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Quest Drop #2

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Step One :: Signing Up!
- You will respond to this drop in character, responding as if every character who shows up is also present
- This will operate sort of like a meeting with back and forth between the Goddess of the Moon and your characters
-**NOTE** Remember that when you post here, that you provide links to the times your character has been refused in the veins!
- Your character has 72 hours to respond to this thread properly

Step Two :: The Decision
- Moon Goddess will then choose 1-2 characters to take under her wing and give them quests for whatever they choose (Options listed below)
- When the decisions are posted, so will be the rubric. Basically this will depend on how many times your specific characters has been rejected from the veins and loosely based on how maxed they are
- You character's name will be put into a "pot" of names 1 additional time for each previous refusal from a drop or a quest
- All numbers, tables and functions will be screenshots for transparency and understanding

The Quest :: Dark or Wind based magic/upgrade, normal companion, marking/appearance alteration, or item (Either related to the Moon or without any affiliation)
- Winner/s will then continue forward either on a new thread or the tail end of this thread where their desires are stated and the questing begins
- The quests will be traditionally like the veins quests

The Call

The Goddess appeared at the stroke of midnight as a beautiful figure in the shadow of nature's most perfect arch. Her coat, velveteen and spectral, caught her rising moonlight and reflected the ominous tone of her arrival. She saw nothing in the distance- nothing but dark and the faint sparkling of her evening light glittering across the ice. Outside the archway, lonely birdcalls split the night silence. The Goddess' wind lifted the tired beasts' wings, sending them out across the land with her call on their minds. Their shadows would lead all creatures of Helovia here, to the Arch.

She was feeling unusually kind that evening. Perhaps it was her sojourn from the veins, perhaps it was the excessive solitude, but she missed the mortals. She missed their petty squabbles and their selfish requests. And above all she missed their minds' so wicked and unknowingly dark, so impressionable. They bended to her will like the birds on the evening wind. She waited now, her eyes carefully watching the dark as the songs of the birds grew softer and softer.

With a soft sigh, the evening deepened. She was tired of this game- should no one heed her call, she would be quick to turn and fly once more into the night. Perhaps it was a waste of her time, she thought. Perhaps it would have been better to leave them as they were, writhing in their self imposed squalor. What a strange thing it was for a Goddess to cavort with mortals of any kind- what a strange beast she was.

1. You cannot get a mythical companion quest from this drop
2. Do not post unless your request is relative to the Goddess of the Moon and has been in the Wishlist database for at least one month.

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Snow, snow snow. Even in Tallsun, there was always too much snow here. Aryel had begun to stray near borders with impunity, trusting in her wings to carry away should an enemy appear. It was a brief adrenaline rush for her, border-hopping. And she had little respect for the Basin horses anyway. As far as she was concerned, the arrogant, racist bastards didn't even deserve their frozen tundra. And she rarely saw many horses in this maze of icy arches and caverns. She didn't ponder that fact, just being here in the echoes and the ancient darkness gave her the willies. Unlike the peace one would feel if they were standing in, say, a grove of very old oaks, the ice here was almost malevolent in it's quiet. Why was she even here? Some nagging feeling in the middle of the night? Java certainly didn't have that same feeling. He jumped at every plop of meltwater, shivering on her back.

With a snort, she quickened her pace, finally emerging from one of the ice tunnels into the shadow of an enormous archway. She blinked in surprise, realizing she wasn't alone. There was another horse here, a hybrid by the looks of her. She took a cautious step forward, peering at the mare. This was no mortal horse, but a deity materialized from the dark and the arctic wind. If she had sent out that feeling to Aryel, then others would no doubt come. "Good evening, ma'am." she said, her eyes guarded. She certainly respected gods, but she did not grovel. Greeting given, she took a few steps away and looked somewhere else, standing back to let the others that would soon come greet the goddess.

(Was rejected in the first quest drop, if we need to state that.)

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Thanks for the good times, and no hard feelings for the bad times.

