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[OPEN] A final walk

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The pair made their way through Helovia their hides prickling. Something did not seem right in their home land as of late, and it had them on edge. He couldn't tell what was happening, but something was growing. 'Kaos.' He turned and gazed down at the wolf beside him nodding softly. 'It must be,I can't think of anything else.' He sighed softly wondering how the herd was doing back on the Throat. Isabella sighed softly thinking of his foals before shifting to her Cheetah form and racing ahead.

She let out a loud chirp waving her long black tipped tail behind her. He chuckled before throwing himself forward galloping after her. Silver eyes flashed as he followed her trail eyes narrowing as he realized where she was taking them. 'Why are you taking me there?' She kept running in silence as she pulled away from him throwing everything into her speed. They carried on for a little longer as the foliage around them suddenly shifted colors. Everything turned a brilliant scarlet, even the water. As he shoved through the blood colored ferns he spotted Isabella laying beside a pool of water. Her long stripped tail flicked as her golden eyes bored into his. 'What?' She chirped again before turning her head away slightly. Sighing he stepped towards the pool and dropped his head allowing his lips to suck at the bloody water.

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