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Assassins Fall, One by One [Tonka|Foothills herd meeting]
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Fury burned in Ophelia's eyes as she stalked close, turning back to make sure that the little bay stallion was following. The alabaster mare was true to her words. She would take down the assassins of the false Grey, and she would make it known throughout of their trespass upon the territory of her mercenaries. Though he was taller and thickly built, Phi was far from afraid in his presence; with Tinek at her side, she knew that she could take the bulky creature. He was almost too tall; she was sure that she could canter circles around him with her long, slender legs.

Once within the boundaries of her hills, casting a brief glance and a smile at her masons and their diligent work, Ophelia paused, inhaling deeply and yelling out her lungs to gather the rest of the herd. Her cry was long and delicate, like the soft song of a bird carried on the wind - quite a juxtaposition from the rage burning in her strange, dual colored eyes. Now, all she had to do was wait. In the mean time, she turned to glare at her charge, here crimson and blue boring into his ocean eyes. "You made the wrong choice following Ignita, assassin," she growled, though her voice was tender enough to not truly sound wicked.

"Soon enough every secret you have ever kept will be known to all the herds, and your band will be broken." Ophelia paused, taking a deep breath. "I will not allow you and your kind to trespass upon Grey territory. We are the true mercenaries, the first, and the victorious. Your kind will only interfere." The silver dragon who shared a mental bond with her swooped from above and landed on her hip, staring vacantly at the enemy.

"Foothills! The Grey! Take a look upon a face of the assassins, those who falsely trespass upon our territory as mercenaries and spies!" she called out. "The brute here is named Tonka. Demetrie, the child, and another named Ignita also exist in this band. We must warn the other herds of this false group and let them know that the Grey and the assassins are not connected in any way. We must also warn the Edge, for the assassins are planning to spy in an effort to take over Mirage's land." Ophelia cast a cold glance toward Tonka before turning back to her herd. "Will any one join me?"

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Irrydae's thoughts were sifting through her encounter with the Earth God. 'But be mindful child...for soon, not all will be as it appears...' She was left to interoperate this by herself. What were her thoughts? She whisks her tail against her sides, eyes glazed over in thought. The Gods- were they planning something? With the ruin of the veins, things seemed hectic enough already. Maybe it wasn't the Gods- maybe the Earth itself had something planned." So many possibilities. 'But be mindful child...for soon, not all will be as it appears...'

She is snapped out of thought by a long, birdsong cry. Her audits flick back, nares flaring as she turns, drawing her starry wings in. Ophelia was calling. Good, I have information for the herd anyways. The thought is lost as a foreign scent hits her, and she picks up the pace. No need for flying- they weren't that far away. Her slender legs push her forward, muscles coiling and bunching underneath her purple and deep brown coat. Dusted gold hooves strike the ground for mere seconds before they are in flight again. Trendils of hair are pushed back, whipping behind her and flowing out like a banner. She holds her long, thick tail high, and it floats behind her. As she nears, she slows to a trot, letting her wings fall by her sides. Irrydae tosses her head as she approaches, golden eyes sparkled brightly as she glanced at Ophelia, quickly flickering over to a very large, dark stallion. Irry stands a few feet away, on the Chieftess's right side. 'Foothills! The Grey! Take a look upon a face of the assassins, those who falsely trespass upon our territory as mercenaries and spies!' She starts. Irry glances at the stallion, a low temper starting to rise in her. Ophelia calls him Tonka and mentions others. She then speaks of how they must warn other herds- focusing The Edge- the one they wished to invade. 'Will any one join me?' Her voice rings clear as she stops speaking. "I'd like to accompany you to warn them, Ophelia." Irrydae offers, her face expressionless and body calm. "If that's okay with you." She adds, looking over to the pale mare.

Irrydae then turns to the group, wheels in her mind turning of how to announce her conversation with the Earth God. "I have met with The God of the Earth." She says simply, sharp, intelligent eyes scanning over everyone. "He has told me to trust my heart. I quote; "For the eyes can deceive."." Irrydae takes a breath, a short pause. "He has told me that things will not be as it has seemed to be before, or now. We need to be watchful. We need to be wise. We need to be careful. I think as of now, we should be careful with whom and what we trust- a great example of Tonka and his group. They Grey, I ask you all to be careful. I have been trying to interoperate Father Earth's words, so if you wish to ask me of more or have something to say yourself, speak now." Irrydae then closes her velvet maw, ears pricked forward and eyes alert. Her face is again wiped of emotions and her figure is relaxed and nonchalant.

