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How the fae loved the warmth of the Throat. The hot sun of Tall Sun stoked her pelt with tenderness, giving her the feeling of heat. He ached to let out a howl of fire, but she did not want to show off in front of her new friend Relic. She was soon to be part of her home. Her family. They were to both see the same sun and the same landscape. She remembered the why the Throat had appeared to her at the first sight. To her, it looked like paradise, but to others it seemed like just another sandy biome. She had grown to love the warmth of day and to cherish the breezes of night ever since she was a pup. She loved the feeling of the sun heating her rustic pelt in the daylight, but she also loved the cool breezes of nightfall.

Right now, it was almost at the evenings end and the sun was preparing to slowly make its way down the sky and let the moon take its turn at lighting the sky. The fae looked back at the gray dapple Pegasus that followed her. She came to a stop and a smile came to her white lips. “This is the Dragon’s Throat.” She paused a couple of seconds to let the mild winds blow through her red pelt. “Just wait, someone will soon be here to recruit you. This herd accepts all pegasi.” The sand beneath her paws began to form a perfect paw-print. Her black nose quivered while trying to catch every scent around her. She searched for the scent of a higher ranking member to accept the she-wolf’s new friend, Relic.

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As they walked, warm wind sifted through the dappled mare's blue wings. The sun shone brightly and without remorse, warming her blue hued coat. Relic had been born in the mountains, so she welcomed they change of scenery. The mare's fiery blue gaze turned on Ayaka, watching the fae's body language change. The fae seemed to have a love for this place, and Relic was sure she would've as well if she were capable of it. Another warm breeze flowed over her, and she opened her wings a bit to feel it run under the powerful appendages.

The graceful movement of her walk didn't falter once. This was new land to the mare, so she stayed by Ayaka's side. Relic knew not to get too curious around unknown lands, so her emotionless gaze traveled over everything and not daring to go near what her fiery eyes saw. Sand was dusting the mare's long tail as it trailed the ground. Lifting it, she whipped it to her side to get the sand out. The mare's knee length mane fluttered with every movement, along with the flow of the breeze.

Looking up, Relic saw the sun begin to make its decent from the sky. The moon would soon come, and that was comforting to her. Night had always been her favorite time, for she rarely slept. The cool breezes were perfect for stretching her blue-tinted wings without being seen by others. As her companion slowed to a stop, so did the mare. Her dappled neck lifted as she stretched it out, shaking the long mane free of any dust it had collected. When Ayaka began to speak, the mare's dark ears flicked forward to listen clearly. So this was Dragon's Throat? Relic believed that is she were accepted, she would grow to like these lands. As Ayaka finished, Relic then spoke. Her accented voice flowing out like a calm river.

"This is a wonderful land to behold, Ayaka. I have no problem waiting. You seem so sure that someone will come, and your sure attitude makes it worth waiting." The mare's kind words were spoken with honesty, but there was no warmth behind them. Ayaka seemed to want to be Relic's friend, so why not be somewhat friendly in return? She noticed that Ayaka seemed to be smelling around for something, so the mare fell silent as not to disturb her. Relic's fiery gaze looked at what was around them as they waited.


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