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The GOD of the SPARK

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The God of Time evenly moved through the melting snow, furry hooves carrying him steadily into the great mountain range. A bright sun was lighting their path, and he turned left into a range that most considered impassable. However, there was one pass that many had forgotten; it was a pass that he had forged long, long ago during the forming of the world. White breath moved past his lips despite the warmer breeze. Snow always rested in these mountains, but what he was about to show them would blow their fucking, mortal minds.

After then moved between walls of rock and ice, he lead them into a valley that full of lush, arctic grass and a wide lake that remained unfrozen. The permafrost did not reach this valley, and the tall mountains protected the hardy flora from the bitter, northern winds. Caves dotted the side of the mountain, and the God of Time paused at the center of the vast basin, looking among the weary faces.

"Welcome home," he said. "Remember the promise you made me and follow your leader, Psyche. Her word is law from this point forward while Mauja is indisposed." With those words spoken, the great god closed his blue eyes and disappeared in a puff of frost and strange, blue and purple lightning.

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What would having a new herdland be like? Bacchus didn't know. In his old homeland, he had lived in an old shack beside his master's house. Each night, they came and put a heavy metal halter upon his head, and the monkey tied him to the door. It wasn't pleasant, nor fair, shivering out in the cold, the warmth sucked out of his face by the metal. Now, they had been guided by a god, a new god to Helovia, to a fresh land.

It was like the Steppe, to the slave's eyes, except steam curled off springs of what must be very hot water. The dun, sneaking a look around as to avoid being caught, dipped a hoof into the water. Holy mother! It was hot! He yanked his leg out, setting it down in the soft white snow. Where was Sno? Hmm. He should find her. She must be somewhere in the group.

He didn't really notice the God disappearing. To him, Sno was his god.


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She may not trust the God of the Spark, but he had offered them a home, and this was something that they desperately needed. And he had asked for so little in return: they were forbidden to make alliances with the other herds of Helovia. Well, that wouldn't be a problem, now, would it, with the herd notorious for their lack of fondness for those they considered inferior. No, it would be all too easy to abide by their patron's rules. Perhaps the shadow-mare even felt a kinship for him, with his plain unicorn appearance and his mischievous manner. She felt that he was a trickster, and out to create chaos. Chaos was something that she and her herd - her herd! - could benefit from.

As they trekked through the nearly invisible mountain pass, meandering between walls of ice and snow, she wondered if this land would be what they needed after all. They had spent Frostfall in the hellish wasteland of the Steppe, cold and hungry, battered by drifting snows and cutting winds. How could a land amongst the mountains be any different? But greed outweighed common sense, and she followed the god silently, her harem close behind. Surely he would provide them with an acceptable land - after all, he needed them as much as they needed him, if he were to upset the precarious balance that had settled over the land. And to keep them, he would need to provide for them - after all, was that not the job of a patron god?

Around a curve and the mountains opened, framing a picturesque valley, complete with caverns for shelter and a lake for water. In Birdsong, the sheltered basin was just coming into bloom, the harsher conditions of the surrounding mountains unable to touch the valley. The wing-hunter was sure that it would be cold in Frostfall, there was no doubt about that, but it would be an easy cold to weather with the experience of the Steppe behind them. And now, entering the warmer months, it would be an excellent place to gain strength and regroup, to build an army that would be able to wreak havoc and regain honor. And exact revenge, as the god had so promised.

His commands rang through the air. "Welcome home," he said. "Remember the promise you made me and follow your leader, Psyche. Her word is law from this point forward while Mauja is indisposed." Of course, he would know of the FrostHeart's fate - why was she surprised? But it irked her, that her rule would be only while the Ice King remained absent. No. He had disappeared, and she would not relinquish her hold on this land so easily as that. She would win the herd over, nurture the Plague into an unstoppable force, and when he returned - if he returned - they would simply have to sort out some form of leadership that she would be a part of.

The god disappeared, and left Lady Psyche to add her own welcome. "Welcome home, indeed," she said, loud enough for them all to hear but almost seeming to speak to herself. "Well, my dears, shall we explore?"

