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[RANDOM EVENT] The fire burns out

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The Diviners Fire, a place of ever burning lightly, suddenly went dark.

The God of the Sun had withdrawn his presence from the Dragon's Throat.

"Kaos stirs." The Gods' regal voice billowed out across the sands, loud and resonant for all to hear. "I cannot deal with him and be here at the same time. Forgive me."

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Burning on the E D G E of something beautiful

Ampere awoke with a shudder and a cold, sticky sweat. Sand unfurled from the sides of her body as she heaved abruptly from the dusty bosom of the land, too stunned to do anything more than stand once risen. Her breath moved quick and hard, flanks rising and falling rapidly, nostrils flared. Sweat dripped down from her 'brow along the edges of her eyes ridges; a nervous moisture. She swayed as she stood, a combined effect of lingering grogginess from and incomplete and interrupted slumber, and a spiritual ripping that shook her to her core and unsteadied her confidence and faith.

Nearby Kygo gave a low, concerned trill, and their bond was a cloud of anxious maroon, drifting like blood in water.

The Sun God's voice trembled into her bones as it whirled across the desert sand. Ampere stiffened at the message, ears flicking this way and that, eyes finally seeing as she blinked and lifted her head. As the Sun continued, Ampere started, a new dread rushing through her. Alarm replaced confusion for the moment, and with an outcry Ampere lunged forward - Kygo squawked in response and took to his wings, racing after the blue mare as she galloped from the Oasis to the Temple.

As Ampere ran, her body dissolved, flesh and sinew replaced with sparks of electricity that demonstrated the emotional storm that was wrecking her. In her wake, balls of sparks gathered from the ground, pulled up by the intensity of her panic and gathered like a defensive comet trail behind her. The more she ran, the less real she seemed, nearly becoming lightning herself; it was almost as if she'd never been a mare at all, just a thunder storm trapped inside a set of wings and hooves.

The drawn out word lifted, nearly indistinguishable from the guttural cry that encased it, raw with anguish and despair. Ampere, now entirely composed of electricity, stood in the Temple's grand halls. She stood before the Diviner's fire, the one that had stopped burning. A strangled sob wrenched free of her throat and Ampere collapsed to her knees, neck draped in a lackluster prayer against the smooth floor of the Sun's house. The significance of this eternal flame snuffing out struck Ampere with even greater finality given Gaucho's demise, but it was also something that she felt deep within her being. Living beneath the Sun's guidence had always involved an indescribable warmth and glow, even in the darkest of hours. Now however, Ampere felt the absence of that, and the chill of it was startling; it was not just the fire that was gone, a presence, a power, felt lost as well.

The Sun had truly left.

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