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It took a long time to fly from the Threshold to the Throat. The trees eventually filtered out into grassland of Helovia's wilds, Hector had flown over them with a Soldier's caution. Many and not all friendly roamed the wilds, though the chestnut boy thought it was highly unlikely that any would dare attack them. There were two of them for starters and Hector set a quick pace, partly because he was eager to return home, the journey was long and rather tedious on such warm days. Veci continuously floated off ahead, his attention held on one thing for no longer than a few minutes before he was off after something else. His hoofed bonded could do little, but chuckle at him on the way, for Hector too was once a child and knew the wondrous feeling of being so young. The world always felt so huge and full of never ending surprises. The Soldier was also in a vibrant mood which vibrated down their bond and affected his mischievous companion. All in all the flight was a pleasurable one and he hoped Helio thought so too.

The grasslands eventually turned into sand and the warmth of the Throat engulfed him as he sighed in content. Home. Far-off in the distance you could see the glittering blue of the sea reflecting the sun's blushing gaze, a maze of orange hues giving the land a marvellous landscape. Hector looked about for Helio and, once he caught his eye, he signalled for them to land upon the desert floor, next to the colourful oasis that was full of the life of Tallsun. Wings outstretched and gently he glided closer to the ground, forelegs dangled out first until finally they embraced the earth with a familiar thud of hooves. All fours were now upon the ground, cantering softly and Hector brought himself to a quick halt. The familiar presence of Veci floating around his ears.

Fiery eyes sought out Helio and with a warm smile he indicated to the land all around them. "Welcome to the Dragons Throat, Helio! I hope you will find peace and purpose in our herd, as well as many friends." His voice boomed in proud introduction. He wondered what the golden stud's first thoughts would be and what he wanted to do now. Would he take up a rank within the herd like Hector had? Maybe he would or maybe he wouldn't, but for now Hector idled around to make sure his new friend would settle okay.

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It was a long trip, but a joyful one. Orange sand so close he could feel the sun already baking him. This could quite possibly be the most fun and exciting place. A soft smile curled on his inky lips as he turned to face Hector. He had quite a large amount of butterflies soaring in his stomach. With no doubt if these horses were like Hector, he'd be welcomed, but what if some weren't that friendly and nice? The leader. What if he or she was mean and rude. There was always that one horse that ruined everything. Who would it be?

Hector's friendly voice brought him from his dark thoughts with a pleasant and proud voice. "Welcome to the Dragons Throat, Helio! I hope you will find peace and purpose in our herd, as well as many friends." He hoped he would find peace and purpose also. Friends? He didn't see many horses, but what if he was intruding on clicks and bands that formed in the herd?

They had flown quickly, but it had been easy for Helio to keep up with his large wings. Helio was flying a little ways below Hector so when his wing extended, it wouldn't hit Hector's. If they did there was a good chance they'd both fall from the sky. The dynamics of pegasi were strange and comprehensible. It took some time for Helio to understand why and how he could fly, but he did. He knew his bones were light and with the smallest hit he would go soaring through the sky than fall very hard.

Helio spoke a reply to Hector. "I am pleased to enter your home. I hope I will find such valuable things also." A sincere smile plastered his face. The scenery had changed. The wooded forest dripped into orange sand and the sun's strength grew. So this was home now? No more searching and lusting for a home?

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