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[OPEN] Coats of mist

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Astarot and Zafir
The young stallion and dragoness made their way through Helovia on their way to the Edge. Astarot smiled softly as Zafir grumbled through their bond. 'Why?' He snorted tossing his massive head playfully. 'Would a race make it more fun for you?' She snorted sending frost billowing away from her. There was no need for her to reply, they both knew the land bound man couldn't keep up. Instead she gripped the plants in her hooves more tightly trying to put him in a bad mood as well. He rolled his eyes and chuckled his mood unshaken. She was just grumpy because he had dragged her out of her nest so early in the morning, but it would pass.

The sun was high in the sky by the time they reached the Edge. His eyes moved over the glass spikes carefully. 'Smart.' He nodded at her words agreeing. Everyone needed some form of protection. He stood in front of the gate placing his herbs on the ground, Zafir placing her's on the pile as well. Her claws emptied she landed on his back scarlet eyes fixed on the gate. He glanced down at the Aloe vera and Yarrow at his hooves satisfied with his offer. Taking a deep breath he lifted his head and bellowed. he was proud of how deep his voice had grown with his age. He could still remember the little squeak he had been born with. Now he sounded much like his ebony father, instead of his wandering mother.

He turned his sapphire and scarlet eyes back  to the glass gate a smile perched upon his handsome features. A cold wind stirred  his long creamy locks. A shiver ran over his thin pelt. While others of Helovia had been working on growing thick fur for Frost Fall, the desert dweller had no need for such a thick coat. The dampness of the World's Edge didn't help with the chill either. Zafir snorted frosty breath rolling from her muzzle. Even though she had the gift of cold, her scales didn't do much in the way of keeping her warm. She hated the winter with a deep hatred. He glanced back at the proud blue dragon perched on him. 'Try and be nice, please?' Her sharp gaze turned to meet his gentle one wanting to scoff at him. His sweet nature oozed into her salty heart like toxic waste. With a great sigh she nodded, 'Fine.' He smiled and pressed his muzzle against her scaly chest. A purr rumbled from her unable to stay grumpy when he showed affection. Silently they both turned back to the towering gate and spikes.

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He has become accustomed to life in the Throat. Each day brings those who he has never met, and those who are becoming his friends. Over all, everyone is easy to get along with, and the herd has a drive that bubbles excitement in his chest. He does carry a tinge of disappointment that he was unable to meet Maren before she left, but he is determined to help keep the Wise ranks strong in her absence.

Gulliver gazed around him. He had wanted to wander a little today, to see more of Helovia. He knew of the herd's quest, and aimed to help collect the wood they need from the wilds. A distant bellow caught his peaks, turning towards the sound. He became curious, and started forward towards whoever called out. His walk advanced into a long trot, the rosary in his mane clinking in his ear.

A familiar form came into sight. The stallion squinted his eyes, realizing the stranger was in fact Astarot. Gulliver called out to the other Throat member, recalling for a moment his meeting with the cream stallion at the party. He slowed, coming to a stop near Astarot. The other stallion was friendly, but Gulliver remembered the grumpy attitude of the frost dragon perched on his back. "Hello, Astarot. Zafir." Gulliver smiled joyfully, his gaze traveling back and forth from his fellow herd member to the glass shards that jutted out from the ground around them.

"This must be the World's Edge. Impressive..." He trailed off, his attention distracted at the massive gate.



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Kiada often loved adventuring. Though it wasn’t any normal kind of adventuring, she managed to find the time away from her home to be absolutely full of bliss. And now, her brother had returned to her though he often wandered on his own. All was right in the flame harpy’s mind and heart. However, as she began to approach the gate, to return home with Khairi to the familiar confines of her family that her mother had found, she paused in her step when she heard voices. Dark ears strained forward, capturing the last bit from a painted equine as she remained hidden from view in the ever comforting tree-line. “This must be the World’s Edge. Impressive.” How she wished she could agree.

Khairi had begun to grow impatient, nagging at the bond between the flame-backed girl and himself. The vulture surveyed the three creatures at the gate with a sigh, announcing to her that he hadn’t seen these particular beasts before, so chances were they weren’t members. Though the bird bounded between tree branches, aiming for a better view while being as inconspicuous as he could, though it was hard when you were a vulture completely out of your habitat. Now was as good a time as any to make their appearance.

The mare stepped out from the trees, from behind the two stallions and the one dragon while Khairi flew from the trees to the large metallic gate. He landed on the top, crooning a hello to the equines in his guttural, haunting voice. As Kiada stepped forth, the flames along her spine emitted in deer, a true sign of her curiosity of the business these two held for her home. Offering a dip of her head to all those gathered, she looked to the painted equine with the faintest hint of a smirk. “Yes, it is quite impressive.” She began, lifting her inky head high as her smirk shifted into a grin. “I am Kiada, a nurse here. What is it you seek with the Edge?” She questioned, her formalities strong, hard learned from her father who was King for some time.

Her sapphire gaze danced between the painted equine to the one with the skull-ish marking, wondering which one might speak up first, and whether or not she should conjure her magic and burn them where they stood.


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Border patrol was a task that Amaris could never fully relinquish, even if her rank did not demand her to attend such things. She cared too much about her home, about the members within, about the continued success of it all, especially in times when the fate of Helovia was so uncertain. Even if their patron Goddess did not show fear, she had also advised them to use logic, to think past their emotions - Amaris surmised then, that the Goddess was also adept at hiding her emotions, her true feelings on the situation. Maybe the Goddess truly was worried, fearful, about the Kaos situation, and hid it so as not to influence her herd into a wave of fear and hysteria, to let them stand the best chance of devising just how they were going to survive this, whatever this happened to be.

So when the dragonmare wandered along the borders, and came upon three individuals whom she had all met upon three different occasions, she allowed a surprised smile to curl her lips. Dramyrth flew above, and let loose a loud, colourful trill to the gathered below, neither overly welcoming nor hostile in nature, more of an announcement of his presence, his magnificence, his brilliance. He did not land, but watched the happenings from on high, circling above the canopy, prepared to drop down should the occasion call for it.

"Welcome, Astarot, Gulliver," Amaris greeted warmly, her honey tones embracing the gathered. She nodded her tiara to Kiada, not knowing much about the mare except the brief interaction they had in the Labyrinth. "How may we assist you today?" she sought clarification, making the offer with a kind expression, ears pressed forward to capture any responses they might proffer.

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