud's presence approaching completely from the suddenness of his confusion. It was his name that was said into the darkness of the blood thirsty forest, the sound of it being said in the voice of him was enough to make his skin crawl. Torasin had only ever seen the racist Mauja, the King who had made an attempt on the golden boy's life. That's all they both knew. So could the events that happened next be forgiven? Torasin finally let his eyes rest on the white figure, his appearance was still the same, the frosted horn and the piercing blue eyes were hardly mistakable to him. There was no way he could forget the day he had entered the Edge on the command of the Sun God to tell others of his 'greatness'. That day, it had almost cost him his life. "Lord Mauja?!" Was about all he could manage when a sudden scream sounded from above.

Kiba, after glancing in alarm at the strange marked owl, drove downwards through the trees. His mind awash with memories and emotions, heart hammering in his scaly chest with reptilian eyes focussed on his target. Frostheart. Taking in a deep breath, Kiba drew on the fires that were now the strongest they had ever been, directing the blast of heat at the pale figure on the ground. Body made as small as possible so he could shoot through the trees and he soon after returned to his painted friend, landing neatly on his rump, little body puffing hastily in rattled panic as Torasin looked on in pure shock.
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There are things I have done
There's a place I have gone
There's a beast and I let it run
Now it's running my way
It was such a shame, wasn't it? If things had only played out differently, if the cards had not fallen in their damning pattern, what would have happened? Surely it wouldn't have ended this way. Mauja was, after all, not cruel — at least, not anymore. Not today. Not when the snow fell gently from the sky, and when his heart felt burdened, his mind drifting aimlessly like a lost ship in a storm. He had changed, he was different, and in some ways, he wasn't different at all. So what could've, would've, happened, if one small, brown dragon hadn't loved so fiercely?

Maybe they could've even become friends.

Perhaps he'd thought time would've tempered the wounds, just like skin closed and flesh knitted, the way scars faded with time, but his was just too recent. Mauja hadn't meant to scare him, had approached openly, hadn't even meant to speak of times past. Heck, he didn't know what he'd meant, but it certainly wasn't what happened. Maybe his isolation had made him forget the reputation he had once had, or maybe it was his own attempts at curing the ever-present bitterness that had him deluded, thinking he wasn't perceived as evil as he sometimes thought?

Whatever the case, Torasin suddenly reacted, his ears playing nervously even as his green eyes fell upon Mauja — and Mauja, fool that he was, thought to soothe him. Still the white lamb, his lips had barely begun to tug into his characteristic soft smile, when two things happened nearly at the same time. First, his name and rank spilled forth in a way that didn't suggest a friendly greeting, and secondly, an ear-splitting shriek had his heart freezing, head jerking up as his blue eyes left the golden man, and was met by —

— fire.
The one thing he hated, feared, the most.

There was no time to waste on screaming, no time to waste on curses and despair; Mauja's forebody rose sideways into the air, his head straining left, away from the oncoming rush of heat. It crackled as it shot towards him, narrowly missing the right side of his face before colliding with the flat of his shoulder.

He didn't know what to think anymore. He was hurled back through time, into memories, of his entire body ablaze, inside out — the skin on his shoulder and barrel cracked and charred, the scent of burning hair and flesh spreading, and Mauja lashed out in blind terror; ice, fed by the excruciating pain, erupted at the edges of his mind. As the ground grew jagged with half-a-foot high spikes, he tried to grip the body of Kiba in his mind and load his veins with them. Anything, just to make it stop.

There was no thought behind the attack. There hadn't been any plan, any desire to harm: only instinct.
What a pity that the world is such a dark and cruel place.
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It was all happening too fast. His mind screamed golden legs to move, to run away like his brown friend had told him to, but his heart thundered on. It froze his body movements and filled the stud with sickening alarm as he watched Mauja the Frostheart struggle against the burning flames. What had they done? Their fear had done this, their inability to dismiss the future and give this white man a second chance. This wasn't like Torasin or Kiba, to suddenly attack one undefended, the act was almost as bad as the one Mauja inflicted upon them all those years ago. Except they had trespassed and it made this seem almost worse. The golden boy began to take a few steps forward, green pools wide with unbearable guilt as the fire claimed the poor Lords shoulder and barrel. Maybe, just maybe, if he could get a little closer, the painted stallion might be able to heal him. Grey lips parted and the words "let me heal you" never came as suddenly the world seemed to spin.