The Storyteller has said her part.

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The dark bay’s sliver flecked blue eyes were filled with anger as he walked behind the white mare with shame. How could this have happened to him? He knew that they would force him to give out information but he would never break. Even if they tortured him, he would never leak any useful information. He had given Ignita his trust and he would not let that trust be broken. It was rare for this steed to give out his trust, and once he did it was not too interfered with. He could not wait to break out of this place and dash back home. He would tell Ignita that he did not tell them anything. He would not tell them anything.

Her whinny made Tonka eye her with total disrespect. The handsome steed looked into the distance, waiting to see the horses that would soon come over to their Chieftess and him. Thinking that he was their prisoner made him smile internally. No one could ever take control of him. Not even Ignita. You made the wrong choice following Ignita, assassin, the white mare said. He narrowed his eyes at her. He was ready to just about kill her, but he held every nerve back to make him not lash out. Taking a big breath, he said, “You should choose your words wisely, unless if you want to see my horn in your heart.” He played his voice calm, but yet rude tones were hinted in every word he spoke. The brute sarcastically smiled.

As she spoke again to him, he whinnied with laughter. As the silver dragon landed on Ophelia’s back he spoke, “Just because my group will be known does not mean that they will know when or where we will be coming from. You are a fool. Everyone in your herd is a fool also. Taking me was stupid. Even a foal is smarter than you. I will not tell you anything.” The brute glared at her little companion that stared back at him. He just wanted to get back to the Frozen Arch. The place he called home.

As Ophelia began to talk once again, Tonka tuned off her voice, focusing only on the group that had come. The next to talk was a silver bay with tinges of deep purple. Her wings looked like a purple starry night with eyes like gold. As she began to talk, the dark bay brute rolled his deep blue eyes and glared at her. He let a displeased snort rise from his throat. He decided that it was not a good time for him to talk, for he had nothing to say to Ophelia, or the rest of her herd.

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Archibald the Dauntless

"You should choose your words wisely, should you wish to see the light of day upon another horizon." Archibald's threat was low and serious, his voice cold as he approached from behind the prisoner like a mammoth wraith. His dark body passed the foolish stallion, tail flicking across his legs restlessly. In Archibald's presence it would be highly unwise to threaten Ophelia. The Dauntless remembered the look upon Ricochet's face as he was chased from the Foothills and all of Helovia, merely for threatening the pristine queen. Loretta, receiving images of the endeavor, snarled and turned her attention to Tonka, tail curling over her back as she displayed her dangerous teeth.

Black ears flicked while the General listened, taking in the information that Ophelia relayed. Turning his golden gaze to her he spoke fluidly. "Send me, Phi, to do as needed." Aware of his words, Archibald wondered where Ktulu was. He had not seen the crimson and ebony mare since intercepting Kimber recently. Turning his face away from Ophelia the Dauntless scanned the area, expectant to see the other Chieftess among them. Blinking, Archibald shifted his weight and turned to the new Storyteller, or what he guessed as from her warning, and the Dauntless sent and image of the great God to Loretta, who was still fixed on Tonka. Her attention turned, however, to the pegasus as well. "What else did the Earth God tell you?"

The Dauntless was intrigued at what the patron of the Foothills had told the mare, as well as the Assassins. As the General, it was Archibald's duty to decide with Ktulu if executioner actions were to be taken--and he wanted them to be taken. Loretta sent images of the Earth God back to Archibald, and then bloodied, wounded bodies. Pleased with her desires, Archibald calmed his mind to calm her's, as well. Casting her amber gaze back to Tonka, the bitch narrowed her eyes and released another low growl.

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Will anyone join me? said the mare with the virgin hide.

