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[OPEN] Die free [Alerion/ & ranked needed]
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[Ranked needed to accept Alerion, since he's an equine :3]

Gaucho isn't much of a talker, although that is no indication of how much activity goes on in his primitive mind. In the walk from the threshold to the Throat, Gaucho had already envisioned numerous scenerio's in which Alerion's presence would be a benefit to the Throat. Although Gaucho wasn't entirely convinced that the stallion would take to being a warrior, regardless of the mask he wore (which Gaucho took to be some sort of defensive armor), he could still be useful other ways. Although Gaucho placed the protection of his family above all other enterprises, it still left plenty of room for studies of the world, and of other skill-sets to flourish in the Throat.

As they neared, and the ground began to slowly crumble and become the reddish sands that Gaucho was so accustomed to, he shot a glance back towards his follower, to ensure that the journey wasn't too harsh. Even Gaucho, a trained warrior, had a hard time adapting to the heat at first. Relentlessly he trained and trained under the harsh sun, forcing his body to adjust to the new climate, and to endure it's heat. Even so, it was hot. "Lake, after leaders" Gaucho advised, nosing towards the naturally occuring lake, but taking his new charge no closer. Although Gaucho had brought him here, he was not a member of the Throat, just head. With a grunt, Gaucho tossed his large head towards the sky, calling out a long and low whinny, alerting any who might come and judge Alerion, to do so.

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