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It is quiet, Akaith.


Too quiet. What is happening to us?

We are getting too comfortable with our own lot.


As always, the conversation was spoken between souls, silent to all but the dark femme who stood on the edge of the cliff, and the golden dragon who rested upon her withers. It was dawn, and the Sun was setting over the western horizon that she looked at. It was twilight, and the mists were thickening in the forest behind her. With a small smile on her lips, the mare bowed her crown to her chest, and hummed a low song, which her companion shared with her curious melody.

The tattoo upon her nape began to take on a glow. It seemed to grow, to cover her body, until she stood there looking much like her daughter, Amaris, an equine body scaled with golden skin. It was through this quiet song that she suffered through the pain that consumed her during this process, the change that crawled over her like wildfire. Within moments, wings protruded from her shoulder blades, her tail grew to an extraordinary length, her nape followed suit in the opposite direction, and a golden dragon replaced the position of the shadowy mare.

In the twilight, the dragon let out a call. Turning herself about, so that she was facing the clearing where she hoped her herd would gather, her tail draping over the cliffside, she and Akaith summoned those who would call themselves habitants of the World's Edge - the Qian.

"My kin," she began with her smooth voice, after she waited for her beloved family to gather. In the crowd she could easily spy her daughters, her mate, her brothers. She knew that some of her kin were in the Throat - she would deliver this message to them as soon as she was able to.

"We have grown too quiet - the time has come for us to spread our message, our hope for equality across Helovia." She paused. "I have always spoken of a balance, a cosmic equilibrium. Forever I have longed to ensure that this balance is maintained, forever I have strived to play an active role in its maintenance.

"Power comes in many forms, and with power, comes the ability to shift this balance. The power of knowledge - and the wisdom to know when that knowledge should be used - is one that I have the utmost respect for."
Here, she spared a glance to those who had followed the calling of stealth and shadows - the Wraiths of the herd. Their Spectre, Ink, was currently in the Throat, at least, as far as the WeyrLeader knew. "Magic is another, obvious power, that few of us are given the opportunity to earn, or be gifted with - some of us, are even privileged enough to be blessed with it at birth. The magic that lends up abilities we otherwise wouldn't have, or that of the soulbinding spell cast between one and their companion, is equal in my mind of power."

"Magic is to be treasured, it is to be respected, admired and wielded with the utmost care. Magic is what has allowed my daughters to grow up with their mother,"
she cast a fond gaze to her beloved friend, Torasin, "magic allows me to feel everything Akaith feels, a bond which many of you have experienced. We are privileged, my kin, and I wish to share these privileges with others."

"To those among us who seek magic for themselves, I encourage you wholeheartedly, and offer myself to your cause - ask what you will of me, and if I can provide it, it is yours. I hope that others will do the same for their kin. But I seek to affect an even larger community than that which calls our misty lands home. I wish to ask all of you to offer the Qian's aid to others who seek magic for themselves - ensuring of course, you think they would treat that magic with respect and wisdom."

Here, she paused for an extended period, to allow her request to settle upon their minds, to allow any who had questions to voice them to her now, to see just who would stand tall and truly help show the world just what the Qian was all about.

"What say you, Qian?"

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This is for currently accepted members of the World's Edge Herd/the Qian only. To those who are in the Throat - you are welcome to post here (seeing as the season is almost over) or else I shall organise a way to get the message to you.
More information on what Mirage is talking about can be found HERE!
It would be helpful if someone could ask Mirage whether they should expect some kind of payment for their aid.. -nudgenudge-
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I had long since grown used to the familiar, draconic tune of my Weyrleader.

So it was when I caught the call on the wind that I snapped my head up to attention, twisting my ears towards it's general direction as I considered the urgency it held. Thankfully, it seemed to lack a need for immediate reaction, but I would treat it no differently than a call to war. "Suli," I spoke up, tilting my nose to the sky to gaze up at the little green resting in a low hanging branch just feet from my head, "Let us go. Our lady needs our attention." Awaking from her doze, Suli gazed upon me with bleary, purple eyes before parting her jaws in a mighty yawn. Only then did she rise to her feet and spread her wings, taking perch upon my withers. Once she was secure, we were off.

In no time did we reach the draconic lady of the land, and as I slowed to a stop just feet from her, I took the time to outstretch my muzzle in greeting to her before backing off, allowing her the space to say what needed to be said. From her original spot at my withers, Suli scaled the length of my neck until she had reached the point of my poll, grasping my forelock with the claws of her wings to gaze at the Dragonheart, her children, and the golden queen of her own kind. From deep within her throat, she proffered a sort of growling, purring noise in greeting before quieting back down.

Mirage's words reminded me of our encounter just days ago, when she and her daughters had all offered a scale to me so that I may be one step closer in fulfilling my own quest. A small smile pulled at my lips, and I gave a small dip of my head in agreement; indeed, magic was something to be cherished, as was the bond between creature and equine. I could only hope that I may be as much help as Mirage and her kin had been to me and so many others.

"I offer my assistance to whomever it is needed as well," I spoke up once she had finished, certain that I wouldn't be the only one to voice my willingness. But I couldn't help but form some questions of my own in my head after a few moments, and breathing softly, I spoke again. "Though, what if help is, indeed, given to somebody who intends to cause harm?"


You may attack and use magic on Des at any time for any reason.

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the frenzied pace of the mind inside the cell.</style>

You drift along at my heels, a quiet flame to my sliver of moonlight, silent beneath sun and stars and subtle as a wisp on the wind. How can one child take so much supervision? I always have to check back on you, ensure that you've followed me to whatever destination set in our sights, that you haven't flown away on limbs of gold while I deal with the world as a tangible dream. Kali pads beside you as we pursue the call, another summon from Mirage, a gathering cry that I pursue because I can, and you pursue because you must. We are solitary creatures, you and I, wrapped too deeply in the mysteries of the world to devote our minds to the subtleties of others, both perhaps incapable of discerning the tendrils of their hearts... and both far too aware of the truths behind the living mind.

