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[OPEN] 15 minutes late with an owl

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Something felt different about her home, but the painted mare couldn’t quite figure out what. Her gait slowed as she reached the iron gate at the border but her heart and thoughts quickened their pace. Hemlock flew around her, checking on the young Cypress where he was bundled up in the crook of Alysanne’s wings and withers, in a nest made of brown feathers from the older (but smaller) owl and her own. Though Hemlock had been in a bad mood ever since the younger owl had hatched, he still was helping - a sign that made her feel hopeful.

But now their trio fell quiet and still as they approached the Edge - the two owls picking up on Alysanne’s unease. Cypress began to hoot in small, whining cries - distressed and scared by the emotions he felt through their bond.

Her brow furrowed as she gazed at the forest that was her home, trying to figure out exactly what was different. It all looked the same… but she felt a growing sense of unease as she crossed over the border.

A cautious whinny escaped her, beckoning anyone that would hear it to come to her. The worry in her was rising, reaching levels that threatened to choke her. The list of those she wished to check up on to make sure they were alright was long indeed, but she didn’t intend to stop until she found every single one of her friends and family and made sure that this fear was unfounded.

Surely, everything had to be alright… didn’t it?

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Lady we have to find her! I have to tell her all the good news.... And the bad.... Together the ivory dog and I race in and out of the trees, both sets of eyes scanning for Hemlock or the painted hide of my adopted Mama. After all, Alysanne has always been there for me regardless of everything else going on around me. So much has happened in these last couple weeks, and I find the fact that I have not seen one of the two queens of the Edge well.... Okay it makes me even more nervous given the last words of the Moon Goddess..

The sounds of an owl hooting catches Lady's attention and she follows it. I start to head the way she had gone as well just to be sure. Finally, I feel Lady get excited. I hope it means what I think it does. The small pup rushes into sight of the trio before I find them. "Oh Mama Alysanne!" I cry out of joy and relief. I move forward, the small pearls that had appeared bouncing in my mane and tail. The weight of my new found necklace also reminds me that something is clearly going on. "Something is happening.... The Moon Goddess...." I can not bring myself to tell her the worst of things yet. So I avoid it instead. "I found out I have more family than I thought... Some were right here in the Edge and I never knew it.... But i'm so scared."

Lady moves against my front legs, pressing again me in efforts to sooth my fears. I find my family and it is the end of the world. It has to be. Why else would the Gods of abandoned us...



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Amaris couldn't track how much time had passed since it had happened anymore. It all felt the same - a combination of general numbness and shock and apathy, a mixture of panic and exhausted indifference.

She couldn't explain exactly what was going on in her mind. It was a mess most of the time, though moments of clarity came to her, however they came in the form of an altered Amaris, a changed Amaris.

An unsmiling, unfeeling, lost Amaris.

It was a habit carved into her since birth, to walk the misty woods of her home. The World's Edge was hardly that anymore - Helovia was hardly that anymore, but she couldn't leave, couldn't turn her back on those she loved, couldn't risk Dramyrth getting ill again.

Motion and noise caught her attention in the foggyness of not only her surrounds but also her mind. The mare unwittingly followed the young belle, unknowing her identity, only knowing that she should follow for some reason.

The reason was Alysanne, the painted queen. Amaris paused on the outskirts of the social bubble, watching the yearling greet her mother (and a curious question floated through her mind, though she had naught the energy to pin it down and dissect it, or voice it for that matter), a silent observer. She didn't announce herself, but merely existed, there, alongside them; a silent sentinel.

Until she broke the silence, to complete the half sentence the roan girl started, to fill in the gaps of information so that the painted one would know what was happening.

"The Gods are gone," her voice, a stranger's compared to her usual warm tones, uttered softly. "The Goddess announced 'He lied', before extracting herself from everywhere and everything. It is the same for all the Gods."

Though she had not ventured to every land to confirm this, the travels she had done, the people she had seen, the sheer gut feeling of it all confirmed it - Helovia was godless, on a course to destruction and the end of times.

Amaris stood, silent again, having delivered her information and then turned to stone once more.

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