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Perhaps the stallion’s heart truly wished for stability and safety. That this home would be the last home, and there would only be its unceasing beauty to discover and learn, as he grew old. But rumors of the gods leaving came with a foreboding warning. It seemed as if, this world – tied to the magics the gods themselves provided, would inevitably shrivel and fade in time.

He didn’t want to look too close into the details; into the possibility of the greater dangers, or the impending removal of their livelihood burning on the horizon.

Cassius removed such thoughts with the events prior blooming against his chest. The warmth that overwhelmed him with something new and tangible, that had him shyly smiling at the edges of his lips instead.

With the sun blotted by various cloud cover, and the steady brush of wind as it shuffled and tossed the spry grasses, Cassius wadded carefully in a small brook. Lost to the simple noises surrounding him, and the bright, and fresh memories dancing in his head.  

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The scarred mare had never experienced anything like this in all the time she'd walked this earth. Despite being her age, she had never actually birthed any children, let alone became pregnant in the first place. Her innocence was lost most recently, within the last couple of seasons. It ignited a fire in her, and when she met Cassius, she felt the fire grow. And when they had danced, she was easily the happiest she had been since her move to the Basin. Though it seemed the world was ending now just as she was sure she was bringing life into it. Her sides were swollen, her already sore joints were excruciating.

But still, she had ended up at the meadow, face to face with the man that had made her the happiest she could be. One she didn't have to tiptoe around, one where she could be herself and he didn't judge her. It was relieving, a release among the pain and stress she has endured over the decade of her life. So she approached slowly, a soft smile cresting her dark red lined lips as she made her way toward him. “Cassius!” She called out to him to make her presence known before her blood tinged hooves reached the water's edge.

After a moment of silence as she tried to think of what to say, she let her glassy gaze look up to him in an effort to catch his gaze. “I… think I'm pregnant.” She finally said, her ears wavering in uncertainty of how he would take the news. She hoped it would go well, but with the way the world was going now she couldn't be too sure.


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He catches her form quickly. And quite suddenly notices the width of her sides, and the weight that appears to slow her steps. Cassius blinks in surprise. The thought of having created something (soon to be something) brought on an overwhelming wave of emotions. Fears and hopes, dreams and expectations that leave a dizzying after bite, blinding, and bright against his mind.

“Glasgow,” he murmurs against the wind.

The silence is hardly noticed. He’s lost in her gaze, holding on to the flame that carried them together on that night. Entwined, and embraced to forget what troubles held them, and finding freedom in the whimsical essence of it all. He thinks then, perhaps, that they could do this together. That this unimaginable feat of rearing a child, would be feasible.

It takes longer than it should for his smile to brighten into his honeyed eyes. And for the creases of those eyes to well with an unfamiliar wetness, charging to roll down his cheeks with innocent, hopeful joy.

“You’re pregnant!” A honeyed laugh escapes him. The stallion crosses the threshold of the water. And gently nudges his muzzle upon her cheek with a steady sigh.

“Everything is going to be okay.” He says this to calm himself, to embody confidence when there is very little to go around. When the world reeks of uncertainty and impending doom. But she remains, there, beside him. Alive and breathing, warm and swelling with life.

He will cherish it, as he sees fit. He will breathe her smell and only think of bliss, her steady heart and her unyielding wisdom. And how perfect she is as the world around them rots into oblivion.

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