My daughter of fire, what will come of you as you venture into this world, surrounded by those who do not understand you as I do? Silently you enter the gathering, plagued not by shyness but some ailment of the mind I do not comprehend. Since your birth into this world I have heard your voice so rarely, tendrils of sound seeping into an empty atmosphere of ignorant space that cannot fully comprehend the unexpected wonder of all you offer. Now you watch through onyx eyes, body tucked comfortably against my stiffened legs as we stand at a distance from the lingering crowd, listening to the words of Mirage as they lap over her faithful friends. Magic and promises and the offering of assistance, things that perhaps belong in my made-up rank. Would you like to see your mother take part in the workings of the herd? Now that I have a responsibility I owe to you, I want more than ever to lose myself in the mindless mass of bodies that surges around the Edge.

I glance down at you, and you stare back through those silent and innocent eyes. You have Natraj. You'll be fine.

But you trust me. You do not understand how little I can love you.

I step forward, and you stay behind, attention captured by a late blooming orchid. Perhaps this is as it should be. "Mirage... friends," I speak in the silence following Destrier, "I have recently returned from the Dragon's Throat, where our alliance with the Throat was reaffirmed." A soft nod, and I wonder if I should bring up Ink's absence- but no, those are words best shared with my sister alone, and perhaps her deputies. I wonder if Kaj will be here soon. His presence has become a comfort to me, brought on by our time traveling, and I feel that he might become a friend to you as you grow.

"As advocate, I would be glad to lead a journey to the Veins, that we might learn all we can about the magic of Helovia." This you wonder at, attention brought back to me, wondering if this promise means exploration of a world you have yet to see. No, I think, and Kali chirps a protest, and I know that she is right- if I do not teach you of this land we live in, who will? And so we have promised to make our way, and you have been thrust into your first position of leadership, and we have made promises we must keep. I shall take you to meet the gods, and leave you to determine the validity of their claims to greatness.

You nicker softly, but do not speak. I glance at you, and then away; I do not know what to say. I never do.

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The sound of iron shocks is stuck in my head

Paladin's spirit had broken long ago, and the two halves were drifting far enough apart now that no amount of strength or will power could keep him whole. The stallion heard the dragon-mare's call, and obediently, he followed the summoning. Hardened hooves moved with a warrior's swiftness, the years of battle not shaken from his instincts or habits. From the sandy shores he crested a bluff and then moved north to the World's Edge, finding himself surrounded by trees within a few hours at a brisk jog.

When he found his leader and two others, the stallion quietly slipped into the ground, eyeing the pair that had shown up. One was Rishima, whom he had been irritated with last meeting, but he got over that hit to the pride rather quickly. She was lovely in spirit and equally as pretty in figure, and he was surprised to a babe at her side. Paladin may not be the most observant, but he had not seen her with a mate around the woods. Interesting. The babe was lovely and quiet, and he smiled kindly before turning his attention back to the conversation.

Mirage called for then to reach their brethren through the gates in which the lost wandered in, and he nodded in agreement. And, she also called for magic. That was curious and helpful, and he was intrigued by the outcome of this proposition. Destrier commented on the fact that not all magic was used for good, and Paladin grimaced slightly. He turned his face to the black stallion, his crimson eyes displaying all the tragedy and sorrow of his past.

"Would magic that can cause harm be any different that the flames your dragon can breathe?" he asked, the question curious and not mocking. "I possess a power whose only goal is to cause crippling pain, but I protected my own with it. Perhaps my opinion is different, but even magic bathed in violence can be useful when fighting those with little moral compass to follow," he said, his voice quiet and lacking his booming tenor.

Paladin listened to Rishima speak then and nodded in agreement. "Wherever you need me, Weyrleader, I will go," he said clearly. "I can accompany Rishima to the veins, if you wish protection for her and her child. Also, I would be more than willing to aide any who need help in finding or earning magic. I will do what I can.". Paladin then turned to those who had entered the clearing. "Should any of you need assistance, you may come to me and I will act on your behalf."

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The air was too thick; this mist was too heavy with chill. For some it might be refreshing and welcome, but for Laila, it was a lasting irritation that pulled her mood downward and threatened to turn the normally sweet and patient filly into a temperamental time-bomb. Curiously, whenever she felt her mood turn into something popping with heat, her hooves would respond—they would surge with prickling warmth, fluxuating with her own irritation. Instead of being a comfort to the mist-soaked filly, Laila found that this heat in her frogs was terribly painful, and normally it was hard for the acolyte to stifle a groan as she wandered about on sore heels. Why she hadn’t seen a healer about her dilemma, Laila hadn’t a clue; supposed it was her unwillingness for others to endure her foul mood? Perhaps it was the reason she had avoided her family lately?

Laila’s thoughts were halted as a call sounded—summons from her queen, the Lady Mirage. The guttural, throaty bugle was unfamiliar to Laila, but the meaning and source of it undeniable. A herd meeting? Laila wondered, angling her aimless trot towards the location of her Lady; she picked up the pace into a high-spirited canter, remembering the last, memorable, meeting she had attended. She was slightly more mature than before, yet Laila couldn’t help a little twinge in her breast that hoped that she wouldn’t see any other lost-and-found familiar faces at this meeting. She didn’t think her feet could take it.

Laila slowed her pace, her great brown eyes positively boggling at the sight of the great golden monolith that stood in the center of things. Somewhere in her short life, Laila had heard-tell that her Weyrleader was a shape-shifter; that Mirage had the ability to turn into a prodigious beast of scales and fire. She knew this, and yet Laila had never seen her Queen enter such a form….until this moment. She believed that this brazen beast was indeed Mirage, for why else would there be so much calm about the appearance of a great lizard? Had this been a stranger in their midst, the chaos would've been indescribable.

