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The morning was bright - too bright for her taste, as she preferred to slink unnoticed amongst shadows. But now, in the harsh light of Tallsun, her ebony pelt stood starkly against the emerald backdrop of the foliage, against the cold grey stone of the mountains, and especially against the crisp white of snow. Even now, the tips of the mountains kept their ivory hue, and the Steppe outside their borders had only marginally less snow than usual. She supposed she should be grateful - after all, her lands were so far north that the summer was almost cool. The sun was enough to warm her pelt, but not much more, and she again thanked the Time God for the mountains that provided their shelter from the harsh northern winds. Still, in comparison to the temperatures that she had grown used to, it was positively warm, particularly in her rather shaggy winter coat.

The shade headed for the center of her lands. It was beyond time to call a meeting, to gauge her followers' loyalties. And besides, much had happened recently that warranted explanation. The list flowed easily through her mind - Faelene and Crowley's promotions, the breaking of the mirror, Mauja's return... a frown crossed her maw. Yes, the FrostHeart's reappearance needed to be explained, did it not? Would they call for his leadership? Or had she proven herself in the time that she had spent as their liege? Could they share a leadership comfortably? Or could they even stand to be in the same herd? She was on edge, unsure of the outcome of this meeting, but knowing that she would not give up her position easily. And would they dare ask her to? The herd had flourished under her rule. She deserved this.

And yet, she was so tired, so very weary. Perhaps a small part of her yearned for someone else to take up the mantle of leadership, but that part was drowned by the surrounding need for power. She had learned to delegate, to assign tasks to those she trusted - those she trusted... It was unthinkable that the jackal had learned to trust, really. But was it really so impossible? Of her advisors, three were amongst the ranks of the Plague, and the other two had unquestionable loyalty to the Basin, if not to her. Why should she not trust them? She was not asking them to guard her life, after all, but the life of the whole, the life of the herd. And if they all had a common goal, then was a mutual respect and trust of a kind not warranted?

The Empress halted. Dark locks swished softly against her legs as she regarded the herd members that milled around nearby. She was not a diplomat, and was much more suited to preaching to her followers than discussing the recent goings-on with non-racist fools. Still, it had to be done. With a sigh, she raised her voice, issued the call. "Aurora Basin, I do believe that it is time that we had a chat." A pause, to allow them to gather. And then onward: "For those of you who do not yet know, our dear Faelene has been named the Thief of the Basin. Additionally, darling Crowley has been chosen as our Weaver. If any should question these appointments, speak now."

Another pause, to address any concerns. And then: "The God of the Spark has given to me two amulets to bestow upon members of the herd who have proven to be most useful. Faelene has been given hers already, for gathering and organizing those in her line of work. The second will be Myrddin's, for where would we be without his guidance?" She smiled ever-so-slightly, searching for the elder amongst the crowd. "Does anyone have any concerns that need to be addressed?" There. Done. Perhaps it was not the most eloquent speech, but she had delivered her messages. Now it was time for them to voice theirs.

"Talk talk talk."

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Psyche,just who I was looking for.

I had come fresh from the Frostbreath Steppe,from Levi and Aryel who had told me something very interesting. Though all the hatred between them to with me I had overheard some pretty interesting information. Maybe even a chance. A stallion,Tio,had marched onto the lands on the Throat,as Aryel had put it,and,by the sound of it,had plans to overthrow Kri altogether and to have all that lived there now outcasted. I knew nothing of his looks or how he planned to take control of the Throat but what I did know...hah,he is apparently twice as dumb and ugly as me.

How funny that Aryel is,'ey?

I was unsure if Psyche knew of this possible threat but if her mind worked the same as mine she would see it as a opportunity to perhaps grapple the Throat,or at least kri,which i'm sure the dark empress would like oh so much,if not for any sort of revenge but fun. I must say,Lupus,this heat is really getting to you. I think to myself for it was true. I was not a happy wolf. Although this land was colder then other lands,the rays of the sun had now reached here,more the I was used to back where I belong. Reason why my coat was so thick. At least though,the heat wasn't like it was in the Throat here.

I had only meet Psyche once before,not that it would stop me from putting some sort of trust in her,but it wasn't the trust I felt with Ayaka. Get over yourself Lupus. I tell my self. I am not interested in her like that! I think? Ever since I had meet her in the forest I had felt better about myself with her around. I liked the feeling,but it was just going to far. Returning my attention back to Psyche,who I had been approaching whilst thinking,I stopped and leapt onto a log at the side,settling myself in a lying position while she spoke and when she had finished,my own voice spoke out,directed at her and her only though I wouldn't be surprised of others heard. "Psyche,I have news for the Throats warriors." I pause so she can take it in. "They have been threatened by a stallion who goes by the name of Tio. He is twice as ugly and dumb as me apparently. " I stand up on the log,a grin casted on my face. "He threatened to take over the Throat,with a vow he would return with a army." My eyes glimmer slightly,wondering if she would think as I have about seeing it as a opportunity. "Just incase you didn't know of course." I wink at her,the idea unfolding slowly in my head,all new ideas springing out of what this could open up. The wink was mischievous,hoping she would to get plans unfolding in her head as I had.

