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[OPEN] Trees Again

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I was on the loose. There was no stopping my rampage. Sorry Ma, but I couldn’t stay still to save my life. I would worry you a lot in those days (sorry) and cause all sorts of ulcers and heart attacks and whatever the hell. If I could help it, I would’ve relieved the stress of my own hard-headedness—but I guess the irony is that I was too hard-headed to see your worrying. Because I had places to go, things to do, people to see. Okay I’m lying; I had none of those things to do.

But I did run.

The Spark in my heart forced this upon me, placed this compulsion for me to run as far as I could, as fast as I could, for as long as I could. Hours at a time I would just book it for miles, letting the wind rush passed my ears, into my too-small mane, flow through my too-short tail, thinking if I went fast enough I could fly (I still hadn’t discovered the use of my wings). I had the energy to do it too, in case you were wondering (the Spark thing) and even though I was personally ignorant to the source and spring of all of my interminable energy, well, I had it, and I didn’t worry overmuch about it. Why should I? I was too damn busy with running to worry about small things like that.

Where would I run to? Well, the question is where wouldn’t I run to? Okay sure, I didn’t go passed the borders yet—I was too small to have that much guts in my system. Liver-overload or….something sciency like that. Or…um. Moving on with my point, I didn’t leave the borders. But traveled to the tops of hills and invaded their valleys, I found my way into all sorts of small, natural caves, got lost in any grove I could find, wandered into places that I was told was off-limits to some Peabody like me. Please. I know they’re older and huge as all hell, but I’d like to see Auntie or Mr. Archiballs try and restrict me from going somewhere. Just try it! I would fight them myself; if I had fists, I would be swinging them for sure! I listen to any word of caution or advice until I fought over it—that’s just how I was. My life was a huge brawl waiting for me to jump on in and join in the fun.

Anyway, I was running.

I ran because…well. I guess when the ground underneath me melted away and the world around me blurred and smudged into one awesome super-color, I could think clearly. I could…think about how the world was so huge and how there was so much in it without feeling too small. I had those thoughts, y’know. It’s not fun being scared and too scared to show it; it’s not fun wanting to be strong with no idea what strength was. So I ran and pretended I was kingqueen of the Foothills, happy and mindless and complete in my conquest for comfort and clarity. Also, alliteration.

I was coming up onto some shrubbery and foresty stuff, and I decided in my happy little filly mind that—for some reason—the trees would jump away from my frightful might. Because I was the shit and the trees should know that. Yes. They should. So I didn’t slow down my onslaught, completely confident in my ability to inspire the trees’ quaking fear or completely destroy them if they decided to stand there and be belligerent in their solid immobility. They were totally the ones being belligerent in this equation. No, really. I was entirely without fault flying down a hill, head bowed, horn pointed at a knot in some benign tree all the while expecti—





Aaaaaaaoow that didn’t just happen.

No, shut up.

That didn’t—I totally didn’t just shove my horn into a tree.

I didn’t do that, no. This is (ow) just a migraine.


Obviously I had completely stopped running, forced to a complete halt because my head was just splitting (shut up) and my brain-marbles were scrambled here and there and every place because (shut up) I….rammed my horn into a tree. There, I said it. My horn was currently inserted into a tree.

Talk about bursting my ego. Not only was the tree singularly flashing the bird in the face of all my “conquest” but my horn had just started to grow too. It wasn’t a nub of cute baby nothing anymore; it was starting to get a point on it, starting to look sinister and dangerous and like some sort of weapon. And my dumbass decided to stab it into a…tree of all things. Such was my life.

I dared not move, my head was pounding so much. It felt as though every movement of my neck and shoulders could cause my horn to snap from my skull (ow); the base of my horn was especially tender and throbbing (ooowhowhowjesus), and some corner of my mind started to reel in panic as I imagined that my horn would fall off and leave a wide open hole through which you could see my brains. The situations I’d get myself into, man.

It…felt like hours before the brittle sensation left my forehead and I was able to contemplate leaving the smug tree. But as I attempted to pull the tip of my horn from the bark, the tender ache in my head returned (aahahahahow) and my horn refused to nudge from the trunk. I gave a tiny snort in surprise; once more I muscled through the pain and attempted to pull my horn, and once more my horn said “F-you” and refused to part ways with the tree. After the 5th attempt I resigned myself to the fruits of my hard-headed stupidity, sighing hard through my nose and lashing the stub of tail I owned.