Spotting her Father, Laila made her way to his side, her face-splitting grin faltering somewhat as she caught sight of the glittering green scales of her father’s new familiar. She adored Suli, do not be mistaken—but the little green’s appearance was the embodiment of Laila’s aloofness from her own father. She had missed the poor little lady’s hatching—and Laila couldn’t rub off the lingering guilt she felt whenever she saw the green hide of the tiny hatchling. “Hello, Father,” she murmured in a carrying whisper, smiling up at him. “And hello to you too, Suli,” she added with a slight giggle. Mortified or not, Laila couldn't help but be charmed by her Father’s companion; the gangling creature was just too adorable sometimes.

Silencing herself, Laila’s gaze found her Golden Lady once more, and she listened to the words that fell from that powerful maw. The name “Qian” meant something to Laila—she remembered her mother instructing her about those troops for justice and equality, although at the time Laila had been too young to fully appreciate the meaning of their existence. Even now, confined as she was to the company of the Edge, Laila had a hard time imagining a world that was not full of peace and equality. How broken was the world in truth? Laila saw no damage.

As the trail of the announcements veered toward magic, Laila found herself floundering once more. In all honesty, Laila had never spent too much time worrying about magical whoopla; she met those with magic, but somehow she hadn’t been too enamored by it, being perfectly content with the beauty of her homeland and the love of her family to covet. With a nervous paw at the ground, Laila began to wonder if magic had anything to do with the problems in her feet. It was a thought, and even as the tingling in her hooves began to recede somewhat with her dying temper, Laila figured she should consult someone about it as soon as possible.

Laila continued to watch her Lady in silence, contemplating the choices she must make to end her quiet anguish.

One Day, I Shall Live by the Code of Honor

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Coolness envelops him, caresses his limbs, and still he cannot believe he is home at last. The Dragon's Throat was arid and dry, and he had ached for the mists and wooded shores of his home with a ferocity that made staying in the desert's grasp difficult. But he is home, and that is all that matters. Orangemoon was thick on the earth, a carpet of fallen leaves softening even the heaviest of hoofbeats, giving off a moist and earthen scent that tickled his nose delightfully. It is drastically cooler, and dew droplets cling like tiny pearls upon the delicate fringe of his individual feathers, glinting in the pale light that flooded through the canopy overhead. There is a soft phoenix glow on the horizon, a stuttering ember that bleeds onto the ocean as if there is nothing separating sky and water. Subtle sounds echo around his ears, little things he always heard and yet never focused to heavily upon. Now, with his heart and his hooves finally in the proper place, he let himself listen to the tiny bits of life in the World's Edge. Fireflies, tree frogs, and nightingales all giving their voices to the song that began to weave and clutch around him like a loving blanket. The remaining leaves overhead danced in soft breezes, and the stars that were beginning to prick the velvet navy sky flickered in and out of life as the thin membranes fluttered and veiled them with every sigh of wind. From this backdrop of soft twilight echoes comes a note far purer, far stronger. It is silken and exotic, a hiss of sound with the trill of a bird far sweeter than those in the trees cocooned inside. Attentively he pricks his audits, robin egg blue irises pausing in their loving admiration of nearby surroundings to focus on a point that does not rest within his vision. It is a summons, that is clear to him. So soon after his hooves have touched home soil? It is a blessing. Something in him quakes with a desire to see his family, to clasp his rank brother close and feel that he is a part of something far larger once more. In the southern sands of their sister herd, he had been the odd one out, the blotch of black on a perfect white sheet. Here, he was nothing but a beloved sibling, a trusted partner, a friend. A familiar face.

Heartstrings sing, and with them come the shift of his appendages. Large pillars surge into motion, an eager colt in the body of a massive brute. Home, he is home, and he will no longer feel lonely or tense. Dew is stubborn on his locks and feathers, but he feels no need to shake them free. Kaj only hears the song of his Queen in his ears, a lull as strong and familiar as the crashing waves that formed their home's borders. It is similar to Akaith's call, but with a resonance that reminds him that the Queen and her mate were not pure of blood to one species. Even so he has not yet gazed upon her draconic form, as familiar as the song may be to his senses. Dying carmine and tangerine battled against the overwhelming power of the night sky with its elegant sweep of obsidian swirls and deep beryl hints. Broken only by the dots of moonbathed stars, their mistress and patron of the land elusive as ever, appearing in the sky at random behind swathes of clouds and lingering daylight. Kaj gazed upon this dazzling display as he followed the siren's call, heart beating with fierce love for the sky that was shielded from view in part by the towering trees and their tiny flags of pumpkin and bloody cherries. Every exhalation was in part a snort, and the chill of the eve brought about small clouds of silver, a sign of cold that was still warm against his visage. Kaj had never felt such a deep love for his home until he returned from such a long journey.

In the fading light he spots her, members already at her bosom, burning the color of liquid gold and deep sunshine. She glitters like every precious gem Kaj can name, large and magnificent, awesome and irretrievable from the throne she does not perch upon. It is not something she builds around her, rather something each member of her family sat her upon like a pedestal. Kaj did not doubt that every heart beat for Mirage, that the rush of adrenaline in their veins as battle called dizzied them because of her. Like a black widow she had stretched her silken silver threads to the soul of every follower, and yet she was as naive to her own sway as a lamb. A deep affection flowed inside the pale sunbeam of a stallion, a loyalty that would have him bearing the status of WingLead with pride, and one that would bow his head and knee as he approached. Massive wings folded close, swallowing up the night air and tucking close to warm sides. He pays his respects, approaching at a diagonal from his Queen. Wing stretches only on one side as he passes, harmless feathers passing near her in an attempt to brush against leathery wing or lean shoulder. A greeting, a sign of dedication and trust. A way to show her how much he valued her, and how happy he was to be home once more.