The desire to right his own wrong had gone and all that was left now was a sense of deep sadness and the pain of a dying body. For the damn right unluckiness of his life had finally claimed his beating heart, unfortunately standing on an area where a hungry spike had rose from the ground and with deadly precision it sliced up past his left leg and through his chest. The stallion stood motionless, only one scream of pain piercing the dead wood when impact had come, his legs trembled and threatened to give way as his body furiously took the sun gods magic and tried to repair itself. Horse and dragon completely motionless, but they both knew, their time in this world had now come to an end. There would be no more trips to the beach to play in the sparkling waters, no more playing with his children and watching them grow. No more looking behind to see if Mirage was following and most of all, no more time to love. Small tears of regret fell down his golden cheeks that were marred with blood splattering as he felt the magic gifted to him ebb away. He had not the strength in his body to keep up the healing, the wound was fatal and the grip of claws on his rump faded. Kiba sighed sadly and connected his mind to Torasin's for the last time.

Goodbye for now my friend. I'll find you in the next life.

For the first time that day, Torasin smiled from end to end and finally gilded lids fell over green eyes, never to open again to see the light of day. Kiba tumbled forwards on his bonded's sunny back as the stallion's legs crumpled underneath him and his body fell limp to the ground. His heart had stopped, but not before he could utter two words. "I'm sorry" he said to Sakura and Takura. To Abel and Nym. To Solstice. To Mirage and to his misty family. To all the friends he had made. Last of all, to Mauja, for being weak enough to attack him out of fear and not being able to heal him in time. He was sorry for everything that never came to pass and wished fiercely for his children to live happy lives and for the herd to be safe.

It was in those fateful minutes of that snowy day, Torasin who considered himself just a simple gentleman and his brown excitable dragon Kiba, passed away in the dark depths of the forest they never really loved. A genuine smile on his motionless lips as he lay in a heap on the bloody woodland floor, dragon atop his upturned barrel and never to rise again. Surrounded by ice and fire. Their time had come and his spirit drifted into the air, back to the Worlds Edge, where he would remain to watch over his family wherever they went. The mark on his left thigh, a symbol for happiness, was marred in crimson splatters as no longer would his bright every joyous features light up the world as he slowly covered in snow.
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There are things I have done
There's a place I have gone
There's a beast and I let it run
Now it's running my way
A scream split the world, and split his skull. As the haze of agony slowly cleared, the first thing he thought was, but I didn't scream. One by one the senses returned to him: he could smell the metallic, salty tang of blood lying under the stench of his own shoulder.. and he could see Torasin, poised as if about to take a step his way, but frozen. Red blood spiraled slowly down the sharp edge of an ice spike, the tip hidden in the golden man's chest cavity as it had punched its way in there, through ribs and lungs.

The world was silent. He could hear nothing except the pulse roaring in his ears, as if his frantic heart could somehow support the body failing just in front of him. "No!" The rugged, half-choked scream tore out of his throat, and despite the way every single movement lanced pain through his body, Mauja hauled himself forward, covering the yards that still separated them — red ran down his frontleg, staining the thin layer of snow where he stumbled forward, thinking of nothing but to reach him in time, before it was too late..

The world, it was blurred. He didn't even know that he, too, was crying, but suddenly he was there, as Torasin's green eyes closed for the last time. In some kind of desperation Mauja threw his head out, as if to cradle him, as if anything he could do could reverse these moments and stop the blood flowing out of his chest — heal the gaping wound, right the wrongs.

But nothing could.

With his head draped across Torasin's neck he let himself be dragged down as the golden gentleman tumbled to the frozen ground, knees bending painfully before crashing to the floor; the dying stallion lay sprawled on the thin snow, neck across Mauja's legs. Each breath Mauja took was a gasp, dragged in and spit out again, but even through that, and his pulse, signs of life, he heard the last words Torasin ever spoke: "I'm sorry."

