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"He LIED." The Goddess' voice was an icy whisper, full of rage and hostility.

"This will not stand."

The mists of the edge dissolved slightly and the starlight dimmed, as the Goddess withdrew herself from the World's Edge.

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“He LIED,” comes the Goddess’s voice, raging and vicious, cutting her Seer to the bone.

An icy chill wracks Yael’s body, setting her heart to pounding in her chest, blood drowning out all other sound. There is only one she could be talking about, only one who could make the stars dim in the skies above. The gold’s knees feel weak, her breath comes in shallow gasps, and a gut-wrenching dread invokes a clammy sweat. Zani yowls, growling and setting his kitten hackles on end, fully immersed in her distress.

Oh G-d, ohg-d, ohGOD, OH GOD, OHADONAI.

What has she so unwittingly, so naively done?

Words rise unbidden in her throat as she stares off, whispering to herself in the veil of the mists, wondering who else may have heard the damning words. ”Ve’al tevi’ein lo lide chet, velo lidei averah, ve’avon, velo lidei nissayon, velo lidei vizayon, ve’al tashlet banu yetzer hara…”

A prayer to fight evil. A prayer for her own redemption.

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'He LIED.'

There is no question, no doubt, no wonder or mystery as to whose voice spoke, and who it was referring to.

There was only certainty, and following that, fear.

Fear of the unknown, of the sensation of losing everything. The dragonmare watched as the mists seemed to recede, as the lands lost their potency for the Goddess' eternal presence, as everything seemed to shift and yet remain eerily unchanged.

Everything was different, and yet the same. The trees were the same, the moon that hung in the sky was the same, and yet they lacked something that they had held before.

Words were mumbled, in a tongue she vaguely recognised, or perhaps it was the voice who spoke them.

Her Seer, her friend and confidant, the beautiful and exotic Yael. Amaris was drawn to her as she had been frequently over the last months, since meeting her.

Dramyrth stayed close, perched upon his bonded's withers, unwilling to put any physical distance between them lest that result in a permanent spiritual distance in these uncertain times. Amaris didn't mind, she found comfort and solace in the slight prick his claws lent her withers, the weight of him upon her - she needed him there as much as he needed to be there.

Golden scales sidled up to the golden mare, quiet, sombre, serious. Amaris did not know what she prayed for, the Gods has abandoned them - whether by choice or not, abandonment was what they had done - they would not hear their words. Not now.

Maybe not ever.

"Yael," her voice is soft, hoping to penetrate the mare's troubled self, to announce her arrival, her presence, her want need to be here.

"The Gods are gone."

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The moment Ingrid heard The Moon's voice, she started running. Her breath came in gasps as she jumped creeks and careened past trees. Soon, she got tired and had to slow to a canter, then later to a trot. She walked the remaining 95% of the distance.

She hummed softly as she trudged uphill towards the cliff, trying to remain unconcerned. She knew her goddess could be a little temperamental--meeting her once had made that obvious--but she figured with a little damage control and a lot of flattery, this could be put to bed.

The Edge would be alright.

Finally, she caught sight of Amaris and Yael. She picked up her pace, but still only managed to catch what Amaris said last: "The Gods are gone."
So it isn't just the Moon.
She remembered meeting the Spark at the Basin Festival. With all due respect to his Holiness, Ingrid had privately wondered if he'd had some of the booze. He was so relaxed! If he was gone, something had to be very, very wrong. She knew this realization should have made her scared, panicked even. Instead, she just felt tired. Probably because of all that running.

"Late to the party again because I'm out of shape," she called out. She was huffing as she neared them. "But hey, if the world is ending, the smidgen of motivation I have for working out is definitely going down with it."

After taking a little longer to catch her breath, Ingrid looked to each of her older, wiser rankmates.

"So guys, just how fucked are we?"

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"Because even the stars they burn, some even fall to the earth"

I had practically confined myself to the shadows for the remainder of Tallsun and nearly all of Orangemoon.  The Edge was one of the few places that I felt a modicum of safety - here under the protection of the Moon.  After speaking with her in the veins, feeling her embrace, I finally felt that maybe Kaos wasn’t something that I needed to concern myself with.  After all, Grandmama did say that the Gods had the situation well under control.  

It didn’t assuage all my worry, but it certainly helped. Until tonight. Until the Moon’s furious whisper ripped through the still night air - instantly recognizable and sending a chill to the very pit of my stomach.

Something was wrong.

”Grandmama?” I murmured under my breath, ears pricked in a desperate attempt to locate a direction from which the sound emanated, but knowing that the sound likely came from everywhere and nowhere all at once.  But that didn’t stop me from tearing off in pursuit, spindly legs carrying me haphazardly over treacherous terrain.

“Grandmother Moon, please don’t leave us!” I shouted, chasing desperately after nothing because I knew that she was already gone. The sounds of the others didn’t even register in my ears because the cresting wave of panic was already threatening to pull me under the surface.  I ran a few more steps, carelessly, not taking any care to place my feet carefully in the starry night before finally breaking my stride and slowing to a halt - my sides heaving and my head dropping in defeat.

“Don’t leave me,” I managed, pitifully, in nothing more than a whisper.  Everly, who had finally caught up, did her best to provide some sense of comfort but knew that it was useless at this point.  I stood, paralyzed, my mind pouring over what this could mean and what I should do.  And then in a moment it came to me, and in a swirling mess of wings and stars I leapt into the skies - dark wings carrying as quickly as I could south towards the shrines.

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The Gods are gone…

Her eyes close against the proclamation, finding confusion in her feelings as they begin to move beyond a mere simmer. She’s always thought herself an unusual choice for a Seer, having served (for lack of a better term) several masters in her many years, finding that each has an inkling of truth in them, but none are able to tell it without the very mortal emotions of jealousy and power-lust.