"blah blah blah."

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d'Artagnan emerged from his cave and blinked a few times as he adjusted to the morning light, a clump of black mane rather ungraciously sat over one ear as he tried to remember exactly why he had got up. A vague memory of his leaders call seemed to shed some light on that but he stood still a while, waiting for his body to awaken from slumber so his ageing bones would take him to the meeting. A high pitched, baby like yawn sounded from behind and out came a stretching Hellhound pup, gilded eyes blinking too in the sunlight. Joined by Aramis, the duo began the walk across the Basin to answer Psyche's call, the early sun making the Mender's coat look redder than usual. He didn't particularly like Tallsun, but their permanent frosty surroundings made up for that irk.

After rounding the next few bends the Nightshade found himself in the presence of Psyche and Lupus, the rather likeable wolf he had met earlier. Aramis found him rather intriguing too, seeing a creature for the first time that had features like his own was sure to be surprising for the young pup. Pointed tail flickering with pure interest; this would be his first time in such a big meeting. d'Artagnan allowed his gaze to flicker to him from time to time, just in case.

Psyche spoke then and the shade listened intently, noting the rank changes and nodding firmly at the promotion of Crowley. The stud fought valiantly in their trials against the Boggart, that kind of devotion would do well in a higher ranked role. He noted the praise for Faelene and he too agreed there, though he knew little of the Basin's thief. The final question came and first d'Artagnan listened to Lupus, ear twitching at the mention of the Throat herd, whom the shade held a grudge against for kidnapping him as well as other things. He was slowly getting his revenge, the little Cera for instance. He wondered if her father still thought of him, he sure hoped he did. The shade snorted, "that's not a herd you take on lightly, even with an army." He remembered the abilities of Azzuen and the painted bastard with the sand, the companion of Xira. As much as it sickened d'Artagnan, they had experienced warriors that would take some beating. Plus, they had alliances.

It seemed the Basin would have to work harder to get what they wanted.

He remained silent then, there was nothing really he needed to report. Sure some things had happened and he'd brought the odd unicorn back to the herd, but it wasn't anything to shout and scream about. Instead he awaited the arrival of others and stood dutifully in the midst of his herd as their Time Mender.

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Frost Fyre
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My green emeralds flicker towards the sight of gathering horses. Lady Psyche is there, speaking. I listen closely, memorizing every word that slips from her black lips.

"For those of you who do not yet know, our dear Faelene has been named the Thief of the Basin. Additionally, darling Crowley has been chosen as our Weaver. If any should question these appointments, speak now."

I watch the black mare, shifting my weight to my other leg. I stare at Psyche, waiting for her next words. But then my eyes flick towards a white shape in my peripheral vision. My lips quiver slightly as I turn my head. Why the heck is there a wolf in the Basin?! A wolf is not a unicorn! I snort, flicking my ears back. I didn't understand why in the world a wolf was in the Basin. And he was a Basin member?! I could smell it on him. The smell of the Basin. I also see the Nightshade. He seems noble and bold, speaking in a calming tone.

I tilt my head towards Lady Psyche, watching her. She doesn't speak. She was probably waiting for more of us to voice our opinions on herd stuff. Why was I even here? I forgot. I glance around, trying to find mother or father. Well, father. Mother didn't matter to me anymore. She just wasn't racist, heck, I'm surprised Psyche hasn't kicked her out yet! I grin slightly, my emeralds pouncing onto d'Artagnan. I couldn't read his emotions. What a shame. I snort, listening to everyone's words.

"Chatting with others."
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Time waits for no one, so do you wanna waste some time?

The brilliance of morning had yet to affect the black shouldered stallion, tucked away in the recesses of a remote cave. He knows it is bright outside, of course, he isn't blind, but rather than focus on the sun he has chosen to direct his attention to the large egg he has found nestled in the back of the dark cavern. At first he had thought it a simple rock, but something had compelled him to look at the thing again, to notice the smooth surface and rounded shape, scent the faintest hint of canine that clung to the shell. Though uncertain of just what it is that will hatch from the egg, he finds himself standing guard over it, gently curling his body around the fragile shield to provide warmth and possibly to hide his prize from those who may wish to take it.

So, when he hears the voice of the Lady he is even more loathe to respond than he would normally be, flicking his tail in a dismissive manner. He has more important things to do than attend some meeting, such as protect this odd egg from thieves or predators, and besides, he really doesn't feel like getting up quite yet. It is still rather early, or at least he thinks it is. He hasn't ventured out since his discovery last night, and time always has a nasty habit of getting away from him. Not that Totem particularly cares about time, other than wasting it. He emits a soft snort in self-ridicule and hauls himself to his hooves with a groan, making certain to avoid crushing his egg. As much as he would enjoy lazing about here all day, it would be foolish to ignore the summons of his leader, especially since he's so new and already rather low on her list of favorite horses.