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Euphoria, splendid, resplendent, courted the lofting, lilting waves of Birdsong, woven so merrily into the threads of her heart. It caressed and emboldened, hastened and incensed, until a world, once of ice, desolation and melancholy, burst into a vivid array of color, touched upon her throat and left her breathless, speechless, reverent to the archaic whims of the ages. Home – it had been a word sullied by her family, torn away from her youth, reclaimed by the Edge’s beautiful cliffs, and then severed all over again. Hope, despair, aspirations, agony, and then illustrious renewal. But now, now with this cordial, welcoming, harpsichord rapture and reverie of mountains and snow, of valleys and lakes, she could murmur the term along her tongue again, taste the crisp, beautiful expression, committed, coveted the comment to another wonderful memory of loss and life. As her daggers touched upon its loam, delved, dipped and dived along its tender, wholesome grace, she grinned, an ebullient, buoyant conviction that told every emotion reeling in her lissome, lithe contortions, the arch of her dance, the soft, croon of her dulcet movements. Faith, belief, bliss, enchantments, the divine art of the caves, of the basin, of the aurora that would blossom and bloom from their limbs, from their toils, from their compassion and elation. She danced among the precious runes, scoured the plains of the abyss, and proclaimed honor along their newfound opulence – and then, heard the god (she’d seen two in the past few days, and each time it became more unnerving, more amazing), as he spoke of Mauja. Indisposed. Gone. Suddenly, she didn’t know what to feel, but that delusion of grandeur, that pull of happiness, and the reeling disappointment that for some reason, somehow…the ice sovereign would not be sharing in their benediction. Her eyes rested to the mare, Psyche, and wondered, just briefly, about where they would go from here. Her grin didn’t fade, her happiness didn’t lose its luster, but the query remained within, poised for another moment, another day.

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While there had been obvious distrust amongst some of the members, it seemed everyone had decided to follow in the end. After all, if they did not, it wasn't as if the Steppe served them well anyways.

The journey to the mountains had been mostly silent, everyone no doubt wondering what was to come, or where they were even going. For Crowley, he was excited to see where the Spark would lead them; anywhere was better than their previous residence. Soon, mountains came into view, and they were forced to scale a steep incline to conquer them. "Perfect," he thought to himself as his hooves pulled him up the path, a grin pulling at his lips, "It will be near impossible for anyone else to find us here."

Once they had reached the heart of the land, the brindle came to a stop, yellowed eyes gazing across the land, drinking in what it had to offer. Unlike the Steppe, it offered sustinance, that of which was not dead for once, and a wide lake that seemed impervious to the cold. On top of all this, the basin itself was magnificent to behold, and land to truly be proud of. One that was all theirs, and would always remain so.

After the God had vanished, Crowley turned his attention upon Psyche as she spoke, and a grin slowly twisted itself upon his face. "A lovely idea," he said in reply, and with that, the brute turned to do just that, uncaring if someone sought to follow him or not. He wanted to explore every nook and cranny, to know the exact layout of this new land before he could truly feel secure here. Not that they had any reason to worry... They were a strong bunch, and that strength would only grow as they continued to recruit new members, whether for the Plague or as petty lawn ornaments, so long as they could fight when needed.

