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The white bodied stallion walked in the Foothills land again, careful not to trespass on their territory. Rumors have been spreading like wildfire about more horses trespassing the borders of the herdlands and being taken prisoner. Arrane wasn't seeking trouble though. He was seeking a home that he could serve with his warrior skills and maybe settle down. The able bodied stallion remembered in his past life where everything became...bland. Despite the fierce, protective love he had for his sisters, his whole life was going without a purpose. There weren't any more horses, besides his family, to socialize with, and he felt the winds of adventure call to him. But now, the stallion realized what a mistake he made.

Deep in the instinct of equines, they are rooted to live with others. Succeed with others. Despite the immense guilt he was feeling, he knew that now he had found the ideal home. At least unless he was accepted by the herd. He wanted to bring the knowledge that he learned in the past to a potential new home so that he could help others prosper. Walking close to the border, he inhaled the musky scent of others horse smells mingling, and stopped a few feet before the border. Lifting up his elegant Arabian head, he let out a ringing whinny. "I come in peace", Arrane spoke calmly, with no threat edging in his voice. Hopefully, they wouldn't chase him off their land, even though he technically wasn't in their land. "Is someone here?" He questioned, hoping that in fact there was.

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