Still, he shoots a glance back to the pale orb before walking from the cave, muttering some rather shocking curses under his breath. Should this meeting cause him to lose his newest interest, things will not be well in the Basin. No, things will be rather bloody, he vows silently. And the bitch who called him away will be the first to die.

It is in this foul mood that he arrives, worsened by the distance he is forced to travel. Not that much really, probably less than a half-mile, but Totem isn't interested in rational thought at this moment. Still, he supposes that he might as well get to know his herdmates, or at least make certain that he can recognize their faces later. After all, if he's going to be guarding the borders, he should know who his allies are. Eyes the color of embers scan the group with cool disinterest, pausing on each form for only a few moments before moving to the next. There is nothing about any of them to hold his attention, though his gaze does linger on the demonic pup settled by a bay stallion's hooves. Yet, even that is a fleeting interest, and soon the silver bay finds himself rather bored. Idly, he wonders if he can slip away unnoticed.

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The stars wheeled overhead, and every day was as long as a life age of the earth...

The old philosopher was not so surprised that Psyche had called a meeting of the herd, so soon after Mauja’s arrival. Perhaps she had been planning it already and it just happened to coincide with the Frost-King breaking through his mirror. Doubtful, but possible. Surely at some point she would have to address the question on everyone’s lips; Is Mauja back?, and if so, would he rule? Truly, the old white stag didn’t see what claim he strictly had in relation to the Basin - they had lost the battle for the Edge, and been cast out. Not so long after, the boy-king had simply disappeared. What part of this new life, had Mauja truly contributed to? Surely he was well loved and a beloved figure head...and while ruling with Psyche certainly seemed acceptable, usurping her, ultimately did not.

Had Myrddin not been close by when Psyche issued her call to join her in palaver, he may have missed the meeting all together. He was so deliciously close to completing the quest given to him by the Goddess of the Moon, that he often spent his time away from the Basin, seeking a soul filled with revenge. For such a land filled with turmoil and fighting, it was surprisingly hard to find such a-one within Helovia. Still, he would remain vigilant. Besides, being blind was a pain in the ass.

Myrddin moved slowly, his nostrils flaring as he made his way about the assembled herd. He had no desire to bull-doze anyone, but nor was standing at the back his style. Although he had created a fairly accurate mental-map of the Basin and had no problem traversing it’s physical aspects, inconveniently the members constantly moved about; getting in his way. Having began on the outside of the group anyways, Myr worked his way slowly towards Psyche, from her right. For the most part, the Haruspex assumed that he hadn’t knocked into anyone so far, because they had the good sense to just get out of his way. Like a wraith, his white form moved through the shadows, eventually halting about 5 feet away, and perpendicular to where Psyche stood.

He listened as Pysche named Faelene and Crowley as having attained certain ranks, his large moose-like ears flicking slightly as she named him as well. A dissatisfied grimace crossed hi ancient features as a voice he did not recognize mentioned a stallion named Tio, and his plan to overthrow the Throat. Myr knew little of the desert-herd, and didn’t care to know much more. Flicking his tail, he grumbled to himself about the stupidity of certain individuals, but kept his comments largely to himself. He would speak, once he felt he had something to offer.

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Crowley had been a busy boy as of late. With visiting the Foothills under a faux personality, his dun partner in crime at his side, and then his kidnapping of Lana, the brindle had little time to spare. He'd stumbled across a strange looking egg simply a day or two ago, and while he'd had little intention of caring at first, what if whatever was growing within it, was something of value? He still had much to learn about this land of Helovia, and so had decided to take the risk of bringing it to the Basin, and dedicating a surprising portion of his time keeping a close watch on it. Though he wasn't complaining, of course; without anything to do, the Phantom grew bored quickly, and that never led to any good.

But for his Empress, he could always find the time.

It was the call of the Crux that coaxed him away from his duties, pulling him from the mouth of the cave where he had stood watch over Lana, an unfortunate victim to the tortures of the Plague. If she were outcast, he could care less if she tried to make a run for it; after all, he was certain he could find her again one day, or simply find somebody else. Yet from the sound of it, she was of the Dragon's Throat, a land which he admittedly knew little about. He was unsure their numbers, but the Basin certainly did not need another battle on their hands.

As he approached the group that was slowly forming before their leader, Crowley tipped an ear to the white wolf as he spoke, taking in news of the Throat. How convenient. A chuckle escaped his dark lips as he approached, taking up a spot beside d'Artagnan as per usual, sparing a glance to the pup at his side before focusing back upon the wolf. "If he is a newcomer to these lands, then he is a fool. One who shouts such ideas to whoever will listen is likely to fail." The Time Mender spoke, then, but Crowley remained quiet. Perhaps he would be given the opportunity to learn more of the arid Throat soon.

Now, his attention returned to their dark leader, listening intently as she spoke. It came as no surprise that Faelene was to be their Thief; she was skilled at what she did and held a level head upon her shoulders, a necessary trait for one of such a rank. What she said next, however, came to him as a surprise. The brindle rather liked his position as a Phantom, and yet, the thought of becoming the herd's Weaver was something he simply couldn't pass up. He'd already experienced Frostfall within the Basin, and knew how hard it could be on the old, the young, the weak. As Weaver, he could help his brethren.