Gliding past in silence he next seeks out the ebony brute that was his partner, smile warming a bright and welcoming face. Oh such joy! He is singing inside, chanting the mantra of 'home' with such reverence it is as if he is praying to the Goddess above after achieving salvation. A man dying of thirst tasting the first cool sweep of liquid, a drowning one who has reached the shore or found something to keep him afloat. Kaj is at peace, and yet his legs quake like those of an infatuated lass, heart racing and skipping in exuberance. Strange, he finds it, how he can feel so at home and safe, and yet still be exploding with graciousness and joy inside. Destrier is in his sights, and at his side stands a dainty feminine figure draped in melted chocolate and framed by smoky curls with subtle streaks of white ash. She is young, but Kaj remembers her being so much smaller when he had left. Her name escapes him, he does not know her personally, but there is knowledge inside that she is the daughter of the stud at her side. Like teardrops, alabaster runs down the side of her visage, and yet she is a pretty doll despite the large breeds of her dam and sire. Kaj is already taken with her, his heart enveloping any child and holding them close, cooing and rocking them without their knowledge. Friendly dip of crown is given to the yearling, smile still a bright glow. Wing extends towards her, allowing her to decide if the final inches will be taken for contact to be made. Then he focuses on his partner, and a broad grin takes over the sunny smile. Same wing rose and draped over Destrier, muzzle reaching out to brush and bump playfully should he choose to reciprocate. No words are needed from the quiet stallion, for he speaks more with his motions and touches than any verbal gift. There is a playful excited glow in his irises, an almost childish joy brightening him from the inside as if seeing the dark equine had lit a fire inside his skin. He is like a puppy, grin mischievous as he attempted to bump shoulders and nibble at Destrier's closest ear. Words are written in every twitch of muscle; It's so good to see you again. I missed you. How have you been? I just want to feel you, brother, and know I mean something to you. Was I forgotten? Did you miss me too? Kaj was a creature of touch and kinship, and sometimes could be overbearing. But Destrier had seen the serious side of Kaj, the lion that lurked beneath the surface kitten. There was nothing to hide from his brother, no need to impress or awe him. Destrier knew the power Kaj held, had seen it when the trespasser Mirage had warned them of had appeared in a flock of tiny foals and a single lass. What was left to change how the shadowy brute viewed him? Kaj had never been anything less than honest, showing every corner of his soul to anyone who asked to see it. Easily swayed attention was soon grabbed, and the pale golden kitty was off to play with a new object of interest.

Bluejay orbs flicker to the lady he has accompanied for the season. She is still gorgeous, and he dares not ask her age, for she still holds an air of control and lurking power. At her side is yet another little one. She, he recognizes. They have not had time to associate much, but her name is like a comforting, helpful whisper in his inner thoughts. Tandavi. Auburn chestnut, gleaming in youth and a newness that kept her coat young and delicate, untouched by harsh weather and injury. Gold glimmers upon her ankles and arches upon her face, speckling her in every area as if kissed and cried over by the Sun Lord himself. And yet in her visage Kaj sees only the crescent of her mother. She is who he turns to, Rishima. Like the ever-changing faces he has presented to those he had already greeted, his relationship with her changes his features once more. To her he gives a soft smile- a sparkle of eyes and fond twist of lips that shows her how endearingly he holds her in his heart. She is precious and wise, strong and delicate, mysterious and blunt all at once. In their time together as swapped members, she had become a very dear friend, even if he was unsure if she felt the same. The golden lion moved towards the pair, and pale velvet nose extended to a darker counterpart. Though they had separated at the border, he is still relieved to see her safe, though no harm would befall her in the protection of their home. In his body language, just as with Destrier, he speaks to her. Declaring how happy he was to see her once more, and how much he enjoyed simply being in her presence. Cloud-soft azures then flicker to the babe at her hip, quiet and complacent. It is almost odd, but knowing Rishima from their travels he is not truly surprised. Breath puffs towards her tiny face as he lowers his crown once more, smiling playfully at the little one. Winking and flicking his audits at her, he flicked a pale gold and silver mane over one strong shoulder and shifted to listen to his Queen.

The arrival of one more is noted, but Paladin is only a name and a face to Kaj. They have not interacted, but Kaj knew the warrior- for the way he shifted and stood was obvious enough, even if Kaj had not been there when he had joined the Edge- was a wise and resilient soul. Clearly he was worthy of the Edge title if Mirage had accepted him. So yet another curl of lips greeted the oddly painted stud, changing once more, shifting as easily as sunlight through the overhead canopy in his expressions. Regal, serene, brotherly. But there will be no introduction, no greeting or official welcoming for Paladin from the shimmering male. Even with the touches he had given out so freely, the mists clung to his dehydrated locks, raining diamonds of moisture upon his flanks and cheekbones, glittering like teardrops upon his wings. Beside Rishima he waits, and familial love is soon replaced with an expression of focus and seriousness. It is mildly strange to look at a dragon and hear his Lady's voice, but it wasn't something Kaj couldn't handle. So he patiently stood through what she had to say, one wing extended over Rishima and Tandavi's spines in an almost idle fashion, protecting them from the chill and the fat drops of water that slid off the leaves and branches overhead despite the lack of rain. Rishima slid forward after Destrier spoke, her own melodic vocals taking the stage while Kaj watched and shielded her babe from a foe that would not harm her.

Masculine voice rings out once again, and his gaze switches from Destrier and Rishima to Paladin. Only when all fell quiet and the older warrior's words faded into nothing but the quiet drop of water upon the carpet of decaying leaves below did Kaj speak. "Magic was reserved only for females where I hail from. I cannot guarantee that I will know much of it, or how it works, but I will aid any and all in their journey towards such a gift. Edge or otherwise." Deep voice shook his chest as it rumbled out, sincere and truthful. Knowledge of magic, or of the Helovian gods and traditions, was not a gift bestowed upon him. Even so, he would give his strength and aid to any who desired to strengthen their bodies or minds through magical means. Paladin, however, did bring up a truly valid point. "He speaks true, my Lady. What may be seen as cruel, destructive, or atrocious may not always be used loosely and without care. Is it to be our decision whether the individual will use it for a pure purpose? It would require some sort of judgement, I assume." Shoulder shifted minutely, a clear sign he had no partial stance on the matter. If something had to be met for them to pass whatever was placed as a requirement, Kaj wouldn't mind. Judging character based on his own observations was not something he was bothered by either. Yet, one last thing still tickled at his mind, a question that needed to be asked before he could close what he wanted and needed to say. "My Lady, I must ask, if only for clarification. Will our services stand alone? Is it within our rights, and in alignment with your morals, to ask for something in return? An equivalent exchange of something the Qian will value? Such as neutrality from a satisfied individual towards us? I only fear that we will aid them, and they will turn on us with the magic we have helped them acquire, especially if we are not allies." The Basin flashed through his mind, an arena he had yet to fight in, a path he had yet to travel. Still, he would never forgive them for placing the scar Mirage wore upon her sleeve, for holding her and other members captive in their snowy prison.