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Ice blue eyes scan blackness, except for a small hole of light. It gives the image of a frozen wasteland, and there is a feeling of unrest. Somehow, the white draft hears the call of the Night Mistress, and he follows. He is uneasy in his journey, as it is the middle of the night, and in the middle of the northern part of the continent. However, he is determined, and Casimir moves with sloppy hooves towards the Arch. The snow falls gently, and he finds no ice beneath him, but he is panicking nonetheless. He wished Kipp were here with him, or someone. He wished suddenly that he had a companion, one that would be able to take care of him and heal him when he needed it, and would help him traverse the world with fully functional eyes, not petty blind ones. The draft lacked grace suddenly and fell where the snow was deep. He didn’t fall too hard, but he still fell. Huffing and puffing, he slowly got back up, and saw a dark place in front of him, but it was glowing. He moved towards it, and could sense that the Goddess of the Moon must be here. Gods had great amounts of power he knew, and he could feel her enumerate it. The place was made of ice, and he was fearful, but kept moving. He took his time now, making sure his hooves were in a safe and sturdy place before moving to the next step. It took him a while to reach the purple goddess from the sky, but he did. There was someone else there, but he wasn’t sure whom. He hadn’t heard it speak, and it was standing away from the God. He began to be nervous, twitching a little, and standing on the other side of the room, but looking at the goddess before him.

“H-hello Gr-great Goddess.” He stuttered at first, and then slowed himself down, not wanting to be rude. “I have come to answer your call. Is there something you need Night Mistress?”

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and when you see me, you will freeze

Snö had woken in the night, ears twisting forward, some strange... something calling at her, an insistent melody singing, sweet, changing notes that heightened and fell, soothing and eerie, like an ancient call to a ceremony unknown. It had begun as a keening, then sped, and moved quicker and quicker, louder and louder, until she had given way and began to follow. Where would it lead her? Would it be something sinister?

Tarak came jogging at her side, metal pieces shifting and clicking, a familiar, comforting sound when she moved towards such a strange summon. Snö simply glowed in the moonlight, shining like a lustrous pearl, coat glimmering softly, groomed to perfection. Even her mane and tail was lush and free of tangles as she moved, from meticulous groomings and many bathing times in the burning hot of the mineral waters. Snö was vain enough to know she was beautiful, and conceited enough to make sure everyone else knew- this fact only confirmed by her carefully cleaned body.

She moved swifter, and quicker, crystal blue eyes sharp as she entered the Arch near her beautiful icy home. Here, she knew, was the source of the call.

Indeed, there were two mares; a pegasus of such extraordinary ugliness Snö could not bear to set her chilling eyes on her, the second one Snö immediately as the leader of this small place, her intoxicating, unique aura near-exploding in the tiny cavern, enthralling anyone who approached. A goddess, spun of violet darkness and wings. Lastly, a unicorn that barely passed, with twisted blackened horns on a creamy body.

Already Snö bore a flower in her creamy mane, yet nevertheless she immediately longed to talk to this mare, of an idea she nurtured so sweetly in her mind.

She prayed the deity would give her chance to speak.


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what is this world we live in?

She knew not what had called her to this place, or where this place was -- all that the silver-skinned horse knew was that she had answered it, and that the orbs that she had conjured still lingered in a loose circle around her. Their ominous presence -- which had once been spurned by their creator -- were now the grey youth's vessels of her confusion and misunderstanding. The cause of such emotions was both easy to point out and hard to follow; Sulwyn did not feel at home with herself, and she felt that she had recently begun to do and say things that she never would have before.

One example would be the way she had reacted to the frosted ebony fae, Valka, during their encounter in the Threshold of these lands. She still couldn't wrap her head around why she had spoken to the mare with vague threats, she hadn't even given herself the chance to get to know the distraught vixen. Her golden gaze had skimmed over the towering creature's body and its wounds; her delicate ears had picked up the pride in the dark unicorn's voice when she spoke of outrunning monsters that had emerged from the foothills; and that was all that the young mare had needed to know to become so protective of her home.

