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There are times in a woman's life when she must make due without love, and those times are ones full of tears and distraught fits of yelling.

Oh, how I longed to be out of this cold embrace of single-hood. I absolutely would not admit to it! No, sir. Even as a tear welled up in the corner of my brilliantly blue eyes, I fought for the reality that I wished to have. I was Kri. I was a beautiful, young, vibrant mare, and I would not be left alone and destitute by anyone. Surely, just surely, he would come find me at any moment and apologize for his wrong doings and words. Surely, I was not a miserable, washed up old hag worth leaving. This just did not happen to me.

Before I knew it, blurry eyed and rather down, I found myself looking around a rather unfamiliar place. Now, I hadn't flown at all, only stumbling around on my normally graceful and lithe legs, but somehow I ended up in a place much different than I remembered. The air, crisp with Orangemoon, clung to my lungs but I still could not get a hold of the geography. I did not know - how could I? - that I had transcended past my time in a few remorseful steps through the old, bustling meadow that once was. The great river had all but dried to a small creek, and even the grass looked woeful. Surely, this was not the same Meadow I had been walking through a few short moments ago.

I stop, huffing in a few detestable breaths of this foul meadow, and let out a defiant snort. Forget about my weeping heart, "WHERE THE HELL AM I?!?" My voice lurches out from my chest in an awful, feminine shriek, and I stand planted, one hoof battering the innocent ground as I stand, the wind futilely trying to calm me by blowing my hair with all fashionable direction. A beautiful chocolate maiden with golden hair and tempting, dark eyes.

My name is Kri.

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With my black ears flicked forward, I walk towards the Meadow, my green eyes flickering around. I was scared, I was nervous. I felt as though I was being followed by someone, something. On edge, I decided to travel away from the woods and into the open. Doppelganger... I was going out of my mind. I swear. Ready to run away, I hear a scream. The voice sounded familiar... was it... Kri?

Rushing forth, I extend my lithe legs to full length, trying to find the Sultana. And there she was, looking as normal as ever. But... was that a radiant gleam in her blue eyes? Cocking my head to the side, I step forward. "Kri? Why were you screaming? Don't you know you're in the Thistle Meadow?" I'm a little surprised to see the Sultana wondering where she was. She should know... should she not?

I analyze her scream again, why did it sound so... feminine? This mare is anything but Kri. Staring at the chocolate mare, I realized how much she seemed to glow with all her might, or all her femininity? Something was off about her, there was something very different about her. The way she smelled, the way her blue orbs glimmered. It was as though.. she was completely opposite of the Kri I was used to. Fear consumed me, and I began to back away from her.

What is happening to Helovia and the horses within it!? They were changing, growing opposite personalities. Or were they separate horses entirely? I had seen myself... with an opposite personality. Maybe they were our other sides.. Was that even possible? What were the gods trying to do about it? Were they the ones that caused this? Were they trying to stop it? Whose side were they on? The thoughts raced through my mind, my heart throbbed as I stared at the strange Kri, still a little shocked at the recent events.


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Ah, to be home. Home. Calm, quiet, predictable home. This idea was a lie though. Father Earth had told me such in my foalhood. He'd said to never rely on things remaining the same for life was as a pool of water: deep, sometimes transparent and others muddy, and with the tides always changing. You could rely on certain patterns, but not on them containing the same things. Just as one will never see the same part of a river twice, so will one never see the same part of life twice.

At this particular moment in life I have chosen not to fly, but walk through the lovely meadow upon the ground. The late-cycle honeybees, the bunnies whose heads occasionally bob above the dried grasses, and the chirping birds are such a comfort to my newly-returned self. And then, suddenly, they all run as a hoof-curling scream rips through the air waves.

Alarmed, I take off at a gallop, open my expansive wings, and launch into the air with speed. It takes me several moments before I spot a Pegasus and another, quite odd looking horse upon the ground. Perhaps the odd looking horse cause the Pegasus to scream? Or perhaps the odd looking horse screamed at the Pegasus? I dive down to the ground, glorious white mane streaming behind me, only to pull up at the last moment and land gracefully near the Pegasus. My gold splashed hide rising and falling with some slight pants from the speed with which I arrived, I take the time to quickly asses the situation. She, for Pegasus is a she, seems a tad off, and the odd looking horse creature is now clearly a tiger-stallion hybrid. What a glorious creation of Father Earth he is. Though there is no time for gawking now. "What is the matter here? Who has screamed?"