Meeting the amber eyes of his Empress, he gave a firm nod of his head, a silent sort of acceptance to her words as she carried on with what she had to say. He would have to make a point to speak with her later on, in private.

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Blessed with wind and darkness</style>

Silently he had been standing, watching as countless unknowns gathered at the call of their Lady. She spoke of promotions and good deeds within the herd, and questioned whether there were any doubts in her judgement within the herd. Of course, the Demigod did not speak, and instead drank in the the appearance of each and every body that filtered in to the area.

With Psyche aside, the first to appear was a pale colored wolf, taking perch upon a fallen log before speaking. He told the tale of a herd he could not recall knowing anything about, and a stallion whose name was unknown to him. It was of little concern to him, however, for the words that his father spoke were enough to put any sort of worry he felt behind him. Although, if nobody had solely targeted the Basin, did they need to worry about anything? The colt was still young, and had much to learn about the ways of the herds calling Helovia home.

Next to come was the young, spotted filly he had spoken to only a short while back. Her name was Frost Fyre, if he rememered correctly, and she had seemed nice enough during their short talk, if not a bit unsure of him. Perhaps he could find it in himself to approach her again some day, and learn more about her.

More began to show up, then, some faces of which he recognized, and others, he did not. It was at the appearance of a pale, elder stag that the moon child picked up his feet, and began to approach the gathering on his own, moving closer to his father. Crowds were not something he particularly liked, he was suddenly finding out, and definitely not something he was used to. A glance was given to a strange, striped stallion as he spoke, but again, Mesec remained quiet and simply took it all in, a leggy youngster standing silently as his father's side.

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None spoke against her choices; in fact, most seemed to approve of them. This pleased her, bolstered her confidence. She had worried that this gathering would turn sour, particularly with the FrostHeart's recent return, but it would seem that they still looked to her for leadership. And if they supported those that she placed in positions of power, then that could only earn their respect for her... right? A quick sweep of the herd found Myrddin as he approached, stopped just a few feet shy of his queen. An amulet dangled from her nape; she lowered her head, allowing it to drop into the dust. Picking it up, she took a few steps forward. "A gift from the Time God for you, Haruspex." Gently - surprisingly so - she tried to hook the amulet over his horn so that he might shake it into place around his neck. [OOC | If not, just assume that she placed it at his feet.]

That done, she turned to the remainder of the herd, pride and defiance glowing for a moment in amber orbs. She was unaccustomed to showing even the slightest emotion, even one so innocent as a soft tone, a helping hoof. Especially one so innocent as that, lest they think her weak. But the look passed quickly, her lobes pricking to catch the voice of the wolf reclined nearby. She had once had reservations about allowing his into her territory, but he had thus far proven to be loyal and, it would seem, useful. Talk of an invasion was rather far-fetched - not that she doubted his word. No, she doubted the mental health of this Tio. Did he really think to take over the Throat with a handful of allies? Idiot.

Still, if he weakened our enemies, perhaps he, too, would prove useful. Or would he? Would she rather have Kri the Resolute, a known enemy, one that she was familiar with, whose alliances she knew, in power? Or some newcomer? After all, if Tio and his army managed to oust Kri, then they would be a force to be reckoned with. She knew better than most that the accumulation of power only fueled the desire for more - she ruled the Basin, but she would have the world. If she ruled the world, then she would find more worlds. Such was the way of it. This Tio - would he stop at the Throat, content to sit on his ass and bully his own people? Or would he seek to create an empire?

She was silent for a moment as d'Artagnan and Crowley voiced her own thoughts. It would be an opportunity, perhaps, for them to wreak some havoc of their own; but that was a conversation for another time and another gathering - not all of those here would welcome her ideals. She wondered briefly if Lupus would join them just for the fun of it - surely he liked killing better than most - and regarded him for a moment more. "d'Artagnan and Crowley are correct," she said coolly. "If this Tio makes idle threats, then he is foolish. And if his threats are true, then he is foolish to trumpet them so loudly. Either way, he would seem to be a fool.

"Still, it will not hurt to take precautions. It may be that he named the Throat as a distraction. I will not have us caught unawares."
Again, she added silently, fighting the urge to seek Mauja out in the crowd. It would be unbecoming to say as much, even if the communication between them were silent. Locking eyes instead with Totem, who had volunteered to wander their borders, she gave her order. "Let's scout our borders again. Though we are surrounded by mountains, there may well be a crack or crevice we have missed. If you find anything, do let me know."

"Talk talk talk."

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How tired she was, and she had no reason to be. She hadn't traveled, she hadn't sparred, she had slept the usual. Why did she feel exhausted? Eyes blinking, her head jerked when it became clear there was a herd meeting. Dear Psyche had to gather the herd today, right now as if the beginning of Tallsun was not enough. Faelene felt like she had an induced hang over, but there was no overripe fruit, or mushrooms to blame. She had the side effects, but nothing the cause.