They say hearing is the last sense to leave you, and as Mauja ignored the pain and dragged his soft muzzle to those golden ears, he put all his faith in that. "I'm sorry, too," he whispered as he lay there beside the fallen stallion and his loyal, overprotective dragon. Tears still leaked from the corners of his eyes, and he closed them — tried to breathe deeply, but bunched up like this, each movement tore through his shoulder and nearly dragged him into oblivion. Giving in to the pain he draped his neck across Torasin's again, and lay still and silent, mind reeling.

It had all happened too fast. He hadn't been ready. A year ago, in a damned war, he'd introduced Torasin to those same spikes, but a year ago, the gilded gentleman had avoided them. Tonight, Mauja's terror had been too great, and Torasin, just a tad too slow. Love, pain, blind instinct, and two souls lay dead on the newly fallen snow, blood painting it red.

There were a lot of things he could've said. Could've done. Could've thought.
Some part of him argued that he should've meant to — that he shouldn't lie here, weeping over someone who was an enemy. That he should rejoice, and not let the dead lie under the cover of his snowy neck. That he should get up, go home, wash the blood off his hands and square his shoulders, smile and be proud.

But it had happened too quickly. He hadn't had the time to dredge any feelings of anger, or hate, up.
Since when had he ever mourned the death of an equine?

Prometheus voice, seconded by d'Artagnan, echoed through his skull. Torasin should be his redemption, it should've been murder, but it was an accident, and the snow that fell in soft, soft flakes covered them both. An accident. Bewildered, exhausted, agonized, Mauja hugged the slowly cooling body closer, and Irma came down through the branches to alight softly upon the bloody curve of Torasin's barrel. One wing extended gently to brush her white feathers across Kiba's still frame, then her blue eyes settled on Mauja — a silent urging for him to rise, to get out of here, before someone found him with the body and jumped to all the wrong conclusions.. the conclusion that should be right, but weren't, because he had a heart.

Forcing ragged breaths in through the pain, Mauja's front hooves scrabbled against the ground before finding purchase. He heaved himself to his feet, but cried out softly and nearly fell again as the pain blossomed up, threatening to devour his every nerve; ten seconds passed and he found himself still standing, albeit swaying in the slowly increasing snowfall.

Ignoring wisdom, ignoring everything, Mauja tugged at the magic in his veins. But this time, it was not the chaos of attack, the frenzy meant to destroy, not a thing to rise quickly, but rather.. something else. He bade it rise slowly, nudging and dragging at it here, and there, until it rose to become a crude, thick-trunked tree of crystalline ice. There were no leaves upon the bare branches stretching out towards the sky; Mauja was not an artist wielding harmless power, but rather, a warrior seeking to manipulate his magic into something it wasn't. Expelling a great deal of power he anchored it to the snow and the cold, a monument for the fallen, to stand at the spot where Torasin fell until it was either destroyed, or spring's warmer air claimed it.

It was foolish to leave something of his own magic behind, but sooner or later, someone would figure it out anyway. Sooner or later, the world would know the truth, and no one would believe him when he said it was an accident anyway. Slowly he let his gaze fall again. His own tears were freezing upon Torasin's golden neck, blood of his own marking the spot where he had lain, but soon the snow would cover that, too.. a pristine white blanket hiding the gruesome carpet of blood.

Mauja swallowed his tears, whispered "Goodbye, Torasin," and began to limp away west, his track slowly being obliterated by the falling snow and the wind which tugged at Torasin's pale locks.

[ those who wish to find his body etc. are welcome now. :) ]
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The cry was a silent one, a plea, and its voice was panicked, rousing the attention of the shadow mare immediately. It was impossible to get anything useful out of the frantic dragon, who could not describe the feeling that had triggered such a reaction, but merely knew that they must move, now! It was not completely with her will that Mirage bowed her tiara to her chest and summoned the magic that would change her physique. The pain that came with the change was all consuming, but there was a different kind of pain thrumming against her skull as Akaith flew higher and higher in the sky, preparing for a lengthy, speedy flight.