Circe heard the call, heard the summons for the warriors and citizens of the Grey; her shadowy blood boiled at the sound of it, her eyes sparking with some long-subdued passion that laid tucked away in the bowels of her being. Like the gong of a great grandfather clock, Circe’s hooves fell with a providence that transcended their inherent meaning. The hour was struck in the shadowmere’s favor; she had been waiting far too long for this. It was her moment to shine.

It was her time.

Circe came upon the white mare, the leader she knew only in hearsay as Ophelia, one of the Sisters of power. Azure eyes gazed around the proceedings, taking stock of those present; a starry-pelted Pegasus and a large, hulking brute Circe remembered seeing once before. And, of course, there did stand the interloper on their lands—a mouthy, interestingly bold fool of a stallion, following behind the white misteress as a dog might follow its master. Circe’s gaze remained impassive, though her ears flicked back and forth irritably as his taunts and nasty words flowed in her direction.

*“Just because my group will be known does not mean that they will know when or where we will be coming from. You are a fool. Everyone in your herd is a fool also. Taking me was stupid. Even a foal is smarter than you. I will not tell you anything.”*

Circe said not a word to him—didn’t feel as though vocal reciprocation was warranted for this scum who dared call himself an assassin. Instead, Circe rose up slightly on her back hocks, tossing her head and giving a loud, angry snort; her forehooves struck out exactly one time in the air, towards the brash failure of an assassin. She was nowhere close enough to make contact with him—no, it was a merely a customary sort of gesture. It was her way of saying he accepted the brutes challenge with open arms and would react accordingly. For he did challenge them just now; he made it plain that him and his kin meant ill toward the Grey, and Circe would not allow this challenge to go unanswered. With deliberate slowness, Circe lowered herself to the ground, her eyes boring into the interloper. You’ve brought this upon yourself, she growled in her mind, eyes swimming with that controlled sort of rage that was attributed to war, and now it will surely be finished. You should have just kept your head down and quite, whelp.

“I will follow,” Circe said, her sentence terse yet containing elements of respect as her eyes flicked to the Fair Lady. Then Circe gazed toward the Dauntless, that grey pillar of steely will, somehow sensing without actually knowing that he was her superior in arms, her limbs taut and ready to bolt at the word.

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From the trees, Phaedra slipped soundlessly.

Her sooty coat gleamed in the sunlight, as her slender muscles carried her to stand abreast with Ophelia. Now back in her true body, the golden-girl appeared more beautiful than ever - her natural and once-muted beauty, now seeming more lustrous and enchanting than ever. For she was enchanted; enchanted with the magic of the sirens, a well earned gift given by the Goddess of the Moon. Although she was not actively using her magic, it was still there - a dangerous glisten on the tips of her wings, an enticing sparkle in her eye. An amused look was cast over Tonka. This was not the first she had heard of the assassins nay, for a true spy - true mercenaries as the Grey were - would not be so easily surprised. Especially not by these blundering fools. The stallion's haughty words only revealed how pathetic they truly were.

Briefly, her gaze fell upon Archibald. With a coy wink, she made a mental note to get that bad boy alone for a little chit-chat, in the near future. However, as her gaze moved silently to Ophelia, all pretense of flirtation and amusement dissipated. Phi, was the one who had taken her in - who had seen some small amount of usefulness in the flighty creature who had first entered Helovia. Now here Phae stood, strong, enchanted, and gifted with a special skill-set, given to her by the white mare. She would do anything that Ophelia asked of her; to the keeper of memories, she would be forever faithful. Wordlessly, she nodded to her leader, as Stella circled high above, watching the perimeter for any other assassins, who would join.

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Ktulu slipped from the trees with Soleil following closely behind her. The two had been discussing Soleil's desire to join with her daughters despite the fact that her mate had chosen to join with the World's Edge. It was a move that felt like it pierced Ktulu's heart, but it was one she would try to ignore. Perhaps one day she would confront her father and speak to him about abandoning the Foothills after the invasion. He had not even stayed around long enough to see if his daughters fared well or to even offer his congratulations on a successful invasion no matter how pathetic the herd was. Another of his actions that struck a sour chord with her.