She didn't want to stand with everyone, trying to fake her head wasn't pounding, and her eyes didn't want to close. Faelene could pull it off, not wear it all on her sleeve, but who didn't forget their lines? Who didn't quite remember their part all the time? She had to mentally slap herself, tighten her bite, almost locking her jaws to get a grip. This is nothing, you have been through much, so much worse. She calmly told herself not having to relieve any memories, but only to see the flashes and know she had already lived through hell. This, she could do this. Psyche surely wanted to update them, check on matters. It was what she did. Faelene knew she didn't look any different, maybe she was having an off day. She hadn't been ill for a time.

Carved mask stoic, her eyes lit with mild interest they always had she broke from the trees. She was greeted with the sight of a frosted stallion answering the same call. She did not speak to him, but offered a bleak smile, a short look. She didn't want to think right now, and didn't say anything so he wouldn't either. She did join him in the walk to the gathered herd.

There were new faces, and known ones. Faelene's eyes took them each in, seeing there was some names she needed to know. D'art most intriguing had a hellhound at his side. It was nice to see their numbers flourishing, and she bobbed her head to her Lady in greeting, and respect for taking a place outside the circle. Hard as it was to focus, Faelene had her head raised, eyes upon the black mare who began to speak. Psyche's voice could hardly be ignored, and with guarded eyes, in her composed facade she did play it cool at her mention. Anyone who looked at her they would see the pride in her stance, accepting her title. Crowley's new promotion she offered him a glance. Happy for him, but hating to lose him all the same. Solemnly she waited for any protests, avoiding any looks she was given. Faelene already had her amulet, it hung at her throat on it's silver chain. Mydrrin had received the other, and she found him a suitable choice. It was turned to the members, and Lupus had an interesting thing to say. Faelene already knew this, Levi had giving her he information, she had not passed it on. She wanted to confirm it,(though she knew Levi wasn't lying) and Lupus just had. "What he says I was told as well by a Throat Soldier. I'm keeping tabs on this Tio, but I think he has found very little who would stand against the Throat." Faelene had great feelings he might find some in the Basin, it was neither here or there. If it might be nice to get at the Throat, it didn't seem like a wise idea, not with how Kri thought.


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Love comforteth like sunshine after rain

''Aurora basin I do believe it's time we had a chat,'' she listens as Psyche the darkempress announces a herd meeting, ''For those of you who do not yet know, our dear Fealene has been named thief of the basin. Additionally, our darling Crowley has been chosen as our weaver. If any should Question these appointments, speak now.'' she says nothing ''The god of the spark has given to me two amulets to bestow upon members of the herd who have proven to be most useful. Fealene has been given hers already, for gathering and organizing those in her line of work.The second will be Myrddin's, for where would we be without his guidance?'' '' does anyone have any concerns that need to be addressed?'' she watches as a wolf stands up on a log and begins speaking to Psyche ''A wolf?'' ''what the heck is a wolf doing in a unicorn herd?,'' She hears him address Psyche, then say that he has news for the throat warriors, they are being threatened by a stallion who goes by the name of Tio. He is twice as ugly and dumb as me apparently. She isn't quiet sure what to think about him and she still can't believe Psyche would let a wolf into the herd ''He threatened to take over the throat, with a vow that he would return with a army.'' ''just in case you didn't know of course.'' He says then she hears a stallion speak ''That's not a herd to be taken lightly even with an army.'' She watches silently, soaking up everything that everybody was saying she looks around at all the slowly gathering unicorns then listens as another stallion begins to speak ''If he is a newcomer to these lands, then he is a fool, one who shouts such ideas to whoever will listen is likely to fail.'' then she listens as Psyche begins to speak again ''A gift from the time god to you, Haruspex.'' then she gave it to him ''d'Artagnan and Crowly are correct.'' She says ''If this Tio makes idle threats, then he is foolish. And if his threats are true, then he is foolish to trumpet them so loudly. Either way, he would seem to be a fool. ''Still, it would not hurt to take precautions. It may be that he named the throat as a distraction. I will not have us caught unawares.'' ''Let's scout our borders again. Though we are surrounded by mountains, there may well be a crack or crevice we have missed. If you find anything, do let me know.''
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Up early, down late. Sometimes he thought afternoon naps was the only thing which kept him sane. With his tendency to wake from nightmares in darkness sleep came hard, and with his fondness for early mornings, sleep was put off. He'd been enjoying the morning, the lingering chill of night in the early summer air, when the call came. Tiredly his ears swept to take all of it in, and for a moment he remained motionless, eyes on the sky. Psyche. The herd. A meeting. Exhaling heavily he closed his eyes. Did she have the right to summon him? Was this herd loyal to her, even the ones who had followed him after she'd left? What would his return mean? Too worn out by his exercise in time traveling he'd not announced himself to them, merely come back as a ghost, living among them, breathing the same air, sharing the same space. Quiet conversations and exchanged smiles. It had not been the return of a king.

To deny her call, would be.. rude. He flicked his ears back. Some days she felt like an enemy. Some days she felt like one of the missing pieces in his life.

He wanted to sleep. To close his eyes and drift off. Giving his head a shake he turned away from his spot of morning sun, passing into the shade.