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The area was colder than the Steppe, but the stallion of odd coloring was not phased by it. The mountainous land on which he walked was familiar somehow, and he knew this was similar to a part of the land that he had grown up on. It felt bittersweet for him to be here, considered what he had been through in the past few months that had led him here. He smelled the air. Yes, it was definitely familiar somehow. These mountains where a hiding place for him, whenever he wanted to see what was around the misty forests of the Edge. When he had gotten a bit older, he ventured around the mountains more, often leaving the World’s Edge for days on end to explore the mountains. He had found it led him to the pass before the Frozen Arch, which is what his Uncle had showed him when he was still alive, and he caught sight of the Steppe every now and then. It had looked like it did now, desolate and blank, with no other figure in sight. If he had found himself looking a few weeks back, he would have found a herd of unicorns there. Would he have approached them, or simply stared, watching them as they went about their everyday lives? Or would he run away, afraid of others that were this close to him? He didn’t know, nor would he ever. He had changed, that was for sure. He was no longer afraid of others, for his confidence had grown immensely. He had even challenged a God. He knew this now as he followed the God of Spark. His face went blank. He hadn’t meant to, and he wanted to apologize, but he didn’t want to think that he wasn’t happy about what the god had done for him and his group. They stopped suddenly, and the God announced that this would be their new home. With that, he disappeared.
“Wait!” were the first words from his mouth. He stomped his hoof, upset that the god had left them so soon. “And to think I was going to apologize…” The sound of Psyche speaking broke him off. He would follow her anywhere, even to the death if he had to. But that was a thought he kept to himself. For now, anyways. He psychically nodded, agreeing with the others, and spoke his own words of agreement. “Yes, I think exploring it a good idea. Why need to know what is around here and what use it shall serve us.” This land was still strange, and it would be best to map it out, in case unwelcomed guests decided to show up before they were invited.

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Stellaluna followed the god, her brow furrowed, and her amber pools skeptical. This god promised them land, and actual home. She had been ignored by the gods, and she didn't believe this one would actually help them. They were nothing but pawns in his game. But, alas, if that meant gaining power and rest to continue the Plague's agenda, then so be it.

But, sooner than expected, the mountains broke way to expose a beautiful landscape. The rusty dapple looked about her, not believing that this quiet valley was theirs. The Spark God spoke, and then soon retreated. Stellaluna didn't bother following, nor asking where he went. She wished not to test his patience.

She made her way to Psyche, standing by the dark mare's side, but still maintaining a respectful distance. She was the rightful Lady, and would lead them to a triumphant victory when the time arose. Stellaluna dipped her head. "My Queen,, she began, "I gladly follow you. You will lead us to a victorious future, I am sure." Stellaluna nodded, truly honest in her words.

But her thoughts did not rest on the future for long. There would be no future if there was a creature here who would emerge from the shadows and devour them all. "I agree, we best survey this beautiful land. Though we need rest from our journey, there is no way to treat this place as a safe harbor if creatures that lurk within it want to destroy us for trespassing upon its territory." She looked away from Psyche, taking in the rest of the landscape. She couldn't believe it, and secretly was more excited than she let on. "Also, what are we to do if we find any outcasts in this land?"

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The Nightshade looked about the land before him. It wasn't situated too far from the Arch and the weather wasn't too cold, in fact it was rather pleasant. The narrow paths that led deep into the mountains, their looming presence a welcome shelter. There was both a source of water and a source of food, all in all the new land had all the qualities to house their unicorns. Begrudgingly, d'Artagnan had to admit the Time God had done an excellent job in upholding his promise so far. Not that the shade was going to say it aloud, even if the swirly brute had stayed longer.

Next came Psyche. Another he did not completely trust but now held a certain mutual respect for. It would be wrong of him to not follow her now, Mauja apparently 'indisposed' as Sparks had so aptly put it. As was in the Edge, d'Artagnan will instead put his knowledge to best use and help clear a brighter future for them. An expression of dark glee creeping onto his face, no longer outcast he could do so much more damage, and this time he wouldn't be slapped in chains. Dragged away from helping his comrades. No. Not this time.

Slowly, the red poisoner made his way through the gathering herd. Nodding to them as he went in absent greeting before standing to the side of Psyche. "I hope you don't intend on going missing again. You're more efficient than I first thought" his crusty voice held a slight hint of humour in it. A light smile on brief sooty lips, the closest to a compliment the shade could manage, before he then moved away to inspect the lake. Leaving business matters to their new Lady.

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Unnoticeably, a small shadow weaved into the mass of moving horses in the wake of Lena, traveling north from the Steppe. For months, he had been clueless what to do with himself, battling his strong feelings of hopelessness and trying to keep up the hope that Mauja would return. It had been difficult at times, but he was still here, and when their new deity proposed that they could have a home, he felt his breath get caught in his throat. He did not quite dare to believe it, ever the skeptic, but he followed suit without a sound. He would have to see it to believe it, but oh, he wanted to. When they came through the pass, he halted in astonishment at the sight that lay before him, greedily taking in the sight of the lush grass, the lake and the caves, scattered all around. This is home.