Softly he exhaled, delighting in the slow burn of his shoulder muscle as he created a canopy over any who desired to use it. Though it was amusing to imagine Destrier- of whom was equal in size to Kaj- huddling beneath his wing to hide away from the rain. "I will go where you wish and help whomever you may find before I do, my Lady. To any in our family who need guidance or knowledge of the gods, I am not the one to turn to for experience or wisdom. But I will give anything I have to you should you need it. My Queen, should we speak of the equality the Qian and the Edge wish to promote to those without homes in the Threshold? Should this be a new addition to our recruiting?" Excitement flared like sapphire sparks in his gaze, hard as he tried to hide it. Leading home lost souls was his favorite thing to do to help the herd, and now that he was home at last he intended to work even harder than before in his duties. Any free time would be devoted to giving newcomers a safe haven under the misty boughs above. With that, the lion closed its maw and went quiet, finding no other queries within its mind.

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Aaron & Alanna</style>

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The call rang out and the call was followed. It took his family longer to get here than most, but guiding a rambunctious blind six month old filly was not the easiest. It was clear in the way his mother held herself that it had taken it's toll on his no longer young mother. Alanna whined, eagerly racing ahead and darting back as they all moved. Brown eyes looked to his pale half sister Sakura, who walked beside her darker twin sister Takara. Behind the pair came their mother... The one who tied not only the three of them, but a fourth together.

Brown eyes scanned ahead for any issues Takara would have along the path. He found it was clearing out, and figured they were almost there. He moved silently to the front to stand near Destrier, his younger sister Sakura joining him there. Alanna felt the tone in her bonded change to more serious one and fell into silence at his front hooves. they all listened as each spoke, but it was not until Kaj spoke of what to mention in recruiting did the painted draft speak up. "I'll admit I have not been one to travel the Threshold, as I have been pondering how to begin construction on our wall of protection. However I was always under the impression that equality was a message the Qian has always stood for and all those who are newly recruited are told this before joining...." His brown eyes turned to Mirage for an answer on this before going on. "Are we going to ask for payments for our help, much as those of the Grey do?" He did not like that idea at all... He wanted to be nothing like those of the Grey..... One of these days he knew he would have to face Phi again... Their 'friendship' was not something he could just let go without a final say in things.



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The moment the WyerLeader had called, Solstice's family had begun to move to the meeting. It might of taken them longer than most... But well they had to be sure Takara did not fall. Sure the filly was doing well about moving about on her own... But she always seemed to get so excited when herd meetings were to take place. This time as a precaution, Solstice had fallen behind her twin daughters and only son to make sure they all stayed together. She could only smile as Alanna bounded back and forth around them all as they walked. She noticed how the garnet and ivory hellhound never seemed to weave in and out of Takara's hooves like she would with everyone else. Perhaps Aaron had something to do with that? The golden and cream mare knew her son was a good big brother.

As they all arrived, Solstice tugged on Takara's mane to keep her at her side.. While Sakura slipped silently to stand at the front with Aaron and Alanna. She was proud of her daughters... Well... of all her children really. She listened as Mirage and the others spoke and was surprised to hear the deep voice of her own son speaking up. How much he had grown up from the bounding colt of Isilme... she wondered if any of the mares of the herd were after him... After all, it was about his age that she and his father first realized they loved each other.... She shook her head gently pushing him away... There was just something inside of her that ached to know if Ata was still alive....

talk talk talk

This might end up like it should
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Today was not a day for playful craziness. No today had seemed to important for all that ever since I had woken up. Sure enough my instinct had been right as the WeyrLeader called us all to a meeting. However it took us a bit longer to get there than normal. Momma seemed to be feeling highly over protective today, and would not let Takara go very far without her. We were growing up fast, nearing Nine months old now... We would be yearlings soon enough. At the last herd meeting I among others had spoken up about what places we wanted within the herd. I had been the only one to ask to become a nurse... Although one day i wanted to be like my daddy and be the Moon Doctor. If I found I was not suited for that I already had back up plans. But that is neither here nor there right now.

It did not take long, but it did seem like forever to me for us to reach the meeting. Others had gathered around as the WeyrLeader spoke. Before my mother could stop me I fell in step beside my big brother Aaron and his hellhound Alanna. I made my way along side them to the front, listening intently. What no one seemed to want to ask... Was what if someone asked us for help that was known for harming our family? I decided it would be me to speak up on this point. "What if they have in the past harmed our family, yet turn and come to us for help in gaining dangerous magic? Wouldn't that put us at risk again?"

"talk talk talk"
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Since my meeting with the Goddess of the night, the one true love of my life, I have been keeping to my mists, reading them with interest. Many have called me a hermit before, and I do not refute the matter - the Threshold is lacking in suitable souls to join our ranks, many wander to our borders (many who I still turn away, for they are unworthy) - and besides, the warning my beloved Goddess bestowed upon my ears will not go unheeded. I will stay within the borders of my land, guarding them from the strange happenings, keeping the worship true and those few that I trust near.

The draconic call of my Queen sounds in my pearlescent ears, and without hesitation I follow its summon, keen to know what she next intends on doing to help the herd progress. The land has become rich with life, the numbers of those who call themselves a resident here having boomed as herdmates embrace the gospel love thy neighbour, filling the mists with the pitter-patter of tiny hooves and curious voices. The urge to reproduce was yet to inspire me to find a bedmate, a lifemate, a partner with whom I could converse and devote myself to - I held such a relationship already, with my beloved Goddess, though it was impossible for anything but my own admiration to come of that.