After a while, Faelene came out of a patch of trees, and he greeted her with a forward flick of his ears and a low rumble in his chest. She said nothing, just smiled tiredly, and he wondered if she, too, hadn't slept in a while. If her body wanted to rest, just as his did. Lengthening his stride he caught up with her, walking almost nose-to-tail, following her steps. Soon he could see them, the herd — how many of them would recognize his pale face? Sighing, he steeled himself. When she stopped on the outskirts he stepped aside from her, reaching out to touch his muzzle to her shoulder before moving on. Myrddin, a wolf, the child from his return, and, ah, of course, the doctor. Had he heard of the rumors, or would it be a surprise? Briefly he glanced at the hellhound before working his way to the mender, nodding to Psyche in passing but not sure she would care. If she was even looking.

Clinging to d'Artagnan's red flank was a leggy youth, with both wings and horn. Resisting the urge to frown he ran his memories through his mind, sorting through it.. ah, yes. The moon child. -sec something. Isac? No. Ah, well. On the other side stood a striped stallion with dual horns. A newcomer. Giving the doctor a grin he tried to bump his muzzle before fitting in by his side, more or less sandwiching Mesec between them a little, though not in a careless, disinterested manner. Instead, he even reached back to try and give his forelock a playful tug, but he wasn't sure if the shy-looking kid would allow him to.

Psyche started speaking, of promotions; Faelene as Thief, and he gave his red-maned friend a long-distance smile, and someone called Crowley as Weaver. Well, who was that? Keeping his face smooth he listened to the wolf, and how they all scoffed at this idiot Tio. Next Psyche revealed Crowley to be the striped stallion on d'Art's other side, and Mauja stored the information in his head. Faelene confirmed Tio's plans. Mauja flicked his white tail. What an idiot...

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Aviya watched coolly from behind, ears flicking to whomever spoke, taking in their words. Her pale face was void of emotion, but inside her brain churned thoughts like a wicked storm boiling in the distance. This Tio fellow, as they called him, seemed to be a gadfly. Relentless and annoying. Casting her gaze downwards, she sighed and trotted forward on cloven feet. She did not stop until she stood at Mauja's side, sandwiching the King now between herself and her brother. Smirking delicately she cast a blue gaze upwards, hoping to catch his matching eyes.

The dark princess was elated to have Mauja back. She admired him greatly, just as she admired her father. They both encompassed the strength she one day wished to possess--and she wanted them to teach her so badly it, sometimes, hurt inside. When Mauja had gone missing, along with his son, she felt like half of herself was missing, in a way. She knew she was strong on her own, and could always be, but she enjoyed Mauja and Tamlin more than the others in her life, save for her father. She appreciated everyone, it was just that those three males were very important to her. Drawing on the strength of the pale King next to her, she spoke.

"Lady Psyche, as I am growing older as does my desire to serve this herd. I ask for a rank among your soldiers, to be trained and used skillfully." As she spoke she wondered how d'Artagnan would take her words. Would he be upset? Would he be proud? Did he want her to be a nurse, like her mother? No, Aviya was stronger than that. She did not think any further on her mother, or even her younger sister (even though both were still absent from the meeting). All she could think about, while standing next to Mauja, was Tamlin. She missed that little, cocky bastard. He had been her only, well, friend. She still slept with his lynx pelt draped over her shoulders, each night thoughts of his whereabouts plaguing her mind. She wanted to ask Mauja if he knew where he was.

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It was with nonchalance that Snö entered the scene of the meeting that her mother had called. Her ever faithful companion, Tarak the metal wolf, was by her side. His movements matched hers, step for step. As she came to stand by herself the wolf sat on its haunches. "Mother." the young mare said in greeting to her mother before her blue eyes traveled to her father. Well look who had finally decided to appear. "Father." With the greetings made she lapsed into silence, reddish ears tilted forward as she listened to her mother speak of whatever issues it was that was plaguing their herd.

The talk of the stallion Tio captivated Snö's interest. It made her wonder if he was one that was all talk as she found most stallions were, or if he was capable of backing up his words. At the same time she had the desire to see him bleeding out on the ground. The young filly, Aviya, that spoke next made one of the princess' ears tilt back. She desired to be a warrior? In all honesty the princess liked the idea of other females wanting to be warriors, but she was cynical, as was her nature. Had this filly ever smelled blood? Had she ever tasted it? Felt its warmth and the way it sank through fur and kissed flesh? Had she ever felt the way skin resisted before it finally tore and gave way to the horn? Had she ever felt the way bone resisted before it, too, gave way? Had she ever heard the way bone sounded when it broke?

Young, though the princess was, she had experienced it. She knew how quickly life could be taken away and reveled in her ability to be the one taking it. "I will also serve as a warrior, Mother." Snö said evenly as her icy gaze left Aviya and settled once more on her mother's dark figure.