For the first time in who knew how long, a smile graced the lips of the small warrior. With a lively shake of his thick tresses, he set forward in a canter, catching up with the herd and standing next to Lena. He did not speak, could not find the words to express the glee, so instead he caressed the shoulder of the bay femme with a smile dancing across his face. Tiny lobes perked as words were spoken, and as the others left to explore, he felt the urge to join them. However, he must greet their new matron first. “Psyche, we meet at last. It pains me to see Mauja is still lost, but in the end, there is only so much we can do,” the small stag spoke, a kind smile on his lips. “I am Aurelius, at your service.

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“The best lies about me are the ones I told.”

The golden unicorn watched the God of the Spark come and go in his grand fashion, eyes wide and staring as he disappeared into a burst of lightning and smoke that left the air bright and alive with energy. There had not been many things the young phantom had not seen, but to be within the presence of a God at such closer quarters was an experience unlike any other. The knowledge alone that he had in fact not been dreaming was enough to warm him against the Basin's frigid chill. At the great God's leave the golden stallion whispered a quick prayer of thanks, closing gilded brown eyes for just a moment, before quickly opening them again and continuing his observation of the spectacle before him.

Shuler remained at the back of the crowd, ever watchful of the other unicorns and equines milling about him. Though his eyes and expression betrayed no emotion, he was paying far closer attention than anyone would have guessed. Every name would be learned and every face would be remembered and comitted to memory, no one would be forgotten or missed as he filed them into their respective places inside his head. He watched Queen Psyche from afar, her loyal worshippers and minions already mingling about her in close quarters, her dark body obscured by the crowd. He supposed he would be counted as one amoung them, but despite his loyalty to Psyche and the Plague, he still considered himself alone and seperate from the whole.

Shuler would wait his turn to speak with their fearless leader in private. She would know after his pledge to herself and the Frostheart that he would not be going anywhere anytime soon, at least that she need be concerned about. There would be a time and a place to address any concerns of surveillance or intelligence that the lovely black lady had in mind. For the time being he took note of the blood bay with the glass horns atop his brow, and watched his comfort with the black mare as he spoke with her. Shuler also observed the white stallion with the blood colored tresses and equally crimson horn, that answered to the lady's every whim and fancy as if she did no wrong. Quickly glancing over the rest of the present company, the dun stallion did not find his presence needed or wanted by any one immediately, and with a sigh he slipped away into the scenery of the Basin to do some exploring on his own.

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Leyra's bloated form lumbered through. Her eyes set on the Time God. When he vanished she returned to gazing around. So many horses. Her only wish was to find a good place to birth her child. She liked this new place, and if anyone asked her what she was doing here, she knew how to reply. There was all unicorns, so she new it either belonged to the ex-edge or the Plague. The Plague. Leyra hated them for what they thought was right. They thought unicorns were the best. Fools they were. They would all still be in the Edge if they had equines and pegasi too. But who was she to say. One against a whole herd. She was but a mere speck in their minds. One that no one cared for.

Leyra ventured from the group, exploring the area. The air was frigid. This whole place was cold, just like the Edge. She glanced about, making note of each and every detail that she could see. This was her new home. A place to raise her and Descaro's child. "Bastard that stallion was. Should break his horn right off."She whispered silently to herself. Her hooves clicked upon the rocky terrain as she headed away from the gathered unicorns. She despised every last one of them. They should accept the fact that unicorns, equines and pegasi are all the same. No unicorn is better than the others. Nor is any pegasus or equine. She stopped her thoughts and stopped to take in the view once more.

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There was a look of indifference on the ice princess' face as she stood with the rest of the herd and listened to the god instruct them to listen to Psyche. Her mother. The jackal. She should be proud of herself, Snö, thought. After all the time of planning and running around and flip flopping all over the place she was finally a leader. If she would be even half the leader Mauja was, time would only tell. The frosty girl liked to think that her mother would be simply because she was her mother. She had to be the best.

