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Tangled in Heaven & Hell :: Hatching [d'Artagnan, open]

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[d'Art first please!]

Under the glare of the final frostfall moon, something began to stir.

Nestled in the care of the surgeon, the smooth egg which he so duteously guarded began to tremble. It quivered with long stretches of inactivity in-between at first, but as the night wore on so to do its impatience. The child inside wished to finally be free, its body pressing against the confines of its calcified prison.

In due time the oval casing began to rock around so wildly the egg nearly threatened to roll away into the ice and snow, losing itself into the white wastes, but with a sudden groan the shell casing burst into splinters and a wet paw poked out. The limb hastily withdrew and all was still for a moment as the pup seemed to consider this turn of events. Abruptly one of its eyes appeared at the shell opening, blinking out into this new world - perhaps it was trying to determine if this was indeed something it wanted to arrive into.

Apparently deciding that it would take the risk of existing, the egg began to tremble furiously once more, teeth and paws gnawing at the opening it had gained until in a final sigh of exhaustion the egg cracked in half and out tumbled the wet bundle of fur.

It struggled to rise to its paws, disoriented and ravenous, barking anxiously at anyone it could find to alert them of the pain growling at its stomach.

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d'Artagnan watches with a face of perplexing curiosity as the smooth egg he had been guarding began to twitch and move, it did this for quite some time until the moon shone bright in the pitch coloured sky. It was then the thrashing became wild and an alarmed Time Mender followed his egg as it moved, reaching down to stop it with his nose just as a paw smashed it's way through it's cage. As quickly as it appeared it withdrew once again and the Nightshade frowned until a golden eye appeared at the whole. d'Artagnan waited a little longer, knowing it would eventually have to come out, whether it wanted to or not. He didn't have to wait too long, soon the egg cracked and out came the wet, newborn form of a Hellhound.

The shade stood stunned as it began barking.

He never imagined that his egg would be hiding a menace like that inside, slowly his expression turned to a deep smile as he felt the tug of a bond. Like he could almost feel it's hunger. This child would remain by his side until the day he died. That was the pledge he made there and then, for it was alone in the world. Just like he had been. The problem came when d'Artagnan realized he was going to have to name the Hound. Hound? Simple enough. The Nightshade almost went with that until he looked at the pup again and winced. Maybe something more... Hmmm... What was that stallion's name again the shade took his mind back to his old land with the image of a blood thirsty warrior. d'Artagnan remembered him in one of the old clan battles, he seemed to wickedly mad and covered in crimson liquid, he wasn't quite sure which side he was on but he looked like everything the young Nightshade had wanted to be. Ar- Arse, no, uhm, Ara- Aramis! The name fit perfectly in his mind and d'Artagnan lowered his head to his new friend.

"Welcome, Aramis" he crowned the boy in dark tones and showed the pup into the caves, looking for stray mice or rats. It wasn't much, but it would have to do for now until the pup learnt how to hunt bigger game. Lucky the caves seem to attract such vermin so it didn't take all that long for Aramis's amateur skills to quite violently murder a rat. d'Artagnan watched over him with his neck arched proudly.

They would make a devilish team.

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