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The God of the Earth Quest Drop
This is the very first quest drop the site will be undergoing, and everything will be walked through step by step with math explanations, choice explanations, and so on and so forth. Hopefully this will provide illumination on how this system will work as well as bring up any issues, concerns or problems that may arise (which we encourage you to take to us or the comments board for discussion!)

Step 0 :: The Wishlist
Please visit that thread and follow the instructions to get your characters desires added to the thread in the proper format
Explanations and additional information is location there
**NOTE** : Failure to do this will result in your character not being included in the roll

Step One :: Signing Up!
- You will respond to this drop in character, responding as if every character who shows up is also present
- This will operate sort of like a meeting with back and forth between the God of the Earth and your characters
-**NOTE** Remember that when you post here, that you provide links to the times your character has been refused in the veins!
- Your character has 72 hours to respond to this thread properly

Step Two :: The Decision
- Earth God will then choose 1-2 characters to take under his wing and give them quests for whatever they choose (magic, companion or items)
- When I post the decisions, I will post the rubric. Basically this will depend on how many times your specific characters has been rejected from the veins and loosely based on how maxed they are
- You character's name will be put into a "pot" of names 1 additional time for each previous refusal from a drop or a quest
- All numbers, tables and functions will be screenshot for transparency and understanding

The Quest :: Earth or Water based magic/upgrade, normal companion or item
- Winner/s will then continue forward either on a new thread or the tail end of this thread where their desires are stated and the questing begins
- The quests will be traditionally like the veins quests
- More information will be provided

It Begins

The God of the Earth found himself missing the frequent chatter and gentle questions of the mortals, but he knew this decision to be for the best. A heavy sigh moved past his lips, and the great bay stallion unfurled his wings, taking to the skies. Helovia was beautiful, and he was filled with pride to remember its formation from nothing. The mountains rose from the earth like monuments, the rivers wove through like the very blood in veins, and trees dotted the landscape, protecting the inhabitants with tender shade.

How could one not love this place?

A high, level mountain top caught his gaze, and he mused that the Heavenly fields were an apt name for such a place. Little did they know, but the mortals were so close to the heavens on this grassy peak. Heavy hooves landed, wind rushing beneath auburn and charcoal feathers as he lowered his body with surprising grace. Emerald scanned the horizon, wishing a mortal was hear to speak with him, perhaps so he could explain about their decision, explain why the shrines were so maimed and destroyed.

Patiently, he waited, for mortals were like magnets, pulled by the thrill of magic and the desire for knowledge. Who could fault them for wanting to better themselves? Certainly not himself. The sun warmed his back, but a crisp breeze still rustled his feathers and danced in his dual colored mane. Soon, he thought. Soon, they will come.

1. You cannot get a mythical companion quest from this drop
2. Please only do one character/player for this one so the admin team doesn't fall into a sea of numbers :)
3. All wishlist entries from now until 2/12/13 are "grandfathered"

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White appendages remain outstretched, pink muzzle outstretched, forelegs straight out. Hind legs are tucked under belly, this was the way the sabino had been taught to fly. White mane and tail whip behind, blue orbs scanning the field below. A mountain was far ahead, best not crash into it.

And then, there was a magnetic like pull, pulling at the mind.

Angling wings downward, beginning to descend towards the origin of the strange pull. There he stood, a grand beast. A bay draft with curled horns and large wings. Said stallion stands, waiting. For what? Who knows. White ears are perked, and blue pools are focused on the stallion. Why was this strange pulse coming from him? Who was he? Daggers trample the grass as legs and muscles work to bring the sabino closer to the mysterious stud. Nostrils flare, mind tries to process thoughts. Green grass tickles stomach, causing muscles to twitch constantly.

White appendages fold slowly, blue pools are kept focused on said stallion. A few words escape the pink lips of the sabino, words are sweet and weaved with respect."Hello, may I ask what your name is? I'm Sierra." Words are spoken directly to the stallion, and eyes are focused on him only. He was some one the sabino had not seen around, so maybe he was new or something? She wished to find out.