I look at those who have gathered, silently offering my greeting with naught more than an inclination of my sculpted crown. With silent amusement I listen to our Leader's words, already predicting what sort of questions they will stir - it is a great thing about our leader, I think, that she listens to her followers, she takes their words into consideration. Her proposal is one that could easily be taken advantage of, it is pleasant to know that those who gather here hold enough wits to see these potential flaws, and work towards removing them. I am not so foolish to think that our leader is unaware of these flaws, and I tilt my crown towards her with interest, ears pricked attentively to capture any enlightenment she might provide.
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Summoned by Mother and shuttled by Father, young Semira stood in the shadow of Dragonson, watching as others of her very extended family arrived. She'd never quite seen so many of her kin in one place, even on the day of her birth. It was enough that she barely paid any attention to her twin, too preoccupied was she in rubbernecking and listening to the words being passed back and forth.

She didn't understand much of what was going on. Something about sharing knowledge and magic... and others had misgivings and questions? Something like that? Quizzically she peered up at Father, then over at Mother. But she didn't ask. It was better to listen and learn, and ask later. Who knew? Perhaps some of her questions would be answered before they even came into being.

But her mind was destined to be forever offtrack, for she spied a most peculiar mare. An all white unicorn who stayed silent when others offered questions, with an air of great age and mystery. The young dragonsister's attention was so great that she nearly forgot everything else that was going on. Her wings trembled with the physical effort of not just traipsing straight over there and saying hello. Or just staring up at the mare, she wasn't sure she'd have the courage to say anything before spoken to with that one.

Instead she huddled back against Father's leg, secure in the shadow of his wing that rested so far above her head. That was one question she'd definitely have to ask later.

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It was an unusual creature that dared poise further down the clifftop from the mare-turned-dragon who led these lands. Stretched out upon the stones, the sea's winds toyed with fur and feathers alike. But not that of a pegasus, no. Indeed, she was nothing like such creatures, who of whom was conspicuously absent to this important meeting.

A long tail, thickly furred, coiled languidly in the air as hawk-sharp eyes studied those who approached. Still she lingered apart, until her gaze settled upon the one she'd evidently been looking for. Rising to her feet, the young gryphon, for gryphon she was, paced with casual ease through the growing crowd. With her she brought the chill of winter, which faded away after she'd passed.

Until she reached Rishima, before whom she halted and crooned softly to. "I am sssorrry I have been ssso ssscarrce, my frriend. But I do not like forrcing winterr'sss touch upon thossse who do not apprreciate it." Feathered wings rose and fell in a simple shrug, before golden eyes fell upon the firey colored filly beside her equine friend. Beak gaping slightly in a smile, she winked one eye at Tandavi.

An ear tuft was ever tilted to the conversations flowing over the crowd, and never ceased even when the gryphon shifted to settle beside Rishima. She had missed her friend, and little Kali. Rumors of the child had dragged her out of her cliffside dwelling more than the call of Mirage. But it was difficult to discuss things in official settings. Perhaps, later?

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what is this world we live in?

It was not the new image of her Weyr Leader that had caused Sulwyn to stir with such negative emotion, but the words that came from the stallions' scarred lips, regarding the use and intent of negative magic. The petite mare trusted the red-fringed brute's words, but she also couldn't help herself from denying them. Not everyone could influence the magic that rested within them, and not everyone could control and use it with just intentions, whether that magic is harmful or not. Unfortunately for the wraith, however, she fell into that category.

"It is unfair to judge those with one kind of magic so harshly, noble stag, for isn't it equality that we are striving towards? If we were to interrogate one being to such an extent as to dig deep inside the vessel of their mind and to piece together an image of what they intend to do -- perhaps even before they intend to do it -- then are we not just falling into a much deeper hole than before? What if their resentment towards us was born simply out of our need to poke our nose into their business, and to let the fate of their magic ride on our decision?" the grulla's tone was soft, like the wind that caressed the crashing waves that could be heard in the distance, but she still tried to make her voice heard amongst the gathering crowd, so one could easily claim that she spoke with accusation hot on her tongue.

"Sometimes such an ability cannot be helped, brothers; for I am sure that we are all well aware that nature -- or perhaps even the essence of nature, given that magic is not a form that one can hold -- can sometimes turn against those who take the time to nurture it and allow it to grow. I, myself, am a prime example, although since the discovery of my power and the damage that it does, I have not had the heart to use it."

The hammering of the mare's heart against her delicate cage of bones begins to quicken to a deadly pace when her speech ends. It is not like the grulla to speak against the word of another, but she is fiercely protective of her beliefs, and she is not willing to let the matter go unpressed. A chilling wave starts to seep its way through the mustang's quivering form as her golden pools rest on Mirage's draconic form. It is hard to read the emotion that she sees dancing across her scaled visage, so the timid mare soon lowers her crown-bear head in submission.

This is not my place, the equine berates herself, waves of shame and embarrassment passing through her just as quickly as the fear had. But they had to realize that even those with the best of intentions still cannot help the magic that runs in their veins. Smoke-dusted ears lift slightly as Paladin's words cross her mind again, and suddenly the mare has been sent back into her political mindset.

"Perhaps all that it takes for an unmatched pair of being and magic is for a little light to be shed on the situation. Does not all magic come from the Gods themselves? I dare not say exactly where I had gained my life-stealing ability, but perhaps if I were to accompany the party traveling to the Veins then the God that lies at its source would be able to set me on the proper path. Maybe then I could learn to use my spectral orbs in confidence, rather than to hide them in my fear."

Excitement began to swell the branded mare's breast and, before allowing her superiors to cut in to what she had already said, Sulwyn adds on, "Mikali has shown an interest in the ways of the shadow, my Lady, and she will make an excellent plug to the hole that my absence will make -- if you were to grant my request to accompany the Advocate on her journey, of course. I think that she will quickly gain experience in the field if I were to transfer my current prisoner over to her as well; not to mention that it would save us the trouble of dragging the poor soul along with us."