All it had taken was a string of words, a pair of gashes, and a pointed weapon perched upon a child's head to set the grulla off the edge, and falling from her usual, quiet self.

Sulwyn suddenly found herself yearning the company of another being, and not that of the life-stealing spheres that formed a protective ring around her. A silver tail lashed at dark hocks piteously as their mistress plunged herself deeper into despair. Although she might be a shy creature, she definitely did not wish to be a solitary one, but her past meeting had started to make the mare think she was better off alone. She may have a herd to welcome her home when her journey ends, but what the sun-branded mare did lack, were friends.

Now you're just being selfish. You have Thor to look forward to meeting again, and perhaps even Hellena would be willing to keep company with you. A grim look plastered itself onto her slim features, unsure that even those two equines would be welcoming to her after her recent failure at claiming the young Valka. As her self-deprecating thoughts took over, charcoal hooves continued to trudge on, slowly making their way towards the general direction of the Edge. It was when she was no longer paying attention to where she was going that she stumbled upon a gathering of mortals, all looking attentively at one violet deity.

Shaking out long, ashen tresses and smothering each hovering orb with a bewildered expression upon her face, Sulwyn tentatively walked up to a horned young brute, setting a few feet between them to stay out of his space. Casting a confused gaze at the other two horses who had gathered here -- a uniquely marked pegasus and a luminescent, porcelain unicorn -- the mare found it hard to relax in their presence. Without even looking into their faces she knew that she had never met them before, she was far too sheltered for that. The only two places that she had ever gone to -- not including the Threshold, where she had first come to Helovia -- were the Edge and the Blue, where it was mainly her herdmates that she saw day to day.

I guess that this meeting could be considered a form of exposure, in any case.

Golden eyes turned away from the mortals that stood beside her and rested their hesitant gaze onto the dazzling hybrid's lavender form. In the few weeks that the silver fae had been here, she had never had the opportunity to rest her ever-widening pools onto such a beautiful creature. The unicorn's magnificent, purple wings folded gracefully at her sides and her long, spiraled horn perched upon her tiara dazzled in the silver light of the moon.

Sulwyn found that her body itched in anticipation and that her breaths came out in gasps in the presence of this mesmerizing mare. It was her first time meeting with a Goddess, and even thought no one had said it aloud when the grulla had joined them, she could feel that that was what she was. And that, like the reflections that came off of her pointed horn, she was the Goddess of the Moon.
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it has come to pass...

The bloodless and pale essence skimmed across the frozen floor. The moon was high against the black velvet backdrop. Diamonds glistened, scattered across the velvet cloth. The moon’s splendor encased her frame, igniting a soft glow about her presence as she traveled across the terrain. Her strides were fluent, like a prima ballerina, never missing a beat and in perfect harmony. The picturesque figment casually arched her slender nape while her depthless ice blue souls held a passion and a burning desire for the scenery sprawled out before her.

This was the feeling, the sensation she existed for. When time was her’s and eternity flourished all around her. She knew the consciousness of fading into oblivion and aging with time. To be caged in a mortals body was death itself, and hell was not a pretty thing. It was something she repulsed against, dreading having to experience it’s claws again. Like the snow she traveled upon, her beauty, pure, matched if not surpassed the beauty of Jack Frost. Though Nadira was far from egoistic, she would rather coalesce into her surroundings and go unnoticed. Maybe that’s why she had been searching to call the Basin her home.

It was the beasts of the air that caught her fancy and intrigue, as they called to her and guided her to the heart of the Arch. As the gathering focused itself, the moon stricken mare counted the moon goddess, as it was evident who she was, a pegasus, an equine, and two other unicorns who had been drawn into the presence of the goddess. One particular unicorn, young, had the perfume of the Basin on her, and Nadira wondered who she was. She was definitely more exquisite than all the rest and a slender smile etched itself upon her delicate façade.