If she wasn't there was always Mauja, she supposed. Her bloodline wouldn't be too screwed up.

"Mother." Snö said in greeting, her voice rising to be heard over the ones that began to pledge themselves to her. There were only a few she recognized aside from her own slave. The one she turned to, however, was Aurelius. There had been a time when they had been nearly the same height. She remembered that clearly.

"Little mountain goat." She then said, a touch of fondness in her voice. Her icy gaze drifted back to her dark mother who suggested they explore their new home. That was something that Snö was planning on doing with or without her mother's suggestion. So with little more than a nod of her head as a goodbye the princess slipped away from the meeting with her mechanical wolf close at her heels.


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The feral winds brought him here, following amongst the bulrushes of the enamored, the whimsical, the vacuous and forgotten. Yet, he didn’t pledge himself to her, didn’t croon at her efforts, didn’t murmur at her vigilance, and didn’t marvel at her strength. He was not reduced by her cunning, not ensnared by her wiles, not tangled by the threads of her whispers. The land was not her, this Psyche, this replacement of sovereignty from a disappeared, glacial presence, but a collection of souls that martyred, bled, and screamed for supremacy, for domination, for the overwhelming maelstrom of strength that drove them onward. His loyalty came from the dredges of words fostered by his father, from the credence of authority, ascendancy, and superiority, an assembled tutelage that still echoed in the chambers of his blood, in the hollow vessel of his cold sentiments. Stepping upon this land, a world of ice and rebellion, was not to honor Psyche and her sneering lips, but to bestow his allegiance to mastery, to possess conviction upon distinction, primacy. The darkened threshold of his silent, sinuous movements were likely to be largely ignored, an expected track of his veiled corridors and narrowed hallways, the forced isolation of his presence. He listened to their exultations, remained nonchalant, his features a fixed dial of warrior indifference, recherché and reticence. He uttered not a single word, not a solo syllable, not a breathless gasp of awe or a tremulous deliverance of bliss – merely standing upon another world in which to embark upon his puissant, licentious deeds. He was the maestro, the devil, of his own capacity, of his own pernicious, iniquitous bedlam, and she, nor anyone else, could claim him as theirs.

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everything is held at length

The God of the Spark lead them through rocky terrain of the mountains. There was no complaints least any she heard while they stalked through the cold terrain. This was what they all wanted after all, a home, no matter how much they may disagree on other matters. When the land came into sights it was perfect. A hide away tucked away from the rest of the world. The lack of warmth did not bother her, it made it better. As if like the God had said this hardy terrain was really made for the outcasts. Yes, it was too bad Mauja was not here to see this. That was one thing that struck her, because it should have been his. When the God spoke Faelene let him rest in her gaze, an ear giving a twitch at his words. her word is law. Faelene had to keep control of her facade, keep her eyes from the newly appointed Lady. It was a bit worse then what he had said in the start of this journey, but there was nothing to be done about it. What had she expected? Someone would have to lead them or it would be chaos. The lack of choice bothered her, and nothing except hope Mauja would return from wherever the hell he was, would take his place was all she needed.

While others pledged to Psyche, and spoke Faelene did nothing of the sort. She would work out terms with her, but not yet...not today. The charcoal colored mare saw Lena, and Aurelius and found herself moving to them. The invasion she had grown a fondness and trust for the pair and she much rather have their company in this. Aurelius went forth to speak to Psyche, however, and Faelene cantered her head in Lena's direction. "It is quite beautiful...isn't it?" She murmured, though did not expect an answer. She was continuing to take it all in filling a bit shocked, and ecstatic. A second the ice princess caught her attention, she meandered off on her own. A sigh, Faelene had many a thing to do, and dipped her head to Lena before departing off on her own as well.

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Bringing up the end of the line of unicorns had been Xanthos. Never before had he seen the Edge, let alone lived there, so he did not feel the level of accomplishment and excitement that the others did. True, that anywhere was better than the Steppe, but it just wasn't the same.