Ophelia's call successfully ended their conversation and drew the two mares toward her. Upon their arrival, Ktulu noted the members who had gathered as she moved to stand by her sister's side, her mother lingering among the other members. An unknown stallion who stayed close to Ophelia spoke and it gave her knowledge enough to know what she wanted and needed to know about him. Her ears tilted back and she gritted her teeth as she narrowed her bloody gaze on him. "You already try my patience." She said cooly. "Speak one more word or threaten Ophelia in any way and I will enjoy ripping your breath from your lungs while you squirm and writhe like the worm you are."

Another fierce glare was thrown at Tonka before Ktulu gave Ophelia her undivided attention until Irrydae began to speak of the Earth God. Ktulu remained respectfully quiet then finally spoke once Irrydae had finished. "As always I will stand with you." Ktulu said to her sister. "Archibald and I can warn the Edge." She offered, unless, of course, Ophelia thought to send someone more suited to diplomacy than herself.

Soleil and Tajheri are both lingering with the rest of the herd c:

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They have arrived long before Lakota, who was busy with other endeavors such as patrolling. It almost wounded her to be placed in the position of Earth Medic, but it also had presented to her a whole other world she'd never thought she'd enjoy: healing. Always, she'd been the Poisoner, the killer. Now, she could do both. Even so, she was mildly wary of the possibility that even in a mercenary band she would be underestimated for her position as a healer. Nevertheless, that would be her advantage, and her skills with poison would remain hidden until she needed to reveal it. So when she heard words of threat from a man of rust, slipping like a black jaguar from the shadows, ears flattened and teeth were bared. Aodaun growled angrily at her hooves as they melted out of the darkness like ink, unable to be contained. Archibald and Ktulu made well on his threat, so Lakota saw no need to say anything more. Instead she moved forth to stand between Phaedra and Ktulu, separating her attention between the two while her eyes remained locked on Tonka. Ice cold violet never wavered, and she itched to watch him rot on whatever deathly substance she chose to access. She would rather him watch his pride, his 'Assassin's', fall to pieces. That would teach him humility. And maybe then, when all of his kin had fallen, she would watch him wither and die from the inside.

Every dark thought was visible on her face, refusing to hide it because there was nobody to shield it from. Archibald was a formidable mountain near her princess, but he was no threat and she inclined her head respectfully towards him, knowing only his name with no personal attachment. Hotaru was left safely with her sister as they had passed by, and so Lakota let Aodaun slip over to Phaedra and paw at her tail, a signal that the mare was looking over the spotted woman without moving her eyes. Lakota would never put the beautiful young twins in harms way, and trusted Phaedra would do the same. Ophelia's voice resonated in her head, and a smirk more twisted than the gnarled trees in the marsh found its way to her lips. Vengeance was a blanket over her irises, death lingering behind her gaze. The Grey could not be imitated, and the Assassin's were foolish to think they could steal from the glory of the real mercenary band. They were also idiotic, thinking the Edge would fall so easily, and though Tonka seemed assured that their plans and position would give them the advantage to win, Lakota knew it was not so easy. The Edge was massive, with multiple highly trained and powerful warriors. Mirage and Thor would never allow them through the first inch of their borders. Predatory gaze turned to Ophelia, and it was washed away like the gentle tide to show nothing but respect and even adoration. "I always stand by you, Ophelia. However I am not one for words, I will remain and help to protect our home while you travel." Simple enough. Kota knew if she went, she'd likely happen to insult someone on accident, or would slip off to find these despicable Assassin's and show them the power of the Grey single-handedly. Neither would she allow their home to be taken so quickly, and Tonka knowing of their plan was already one too many for her liking. She'd rather see him dead, especially for his threat to Ophelia, but it was perhaps better to have some leverage on the fake band of followers. The warrior was never one for politics and diplomacy; they pointed, she killed on command. That was how the world worked for her.