It would be silly to assume that the moon goddess would care for introductions unless she was specifically interested in her, so the timeless essence simply gave a formal curtsey to the goddess in the most highly respected fashion. Dipping her silver painted crown, she took care to watch where she placed her three-foot horn, leaning into a slight bow. This was her first encounter with any of the Helovian gods and though she figured they could see right through each of their intentions, the sea foam canvas truly had no concept of the powers they bestowed upon their pawns of this world.

So with no knowledge, the bloodless and pale unicorn had no intention of asking for something, unless she should be granted a favor or a gift of sorts. Having been born under the sky’s jewels and blessed under the moonlight, it was enough for the ocean’s shadow to be in the goddess’s presence alone. An elegant crease graced her maw as her glacier souls befell on the goddess. She witnessed two others greeting the darkened one, who had called them all together, but she too wondered what the meeting was about. Only one way to find out.

(Did not win the drop Kammen [Fire Magic Drop], or the Boggart Boss [Companion Drop])

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Congratulations Sulwyn!

First of all, I made a list of character's names. One name was put into the list for the post on this thread. One additional name was put in for each rejection (after checking them all for legitimacy).

[Image: 514ba4a93f756]

Then I randomized the list:

[Image: 514ba4dfadd19]

There were 6 names, so I brought up a 6 sided dice, rolled, and just cross referenced who the winner was.

[Image: 514baa11ba76f]

1. Due to the giveaways, only one character will be chosen for a quest this time.
2. You cannot quest for the ability to bond to more than one companion.
3. This drop is only for normal companions, items, or dark/light magic, not for mythicals, fire magic or anything else.
4. From this point forward, Sulwyn will be unable to list any already used rejections to put his name in more than once.
5. VotG "extra rolls" will put your character's name in the pot an additional time.

First, the eyes fell upon the pretty blue mare, who stunk of the desert. She could sense a certain...unwillingness about her. A haughtiness, like so many others, who thought perchance the Goddess might respect someone who did not fear, or grovel before her. But she did not respect them - for she should be feared. Staring at the mare with an ambiguous smirk, she turned from her, ignoring her greeting, and allowing her gaze to fall upon a stuttering buffoon of a stallion. At least he was properly intimidated. Her tail brushed lightly against her hocks, as she swished it slightly, creating a sound like the rippling of tides. "Not today." She said with an uncanny patience to her voice. But then again, she had been feeling particularly charitable this evening. As her silvery-white gaze fell upon Sno, she paused for a moment, recognizing the brilliant blue flower which adorned her mane. Surely it was one of her brothers, but why did this mare possess it? The Goddess assumed she must be on a quest already, and, pausing, tried to decide if she was impressed, or disgusted by her greed and ambition.

"And you, little snowdove." She cooed sarcastically. "If a moment of my time, required you to destroy that pretty thing, would you?" A silvery laugh escaped her lips, as she shook her slender head.

And then, there was Sulwyn. She smelled of the expanses of the Edge, and uttered not a word. With an exquisite smile, the Goddess stepped towards her - spreading her beautiful wings and dipping them slightly, much like a lady might hold out her hands in a welcoming gesture. "A child of the Edge" The Goddess began, her words melodic and sounding painfully sweet. Pupil-less eyes fell upon the mare, as the Goddess reached into her mind, fishing about for the root cause which brought her here. With a knowing smile, the Goddess tilted her head as if feigning curiosity. "You have my attention, Sulwyn. What is it you seek?"

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what is this world we live in?

Tentative golden pools studied the magnificent mare that faced them, watching as her ethereal violet eyes looked into the souls of each being that had gathered here. Sulwyn wasn't sure if the lavender vixen was as soft as she looked; the words that fell past her lips didn't seem to be very kind, but nor did they seem to be loathing or hateful towards the receiver of their lyrics. The Goddess seemed to be sizing up each one of them, judging them based on their appearance -- or was she really burrowing inside of their heads, stealing their thoughts and intentions, deciding if any of these petty mortals were even worth her time? No matter what the moonlit vixen's intent was, the mustang still watched her with a concerned look upon her face, her head raised high in the air to meet her pupil-less gaze once it was directed at the petite fae.

