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Tandavi the Fire Dancer

Inevitably, invariably, they go home.

Except they are not simply them. They have expanded, incorporated, assimilated and amalgamated and now they are no longer Tandavi and Natraj, not even Tandavi and Sacre- they have evolved into mother and father with child and foxes. A family.

How? she wonders, not for the first time, perpetually awestruck and dumbfounded by this turn of events. Though abstractly able to answer this question, she sometimes finds herself unable to fathom the reality of it. The presence of Sacre and Mortimer - their constant, consistent presence.... it leaves the girl perpetually at a loss, awash at sea in the depth of her unbelievable good fortune. It does not matter that time has passed, that she has carried and birthed and nursed and weaned this child. That she has told him stories as he curled against her side, her heart drowning in her son's blue eyes (does he know how much I love him?), his father a calming, comforting presence nearby (does he know how much I love him?). She finds herself staring, sometimes, dark gaze trying to drink them in, endless and intense and hungry. She worries that if she doesn't commit them to memory now, engrave them in the crevices of her mind, that if she doesn't know every hair and every curve and every line and every smile, they will fade away and vanish, and she will be alone.

Her brother does not share these feelings. The kitsune has thrived and basked and rejoiced in every moment since that fateful day, a visual and physical manifestation of the rapture his sister struggles so hard to express. He has taken quite seriously to his role as babysitter, despite the fact that his charge grows larger every day, and can now easily carry the fennec on his back. He courts Riona endlessly, he frolics with Inari, and he is happy. They are happy, easily and truly, and for a while, life is good.

They miss Amaris, though. They miss Alysanne. They miss the heat of the desert, and the cool, familiar mist of the Edge.

And so, inevitably, they go home.

But something is wrong. She feels it first as they cross over the threshold, a strange and unpleasant onslaught of dismal not right. The familiar threads of magic that make up Helovia, the ones she grew up feeling and seeing without even realizing.... they're wrong, twisted, shadowy lies of what used to be comfort. Firedancer shudders, glancing at her companions warily, but continues on, teeth clenched against the growing wrongness, ears pushed back within her silver-gold mane. "Can you feel it?" Natraj does, of course; her discomfort shoves its way through their bond, and he looks to Sacre and Mortimer with concerned eyes. It reminds them of the Darkness, of absence and silenced bonds, of a time they try not to dwell on.

Helovia feels like fear.

Still, they continue onward. It is not until they reach the Edge that the girl exhales, bright embers rising out of her nostrils and dancing around her head. Perhaps here she will find some respite- but no, the wrongness is even worse here, and the Fire Dancer's dark eyes blur as a wave of errant, twisted magic buffets her overwhelmed senses. She stumbles, shaking her head in great swooping motions, trying to focus her gaze on Mortimer, to latch on and make sure he's still there. You never should have come back, her bones seem to whisper. Something is wrong here. Something is broken. Something terrible will happen. Something is wrong.

Where is the mist?

"Sacre," she whispers, as though whispering will keep the rising panic from her voice, will protect Mortimer from her growing fear, "Where is the mist? What happened to our gods?"


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The dragonmare was broken, fractured. Everything had been turned on its head - she hung around the Edge, despite its clear lack of rightness out of habit, and perhaps, a lingering teardrop of hope.

She couldn't find Tandavi. And now, she couldn't remember the last time she had held the Fire Dancer in her embrace, declared the love she held for her, ensured her safety. She couldn’t remember, and through the nothing-ness, the numbness, she felt very real fear.

Amaris was different, already. The impending change, the approaching end to all things, had caused something to shift within her. Finally, it seemed, the Moon Goddess' instructions to act without emotion had finally sunk in - for Amaris felt no emotion, compared to the emotional being she had been before.

There were those who she cared too deeply about to ever lose emotional attachment to, however, and Tandavi was one of them.

Hell, she might be the only one.

So Amaris searched for her.

"They are gone."

The words were spoken with tones that definitely belonged to the dragonmare, but lacked any real inflection. They were words that offered the facts and nothing else - no emotion, no hint of the thoughts within the golden scaled mare's cranium, nothing.

Truly, Amaris was relieved to see her. But something in her was broken, and she couldn't bring herself to express this relief - to express anything.

Golden eyes looked over the stallion who accompanied her, and the young colt as well. Had Amaris really missed so much? Had she been completely ignorant as her beloved cousin went and created a new life with the Edge's Emissary (which didn't exist anymore anyway)?

Amaris wanted to be happy for her, to feel something - anything.

But all she knew was that she loved Tandavi - everything else was swallowed up in the abyss that now reigned her insides.

"The world is ending," she spoke softly, delivering the news with that same dry tone, that one that perhaps showed that she was done, done with feeling, with reacting. She was resigned to the world ending, and yet…

She was also determined to survive this, and she wanted the one she loved to survive it as well. Eyes flicked to her cousin, to the Fire Dancer who had accomplished so much in this world.

"There isn't much time left - I don’t know how, but we must survive this. We must endure."

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