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Confidently the lass strode through the forest, with her head held high up in the air with a smug smile. Who could she find today? Someone else to mess with? She flipped her long, luscious black bang out of her face, so she could view the forest. Wretched trees. Nothing like the endless snow that she preferred and the flat plains to see horses from afar. Not to be the horse being stalked in the dense woods. Valhalia liked to think of herself as the queen, or more so the predator, the wolf chasing down her prey in the barren tundra.

She shut her eyes, still smiling her wicked smile as she dodged the trees. Two gray orbs opened and scanned the place, that was chilling quickly. Winter is coming quickly, the demented unicorn thought in her twisted mind. The Orangemoon wind hit her harshly, as she slightly wavered with its force pushing against her. Valhalia knew she would do anything to get out of this place. To avoid her growing nervousness, her mind started to wander on the subject on how it would be like when a herd unicorn came to accept her. Surely they would, they needed horses like her, fighters. Valhalia thought about if an equine came to recruit her. Disgust went through her in waves. Equines. Disgusting, inferior beings, the equines. They thought they were the best, but that wasn't true. Her unicorn race ruled over all of them. They would perish under their hooves. She smiled and lifted up her head letting out an inviting whinny. Hopefully, someone would reply.

*This post was terrible. ^.^ Hopefully someone recruits Val. :) and any equine or Pegasus is allowed to join (because she needs to get in a fight too) *

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