What will she think of me? The thought filled the sun-branded mare's mind completely, removing all excess feelings and emotions as it pressed against the walls of her brain. The only emotion that it did allow to stay was fear; fear that when her land's patron God tapped into her memories, she would be judged the most harshly of all. Pathetic. Weak. Coward. Solitary. Cru-

"A child of the Edge. You have my attention, Sulwyn. What is it you seek?"

As if the silver mare were an over-filled balloon, all of the air in her lungs came rushing out of her pale naves, releasing the tension that had started to build up in her stout body. The worry; the shame; the fear all poured out from her moonlit architecture in waves, returning Sulwyn to her usual timid and subdued state of mind. She no longer had to worry about the radiant Goddess or her judgement -- her wings had snapped outwards from her sleek purple sides in a gesture of comfort and welcome -- and the equine no longer felt like she did not belong. For whatever private reason that this deity had, she had chosen the grulla over the rest of the creatures that had gathered here before her, and Sulwyn felt more than just grateful for that. She may be returning to the World's Edge without another member, but at least her long trek would not have been for nothing.

Bowing her porcelain-painted head towards the winged beast, Sulwyn showed her respect for the God's choice with words full of confidence and wonder. "Thank you, dear Goddess, for showing kindness towards me and allowing us all to speak with you." The mare paused for a moment, realizing that not everyone had had a chance to exchange a word or two with the lavender pegasus at all; including her. "Your beauty has put me at a loss for words, my Lady. I never anticipated that I would ever encounter you on my travels, and yet here we are." With her silver hide beginning to twitch from the faintest whisper of snow, and an icy wind whipped at the thick tendrils of mane that caressed against her throat, sending another wave of shivers coursing through her body. This icy expanse was not native to Sulwyn, and she found herself yearning for the mist-shrouded cliffs of her home. It was with a slight jolt that the mustang realized that she yearned for something more, too. Something to accompany the mare on her solitary treks throughout the land. "You ask me what it is I seek, fair Goddess of the Moon, and I think that I have come to understand just what it is that I am searching for. I seek a companion, my Lady. Someone who can help me to understand what my purpose is, and to help me cope with past occurrences that still haunt me today."

{She seeks a chickadee companion}

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Silently the Goddess mused, as Sulwyn spoke. Such an odd creature, this mare. She thought with a flick of her tail. Stardust seemed to settle around her hooves as her tail once again became stagnant, yet the iridescent points of light that glimmered on her body continued to shimmer softly in the light. The mare's tentative politeness had done nothing to alter the Goddess' rather remarkable mood, and she actually found herself considering the notion of aiding this young mare, rather than simply sending her on some mundane task to prove her worth.

Exhaling softly, the Goddess stepped forward, now even closer. She rose one of her softly shimmering violet wings - the one closest to Sulwyn - to block the two from the prying eyes of the others. In hushed tones, the Goddess explained what it was, that Sulwyn would have to do: "I watch over the World's Edge, as you are well aware. Recently, you have expressed interest in becoming a wraith, have you not? If this is the purpose that you speak of, in which a companion would aid you, then let it be so. I shall grant you your companion, provided that you can prove your worth as a spy. You must successfully steal someone. Once you have done so, you must convince a spy from a herd other than the Edge, to accompany you to the Veins. Bring both your prisoner, and the other spy to me, and you shall have your companion."

Pausing, to ensure that Sulwyn understood her task, the Goddess nodded softly. She would speak no more with the others on this eve, lest they believe her to have gone soft. Her body began to crumble and burst apart into tiny points of starlight and silvery mist, leaving no trace of her slender form behind.

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