Thoughts constantly bounce around skull. Tail slaps hocks, trying to keep flies away from irritating skin. Ears rotate constantly, listening for any others. Chest heaves, blue orbs remain focused on the bay hybrid. The pulling feeling remains, strengthens as sabino steps closer to said stallion. Is he the source? Blue orbs glance suspiciously at the horned stallion before being drawn away. Solid hooves paw at the dirt, elegant head is raised to focus back on said stallion. It's silent as the sabino waits for the stallion to reveal his name.

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The Edge was an amazing place to call home and I had no quarrels about its significance to my heart. If I had done anything differently in my life, I wouldn’t be who I am today and I have no shame in the way I live. I had discovered a new part of myself that I longed to indulge. I wanted to heal and to enjoy the sense of self-satisfaction that I would surely encounter while doing so. I could remember Adura, whom I found in the Threshold, frail and starving. I had brought her back to the Edge in hoped that she could recover and now, months later, she was flourishing within the mists of our home. She was an angel born of greed and I had allowed her to spread her wings within the veils of safety that the fog created along our borders. However, the mist wasn’t our only form of defense. Mirage the Dragonheart was a force to be reckoned with and I was more than glad to back her when she called. Many rivals tried to mimic her leadership, but in my mind’s eyes, we had ended up with the very best.

My body had grown thick in the winter months and I was certain that I could shed a few pounds, but that wasn’t my purpose today. Though, I made a silent promise to myself that I would contemplate taking up a few spars in order to sustain my former resilience. Something about the cold invited me to hibernation like some old grisly, hiding beneath the snowy mounds of frost until the sun finally grew near enough to swathe me in gentle heat. My bones had even grown brittle from the lack of activity and my knees were eager to protest as I moved across the moist earth, damp from the approaching spring rains. Around my toes, the mud began to suckle and screech beneath my weight and though I had grown somewhat accustomed to traversing the sticky remnants of Frostfall, I was greedily awaiting the hardened grounds of Tallsun.

However, the benign rays of spring light did wonders to illuminate the soft dappling along my bay coat. For once, I felt at an advantage when it came to my appearance, considering it had taken a low blow due to the deformity of my wings. But, as I thought about it, I wondered what exactly I would do with such an attribute. I was perfectly satisfied with wandering the lands on foot as it seemed that I had become more appreciative of the world around me that way.

As I made my way into the Heavenly Fields, I was perhaps interested in the pretense that I was coming to see just where my first child would be born. I wondered what that day would be like and how I would react. But as I drew towards the heart of the land, I noticed something that was entirely out of place. He was a large creature, possessing an almost unearthly glow. Something about the animal made me pause. I was in complete awe, struck by the wonders of what I assumed was a God. I had never met one face to face and it was as if those times in the Veins had finally come to life before me. I had missed my chances then, but I was determined to capture them now.

There was another mare there that I had never met before. She was a roan mare, splashed in white and from the smell of her, lived in the Throat. I was hesitant to approach, but I knew that I couldn’t turn away. As I approached, I could hear her whispered tunes as she spoke her name. Sierra. It was a lovely name and I nodded to her as I drew near. I didn’t want to interrupt their introductions and simply stood alongside them as I waited for the large stallion’s response. However, once I felt as if they had finished their greetings, I looked from one to the other and smiled. “I’m Thor… It’s so nice to meet you both.

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        l a r k s p u r         
Loose ends, they tangle down and then take flight.

Larkspur had hardly stepped foot outside the confines of the Basin’s mountainous walls the past few weeks, immersing herself in the familiar comfort of a warriors routine. Her time was spent patrolling the borders, keeping a watchful eye over the herd lands that had become her home, and the unicorns in it. Long nights lead to silent vigils of contemplation beneath the glow of the Aurora Borealis that hung itself above their heads, distant stars and a pale moon always attempting to shine down on the darkness of her worries, the shadows of her suspicions. In a particular state of restlessness, the cerulean mare found herself climbing through the snow laden mountain pass that so expertly hid her home from the unknowing eyes. Down through the mountains she spirited herself away, traveling through the enchanting tunnels of the Frozen Arch, into lower elevations and slightly warmer climates. Wanderlust had led her here, to the Heavinly Fields.