Because my horn was stuck in a tree.

[Ranjiri first, please. Then everyone else is welcome <3 ]

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Momma, did I ever tell you about the time that Ros got her horn stuck in a tree? Ha, yeah, she got her horn stuck in a tree. She'd probably kick my butt if she knew I was telling you about it. See, momma, she doesn't like to talk about it much. She says it's not important but I think it's because she embarrassed herself and that tree damaged a little bit of her self confidence.

I was off without you once again, I wish I could say that I had taken Bear with me but I left him behind. When I woke up you were already gone and Bear was still sleeping. It wasn't hard to sneak away from him, really. I was still small and my steps were light. I didn't make any noise trying to get away from him and I was really proud of myself for that. I made sure to be quiet until I was well out of his hearing range and then I ran with my small wings spread out at my sides, flapping occasionally. I think you know how I was always fascinated with the sky and flying so in my head I justified my sneaking away as flying practice. I had to get my technique down, you see.

I was lost in my running as I had started to race my shadow. Have you ever tried to race your shadow, momma? Don't bother you won't win that race. Anyways, I was lost in my running but not so lost that I didn't hear the thunk. I ignored it thinking that maybe a squirrel had missed its mark and hit a tree. I was right, kind of. Haha. Ros was a little squirrley after ramming her head into a tree. I didn't exactly notice Ros until after I rounded the tree and almost ran right into her. Looking back I'm glad I was able to stop in time because I probably would have broken her neck. Auntie Ophie wouldn't have been too happy about that even if it was an accident and I wouldn't ever forgive myself.

The first thing I did was laugh. Do you know how ridiculous Ros looked with her horn stuck in that tree? I wish I could paint you a picture. "Look at you!" I said between giggles, which I knew would only frustrate her, but how often was Ros in a situation that allowed anyone to laugh at or tease her? I pranced a circle around her and scooted in close so I could see how deep her horn was in the tree. I didn't think it wasn't anything we couldn't handle. We were capable young foals. "I can help you get outta there." I told her. "We just gotta pull at the same time." I know I sounded more confident than what I was, but still. I circled around behind Ros. "Ready?" I asked and waited for her to say yes. "Okay, when I say go." I waited a few seconds just to mess with her. "GO!" I shouted then grabbed her tail and pulled as hard as I could to free her.

I don't think Ros appreciated it too much but I still dug my hooves in and pulled.


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Today, he abandons the sea for greener pleasures. Hooves unused to the carpet of grass beneath them bounce lightly, though the colt continues at a pace best considered a brisk walk. His heart beats with a rhythm stricter than the wild beat of impassioned youth; it is perhaps a mark of early maturity, perhaps something inherited from his father. Or it may simply be that he is cold – his eyes do gleam like ice as they pass over rolling green earth and whispering trees.

Soren’s ears prick to the sound of voices in the distance; he recognizes the high tone as female – and young. Does he know that voice? Some quivering memory twitches at the back of his mind; convinced, the boy rolls forward at a trot already long enough to cover ground. He crests a hill and eyes the pair of figures down the slope: one pale, one black and gold. Soren knows the glitter of the second girl’s wings: his ears prick, excitement heating the empty boredom of his eyes. He checks the surroundings for the bear he saw beside the pegasus last time, but seeing no such creature near, he begins his descent.

As he draws closer, it occurs to Soren that whatever the fillies are doing is strange: one with forehead pressed against a tree, the other with the pale girl’s tail between her teeth. Is it a game? The colt slows from his trot and leans out a skinny neck. ”What are you doing?” he asks. His ears tilt back when he steps near enough to examine the white and black filly’s predicament: the pale base of a horn just visible between her forehead and the tree. So was she… fighting it? He cocks his head, aware suddenly of the knotted spiral twisting but a few inches past his own forehead. Though Soren can’t see it, he is quite aware of the weight – like he becomes aware of breathing when he thinks too hard.

He turns to watch the winged girl pull, though he doesn’t yet offer to help.
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If it were anyone other than Jiji who found me stuck like that, I probably would’ve thrown the biggest fit. I don’t know how someone as tiny as me found as much pride as I had stored away in my back pocket, but I certainly had it somehow. This “incident” with the tall green asshole certainly punched a hole in my overly inflated ego—but dammit, it was still there and I was certainly going to defend my title and honor and whatever shred of dignity I had left.