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Though she had heard little of the Assassins since her stay in the Foothills as a member of the Grey, she was still curious to the pursuit of such foolish creatures. It was obvious that the Grey had enough strength and unity to overcome an entire herd, so what made this band of misfits believe that they had any chance of overthrowing her new loyalties to Ophelia and her band? Slipping through the shadows of the forest surrounding the plains, Ailith watched as her frozen leader moved leisurely through the dunes with a buckskin stallion trudging reluctantly in her wake. A small trace of a smile seemed to part the mare’s darkened lips and for the first time in her short life, she felt satisfied to see the capture of a most unwilling participant. She closed her eyes for a moment, envisioning the rage that she had pictured upon his face; it was nearly exciting for her to imagine the rush of taking a captive… Would she be able to do as much at one point in her life? Would she find it as enthralling as she so thought now? The idea sent coarse shivers down her spine as she moved forward into the mass of gathering beasts, her head held high as if she belonged just as much as the next.

Perhaps she had belonged all along.

Her eyes were fixed upon the one called Tonka as Ophelia’s victorious song played out over the swells. The golden mare was enraptured, excited, and furthermore, plainly curious. She felt strange looking into those terrified eyes of the buckskin that now stood face-to-face with the enemy… the Grey.

Ailith counted each head as the members of her clan slowly trickled in from the outer reaches of the Foothills. It was slightly daunting to look upon so many new faces at once, but she was more than ready to call each and every one of them her “family”. She had not been surprised to find Archibald among them and perhaps even a bit soothed to find him there. She knew that no harm would come to her entrusted leader with him around, thought she didn’t doubt the Queen’s power. However, many appeared nameless before her, such as the silvery mare with beautifully crafted lavender wings. Even the persistent lush that she had met upon finding Archibald after the invasion was present along with another vision of a creature that consequently sidled up against Ophelia- an ever faithful lap dog as it were.

However, another still stood out before them all. An ebony mare with a crimson dipped horn stepped forth from the mass and from the way she spoke and held herself, it was all Ailith could do but assume that she too led alongside Ophelia. She had never made mention of the mare, but perhaps Phi had wanted her to recognize this mare’s power without hesitation on her own. Besides, it was hard to fool herself otherwise considering that she was able to issue threats on behalf of the foolish beast that called himself an assassin. A twisted smile seemed to find its way to the golden’s mouth and she did nothing to hide her amusement. Whatever was going on with the Edge would soon be stopped thanks to her new leads and she was more than ready to follow in their footsteps. This was her new calling after all.

"If you'll have me." Her voice carried above other muted whispers in hopes that she would be recognized and awarded for a quick tongue that didn't always carry knowledge.

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Sweat rolled into my eyes like a savaged game as a sliver of boulder shed away from the enormous rock, a clap of erosion as it pounded the grass. We were at the western edge of the Foothills, slaving our magic as it pounded in our heads. My breath drew in and sputtered though a hot inhale as my body possessed just enough physical energy to take a few steps. The day was creeping to it's peak and the sun skinned me with a golden ray. I glared with unspoken oblivion shadowing my eyes. I never realized such a task would prove to eat away the time and we'd realize only a few stones were cut away from the surrounding rocks. We harvested as many as we could, I kicked mine over, rolling them through the sweet grass to a pile where we could start laying them. I couldn't fathom the number of stone bricks it would take, but somehow I felt that we would never finish all the way through.

The mental stress was unbearable. Like scissors to ribbon, the slightest distraction cut away both energy and time, leaving me a numb body for the earth to weather away. The magical feel was an extra limb, invisible to others but not to me. As the stone shivered and sagged under my jagged cuts one would see dust rise from the cracking material, but I saw lines drawn in golden fury, sparks rising away from the crevices in my way. I saw imperfection in the stone, and it made me mad. I growled as my cut-line proved to be wavy and mangled. They'd need to be smoothed down before anyone could successfully lay the stones down with cement. My brain quickly jumped to Time, and I wondered if he'd be available upon request.

Raimo, at the moment was feasting away on a plump hare. It made me sick to think about when I hunted for him a few years before, but I often remember why he's here in the first place and think of Osiris and his wolves, wondering if the kind wolf-horse survived the shades. One day I'd return to them and find a way to avenge their thirst for everyone I loved. I thought about their mists falling to the power of my stone magic.