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A scream pierce my consciousness, and I groan inwardly without bothering to analyze its contents. "No, Morgan, I don't want to-"

I stop my half-shouted complaint short, my mind reeling back through the moments of my rude awakening. Instead of clinging to the last vestiges of my startled sleep I find myself wholly awake, my heart and body gripped by a cold feeling: embarrassment. Morgan didn't have a shrill, feminine voice, and certainly didn't scream about things in that fashion. Most of all, I thought he'd know where he was if he was near me.

Sense by sense I explore my surroundings. Long grass shelters me, a small stream trickles nearby. I breathe in. Everything smells wrong. I can't smell Morgan, either. Slowly my blue eyes open, and I see only grass. I'm not lying on my soft, mossy bed anymore. I'm not home. I'm.. I'm somewhere else. Somewhere else entirely. Drawing a few shaky breaths I tell myself I'm asleep, I'm dreaming, and force my eyes shut so tightly it almost hurts. My heart shudders in my chest and I try to wake up, try to wander back through the dream, but it's not working very well, I think. I hear someone else approaching, but it's not the soft thud of hooves upon the soft turf of my home. It's the sharp swish of grass parting. I open my eyes again. Still grass. A voice speaks, calling this the Thistle Meadow. I can't see him from where I lie, and shakily, I propel myself up to my feet.

And scream. A high-pitched, almost girly shriek tears out of my throat at the sight of the striped beast, before I realize that, despite it's stripes, it's not a tiger.

It's just a bloody horse.

Abruptly I stop screaming, and instead flatten my ears to my spotted neck. Spots were so much better than stripes, anyway. Too eclipsed by this rude beast I had failed to notice the arrival of another, but when I look back to the Pegasus mare I see him. Wings adorn his shoulder, with some very pretty silvery blue markings running up his leg. It almost made me envious, but spots were better than swirls too. Idly I wonder anyway if it would look good on me.

Then I stop my thoughts again, to marvel at the absurdity of the situation. Had Morgan snuck something into my afternoon meal, like he had threatened a few times? Oh, if he had dared... No friendship could save him from me having his hide after this! For surely, this can't be real.

Or.. can it? Standing there like a fool I look around myself, at the meadow. It seemed quite real.. Distress gripped me tightly then, and whining anxiously I pranced a little closer to the two Pegasus, somehow connecting mare to safety, but I was too old to admit to such childish needs.. Abruptly I stop again, and take a deep breath. I'm no child. I'm a Prince, damnit, and I didn't cling to ladies' skirts for comfort.. I did other things under ladies' skirts. Right now, the "general other things" included making a fool of myself, but I did actually feel far too bewildered to remember my manners or turn on my charm.

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"Who the hell are you?" my voice cracks like a whip as I look toward the orange and black.... weirdo? That was the only thing I could think as my nose tilts up in an oh-so disapproving manner. Catching myself in a moment or rather catty and unbecoming manners, I take a moment to gather myself, letting out a distraught huff, my chest heaving in my sides as I look anywhere except the face of the creature. He reminded me of those cats in the jungles I was always warned of, but surely, everything about him was still equine, but there was something else. What the fuck kind of tail is that?

I snort, stomping a foot as my fit comes to an end. A smug sort of look on my face as my blue eyes narrow girlishly, a deep frown on my lips as I look through soft, golden locks toward the beast. Beauty and the beast, right? Right. "I certainly don't see how you could call this arid place a meadow. Look at it - it's practically falling apart," I say, my voice dramatically woeful and feminine, my wings lifted to sweep in direction, guiding his eyes to view it. Then, I remember something. That little cat had use my name. Immediately, I close the gap between us, coming face to face with this strangely decorated stallion. "HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?" I ask, demanding, my tones shrill and indignant as I look at this fool. I surely did not associate with such vile looking brutes.