But it was Jiji, so it was all cool. I mean, sure, she laughed at me and I rolled my eyes and felt a little stupid—could you blame either of us?—but on the inside I was relieved to see my bestest bestest friend. Really, though. Who else could you trust when you were stuck in one of the stupidest situations in your life? If she were the one with her horn stuck (not that she was as dumb as I was) I would stand by her side until she was free. Laughing my ass off, surely, but it’s the thought and support that counts.

*"Look at you!"*

“Oh yeah, look at me, haha,” I murmured sullenly, my eyes still rolling all over the place as Jiji continued to shake with laughter. I sighed and consigned myself to wait until all of her mirth was spent on my ridiculous situation—I supposed I owed her the chance to properly laugh at my retarded ass. But as her gaze swept over the state of my being—gauging the depth of my horn in the bark and just how much I screwed myself—some tiny fear began to grow inside of me, some worry that I had actually screwed myself up pretty bad. I gave the smallest of whimpers, the tiniest of groans as I shifted my weight and my head gave a tinge of tender soreness. Then Jiji offered to help pull me out, and my attention snapped to her with urgent panic.

*"We just gotta pull at the same time."*

“Um, no, how ‘bout not,” I said desperately (the pounding in my head was still pretty eye-watering) but she was already taking position behind me, and what was I to do to stop her?



*“Okay, when I say go.”*

“Um, no, Jiji just wait a moment—“



She was pulling my tail—Jiji was pulling my tail, my tail was in her teeth—and I had no choice but to try and tug out my horn with her. I braced my hooves against the ground, burying my cloven toes as I heaved myself and muscled through the stinging pain that lanced through my brain. I clenched my teeth, my eyes shut tight against the involuntary tears that leaked from under my lids. O wow ow owowhowhow this hurt. Incidentally this was probably one of the best lessons in my life, because I certainly wouldn’t’ be doing something like this again anytime soon.

I felt my horn give a little, but it wasn’t enough and my head was hurting and any more of this and my entire forehead would vacate my face. “OKAY. Okay Jiji! Okay let's stop now ow,” I said (shrilly) through my gritted teeth, praying for her to stop her onslaught. I gasped and panted as I ceased my own efforts and the pain receded somewhat—but it was at this moment when I heard a different voice sound out, a voice I did not recognize that sent a spike of cold embarrassment and fear coursing through my heart.

*”What are you doi--”*

“GO AWAY YOU DON’T EXIST,” I positively snarled, tears rolling down my eyes and hating myself for it. With my head stuck in position, I couldn’t see who was talking. I didn’t care. My humiliation was welling up and threatening to burst, because someone was here and seeing this and it wasn’t Jiji and they’d probably tell someone and then everyone in the herd would know and Ma would find out and she would say “You should’ve just stayed where I told you to” and no one would ever let me live it down and they’d all laugh at me and I’d never get far in life and--



--I could just die.

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I pulled as hard as I could, Momma, I really did but Ros really got her horn stuck deep in that tree. Even when she told me to stop I pulled for a little longer thinking that maybe she would just pop right out of there like those gophers in the Foothills do. Have you ever watched them? They're really cute and furry but they have huge teeth. But all day long they pop in and out of their holes. Too bad Ros' horn wasn't a gopher.

"What are you doing?"

I dropped Ros' tail pretty quick and turned to look at the boy that had sneaked up on us. He wasn't any bigger than me, momma, so no worries. Ros started screaming then and I couldn't help but laugh at her. Of course she would scream at him that he didn't exist. Her horn was stuck in a tree. I don't know from experience but that's gotta be pretty degrading. Anyways, after I was finished laughing at her (and spitting her tail hair out of my mouth) I walked around so I could see Ros' face instead of her butt. "Well." I said as I walked around so I could see her face instead of her butt. "We gotta figure som'n out. I can't just leave you here stuck in a tree." I giggled at her again and shook my head. I tilted my head as I looked at her horn and I tried to figure out what you would do, Momma.

You would break her horn, wouldn't you? I can't do that to Bossy Rossy. She'd skin me alive if I did.

I sighed then finally turned and looked at the boy because I was finished pretending that he didn't exist for Bossy Rossy's sake. "Hello!" I said. "I'm Ranjiri and that's Ros." But then I thought better about it and moved my body to block Ros'. "Erm ... I mean ... I'm Ranjiri and there's nothing else to see here? Move along?." One of my ears tilted back and belatedly I spread my wings to cover more of Ros from his view, but I doubt it did much to help.


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