With a golden muzzle and a pleading glance thrown towards her lover, Vikram, Mirage took to the skies, flapping hard to gain altitude, to rise high in the sky so that her wings could fill with air and propel her forward. Akaith had already begun her flight, travelling as fast as a bullet south - had something happened at the Throat? No, came the sad, echoing reply, and Mirage was filled with dread at the sensation of mourning that filled the little gold's body. Who? the dragonmare pressed upon her bonded, as if trying to squeeze the answer from her.

She didn't receive a clear answer. What she received was a jumble of images cascading through her skull, flashes of a golden smile, a kiss upon the brow, a warm embrace, an admission upon a mountaintop, a declaration of love to a false lover, a thousand regrets, a brown dragon, a healer's touch reviving her, saving her from certain death as she bore daughters too great for her own body.


It couldn't be. It simply could not be. She could not allow it, she was not ready. Faster, and faster still she pushed herself on, determined to save his life where he had saved hers. Her beloved Torasin, her first friend in these new lands, her beloved sunny stallion, who wore a smile to hide all the hurt that went on beneath - just as she wore her mask of shadowy indifference to hide the truth from those who would use it against her. They were kindred spirits, since that first day together, they had always been together - and she had thought that they always would be together.

Was she a fool for not allowing herself to love him wholly and completely, for never speaking the words that would have meant they would have been sharing sons and daughters together? Was she a fool for never telling him just how much he meant to her? Vikram held her heart, he inspired her to be a mother - but there had been plenty of times that she had fought the same urges when in Torasin's presence. He is not allowed to die - HE IS NOT ALLOWED TO DIE! the thoughts tumbled with frantic desperation through her skull, again and again, over and over, a morbid mantra, a chant that she hoped if she put enough will behind it, would mean it would come true.

The Deep Forest was familiar to her, though it had been many season since her last visit. In fact, the last time she had come here, was to welcome into the world Thor's daughter, Essetia. Now she was here to farewell her longest held friendship to the ether of Helovia.

It can't be true..

Denial was a wonderful thing. It allowed one to convince themselves beyond a measure of a doubt, that something significant had not just happened. But it had happened. The metallic taste of blood fell upon her nostrils, and Akaith darted through the trees, leading her with a mental trail to where the body laid. The little dragon sung a mournful song, and above her, the DragonHeart sung too, her voice echoing over the snowy canopy. Folding her enormous wings, she dived through a gap just large enough to allow her through, landing with a rough draconic snort pressing out of her nostrils. Shutting her eyes, she summoned the magic that would give her back her equine form, tears springing to her eyes as the pain engulfed her once more, pain that wasn't caused just by her magic.

When she opened her eyes, she saw the damage that had been wrought upon her beloved best friend's body. The way the blood and bones fell from the open wound upon his back, the way the dragon slept in an endless slumber upon his flank, the way his eyes were shut, as if hiding from larger terrors, the smile that curved his luminous golden lips. Mirage blinked, and blinked again to remove the tears that swiftly filled the charred eyelids. Her muzzle dropped to his form, just as Akaith landed and wept over the young, formerly virile form of Kiba, cradling his draconic crown in her own dextrous claws, crying to the darkness of the Deep Forest that surrounded them.

Mirage's muzzle touched his cheek first, blowing a kiss against it, drinking in the scent that lingered there, before the stale stench of death overwhelmed it. Tears fell freely from her eyes, streaming down her cheeks to fall upon his golden and ivory hide. "Torasin." She said, and immediately she was reminded of his insistence to call him Tor, that very first day they had met, and despite the tears, the torment of her grief, she gasped a choked laugh at the silly memory. "Oh, Torasin. It was never meant to be this way." Her voice, usually so controlled and even, was so thick with emotion, it was almost impossible to recognise as her own.