I couldn't concentrate for much longer because the fatigue finally won my brain. I could only stare at the shattered rocks, the piles of mountains of rock the smiled through the sun's haughty heat. They became daunting, those numbers, and I nearly fell to the ground as stalwart legs trembled atop the earth. Somewhere between the lines of mountains and rocky dust I saw the grace of the Grey's alabaster Ophelia cross the hills. Her lips grew into a taut smile and right there she summoned us. I shook my mane, sweat dripping away from the black strands and strode forward, slowly as if chains were wrapped around my ankles.

But a stallion emerged behind her, almost forced in by the pull of her bicolored eyes and she spoke out, determination the most evident in her vocal, to us. He was from the assassins, an intruder I guessed and this meant nothing to me but war. A sigh escaped my windpipe, and blew into the open air. I looked down, eyes focusing on the grass for a moment before I glanced up again. It started and ended so quickly, this unfortunate game of evil. It would mean better work on the wall, more time training, and less sleep for both Raimo and I. I'd have to do it again, run through a battlefield, kill innocents, remain unscathed.

"I'll do whatever the Grey needs me to." Raimo, with kill fresh in his teeth fluttered down from the sky to land delicately on my shoulders.

It left a bad taste in my mouth.


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Worn hooves made their way down into the only the home of the fearsome Grey. A band that Locket had known nothing of until recently, when they came in numbers and swept away the remains of Jackal's control. In a blink of an eye Locket's whole world had been turned on it's head and the panda boy didn't quite know whether he was happy or sad. He was certain of his loyalty, the two sisters had proven to be more than capable Leaders and Locket was proud to follow them, but he couldn't help but yearn after his former life as a vagabond. With no boundaries and no complicated conflicts, but the Warrior that when he entered Helovia it wasn't going to be easy. Adapting to herd life after years of travelling was never going to be a walk in the park and Locket would continue to persevere at this new life he had chosen. After all, his mother had always taught him to wait for the best things and if he worked hard enough then greatness would come to him.

As the ground levelled out he heard the shattering call of Ophelia across the land and alabaster ears pricked to her voice. He wasn't far away. With a swift transition Locket picked up his gait from a smooth trot into a bouncy canter, curly tail characteristically held high in the air. He rounded a few bends, passed the odd tree before coming into sight of the gathering herd. The warrior fell into a halt beside his General and gave the prisoner a stern look, it seemed trouble was still afoot and anger was strong in the air. He thought the fool who called himself Tonka would be wise to keep his mouth shut, it seemed this little band he was part of was already in a great deal of trouble and Locket took note to memorize the names Ophelia gave. The role he had obtained now felt different to that of just a general warrior, 'executioner' had a more horror like touch to it but Locket liked the way it sounded.

The panda boy then turned to their new Storyteller and he dipped his head in respect, listening with curiosity to her words. Be watchful? Just what was coming that caused the Earth God to give such a warning. A dark foreboding crept upon Locket that made him shiver, he asked no questions of her as Archibald seemed to have echoed his thoughts anyway. Lastly Locket noted the others presented and gave each a nod of hello, most notably to Ailith who Locket remembered from the battle, he was happy she had been accepted. The remnants of the old herd still had brave souls.

He considered his next words then before moving to look at Ophelia and then to Ktulu. He was specifically lead by the darker of the sisters and he knew very little of the Constrictor but he stood to attention in a salute like fashion. "I will go wherever you command" he said in his strange accent that consisted of roguish tones and oddly pronounced letters that echoed their Mason's words. If they wanted him to defend their home, he would defend, if he was wanted in another land he would go. Locket was a practical stallion and argued very little.

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"It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for;

Apollo oftentimes wondered just how he could lose track of himself so easily. Since the invasion and since gaining hold of their new home, the medic found himself wandering the plains and rocky patches of the Foothills, his nose twitching constantly upon the earth and soft, honey-brown eyes soaking in everything of their new home. He explored each nook and cranny, tasting the sweet grass and drinking in the crisp, clean waters that flowed from the higher mountain tops. This was what the Grey had needed; a home that was truly worth defending, and worth fighting for. A brief twitch of his dark lips caused the stag to chuckle.

Yes, he had fought in the invasion, and the Grey had gained a few new members because of it. Their home was growing more and more secure by the day, and that put the black and white overo at ease. Now, if only he could just find those blasted herbs he was looking for...