The serenity of the area was contagious. Lingering in the shade cast by scattered trees at the fields outermost edge, the unicorn grazed in relative relaxation. Emerald green blades of grass give way to her gnashing teeth and heavy hooves tearing at the soil as she moved, methodically and slowly, along the tree line. Sunrise after sunset she had spent in silent brooding, internalized sorrow and regret building upon a foundation of self-abhorrence that was quickly ruining her. But not this day. An oddity composed of obsidian and midnight blue amongst the Birdsong green of this place, Larkspur did not waste anguish in thinking, but rather pushed all thought and reason from her usually frantic cognizance, and lost herself in the ignorant bliss of forgetting.

The volatile harmony she had created was disturbed though, by a rush of wind and the familiar flurry of wings and feathers against it. Surprised and hardly expecting company, the azure mare glanced upward to catch sight of the great stallion that had landed in the midst of the fields, as well as the sky-blue wind walker that arrived shortly behind him. A third stranger arrived as well, large and impressive in size much like the first, though his wings were petit in stature. The first stallion's presence changed the atmosphere instantly, and Larkspur could also feel the timeless call of a God’s beckoning tugging persistently at her core. Thoughtlessly, in childlike fascination that is so unlike her, she retreated from the shade and into the sunlight in the direction of the three. She did not hear the other mare’s words, so entranced was she by the great bay beast that stands before her. Thor, or so the third called himself, seemed cordial enough, and the unicorn offered each of them a slight dip of her horned brow in recognition, though she remained otherwise silent. Rams horns spiraled from the top of the mighty bay pegasus' head amidst a wild fray of dual-toned hair, so large was he that even the lanky warrior must peer upward to meet his warm gaze. There could only be one explanation as to the hopeless pull the normally stoic and unmoving mare felt as she stood before him.

She was in the presence of a God.

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Her eyes darted around. There was no real thinking going on. Just taking in one of the new, unknown sights into her mind. Everything was still so blurred together, and nothing was clicking still. So she found herself just wandering about for now.

Her attention was pulled towards a gathering near the top of a mountain in the field. Curious, she moved towards the mountain. Her hooves and legs strained to pull her up the sloping land. She could see from where she was now that there were two pegasi. Luck them... she thought. Pulling herself the rest of the way up, she snuck her way into the gathering. By now, a unicorn had also joined on her ascent up.

None of them looked familiar. Of... freaking.. course. She looked away, before looking back, and noticed another among them. Who didn't look like one specific breed. Intrigued she moved closer towards the center of the group, and outstretched her light blue muzzle before snapping it back towards her. She was very confused. "Who are you?" She said tilting her head to the side. Vera, who had now caught up to her, landed amongst her flaming mane. Also tilting her head in surprise. "Im Adele." She finished, realizing she never introduced herself. She noticed herself awkwardly staring before moving back, hoping the others, who were unknown to her, wouldn't notice. Falling back into the group, she calmed herself, and Vera, still rather interested, climbed to the top of her poll. She let out a shrill chirp, wanting the unknown man to notice her too.
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He couldn't remember feeling so down a day in his life. Xanthos was crumbling from the inside out, drowning in a sea of sorrow and pain. It had hit him the moment he realized Romani truly didn't remember him anymore; didn't know his name, couldn't recall anything they had ever spoken about, or even meeting him before. He was a stranger to him now, and that hurt worse than any physical pain he'd endured before.

Returning home to the Edge that day hadn't helped, either. The residents were still unsure of him, none bothering to approach him except the inky black stallion who had been kind enough to try and cheer him up. A small, fleeting smile pulled at the grullo's lips at the thought of the Spectre, but it was quick to slip back to its neutral curl upon his face. Maybe, if he hadn't left Romani behind in the Meadow, he wouldn't have been feeling lower than dirt, but it was difficult to say. He needed time to think everything over, to try and find a way to make her remember. If all else failed... could they not simply rekindle what they had before?

Heaving a breath, the stallion made his way up a steep incline, one which would lead him to one of the most beautiful places he'd ever found within Helovia. It was a peaceful field, so high in the sky that one might think they could touch the clouds. It didn't take him long to reach the peak of the slope, and stretched out before him was the aptly named field. He might have simply come to a stop to take in the sight with a rare contentment, but a small gathering in the distance caught his attention first and foremost. Cocking an ear in curiosity, the grullo tenderly stepped forward to approach, taking in the appearance of each that were present.