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He listened in silence, the formidable, the strong, the enduring, from the cape of shadows languished over mountains, springs and copses, strangled in the Stygian slights, pinned away from the crowd so that his arts did not bleed, corrupt and annihilate those considered brethren. They spoke of rewards, of wars unrelated to them (unless he sought a further reach, this vacuous Tio), ranks they longed to hold, and he, forever nonchalant, remained eternally indifferent, carved in dangerous, treacherous repose, the General brandished in unholy death and rancorous persecution. He stood as the valorous sword, the fatal, murderous shield, as the chat continued. Maintaining his interest only conjured entropy and disorder, callous invocations and heathenous rapture, so he strayed amongst the wicked, stayed to the tides of infernal iniquity, offered naught but the harsh rendering of his lethal quietude, absorbing the arts of conversation but relating to none of its sculptures. The only thing that truly caught his attention amongst the growing, looming crowd was a familiar presence that hadn’t been seen in the flowing, specious webs of time, ice come to call when sun threatened to scorch. His penetrating, piercing stare focused upon his former sovereign, scoured the spotted frame for wounds, for barbs, for nettles that explained the strange disappearance of his dominion. When naught became apparent, no answers rendered from hushed scrutiny, he turned away, chiseled his features towards Psyche and the chattering drones and doldrums of the herd – but a strange, unmistakable smirk curled one corner of his lips at the unsung semblance of the returned king.

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She maintained some stance along the outskirts, because she was unlike so many in this world, and at some point they’d made her realize it, that her heart was not like theirs, that her emissary pursuits didn’t reflect their ambitious, warlike contortions, so she looked upon them like glass, ready to be broken and scattered amongst the rubble and ruin. A bow was given towards those heralding respect, the weavers, menders, sovereigns and dominant figures of the herd, but no words, no voice, no melody traced her mouth. Her attention drifted from familiar souls to those still unknown, a warm, sunny gaze shadowed by the coming sieges of war and the promised conversations of artifices. She and Imogen, the little fox that ensured she’d never be alone again, rambled, twisted, turned and danced between her statuary legs, remaining part of the quiet, tranquil mass, watching, harkening, to each form and voice. She saw the valorous Faelene, followed by the newly appeared Mauja, and while she longed to entrench herself into their strength and brawn, for familiarity brewed comfort, ribbons and lace, she stayed away, ensconced in repose so that she didn’t alter theirs. She’d committed such foolish, heinous actions too many times to bestow any relief, any solace, or any assuaging beams, unto their tumultuous, turbulent, haggard frames, and never longed to herald these undermining motions again. Faelene’s promotion, however, was worth a celebratory smile tossed in her direction, glittering, radiant eyes piercing glowing silence, sending her blessings in the luminescence of her grace, in the beneficence of her elegance. Then nothingness once more, the drifting abyss of muteness corroding her, dancing with proficient, graceful devils.
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d'Artagnan brushed over those who came, offering a nod to Myrddin their Haruspex and Faelene their newly appointed Thief before throwing a wild smile at Crowley, bumping his side in a playful manner as he offered his own thoughts on the matter, Aramis yapped and tried to imitate his bonded. Pushing his little, black body against Crowley's leg with a pointed tail swinging from side to side.

d'Artagnan turned his face from Crowley and back to the meeting, dual coloured eyes seeing a sea of piercing blue as he found himself looking into a familiar spotted face. For a moment he stood, head blank as he stared at the frozen soul before him, blinking a few times as it slowly dawned on him that he wasn't seeing ghosts and in fact, this was Mauja standing in front of him. The Nightshade had heard many rumours, some said he was lost others said he had returned and some had decided to write him off a deceased. d'Artagnan had ignored them all and trusted his own eyes instead. Which now gazed on his old friend, the shade hadn't seen Mauja since the Throat took him captive. How long had Mauja been standing there? He returned the bump with an amused face, a great many questions entering his head but he left them floating around in the abyss of his mind. Instead his expression turned playfully devilish "what time do you call this? Did you get me a souvenir?" The shade had missed their carefree conversations. In the meantime, Aramis had distracted himself by playing with Mauja's feathered feet.

The Mender had then turned his attention to greeting his son with a nudge on his shoulder whilst nodding his agreement to Psyche's replying words. There were many who held grudges against this herd, it may be that they would have to live like this for some time to come. d'Artagnan had already guessed he would die with his guard up, most likely in battle and covered in the blood of his enemies. He also knew that there may come a possibility when he would have to kill himself, when in the clutches of the enemy and they wanted information he knew he couldn't give. Caught once before these choices had already crossed his mind and thought about in great detail. Maybe it was more fitting for him to die by his toxic weapon of choice. Almost like falling on his own sword.

The shade flicked his head into the air, cursing himself for digressing into melancholy thoughts and focussed his attention on the meeting again. Aviya had now arrived and was requesting a position among the warriors, d'Artagnan thought about it but shrugged. The position fit her, she always did have a good sense of duty and a macabre steak. He wasn't looking for an heir to his title, just a legacy strong enough to defend their species in the future. She was the future in d'Artagnan's eyes, he saw a raw strength in Aviya that was admirable and made him proud. He waited for Psyche's answer without any input, he trusted his daughter to make her own decisions now.