It was during the middle of his searching for medicinal herbs that Ophelia's cry caught his attention, his head snapping up to attention and ears swiveling forward so quickly that Apollo was sure he had given himself whiplash. Taking a moment to calm his spinning head, the unicorn turned towards where her voice had come from. He stared for a moment, spotting the herd begin to gather at the base of a hill, and with one last glance to the tree-line he had been standing beside, the Paint began the trek to join the others. Despite the meeting not being in his agenda, there was no way he would ever turn down Ophelia's call and beckon. Nor Ktulu's, should she ever summon him. Or Phaedra's... But that was for a different reason, he supposed.

Apollo's eyes soaked in the forms that had assembled in the meeting. While some of them he knew, like Peixos, Archibald, Lakota, and Phaedra - seeing her, his heart did a little jump in his chest, for she was beautiful once more -, and of course Ktulu and Ophelia, there were those gathered who he had never encountered before. His eyes lingered upon them all, soaking in their silent forms before re-directing his gaze towards his Chieftesses. What truly caught the stallion's interests, however, was the bay creature that stood beside Ophelia. Who was he? Did he intend to come to the Foothills and serve the Grey, as well? Then, those very questions were answered from his mind by the pale queen herself. No. He did not intend to join his family; quite the opposite, in fact.

... Assassins? Apollo gave a somewhat sarcastic snort. Who did these idiots think they were? Grey-wannabes? The bay brute's words were obviously meant to be intimidating, but the monochromatic stallion knew that his family would not be so easily swayed into cowardice. Tonka, as he was named, was a fool. As were his band of fake mercenaries. Apollo discovered that he would have laughed at their tomfoolery if such a reaction wouldn't have been deemed innapropriate. Then, Ophelia asked the question:

'Will any one join me?'

Of course he would. Apollo lived and breathed for the Grey, and he would do anything that they had asked him. Why did Ophelia even need to ask? He, a lowly stallion who was far from fighting material, had fought with his horn, teeth, and hooves to help gain this very land that they stood upon. No, Ophelia should never question his loyalty; for the Grey, Apollo would die a thousand times over.

Deciding to make his thoughts known, the black and white stallion pushed his way through the herd onlookers, ever politeful, and raised his head up high. The crystalline hues of his horn caught a few rays of sunlight, causing a rainbow effect to linger upon the ground. Inhaling deeply, Apollo paused in his tracks, and forced himself to speak.

"Ophelia... I will do whatever you or Ktulu ask me, as I have always done. If I can be of any assistance, I will do your bidding." He paused for a second and glanced around somewhat uncertainly, his eyes lingering a moment longer on Phaedra than was necessary before looking back to his pale queen, "Yet, I won't lie; I feel as though my best talents are here, at home, taking care of those who may need it." Yet if she ordered him to, then by the Gods themselves, Apollo would act.

I can never fight for myself, but, for others, I can kill."

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The smooth green slopes of the Foothills were a welcome change from the claustrophobic cage of the forest, and Murdock thoroughly enjoyed the unbroken view of the sky. So far, herd activity had been low as everyone got settled into their new home. He had been given nothing in the way of an assignment, and though eager for some work he had remained patient. There was much of the Foothills he had not seen yet, and like the childish creature he was, he had busied himself with exploring. The weather had been characteristically pleasant for the season, apart from the occasional rain that washed down the sleek grey sides of the mountains to nourish the land. The vegetation was bright and healthy, and it provided a more than satisfactory meal.

A swift, clear call caught Murdock’s attention as he grazed, and he lifted his head toward the sound. In the distance, he could see the pure white form of Ophelia, who was soon joined by other members of the herd. Something about seeing all the members of the Grey gathering about their leader excited him, and he wasted little time in setting his course for the gathering. Perhaps they were going to see some action, after all. The wind tore through his mane as he broke into a swift lope, pale wings held tight against his side as he descended the slope.

He slowed his pace as he neared them, looking about at those who wandered closer. There were both those he recognized and those he had never seen before among the gathering, but his gaze drifted up toward Ophelia where she stood at the head of the group. He joined the crowd soundlessly, stepping up closer to their leaders to hear their words. A strange buckskin stallion stood at Ophelia’s side and Murdock fixed him with a scrutinizing gaze. Threats poured from the assassin’s mouth, and Murdock thought him awfully brave, or perhaps stupid, as he was foolish enough to act so rashly amidst such a group as the Grey.