There had been three others to show before him, two of which he recognized. One was Thor, a nurse of the World's Edge. He had yet to speak to the Pegasus personally, but gave him a respectful nod as he neared anyways. The other was a blue hued mare, bearing the thick scent of the Basin. As hard as he was able, he kept his gaze from the mare and stood a great distance from her, worry threatening to overtake him. There was another mare, younger than himself, with pale wings settled at her sides.

And then, last but not least, was a towering bay giant equipped not only with a pair of curled horns, but wings as well. Hybrids were a rare thing within Helovia, and it was with a start that he realized... Was this one of the four Gods? He had beared witness to both the Sun and Time God, and from those two, he had felt a great power radiating from them. Xanthos could feel the same with the earthen colored stallion, and yet, it wasn't quite the same. This one seemed much calmer, as if happy to see mere mortals flocking to him, if he wasn't one himself. It seemed unlikely, however.

Finding himself unable to stop, Xanthos dropped his head in an arched bow to the bay, doing his best to rid himself of any sadness plauging his features. "And I am Xanthos, sir," he spoke up with the rest, save for the blue mare off to his side somewhere.

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I had come for reflection and prayer.

The eve of battle was close at hand. Fear, confusion, frustration, hate, even anger; could all be used against a warrior—and I didn’t want to meet our foe in the fray without first having sought clarity and guidance from an earthly father. Compact body lay curled beneath the shadows of a timber, head was held aloft and eyes looked toward a distant horizon. There was another with me, a small creature curled into the bend of leg. Wings closed but alight with flame even when she slept. Memories stirred memories of a time not so long ago. Yet it felt ages had pasted. This was where I had been resting when a gathering was formed and they found my little Fina as an egg during the end of frostfall.

Heart warmed when the songs of wind and heaven came to mind, they had signaled our bonding holy and right. My spirit had been higher than, troubles remained absent and without reason for shadowing such bright times. All happy things were never meant to last forever, it was a lesson again learned and learned over. She stirred near me, that tiny framed bird who appeared so innocent and fragile. But I knew that looks could be very deceiving. This little avian was haughty, brash and rude. Though I loved her all the same and not just because our bond decreed it so, she tested my patience and taught me through trial to be a better man. In time…perhaps she would develop more likable traits.

This meadow wasn’t going to stay silent for long.

The heavy beat of wings signaled an approach. I caste my eyes upward to catch a glimpse as to whom might be circling from on high. What they see strikes me to the core with affection and reverence, my lord trails from above. His magnificent frame a startling gem when cast in front of heaven. He lands and blesses us humble mortals with presence.

Smiling as a youth or colt, my limbs uncurl with haste and thrust frame upward. Fina awakens and turns to me with a scowl already flickering in those bright eyes; I wasn’t in the mood for her antics and instead whisper, “Come, let us greet our lord properly.” She turns an uninterested gaze toward the beast that was now gathering the attention of all Helovia. Horses nearby must have witnessed this blessing as well, and it was only right that they come pay respect to this god.

Shuffling forward I extend right forleg toward her, my lips curving in apologetic smile for cutting nap short. Luckily I didn’t have to apologize for long, she took my offer and willingly enough climbed up to her usual spot; trying to be as careful as she might when pricking skin with tiny talons. Straightening we set off, closing the distance between. By this time a chattering group had formed, their numbers increasing by each moment.

Memory served me only to remember them as new people, I knew none of their faces. A bright beam lite face from corner to corner and shinned in pitless eyes. Firstly head lowered with body following in tradition as my approach slowed then stopped altogether, “My lord, it lifts spirit to see you again,” I utter softly, knowing he would hear me perfectly well. It was a rare gift to see a god lingering among mortal flesh. Fina looked on with wary glances at each new individual. Her mental images began to trail in with questions following each, I shushed her and promised explanation later.

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But when his heart was lifted up, and his mind hardened in pride...
...he was deposed from his kingly throne, and they took his glory from him.

As he walks across the fields, he cannot help but remember how lovely Resplendence had looked among the flowers.