Finally drawn to a close, Sulwyn maintains her bright-eyed gaze on the golden dragon's form, awaiting her words and her judgement as the mustang begins to question whether or not she had stopped doubting herself too soon.

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The call of mother fell upon ears that were coated with a light pattern of scales. They bent forward and backward, lifting with the rise of my cranium from the loam, shifting with the rustle of my soft, caramel hued mane, that still stood upon its ends due to its youthful growth. My long, leonine tail swished, and I watched as my sister and father made to leave, smoothly injecting myself into their convoy, pleased to have company on this short journey. We arrive at the gathering and we listen, carefully, just as mother has instructed us to do so many times before. Adults certainly enjoyed their conversations, but as I was slowly learning, they spoke through their bodies too. The subtle shifts of postures and crowns, the flick of a tail or an ear, all added layers to what they were speaking with their tongues - layers I only now had a vague, basic understanding of, but that would evolve in the future, as I observed more and more.

Semira glances at the curious mare who keeps to herself, a pale unicorn with sleek design and a tail not dissimilar to our own. I look too, but not for as long as my sister, instead shifting my golden gaze back to the gathering, somehow ending up on the opposite side of my father. My form was not pressed tightly by his side, but my wing did rest loosely at my flank, and brushed against his side, providing me with some comfort. I glanced up and held my mother's eye, softening my expressionless façade as a measure of affection for her - a subtle greeting, shared only between mother and daughter, probably passing unnoticed by those who did not know the signs to look for.

I watch the happenings with mild interest, mostly just trying to keep up with what is going on. I do not appear meek, only observant, though I do not understand everything that is happenings around me, I trust that mother and father will lead us true through whatever may come. I trust that our family, the Qian, will succeed, no matter what.
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He had known this meeting would come about eventually, it was one of those things that came with being the soundingblock for the herd's Queen. So it was with no surprise that the hybrid stud tilted his head toward the sound of his mate's voice, recognizing the beckoning tones within its draconic intonations. A deep rumbling call, pitched low enough that it went mostly unnoticed by horses' ears, was his answer of acknowledgement before he set about guiding their children to the meeting.

In amongst their fellow Qian members, he stood a giant whose loosely held wings created shelter for his daughters and kept others from getting too close and crowding them. Quiet, patient, he listened to Mirage's official announcement of things he'd heard about earlier, things now almost entirely fleshed out. Of course the others had doubts and opinions, and some of it seemed near to getting argumentative. His ears tilted back, disliking the potential for even verbal violence, and a soft warning rumble vibrated in the steed's chest and into the air. Discussions were fine, so long as they kept it in check with children present.

Tilting his head down to check on his daughters, Vikram smiled to see Semira's open curiosity standing in contrast to Amaris' rather accurate impression of their mother. He wondered if his silver daughter would ever grow to have the royal reservation of her dam or her sister or Akaith or even his own dam. Or if she'd be more like some of the other dragons that resided here, forever more open with her emotions. Neither were bad, and he would enjoy watching her and her sister develop and grow.

But for now... he lifted his head to watch Mirage, waiting to see how his beloved would handle the questions raised, and adapt her proposition accordingly.

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Brothers arrived, much as they always did, together, in synchrony, fire and shadow dancing around one another each one bending to the others smooth gait. Darkened hides moved amidst the shadows with the ease of a lifetime amongst them, picking a path through the trees that would deliver them in haste to the meeting their sister called. Eyes of fresh apricots peered out from skulls stained with startlingly white blazes, as they searched the gathering for the bodies of the souls they were connected to by blood. Firstly their sister, the dragon who heralded the attention of her followers with her smooth tones and glorious ideals. Then their nieces, taking cover beneath the wingspan of the draconic mate to their sister - a silent greeting was offered to the steed, a glance that for once ,held no malice nor disrespect in it.

Then they sought out the body of their beloved one, their sister who had recently become something more. Blood had not officially tied them until quite recently, as the little flicka by her side proudly displayed. Fire was strong in her, evident in her hue and her fearless outlook on life. They grinned a shadowy smile at her companion nearby, running their muzzles down the back of their shadowy sister before continuing on their path. It was not out of character for them to pay her attention, and they did not hide the devotion they felt towards their kin - devotion that they felt now for reasons truly defined by blood, not just by a lifetime of being raised with and living alongside the one who had appeared at their birth, all those years ago, in lands where no sun ever rose.

Attention swivelled around the group as various member raised their concerns, some with the passion in their tones leaking out to be potentially threatening, when the original intent of the announcement was to spread peace and equality. Without question, the brothers positioned themselves before their draconic leader, Madyrn to her right wing, Maskan to her left, each looking to the crowd. They were not threatening, but rather promising, that none would harm their sister, even if she stood before them all as a dragon who could very easily tear everyone's skins off without a second glance. Crowns met the eye of their draconic sister then, bowing to bump against their chests in silent greeting and reaffirment of their position by her side, as they awaited what she would have to say on the matter she has raised.

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Soft chirrups played harmony with the call of Mirage, luring the grulla from her grazing. Dark head lifted, directed in part by her own ears and partly by her excited dragon, toward the source. Interested, she swished her tail against her haunches before answering the call by settling forth to find the Weyrleader and those who'd come to her beckoning before the Healer. Before her, his wings occasionally flashing with brighter tones, flew the blue dragon who shared her soul.

At first they lingered beneath the trees, shadows visible at the clearing's outskirts. Dark eyes watched the assemblage, noting the familiar faces and all the unfamiliar ones as well. But reservations could not hold her as mere observer for long, and a drive to be involved drove the Wild Rose into the sun.

She was preceeded by Zaffre, whose now-unguarded and decidedly delighted flight took him the rounds above the heads of the horses. Merry warbles were given in greeting to the other dragons, and he lingered over Akaith and Suli with undisguised interest before extending his own greetings to familiar horses.