When they made it to their destination, the grullo came to a stop and allowed his eyes to take it all in. The sight of the hot springs was a welcoming sight, and he knew it would serve them well once Frostfall hit again, or when one simply needed the relaxation it would provide. The God of the Spark had brought them here with the simple promise of making no alliances with other herds. It seemed an easy enough task, but at the same time, should they ever be attacked... Hopefully it wouldn't happen, at least not for a long time, lest some unfortunate souls experience the wrath of Psyche and Elizabeth like he had.

Spotting Faelene, Xanthos recalled immediately when their first meeting, and when she had stepped in to stand up against their new Queen. He admired her greatly for her courage to do such a thing, and picking his head up, the grullo decided to trail after her, hoping she wouldn't mind his company. The hot springs were calling his name, but they would have to wait. "It is, is it not?" He replied to her earlier comment, "And to think, it's all ours."

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....Did that hurt you...?

It was a longer trek than Sin had originally estimated; the faint trail that paced through the thick forest of ice and snow, as well as the ever so vague scents of dozens of horseflesh, was starting to fade swiftly as he struggled to make up for his late onset. The stallion had been delayed in bringing up the rear of their little caravan, and the delay was surely prancing behind him now, chatting incessantly about this and that and all the glorious things she had found on their journey north. It had gotten so bitterly cold with every step he took, and yet a warm glow suffused the stallion as he traveled; every so often Sin would look behind him and cast a proud gaze at the little filly-girl he had stumbled upon. Hopefully he was making the right choice in bringing her with him; he couldn't imagine the others turning away a member of their blood. She needed as much protection and support as the rest of them.


It was some time before he finally came to the side of a broken mountain, following its trail and coming to an open copse, free of the bitterly cold snow and thick sheets of ice, regardless of its frigid temperature. He felt a delicate swoon from exhaustion. "Here we are, little one," he said to the spindly figure of Farai behind him. I think...he said in his mind, ever so slightly doubtful that this was, indeed, the correct place to be. His eyes swept over the numerous bodies that had made the journey; each and every one of them were unicorns, and every one of them had that same haggard, yet grateful, expression on their face. Upon further inspection, Sin began to recognize some of the more prominent figures; he saw the merlot hide of d'Artagnan amongst his brethren, as well as the odd colorations of another stallion that had stumbled across Sin in the thresholded forest (pity; he never did get his name). The tension in Sin's chest loosened and he exhaled deeply as he realized this was, indeed, the right place.

"You must be tired," he said to Farai; he himself was feeling somewhat weary from the expedition, so he could only guess how the delicate lady was feeling, "Mayhaps we can try out one of those cozy little caverns over there? We can properly explore our new home after a nap." He indicated toward the openings in the mountain faces, giving Farai a little nudge and a smile. The poor thing must be exhausted.

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The tiny white filly had enjoyed the journey for the most part. She had seen so much, and shared almost everything she knew with her darling Sinny, who watched over her like a hawk. Excitement pushed her heart to flutter like a butterfly at first, overwhelmed by the thoughts of meeting new horses. Constantly worried they would hate her, she plagued Sin with questions about their destination. But now was a different story. Her tiny head hung limp before her neck, her thin legs aching from every step. Silver hooves that had before danced over the thawing ground now dug tiny trenches as she dragged them beneath her. Her lids hung low, and she had finally fallen silent as she trailed quietly behind Zikar-Sin. She didn't notice the smells of others as it grew stronger, and only looked up when Sin spoke.

"We're here?" She quietly murmered, sky pools looking about her, her ears perking up a bit. Around her she saw unicorns of every size and shade. Her ears then lay back, pressed flat against her head, eyes wide with fear. She pressed herself against Sin, peeking around his legs. Shyness overwhelmed her.

"You must be tired," he asked her, and she looked up at him and gave a gentle nod. Happy he offered to take her somewhere safe to sleep, she gave a small yawn, and followed him away from the gathering to catch some sleep.

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