What is wrong with you? he demands of himself, remembering the multitudes of mares he had come across back home. He can't remember their faces, and yet hers is a clear imprint in his mind. Why? He does not love - he isn't against it, it just isn't for him. He is not faithful. He does not want that life, the life that his parents had been doomed to by right of blood. And yet she preys on his mind, haunts his dreams. She stands there, quaking at the slightest provocation, and he shields her from harm every time, without fail. It is, quite frankly, an obsession, and he isn't sure that he likes it.

But then, he also isn't sure that he dislikes it.

He sighs, and glances up from the flowers that remind him of her to realize that he is not alone. There seems to be a gathering and, curious, he drifts closer. Curiosity killed the cat - it is an expression that he has heard countless times before from his nursemaid, long ago. But he never listened then, and he won't listen now. There are not familiar faces, but he joins their ranks anyway, entranced by the one in the middle of their grouping. There is a power that is exuded from his every pore, and Quilyan is sure that he is looking on a god. He is overwhelmed by emotions. In his homeland, gods were held as the supreme beings. His actions, he knows, are looked upon by the gods. Is he proud? Nervous? Ashamed?

Resplendence reappears in his mind, and he feels hope.

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good evening,
my name is XYLIA

It took an agonizingly long time for me to get here. My knees are tight, sore, and crack with every movement, my tail-tip brushes the ground, my large wings lie loosely against my flanks as I shuffle with patronizingly slow steps onwards. As always, I am fed a constant source of information by scent and feel alone, but these heightened senses do not, disappointingly, make up for the lack of vision and scent. I did not realize how far off-course I got as I traveled towards home into my shambling steps, with my blind eyes still trying to see. I didn't understand why my vision had gone out so quickly, even now. It wasn't proper. It was an erratic thing that occured.

I sniff the air, nostrils flaring to drink in the only sense that truly feds me. The wind is soft on my face, so I think I am out in the open, for if I were in trees surely the breeze would have been stopped by thick, gnarled trunks by now. I put one cloven hoof after another, grass tickling my fetlocks, and I lower my head from time to time, nibbling at the green shoots in quiet pleasure.

It's sweet and sunny out here, and the heat soaks into my very bones, quite a pleasant sensation. It smells of warm earth and sweet grass... and more earth... and horses...? I raise my blind eyes, lift my small, dainty head. I begin to trot, wings rustling, feeling quite cheerful to be honest, as I come closer towards the scent of earth and dust, closer and closer. Naturally, I run into the Earth God. I don't know he's an earth god, but I pull my head back, startled, inhaling his scent of strong dirt.

"Sorry there!" I say cheerfully, in apology. It is a bit of a strange sensation, even after seven lives, of talking without hearing words. I flick my leonine tail, give a little huff, and take a few steps away. There must be more horses here, I can smell them, and one of them is familiar- sun-baked sand scent, the scent of home. But I can't be back at the territory already... I feel my way over, not surprisingly clumsy, and I feel wings of an outcast (his name is Quilyan, not that I know it), until what feels like much too long later I find myself beside a Throat mare.

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The stallion who cantered into the crowd next was one that many had probably heard much of as of now. From his dun coloring, to the acid green eyes, to the brindle marks on his shoulders and sides, he was unmistakable. Angry after seeing the Vein's in ruins, the stag had resigned himself to the scouring and recruiting of members to his cause. So far, he'd only found one willing to work with him, and that was all well and good. But she was an innocent creature and training her to defend herself in battle would take time.

So, when he'd heard news that the earth god had made an appearance, he had set off immediately to find him. It appeared he wasn't the only one either. Snorting a little in irritation, the stallion slowed to a walk and shouldered his way through the crowd to stand in front of the massive god. He had an air of one who was eager for power, and yet willing to take his time in the process of gain. However, he did not seem to be used to bowing in front of anyone for as he sank to one knee, the action was stiff and hesitant. "My lord... I am Catillatio."

He snorted as he placed his forehead against the grass. Once that business was finished, he raised himself up to all four hooves again and looked around at the crowd. "Such a large turn out. However will you choose between them all?" He asked, his head tilting to one side as he watched the horses bustle about, making awkward attempts to seem like the best candidate to be chosen for whatever gift the god had to give this time. Tio was here for that same reason, however, he made no attempt to appear like he was sucking up. He seemed more interested in chatting with the god than anything else.