It was then that, amidst the pale surroundings, the mare saw the icy tree that stood before her. But she was too absorbed in the grief, the horror, the sheer depression that now enveloped her, she did not see it as a clue to the killer of her friend. She saw it as winter's own way of saying farewell, and without a second glance, she turned her gaze back to her friend, as if she was unwilling to believe her eyes - and that was probably true too. "I love you, Torasin. I always did, from that very first day that you greeted me with that ridiculous smile of yours. You were the first soul I ever met upon these lands, and I could not have asked for a better friend, comrade, guardian of my heart."

"If it weren't for you, I would not be standing here today."
Deep down, she knew the fallen could not hear her, but that didn't stop the words from coming. "Torasin, I'm not ready to do this alone." Her voice was a whisper now, as her maw hovered above his ear, the words meant only for him. There were few in this world the mare ever felt comfortable enough with in sharing her deepest, darkest secrets; Torasin had been one of them.

How was she supposed to go on?
Mirage the DragonHeart

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I don't know what pulled me farther from home today, but something did. I had been to Helovia's Heart, and met the one who had given my brother his first magic and provided so much warmth in Helovia. Even if the place I called home belonged to that of the Goddess of the Moon, I was always in awe at any God or Goddess of our lands. So anyway, back to what I was saying. I do not know what it was, or why even. But something deep inside me pulled me to the Deep Forest again. I moved swiftly, making my way towards where I was being pulled. However I was not ready for the scene that unfolded in front of me. Mirage and her bonded golden Akaith had already arrived.... I could see blood.... And my Daddy was here! But... Why wasn't my beloved Daddy up and moving? Why wasn't Kiba greeting me like he always did?

"Mirage? Akaith? Daddy? DADDY!" No it had not supposed to been like this! He was supposed to watch me grow up, he and momma were supposed to grow old together... It was supposed to end... like this. Tear well up in my light green eyes, eyes that so much look like that of my Daddy's. Oh Daddy why, why did you have to leave us?! Salty tears fell down my cheeks as I pushed forward. I pressed my cremello and ivory frame tight against his bloodied golden and cream one. I cared not if his blood... the same blood that pumped inside my own body... got on me. Why. why did my daddy have to die? I closed my eyes shut, allowing the pain of the loss to take me. I didn't just cry, I sobbed. All the while only two words left my mouth.
"Daddy no... Daddy no.... Daddy no...."

It seemed like it was hours before my eyes opened again. Light green eyes only sought one form, the form of my aunt of sorts. I looked at her with a mixture of pain and confusion. Who would want to do this to my Daddy? Why, why did he have to leave us? Without any warning I lifted myself back to my feet, and moved for the only one who I could share in this grief with. It did not matter that she was my WeyrLeader. Right now, she was family and I needed her as much as she needed me.

"talk talk talk"

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Dragonwings travelled much faster than a horse's hooves, and news of a dragon's bonded's death travels quicker still. It was a dark, melancholy ripple that expanded from dragon to dragon, especially amongst those who were close on any level.

So it was that the golden frames of Mirage and Akaith were shadowed by another, much smaller dragon. One who was physically unescorted by his bonded, but carried her shock and sadness with him, sharing their sorrow across the distance even as the lean blue fluttered down amongst the trees to settle on a nearby low-hanging branch. A respectful distance was kept from the mourners, but jade eyes were watchful.

It was then that he began to keen. A small, low sound at first, but one that increased in volume and intricacy until he was singing out all the sorrow that bloomed in the breasts of both himself and his bonded.

Far away, the grulla mare who shared his soul was wrapped up in her own share of shock. Torasin, her merry and attentive apprentice back in the Oasis. The painted stallion who'd become Healer when she'd risen to lead beside Aera. Who'd survived the shades with her, and come to Helovia with all the other refugees. Their paths had diverged, only to come together again as companions in the Edge, tending to the ills of their herdmates. And now... he was gone. Dead in the darkness of the Dark Forest, so far from home and leaving so many children behind. Sons, daughters. His legacy would live on, and so would his memory. But it would be hard to no longer see him or Kiba.

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Somewhere far above the grieving figures a sorrowful cry resounded throughout the heavens. It was a bittersweet tone filled with longing and sadness, a requiem for lives that had burned so brightly, so strongly that their candles now had melted and gone out. Like a fire choked by darkness and rain had they disappeared, and now only the white snow remained to offer their broken remains a final cloak of beauty.