Not me, for I am beautiful, haven't you heard? Only the most brilliant of stallions are even worthy of my atte-
Who is that?

My face turns immediately from the face of the tiger to the refreshingly pure and ultimate debonair image of a stallion. He looks to be almighty, heavenly, divine, and serious. With a cunning light in my eyes, I smile to myself, before turning my features all the more horrified and throwing my body away from the beast and toward the angel who has come to rescue me in shining ivory and silver blues. Leaping to the side, I aim to press the left side of my frame against in weakly, as if I were drained of all my energy. "Oh, please," I say, my girlish voice crooning, "Save me from this awful reality, sir." My voice, coquettish, my dark eyes brilliantly flashing.

"You see thi-" my voice is cut off rudely by the appearance of another stallion, his voice screeching like a fucking owl. Annoyed, I turn my head, ears flicked back, looking at him with dangerously narrow slits. Oh, no, bitch. You had better not steal my spotlight and take away this lovely knight's attention. Of course, my eyes open wide and doe-like again as my ears fall limp and sad atop my crown, pushing my body ever closer to the shining white knight of ivory tones. He moves closer to me, and I rebuke him, looking at him with a poisonous glare. HE BETTER NOT FUCKING ASSOCIATE HIS WIMPY ASS WITH ME. I am trying to impress my prince right now, and I have no time for cowardly little twits.

My glare melts away again as I look at him innocently, trying my best to uphold the damsel in distress role. "Are you alright, sir?" my voice quiet and demure, like the soft little angel I am.

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My hooves are quiet on the ground, the thuds softly muffled, as I move, heading south and away from the North, welcoming the air still bitter and cold, but much more warm than the subzero North. Originally, I was planning to make my routes of Helovia and seek out any information that may be utilized by my herd, as phantom, as is my duty, no matter how much I despise its pettiness and sneaking. I am smart and clever and conniving, so in that way it suits me, I suppose, and I have come more... to terms with it, but I still find myself disliking it from time to time, when I could be serving as a magnificent soldier in the front lines of a war that is sure to come. The wind is chilled on me, swirling and twisting my soft, lush mane, as I march steady onwards, unwavering from my path towards the forest deep. Yet somehow, I find myself twisting about, nearing the Thistle Meadow rather than the Deep Forest.

It is not long before, like others, I hear voices in the wind, shrieks and screams, except they do not sound as if fearful, rather annoyed. I twitch my ears forward, mildly surprised to hear whatever they are call such attention to themselves, but I pick up a trot, no doubt ready to pry information from whatever may come.

What I do not expect is to see Mauja, my father, consorting with who appears to be Kri, the mare who so devotedly clawed out Mesir for catching me many months ago. I do not recognize the tiger-horse, yet I feel I quite agree with him and the shocked look on his face. When had the hard-lipped, stubborn-faced soldier mare, so hideous but respectable enough in personality (it was a shame she was not a unicorn) turned into a mare that clung to the flanks of a stallion? I watch with my mouth near hanging open from the edge of the trees clinging to the meadow as my father, Mauja the Frostheart, goes prancing up to the chocolate lady, as if in all the world he is attempting to make a move on her. No. This cannot be right. Mauja does not... he is racist. He is the Bane of the Plague.

There is something very wrong in Helovia, and that I sense immediately upon seeing the soft look upon his face. Slowly, worriedly, I step out from behind the trees, advancing forward to listen in shock as Kri squeals on about this and that, her face soft and eyes huge. I cannot understand this... this paradox. There can't be an answer! What happened? Yes, horses change... but surely not this much, in such a short space of time. "Fuck," I swear softly under my breath, scowling slightly as I look at the mare clinging to the white-winged's side. I had the oddest feeling she was one of those mares who did not like other mares around handsome stallions. Well, fuck her. She was a pegasus, in any case. "Mauja, what are you doing down here?" I ask bluntly, staring at him. It's not as if I control him- but this didn't seem to be Mauja, in any case. Unless he was starting to make a move on interspecies ladies as well as normal unicorn sluts.


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