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You know how hard it can be to keep believing in me

Failed stallion wanted to better himself. Wanted it desperately, so his relatives could be proud to claim him as their own. And yet, the monsterous sized horse was the only real threat standing in his own way. He knew this- if he could get over his insecurities, push his boundaries, test himself until his breaking point. And yet he doesn't. He does nothing, because he's afraid. He doesn't know what there is to loose if he fails. What will happen to him Will he stay the same? Nothing changed, aside from another disappointment chalked up to his name? Or will he plunge into an abyss, drowning in his own failure, his own shame, until it consumes him? What of his mother? His brothers? Would they think even less of him then they already did?

for surely he wasn't held in the highest regards- he'd done nothing to warrant such an honor from anyone, let alone his own family

He wants to be better, and to do so, he has to try. It took hours of encouragement, but eventually the gentle giant found the will to step away from his brother, and venture out. It wouldn't be like last time- he won't go too far away. Someone would be able to find him if he was needed

not very likely though was it who would ever need a failure like him

His wanderings lead him to the field. There's a compulsion, a need he can't ignore. He feels... hope. Something light and fluttering, a small bird captured in an iron cage. The earth shakes softly with each heavy step. He's not trying to be intimidating by stomping- it's his regular gate, and if anything, the stallion looks less convincing as a possible threat than a three day old filly.

He sees them. The others. They're gathered around a grand stallion with wings. Gentle giant is curious but cautious, wandering towards them. This is the first step, he decides. It was likely a comical sight, the hulking monster of a horse wandering towards them, staying on the outskirts, looking like he was about to be eaten alive. They're all introducing themselves and greeting this one horse, paying little if any attention to anyone else.
"I..I um... M-my nam-me is V-vincent."

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The rapidly-growing group was joined by an additional horse, a compact yet petite blue mare with ebony wings. Nods were given to Sierra and Midas, as well as the elderly mare that bore the Throat scent but didn't seem quite...all there. She had been present at the herd's latest gathering, but had said virtually nothing. Turning her attention from Xylia, Aryel scanned the other horses, ears pricking up in interest. They had a medley of scents, from the snowy Basin to the grass-tinged Foothills and even one, a pegasus with strangely small wings, who bore an almost lavender-tinted Edge smell. She recognized none of them, save the Throat horses.

None, except for a very obnoxious bucksin.

Her ears went down at the sight of Tio, and she snorted angrily. The bastard had been chased out of the Throat, but not before he nearly gave Kri and Levi a good kicking. "I see something hasn't taken mercy on the rest of us and eaten you yet." she snapped at him as she walked by, tail flicking upwards in an attempt to sting his eyes.

Ignoring the stud for now, she focused her attention on the stallion in the center of the group, an enormous brown hybrid. He seemed old, very old, but there was a sort of lively energy in him, with an undertone of unmistakable authority that took an edge off her cockiness. Aryel's birth herd was aware of the gods, but she had never seen any depictions of them, and although she had been told of them when she was a filly her memory was foggy as to their appearances. Aryel relaxed slightly, finding no threat in the horse, indeed, she found him a little bit likeable already. The strange feeling that had drawn her here seemed to feel strongest around the hybrid as well. She cleared her throat, hoping to grab his attention for a moment. "I'm not quite sure who you are," she said, smiling faintly, "but am I correct in assuming you're the reason we've all gathered here?"

(Was turned down in the Veins once before:

"blah blah blah."

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The Heavenly Fields held much meaning for the dark little mare. They were the first realm she ever visited when she entered the mystical lands of Helovia, the place she met one of her dearest friends, Torasin, the place where she had frolicked and enjoyed life, the place that had started it all. The mare breathed in the surrounds, drinking the different scents of the flowers, the grass, the earth, the trees, the other animals - her little dragon tumbled on the breeze above her, warbling to birds that flew by, chasing insects and otherwise being a dragon.

The breeze lifted her mane, cooled the heat that had gathered upon her nape in the form of sweat, and gifted to her the curious scent of one she recognised through a previous meeting. Akaith chirruped too, knowing the scent from her times venturing to the Veins of the Gods, both with her bonded, and with Kiara and her friend. The Earth God. The origin of the thought was unknown, but it was shared between equine and dragon in that mystical, silent way they had.

