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God damn right, you should be scared of me. Who is in CONTROL?

Finally, everything was resolved. Akriel always had something to say about everything that she did. The his sour words hit her black and white ears. They sharply pin to her skull. She wanted to reach around and bite him. Take a chunk from his shoulder, rip flesh from muscle. Instead her ears perked forward again and she just smiled. Her masked face faced him and she chuckled lightly "Maybe I do. Maybe I don't. Are you jealous, envious,do you think he can replace you dear brother? " She chuckled as her teal orbs fell back to Galahad. She watched the ghost fish swim around, and she just rolled her eyes. "It's okay. I was all my fault. I am just glad you are you again" She let a small smile fall upon her maw. Oh, this whole acting thing was getting so much easier. Cas did care about Galahad, but she was not sure if she cared that much. Well let's put it like this. She did not kill the boy, now did she? Cas also did not REALLY hurt him. Except for the electric burn on his butt. Sparks started to wave and jump around her with joy. Flicking her small tail she look to the moon deer.

He was off looking in the distance. At first the girl wanted to ask, but she remained silent. Galahad was asking about Akriel's fish that were floating around. "He can make all kinds of things. They do not hurt you though. They just kinda go bump in the night." Giggling the girl still watched the deer. They were such unique animals, she thinks of Tin. "Does he have a name? My.. I mean Our mother has one named Tin" Her head tilts with curiosity. The her blood spatter gaze falls to her brother. God how she wished to zap him in the ass, and make him pay for scarring her. If her brother only knew what hurricane was coming his way later. For now she would be content, pleasant, and GOOD.

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