He brushed over the next few he had missed, offering a respectable nod to Deimos and noting the arrival of Descaro who moved to stand with his General. The Soldier did seem to have developed an unwavering loyalty to the silent militant commander recently, d'Artagnan offered his last nod to another old friend.

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As Psyche stepped towards the Haruspex, he was thankful for the words that she spoke, for it made it easier for him to place her in his mental map. Feeling her breath stir the air as she approached, he idly wondered why she was standing so near. As he heard the gentle metallic sound of the chain, he suddenly understood. Lowering his aged head somewhat, he felt the delicious weight of the amulet as the loop on which it was hung sagged on his horn. Nodding to Psyche wordlessly, the Haruspex let the amulet remain tangled on his horn, rather than trying to get it around his neck; for his horn was gnarled and twisted, and to toss his head repeatedly enough to get the chain to slide around it, would surely cause a disturbance. Besides, it wasn't like it was blocking his vision or anything - har har.

He heard many voices, some giving what intel they knew, and others asking to enlist as warriors of the Basin. Snorting to himself, Myrddin considered venturing into the cave where is mirror was held, and seeing if the Time God had any wisdom to shed. Still broken.. He thought with a sigh, and reminded himself to scold Mauja for it once again, the next time they spoke.


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The call echoed throughout the Basin, the voice was unmistakably Psyche’s. Naberius snorted and raised his crania to stare in the direction the demand resonated from with indifference. He had not been part of this herd long enough to know the going ons amongst them and for a moment considered ignoring the request of attendance entirely. Yet he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Naberius sought to gain power within this herd and therefore knew he must make an effort to immerse himself amid them. While charming the Queen would only get him so far Abe knew he would start having to gain the respect of his peers if he truly craved them to follow him. Languidly he began to venture in the direction he knew the meeting would take place. The only other members of the Basin Naberius had met were the vixen, Faelene, whom had invited him here and Psyche, the Queen of the Aurora Basin. Abe had never been one to remember aliases of those he came into contact with, but faces he never forgot and he was curious if the individuals he was expecting to meet at this gathering were even worth remembering. Was this one of those “close knit” herds? Abe doubted it, but he decided it was best to make an appearance if only to impress Psyche.

Naberius had been on the other side of the Basin when he heard the hail so he was one of the last to arrive, and as he approached he was mildly shocked by the turnout. There were more unicorns residing here than he had thought, but this fact excited him. Perhaps this herd really did stand a chance at taking over Helovia. With a leader like Psyche and its sheer numbers the Basin could surely do some damage. And once Abe ascended his way to the top and showed them what he was worth they would be unstoppable. This epiphany was exhilarating for Naberius, and motivating too. Silently he inched his way forward and stared around the mass, taking in as many faces as possible as he listened to the topic at hand. Naberius knew nothing of what they were talking about, this Tio bloke sounded like nothing but a limped dick brute who was about as much of a threat as your common house fly. All buzz and no bite. Naberius decided not to speak, not yet however, and simply set to gathering information for the time being. It was interesting being just another sheep at the moment, but boy did he miss being the wolf.

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Good lord.

Deep down there had always been that little, whispering knowledge in Sin’s breast that told the dappled stallion that he was a part of one of the greatest herds in all the land of Helovia. It was an undeniable fact, though maybe the truth was evident for different reasons; perhaps it was the knowledge they had chosen to accept Sin as their own, as kith and kin, that he thought it was such a great, mighty group. It was an arrogant thought, but it justified the warmth he felt for the Basin unicorns. Standing here now, however, having answered the call of his Empress, Sin was utterly floored by the demonstrated might of the Basin. Sin would have gaped if it were seemly, but really though, there were just so many here to count. Sin even spotted a white canid creature in their midst, proud in its visage as it represented the Aurora Basin. Sin couldn’t fathom its appearance in this place, but it didn’t matter to him, either way. He was not the lead of the Basin. He was not responsible who bore the colors of the Basin; it was not his decision.

His icy, roving eyes caught the faces of his kin, people he knew and newer identities he had never looked upon before. He recognized the Nightshade, the very first who had welcomed him from the Threshold, and saw Crowley, that brindled creature who had witnessed Sin’s arbor-trary pursuits, being decorated by the Empress herself. Myrddin was there as well, a sparkling amulet hanging from his horn bestowed upon him for services to the herd; Sin made his way toward him, without regard to rank or file. The turmoil within Sin was still evident in his breast; though Sin searched and searched, there was no sign of the chestnut stallion—the absence of Tolio twisted the knife in Sin’s sadness, but it wasn’t a roiling bubble of madness. It was still for now by the appearance of the Frostheart and the Dark Empress in the same vicinity, and how it was a peaceful meeting of the Basin; they were unified in their meeting. They were family, and Sin was comforted that his world was not torn asunder. Yet.

Sin had nothing to speak up for; he had his place within the herd, and he had no news that he wanted to publically relate to the masses. He was content to listen with twinkling eyes, listening to the testaments of greatness from his kin and the foolishness of those willing to attempt to take it away from them.

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