Curiosity moved her footsteps then, with her tiara tilted and her feet stepping across the loam with a practised ease. The scars upon the earth of the fires that ravaged the land last year had faded, though sometimes small clumps of ash drifted by as a reminder of the destructive forces of these beings. Golden sights saw the gathering ahead; clearly she was not the only one who was interested in matters of the Gods. The WeyrLeader recognised her diligent Nurse, Thor, as well as the recently joined Wraith, Xanthos, and made to subtly stand by their sides, aiming her lean, fine but strong frame to stand between them, amicably offering a low wuffle in greetings as she did so.

Her gaze was soft as she viewed those all around her, those she did not recognise aside from the lands they hailed from - some smelt of the Throat, some of the Foothills, at least one from the Basin (to which she maintained an indifferent façade) and others who seemed drenched in the wilds of Helovia. The mare watched the interaction between Aryel and an Outcast stallion with mild interest, wondering what the steed had done to earn her rancour, but choosing to deflect her attention to the lordly beast that captivated their attention.

With elegant ease she bowed her crown, curving her nape so that her chin ran along the plump cushions of her pectoral muscles, and when she lifted it, she was sure to stand before this God in all manner of her earned rank and title, but still showing the deference and respect of being in the wilds of Helovia, of standing before a beast who could smite her should he so desire. She offered him a smile, genuine and broad, and thought quite clearly of the gratitude she felt for the actions he had done in the past - providing aid for the Qian in times of need, protecting her brothers who serve him in the Foothills as warriors.

The mare was there for the same reason the mare showed up anywhere.

She wanted knowledge.

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But I would like to somehow quest for the ability/item on her wishlist that would enable her to bond with two companions. ]

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Congratulations Thor!

For this drop, since my magic/items/etc formula didn't work and after more discussion seemed unfair to punish characters who have more, it was done entirely randomly.

First of all, I made a list of character's names. One name was put into the list for the post on this thread. One additional name was put in for each rejection (after checking them all for legitimacy).

I put all the names into this list randomizer that they would all get scrambled. This way, none of the numbers depend on who posts at which time and multiple names are not squished together.

The randomized list appears as follows. Each number will represent a side of the dice to be used.

Then, I chose a 19 sided dice and rolled once. The number 11 was landed on. I cross listed that with the list, and tada! Thor was chosen.

1. Due to the giveaways, only one character will be chosen for a quest this time.
2. You cannot quest for the ability to bond to more than one companion.
3. This drop is only for normal companions, items, or earth/water magic, not for mythicals, fire magic or anything else.
4. From this point forward, Thor will be unable to list any already used rejections to put his name in more than once.
5. VotG "extra rolls" will put your character's name in the pot an additional time.

The God of the Earth proudly looked at those who gathered, ears tilting back at one foolish mare who ran into him. He snorted, the god-stallion's body like the walls of a fortress, unyielding. What he saw ultimately when they all gathered was evidence of the Time God's disgust with the mortals, and he frowned slightly. Of course there were those who displayed respect for his stature and heavenly nature, but too many treated him like just another stallion. Were they all too immune to the uniqueness of magic and the gods? Had they grown complacent in his kindness? Foolish, even?

Midas was always a pleasant sight, and he smiled kindly to the painted one, nodding his head in recognition. As he looked among many faces, he also looked at hearts. Mirage was loyal to his sister and fiercely loyal to her own, but she had much where others had little. After being under the Moon's tutelage for so long, she had rarely known the rejection others had faced. Aryel seemed kind enough, but also spoke rather quickly and nearly demanded attention with her words and actions. Vincent had unresolved issues that appeared to run deeply, but was the earth truly what he desired? A close eye would have to be kept on that one. Catillatio asked a legitimate question, but the God of the Earth knew that he needed more time in this land to understand the beauty of magic.

Quilyan was timid and shy, but of good heart. But she had not been as rejected as a few others who had gathered, still trusting. Xanthos also was kind. The young filly with the dragon perhaps needed some maturing, and she also possessed where others did not. Larkspur was troubled, he felt, uncomfortable in the presence of others. That saddened his spirit. Sierra seemed as changing as the Tides, but Thor was a quiet and kind soul among many. The God of the Earth had made his choice, and he smiled gently. "Thor," he rumbled deeply. "Many have gathered, but I admire your heart and trust despite our busy lives and absence at your previous callings. Would you accept a quest now?"