The plain and unassuming little dragon that circled the sky above the last resting place of Kiba and Torasin mourned. She had felt the passing of her brown brother and left the silver-fourleg-bonded far behind not long after Dragon-heart-Mirage and golden-queen-Akaith, too overcome with sadness to convey to Lace more than a few scattered memories of their meetings with the bright pair.

They hadn't been as close as some of them had wished. Once in each others company there had been a sensation of peaceful silence that didn't need words, a pleasant camaraderie not suited for curious questions or embarrassing confessions about times past. Friends of silence, gentlemen in an age of barbarism, brothers of a common cause; never would they cross paths again, standing side by side while their dragons flew across the skies, brown and white dancing their hail to freedom and life.

Fajira let out another mournful cry, and when she couldn't take the sadness anymore she folded the wings and fell, down and down until her taloned feet could reach out and gently attempt a landing atop the whithers of her close friends, seeking and offering what comfort there was to have for Akaith and Mirage. She continued to sing her quiet last farewell, and far, far away on the edge of the world a stallion felt silent tears roll down his cheeks.

We will remember them.

This they vowed together.
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It was the pain of this day that carried me on. I felt heavy and useless.. the time passed by slowly and seemed to never end. His smell was heavy within my tracks and I only hoped to cross him along my path. Father, oh Torasin. How could I have grown so fast without spending my childhood by your side? A question I'll never be able to answer. Perhaps I am too independent and cold to feel as if I need someone to guide me or raise me. Fine without any help at all. Maybe I would have grown a stronger stallion if I had walked by his side through it all. Seen his duties and known of the world beyond being an outsider. The tasks he carried upon to love his herd and family. Though now I fear for him.

My gut spins and I begin to trot. I can see the crowd ahead of me and his limp body upon the floor but they all seem to fade. Vision blinded soley by anger and white powder falling from the skies. Heavy hooves pounded the earth, carving between trees and bringing me to rest beside my father. Green eyes glancing to Mirage, the only mare I truly recognized and trusted in this dark time. I am quiet for sometime. Ignoring what words may fall around me. I study his face, bring myself to my knees and lay beside him. I am still a youngling, growing into my body but I can feel the muscles clench beneath me. Holding me before I hit the ground with a small thud. I reach my head out to lay across Torasin's shoulder. I fumble my mouth around his amulet, the only thing I feel I can remember him by. I slip it around towards the top of his neck and strain with all my might to pull it from around his head without disturbing the peace in which he lay. "Father," I mumble "forever in my heart I will hold you." I sigh.

For once I feel nothing. Numb to all feelings but sorrow and regret. I hold the amulet in my mouth for awhile as I rest beside him. I do not look to anyone but Mirage. The mare I hope to cherish forever for all she has done, for all and my father. Oh how upset Nym will be.... Torasin I pray to the gods you rest in peace.

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The Deep Forest. I had heard of this place, it had been the home of the Qian for many seasons before we gathered in strength to take the land within which I was born; the World's Edge. As I wandered in the wake of the pale Sakura, I peered at my surrounds, quietly absorbing the wooded, dark atmosphere. It was similar to our home, yet very different at the same time. Mist did not linger here as if by the will of those who resided here permanently, the trees grew far taller, and had a different smell about them. It was dense here, it smelt of decay, of a great many strange creatures of which I vaguely knew the identity of, and a great many more which I did not.

I knew the smell of death. I had killed, rabbits and rats mostly, the scent of their blood sometimes excited me. But this smell did not excite me. It only caused a deep, sharp, uncomfortable pain to swell in my chest, one that I would later identify as being a heavy emotional burden. I paused my steps as Sakura surged forth, running to my mother's side, to her father's side. I looked, and Daryth crooned above me - he had not left me this entire journey - joining in the sad dragonsong that permeated the air. This is a sad time, he spoke to me with his warm, deep voice, words that I did not need to hear.