Slipping up alongside Paladin, she bumped her muzzle briefly against his shoulder in silent greeting. Her white-edged ears tilted this way and that as she listened to the words being tossed back and forth in the wake of Mirage's pronouncement. It was concern over the Valiant's lack of... something vital in his voice that brought her to his side. Her eyes were curious and worried alike as she glanced up at the black dun.

But the grulla mare was not overly well known for keeping all her opinions to herself. And while she kept her reservations about Paladin to herself, she could not long remain silent about the many questions and almost accusatory language being tossed about.

"While you all have valid concerns and opinions, I believe we can agree to be civil in disagreements? I would assume that Mirage does not intend to make us assist those who would mean harm to the Edge or any of those who live within it, nor to the Throat and its denizens. And we'd all be wise to acknowledge that knowledge and magic, in whatever form they take, can be used for good or for bad, depending on the intent of the user. So it would be up to our discretion to decide if the one asking for help would use what they would gain from us, against us or our allies."

The grulla paused, looking to Mirage as though to confirm her thoughts. She was fairly certain she was getting close to the heart of the situation, for she had noticed in the past a certain similarity in thought processes between them.

"Would it not then be wise to ask in return for our help that what whomever earns from us is not in turn set against us and our allies? To do otherwise would not be... prudent. While we strive for equality, we shouldn't compromise the safety of those we care about for the sake of that ulterior goal. And if in their gratitude those we help should offer more in return... I would imagine such situations should be handled as they come about."

Finally she fell silent, body holding the quiet but sure posture of one who was used to be listened to when imparting her thoughts and knowledge. At last Zaffre came back to join her, settling upon her haunches and sitting poised there, watching the goings-on. The mare's attention was distracted, though, dark eyes flickering to watch the progress of two tall, dark stallions that made their way through the crowd, greeting the various members of their family. Sisters, children, mate. Her gaze lingered on one in particular, trying to catch his gaze. It had been a long time since she'd found herself spilling her life story to Maskan, and she wouldn't mind running into him sometime again.

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Growing familiarity brought growing confidence to the steps of the mousey colored young grulla. The passing days had also brought new strength and length of leg to the pale gray kitsune that dogged her heels, merrily weaving back and forth in a pup's game with the watery fox that mirrored it.

They had heard the calling, and reasoned out what it was by the movements amongst the trees. A beckoning by someone in charge, a meeting adjourned. Their path barely faltered, and only flagged when glimpses of metallic colors flashed between the trees. But almost as quickly did the young mare's blue eyes spot much more familiar colors and figures.

By sheer reflex at this point did she make a beeline for Aaron, offering bright smiles of greeting to Solstice and the two young fillies that must be Aaron's sisters. Only once she had come to a halt by the painted stallion did she hear the familiar tones of her mother rise up.

Peering about, she spotted the familiar figure of the Wild Rose beside... Paladin? Bewilderment rose briefly, to be lost as she listened as her mother reiterated what was evidently every point and counterpoint and offer simple resolutions. A soft giggle escaped her as she leaned against Aaron's shoulder. Good ol' mother, talking sense into everyone.

She was loosely aware of Kaiden prowling beneath her and Aaron, attempting to stalk and pounce on Alanna's tail. She doubted he'd be successful, but she wasn't about to dash his hopes of pulling off this playful trick.

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She calls, and they come. They come without hesitation, stilling only long enough to listen to her before musing their concerns. You linger amidst the shadows, listening, watching, looking for the faces that you have come to know, taking count on those that you do not see. There is warmth pressed to your side suddenly, and you look to the golden boy with a backwards glance, lips pulling into something like a smile. If only he knew the depth of the nothing that you feel for him, while you remain his stars and moon; if only he could understand.

Impatience is clear within the lines of his aging face, but you do not indulge; you know nothing of magic, nothing of the ways helping. And so you linger, as you have always done, straying from the sight of those that follow her call. But he does not; your golden dancer breaks from the shadow of your body to join them, as if he belongs in a home that was never meant for him. You sigh, kaleidoscope eyes snapping to the small, familiar form of a grulla mare as she speaks your name, of leaving.

It is only then that you sigh, feel your legs creak into motion to fill the space that you had kept for selfish reasons, and though you find her side soon enough, you offer only a weak smile at best. He joins you, your tiny darkling, though you both remain quiet amongst the declarations of intentions, the murmurings and smiles and affection exchanged amongst the family that you still barely knew. Unlike them, you feel that your staying is enough, your eyes falling to the scales of her form, still foreign and strange to you. It is enough, for you to want to learn.


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Like the embodiment of my rank, I slid through the thickening mists towards the grouping of my herd mates, golden gaze keen as it looked over all that were assembled. Already there are so many, most of them higher than I on the totem pole, but I am unbothered by the fact. Unlike in the Basin, I had grown comfortable enough in my own skin to step forward and speak up when I found it was necessary, or to simply be present without the fear of ridicule or harsh glares from my peers.

Our precious Weyrleader, the lady who had ultimately led to my rescue from the tundra home of the Basin, spoke of magic and bonds such as the one I held with little Azel. The young cat was walking at my side as I approached and finally drew to a stop, his blue eyes searching quietly for his pale friend Kasai. I, too, found myself looking for the golden hide of my beloved, but I did not spy her lurking in the crowd. "Maybe she's patrolling borders," I thought to myself, "It would be just like her..." A small smile pulled at my lips at the thought of her missing yet another meeting, but I knew she was merely assuring the safety of our humble home. I shook my head and returned my gaze to the Dragonheart as she continued to speak.

The concept of wielding magic was something I couldn't quite wrap my mind around. Yes, I had seen it being used many a times, for good and wrong both; but how did one command it to do as they wished? Did it ever backfire? Should I pursue this route and obtain some of my own? I would certainly give it some thought, but I wasn't so sure right away.

"Azel and myself will offer our help as well," I spoke when there was a breach in the talking, and then I quiet down. What more was there to say? Questions had already been voiced, and I could think of nothing more to add. At my feet, Azel had taken a seat and now took to leaning up against my right foreleg, watching quietly the other companions which were present.

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