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They came- one by one, filing into the fields as I knew they would. After all, who would not be touched by the prowess of a God? He was a vision, standing before us with flaxen expression glaring into the souls of those who approached. I was not so inclined to rush him, despite my roiling though process. I was nearly overwhelmed with questions, but I would not broach them now. Something about him made me fall silent, respective in the sense that I did not wish to pester him with so much going on as it were. The sun was tall along our backs and we all seemed to suffer from a sense of “the unknown.” Whatever we had all come here for was yet to be revealed. There was so much that I didn’t know about these gatherings that others had obviously picked up on.

There were horses that I recognized, such as Xanthos, our new Wraith. I think I was still a bit conservative about him simply because of his involvement in Mirage’s abduction, but at her wishes, I would certainly greet him with an open smile. He had come in a bit later than I, after a strangely colored mare apparently from the Basin. She was something of a vision herself, all confidence and arrogant suspicion as she moved into the group. I did my best not to lift a hardened gaze to her, but it was awfully difficult considering what they had done to our family. However, this was not a time to be judgmental. This was a time to set aside all differences and to settle them into a mess of forgotten shapes and colors until the days to come. After all there was no proof that this particular creature had any real involvement in Mirage’s pain…

Horses came, one after the other, and I was losing myself in the process of it until Mirage herself turned up. I nodded to her and offered a short wuffle of appreciation as I had come to stand alongside Xanthos. She seemed to stand proudly between us as she had a right to. Her chest swelled with something that proved to be a mixture between love and respect. She loved us, respected and had shown her face in hopes of being blessed once more with the power to grant us freedom. Helovia was a place of certain self-experience.

And I was more than enthralled in the opportunity that it offered.

It seemed that the longer we stood in his good graces, the more my heart seemed to pound. The God had looked at each of us in turn, eyes boring into the very souls of his followers. I was nervous, for the first time in my life and my knees seemed to quake beneath me. However, his powerful voice seemed to tremble along the win current and what it whispered was far beyond my expectations. I was shocked into stillness, into the quiet of disbelief.

I looked back at him, eyes widening first in shock and then in amazement. My lips had parted, hoping to force the sullen communication from my cheeks, but of course it was never that easy. My throat had parched and rasped against the words, turning them from an eloquent phrase into some broken discourse of acceptance. However, I was certain that he did not long to teach some weak-minded, insolent animal and so I corrected myself. “It is no fault of your own, my God. Patience is a virtuous attribute and you have taught me that. However, I will delightedly take this quest, no matter its premise.” I seemed to pause now, gasping for the air that would lead me into the light. “I wish to heal those who cannot heal themselves- those with an affliction of the mind.

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:: [Magic: EarthxLight U| The ability to heal mental disorders in other animals]

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The GOD of the EARTH

earth god like quote here~

The God of the Earth watched the stallion be stunned into inaction for a brief moment, and he smiled patiently. Noble hearts like these made him defy his siblings and come to visit the mortals, to grant them quests of learning and reward them in turn with with powerful fruits of their labors. He unfurled his wings just a little, the crisp breeze rustling the fibers and dancing in his feathers as he waited. When Thor did speak, he wondered what mental disorders he had seen to desire such a power? Curiously, the green-eyed god watched him, smiling.

Healers held a special place in his heart. Their selflessness and humble desires to help others made his confidence in the mortals grow, and he looked upon Thor happily. "You have chosen an honorable path, Thor," he said, deep voice rumbling like thunder. "I was not aware that this is an affliction, but I encourage you to show me the necessity of this power. If you lead, I will follow you to one who has a disorder of the mind, an illness of the thoughts," he said.

The bronzed god lifted his massive wings and waited on Thor. "We can visit as many as you desire, and I shall follow. Once we find an injured mind, I will show you how to heal them. Such powers involve many precautions, as some mental injuries are necessary." The God of the Earth trotted to the Edge of the Heavenly Field then and stared out at his vast creation. The wind beneath his wings provided lift that began to levitate even his draft figure, and he hovered there in waiting.

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Also, FYI, the "u" in the magic indicates that it's already upgraded, so you wouldn't need the U now since this is your first magic.]


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