I blinked, several times, realising belatedly that this was the first time tears had ever sprung forth from my eyes. I looked past those who had gathered, wanting to fulfil that deep, morbid sense, to truly behold death in all of its devastating glory. My thin limbs pulled me forth from the shadows now, as his children gathered around him and my mother, as the dragons gathered in the sky above. I wept for the Healer who saved my mother's life the day I was born, I wept for his dragon, whose absence I could also feel, for somehow, we were related by blood. Wings tucked to my sides, tail drooping, I sought the comfort of nearness to the dark barrel of my mother, and bid our beloved Torasin a safe journey to wherever his angel's wings might carry him.
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Dragons sung their songs, all the while a little dark mare stared at the body of her fallen friend. Thoughts cascaded through her brain, faster than a river fell over a waterfall, and yet, it was as if someone had pressed the mute button - the thoughts were there, in full colour and speed, but they were not at the forefront of her mind. Something else had taken that spot, something that was usually tucked safely behind the wall of indifference or compassion, depending on who you asked. It was a darkness, ringed by fire, a toxic combination that would surely mean an unsettling unbalance, an edge that would be breached by grief, by rage, by sheer damaging forces that would affect more than just her. Akaith, given an inside view of everything going in her beloved's troubled soul, tightened her hold upon her bonded's very soul, encasing it in her own as she had many times before, giving it strength to continue to survive the torment that threatened to shatter what control the mare held over herself.

Why do we love, Akaith? Why do we give our hearts to others, entrusting them with the very organ that gives us life, the organ responsible for passion, for love, for devotion? Why should we trust them not to take a piece of it with them when they pass, forever lost in the ether with their souls as they begin their immortal journey beyond life? Why, Akaith, why?

Our souls beat for one another, they are in synchrony; when one of us dies, the other shall follow. Love is love, it transcends species, time, even space. Look in your heart, beloved one, see it how I see it; it still loves Torasin even though he has passed, and it will continue to do so until we find him again. Look, to your parents, they are gone, and yet we live on, helping their names survive through the ages - no one ever truly dies, Mirage. They live on, in all of us. We can only endure long enough to ensure the future generations know and remember their names, and hold them forever in their hearts, as we will.

But it hurts, Akaith.

Since when does anything worthwhile not take some pain to make it worthwhile?

It was during this painful internal interrogation that the fellow dragons arrived, the small white form of Fajira, the slightly larger one of Zaffre, and the curious dark shadow of her daughter's spirit friend. To all of them Akaith greeted sadly, with low, guttural murmurs rolling from her chest in a draconic croon. To Zaffre, the little queen took it upon herself to request that Smoke act promptly despite the freshness of the death, to step up and lead the remaining nurses. To Fajira, she gave her nod of approval, knowing that Lace would be swift to spread the word; their beloved healer was dead.

Mirage could not think straight. Her mind was disconnected, even as she extended her velvet maw to each youth that arrived to offer what little comfort she could to them. His son, his daughter, her own daughter - they were all siblings now in their grief to his memory. And she - was she their mother? Another tear fell from her golden pools, dripping from her muzzle to land upon the icy shard that had caused her beloved painted friend's death. The little shadow could not even calculate how the ice stood out in her memory, from an attack so long ago in a war that she herself started…

"Children," her voice was soft, deep, disconnected. "We must go home." She spoke the words with a grim finality; an Edge member had been killed, it was not safe to be beyond the borders. With a turn of her tiara, she peered to the son who had appropriately inherited the amulet Torasin had earned countless seasons ago. "All of us." Her words were deliberate, this time containing a hint of kindness behind them - an offer, a promise. The DragonHeart may not be able to bring his father back, but she could at least offer the home that his father had helped build to him as a sanctuary.

Tearing her gaze away from the fallen body of Torasin, the entire bloody scene imprinted upon her brain, the dark mare began walking away, a smooth, long gait that did not dawdle but was easy to maintain without much thought - and the little mare had a great many thoughts she needed to consider. As she passed the pale form of Sakura, her voice pressed forth from her lips once more. "He will live on, my dear. He will be in our hearts, always." With a final colourful trill, Akaith bid her young brown friend a final fond farewell, before accompanying her beloved north, home.
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