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[OPEN] dear prudence [hatching]

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"The sun is up, the sky is blue,
It's beautiful and so are you"

Clementine was blissfully unaware of darkening mood that seemed to be rolling through Helovia.  She didn’t know that the Gods had withdrawn from their herdlands and the ominous implications that that held for the longtime residents. The flower child had been born in the era of Kaos, the name was not one that caused her heartbeat to quicken or fear to stir in her belly.  To was just another name. And it certainly wasn’t on her mind today as she skipped her way northward, back towards the land that she she knew to contain endless wildflowers and butterflies to boot.

The air was beginning to grow colder, so the flower child knew that soon the desert would be the only place that she’d be able to find flowers.  So she’d decided to make an effort in creating her own flower garden like her mother’s herb garden so she could have flowers during the winter. She hadn’t entirely thought through her plan to get the flowers home, but such thoughts hadn’t dampened the sunshine girl’s mood.  

She smiled when she reached the familiar meadow, speckled with the occasional tree.  However the flower girl didn’t make her way to the flowers immediately.  Because something pulled her attention towards a solitary tree.  She wasn’t sure if it was a sound or just a feeling, but regardless she made her way to the vast oak - curiosity blooming in the flower child. What she found was certainly unexpected.  A solitary egg - light blue with brown flecks - looking like it very well may have been displaced from a nest.

“Oh no oh no oh no” the girl muttered, upon finding the little egg nestled in the roots of the tree. “Where’s your nest?” she said as her orange eyes flickered towards the branches of the tree above.  However, the girl just didn’t see a nest in the branches. Puzzled, she looked back to the egg. Surely an egg so small had a mother looking for it?  But again, she was consumed by that strange feeling that had brought her over here in the first place.  Maybe this egg wasn’t misplaced after all, she thought.

No sooner had the thought popped into her head then did the little egg shift in its nook.  Once. Twice. Before the fragile shell split and the creature inside made the tiniest of peeps.  Clementine stood in awe, staring down at the scene unfolding before her, slowly sinking to her knees beside the egg as both inexplicable hunger and a sense of awe bloomed hot in her belly.

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