Guilt and Relief are locked in a stalemate, and it is with these heavy opposites does the golden woman turn to Amaris – one she’s come to hold close to her heart, almost like another daughter. “Amarees,” she responds softly, reaching out her nose to brush it against the scaled woman’s shoulder in a comforting and familiar manner. The Gods are Gone. She has no response to that, no words of hope for the future at this time. Because she knows that nothing will help this initial shock, and sometimes the best thing one can do is simply be there for others – a fluffy rock to witness the tears and fears of what is to come.

Yael herself is dry as a bone as guilt begins to win, sowing numbness in his tracks. Panic flees. Survival mode – mother mode – engages.

“So eet seems,” she ventures, and then Ingrid appears, with appropriately sacrilegious words that make the Seer smile, despite herself. “I am not sure, ‘onestlee. Ze precedence for zis… deed not breeng about ze end of ze vorld. But een a var of ze Gods, vich… t’is might be, eef Kaos xas lied… no vone can know vhat ees to come.” Her glance travels almost apologetically between the two of them; Ingrid knows nothing about her role in distributing Kaos’s message. She can only hope that Amaris, maybe, won’t remember. And if she does, that she will merely think the Seer to be mortal, and fallible – at fault, just like the Gods.

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"So the God of the Spark is not the only one who has left us." I state as I waltz right on in. Arwen arrives a few moments behind me, panting. I have to admit, i've come running at a full gallop. All signs lead to my Dad being here, and I possibly have a little sister to. We needed to be a family right now more than anytime before. Specially as little as my sister is. "I'm Brendan, Aaron's son. Please tell me I am in the right place and he's here..."

My voice cracks a little. After all, I have only just reached adulthood. But this time it cracks more out of fear and concern and flat out emotion than anything else. Arwen plops her butt right in front of me. She's still young too, so i'm glad that she's been able to keep up with me. My blue eyes look wildly from face to face, hoping at least someone knows my Dad.


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He lied. The voice cuts into her thoughts, into what was otherwise a perfectly normal Orangemoon evening. Suddenly, the night is far from normal, the mists fading and the starlight diming. Something is far from wrong, and certainly, it has to do with Kaos. Somehow though, she cannot find it in herself to be surprised that he lied, though about what, Lyanna has no idea. He could have lied about everything, and even that would not shock her. Strangely, fear does not find her now, but an unsettling calm. She would need to find her herd mates soon, would need to be there to do whatever she possibly could to protect them, which was not much. There was strength in numbers though, if nothing else. For a moment though, she does nothing, just stands there in the far less misty forest thinking.

She should be more upset than she is. Having lost everything once before, she knows how hard it is, knows how hard war and destruction will be again. Yet she has survived it once, and deep down, she knows she can survive it again. Though she does not want to lose the Edge or their Goddess, does not want to witness more needless deaths. She has no power to heal now, not that her powers would have been enough to save Nyx once and likely, they would do no good in another battle with Kaos. What had he lied about? she thinks, finally starting to move, slowly weaving her way toward the clearing where they hold meetings, figuring perhaps she will find at least some of the herd there.

Does it matter? The voice that answers her question is Corbin’s, the ghost that never leaves her. Now though, he feels less like a ghost and more like a memory, a past that doesn’t haunt her but rather memories that keep them alive. It does matter, if they want to be one step ahead. Perhaps it doesn’t matter though, because could they ever hope to be one step ahead of a god? The only thing that mattered was that their goddess was gone, their herd left unprotected. Did they really have a herd at all now, or were they like the Falls?

She finds a gathering of horses soon enough, Yael and Amaris among them. She’s in time to hear that the Spark is also gone, and at that, she can only assume the Sun has gone as well. Four gods against one, but that one had pulled the wool over the eyes of their four gods before. She did not put it past him to do so again. She doesn’t recognize the stallion that’s speaking, but she doesn’t ask who he is or what he’s doing here. It doesn’t seem relevant now. “I believe your father is here, though I am not sure exactly where.” she says, thinking back to Zoeya’s birth and the stallion that had offered help.

She turns her attention to Yael and Amaris and Ingrid, still finding that she is strangely calm through all this, unable to find panic or fear or guilt. It seems like she should feel one of those things, but perhaps some of Corbin’s training had set in from so long ago, and she thinks only to what they can do. “The only thing that matters is that we take care of one another. This is just a land, after all.” Any land would be fine as a home as long as her friends were there. She only wanted to keep them safe, whatever that meant.


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It was rare these past few days: a walk alone. There was so much to tie to him to her and to them, he rarely found himself sleepless or wandering. Yet it was well he ventured beyond the nest they had created this night.

’He Lied!’ Golden harks twist back and he comes through the trees to the scene. He his confusion masked as hesitation as he watched the moon goddess’s rapid departure. Now his head rose to its full height, and harks came to lift. That could not be good.

Really not good. Tasseled tail flicked as he listened to the comments of others, though with no additional information he found little interest. His mind was already far away. The gold spins around, his golden cloak, worn for the growing cold, shimmers even in the dull light.

The Falls was already dissolved, the incomer had claimed the Basin was abandoned as well, now the Moon Goddess, it was surely the same with the Throat. All the Gods, withdrawing…His mind flashes back to God battles, and deaths….. He had enjoyed them then. There was excitement, adventure, and promises of all sorts of fun, but now....Now he had something to keep safe. Now he had something he needed to protect beyond measure.

Cloven hooves leapt over fallen trees and shadows, as his pace quickened, racing toward his family.

"talk talk talk"

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