An entertained smile met his lips as he watched ‘Tonka’, his wings settling against his sides as a gentle wind blew across his face. Other members of the herd gradually joined them, slowly making their way toward the congregation from whatever duties had held their attention. Each one of them, like the faithful creatures they were, volunteered themselves for the mission. Murdock, as well, offered a curt nod to Ophelia, but no words left his lips. He would go if he was needed, of course, and he looked forward to serving his new family in whatever way he could.

One mare, a silver bay with violet dusting across her back, spoke up about the God of the Earth. She had taken council with him, and she addressed the herd to speak about their meeting. Murdock had never met a God, though he imagined they were rather impressive and possibly quite frightening. He listened quietly as the mare spoke, digesting her words, though he could not piece together their meaning. First the ‘threat’ of the assassins and now an enigmatic warning from the Earth God? Murdock smiled faintly, shifting his weight across his hips. Perhaps this day would turn out interesting, after all.

"talk talk talk"

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Slipping from the shadows is a large, imposing figure of a wolf. Upon his shoulder sits a small black reptile with an oddly cheerful toothy grin, serrated teeth sharp yet welcoming to the crowd which surround the figure of pristine white and deep crimson - the Grey. With unwavering steps, the wolf walks toward the commotion, finding himself stepping to stand rather close in front of Tonka, the brute who he did not recognize. While he was quite certain that Ophelia could take care of herself, some protective instinct in the wolf made him stand in a position to which he could easily launch himself up with open jaws toward the jugular of the stallion and halt any assassination attempts of his leader.

Hopefully, his oddly formed and particularly massive figure with a stern expression would be enough to keep the prisoner on his guard. While he was technically part of the intelligence of the Grey, there was no shame in putting his force forward to debase any cowardly acts of violence by this Tonka. As Ophelia speaks, Osiris looks in her direction but gives the dragon (who at the time was stupidly waving toward the silver Tinek) to watch the stallion's movement carefully. Begrudgingly, Comadre sighs and sets his violet gaze onto the body while watching two screens in their inner mind together. One projected from feral golden eyes, one from bright, childlike purple eyes. Both of them, however, were just about the same scene from different angles.

With this, the entirety of the meeting is captured, as well as keeping a close eye on those not welcomed to the Foothills. When the rest of the group falls silent, Osiris takes his turn to speak upon the behalf of the group of chums calling themselves Assassins. "Let me know to what end I can be of assistance, Ophelia," he says calmly. "I will do as you ask."

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Ophelia smiled as the many faces she knew by heart and a few she desired to know better made their way to her. The stallion, Tonka, became an afterthought among the beauty and completeness of family. She listened to Irryidae's words from the God of the Earth, wondering what exactly he meant. Soon, they would know, but until then, the Foothills would have to be careful. "Irrydae indeed brings interesting words from the God of the Earth. We need to know each other well, and we need to know ourselves. I can only assume that means that somehow, we will be challenged by this knowledge and our beliefs. Stay strong. Stay steadfast. Trust each other."

Tonka then threatened to run her through, and Ophelia frowned, flicking her ears back. "I doubt it," she replied with a grunt. She would not give him the satisfaction of fear. So many offered to join her on her journey, and she stepped forward, looking at Circe, the one member of her herd whom she knew very little. "Circe, would you join me on the visit to the Dragon's Throat?" she asked kindly.

"I need not tell you the rest of your tasks," Ophelia said with a proud smile. "You do so honorably." When Ktulu offered to go to the Edge with Archibald, she weighed the proposition carefully. Her sister had never been very good with diplomacy, and neither had Archibald, to be quite frank. "I believe I will go there with myself and a volunteer. I need to speak with them about their attempts to steal me prior to our invasion, if you recall. Ktulu and Archibald, you are needed here, to protect the borders. Would one of you guard Tonka in my absence?" she asked, needing to not have his cumbersome carcass on her mind.

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