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Zona had been exploring when the wolves caught her attention. From the looks of the area around, many members of the herd members had already been here. A ear flicked as she spotted what seemed to be the alpha female...a white wolf with gold eyes. Feathers ruffled at her side as the other smaller female stared at her. Zona just stared right back. White was a unusual coloring for wolves, normally such a colored wolf would be outcast by the others. So for this white female to not only still be with the pack, but also the alpha's mate was a bit surprising to her.

Zona gave a bow of her head, showing some respect to the mother, then her gaze went to the cause of her attention being diverted. Young pups playing with each other, a few pack members watching them protectively. They had no need to be on such high guard around her, for she meant them no harm. The white mare only wished to watch the pups play, a small smile forming on her muzzle. They were so precious at that age, still learning with each other on how to fight and hunt. Still relying on their mothers for food.

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In recent weeks, his dove has ballooned beyond the elegant outline of entrancing youth (the unbelievable transformation has all but blown the simpleness of his mind), and also her discomfort has peaked - to his dismay - along with an ever shifting disposition; in one breath he catches glimpse of the innocent treasure she had been not so long before, but in the next, she seems more a broody hen, fussing about the freezing foothills and gathering what seems to be an endless hoard of rubbish.

Though he makes every effort to help her, to listen and to follow her (waddling figure) around, the entire situation is just too difficult to understand – often she cries, sobs with despair, and when the ever-enduring, highly confronted eagle queries as to why, his lover professes some entirely unreasonable justification, like the thread of tired yellow which had been in an otherwise emerald tussock…

As a weakening sun sinks from its pinnacle in the late-autumn sky, Nora settles to nap and the silver and gold stallion stands by. Doting eyes stroke the canvas of painted skin stretched around her –wondering inwardly if it could pull any tighter - until the nerves laid beneath it begin to flinch and tweak; as her secret dream-world descends, he places a soft kiss against her cheek and slides with painful slowness from her highly sensitive side.

For days he has been hoping to find the alabaster woman plucked from the Threshold.

It would be a year soon (a small exaggeration), since the ‘pushy-prince’ had delivered he and Nora so unwittingly into the bosom of this place, and in contrast the eagle is more than determined to assist his recruit – and the ones to follow – as she settles into herd life and hierarchy; the same courtesy had not been offered to him and so the infection of his ill-opinion, so to speak, had been let to fester for far too long.

The harry of the bitter mountain wind drives down in his face, forcing blonde lashes to fall across eyes, so that the world he views is barely a slit of white light. His long, flaxen forelock has back-flipped and it streams at length beyond pricked ears, meshing with the fluid, flying body of his mane; nevertheless his gait feels unfazed as he presses on at a canter, and his thoughts are fixed steadily upon the impression of his target where last she’d been spotted – exploring the walls to the west.

His time is brief; the dove soon will stir, so the drumming rhythm of his hooves breaks into a swifter gallop.

At last the shadow of that monster mountain looms, and he sinks beneath its ominous glare reluctantly, aqua eyes tracing the slender form of the paler as she grows ever nearer. "Zona!" he sings forth brightly, a little louder than expected; but within seconds he realises the object of her attention and slides to an ungainly halt (sheets of muddied snow spray out to either side). "Zona…" he calls again, and the note of his voice is far softer, for the amber-eyed canines beyond have focused upon him. "What in the world are you doing?"
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Gwyn lies on her side in the midst of the light drenched vale, softly dozing in and out of reverie, looking betwixt her inner worlds, and the blue sky highlighted by clouds, above. The sun is warm on her skin, in sharp contrast to the breeze, and, being black, is more so, for Gwyn and her momma. With happy sighs and the occasional bemused, absent smile, the filly is almost lured again into that ever waiting dream realm when the sound of hooves running by draws her head up from the grass.

Up pops the filly to her four legs, a flurry of movement where there had been none. Feeling the blood propelled from her head to her hooves, she feels a bit woozy, but doesn’t take her eyes of the handsome stallion who gallops across the land. His wings are bright and golden on the horizon, and she follows him until he nearly vanishes, becoming instead the sway of brush and foliage.

Curiosity burns in her, and a desire to meet the winged gentleman also inspires her to follow after. Bleating for her momma, grazing nearby, to let her at least know she is wandering away, but truly requesting she come, too (for Gwyn is not as bold as her sire was at this tender age, preferring to have a flank to sidle up alongside, and pretend to meld into), the filly follows after Noah at an ungainly, all leg canter, her flyaway mane and short, growing tail pulled back by the rush of wind down her dark sides.

Coming upon the pair of pegasi now, the maiden stops, her small nose jettisoning up as her blue eyes become saucers at the sight of the wolves beyond the majestic enough adults. From the stranger’s beautiful wings to the adorable pups and the regal adult wolves, Gwyn is not sure where to hold her eyes, and instead vacillates between all of them, a smile slowly gaining on her lips, and her lion’s tail playfully twitching at its tip.

Hello,” she softly greets with a curt bow of her dainty crown, normally used to being introduced by her parents, not herself, and particularly enchanted by these strangers (and their wings). However, she thinks knows what Zona is doing, or at least sort of knows, because her daddy has told her all about the herd’s crazy idea to become friends with wolves. Having now seen them for herself, Gwyn is not really sure why her father doesn’t like them. The babies, especially, look soft, and the pack itself looks like a family, or a herd, just a lot fuzzier and much, much shorter. “M-maybe she’s learning about them? For the Time God. Daddy says they’ll become magic if we watch them and stuff.

What was that other stuff? Feeding them, maybe? She would begrudgingly admit she had zoned out while being told about it. Sometimes he just goes on and on and on, her daddy…

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Ears move at the familiar voice of Noah, and soon her red orbs are upon him with a disapproving frown. "Quietly!" she whispers harshly. Some more movement catches her attention and she finds herself looking to a young filly. A soft smile forms on her muzzle and a softness enters her eyes. "Yes, little one, I am here to watch them. They will not attack as long as we are respectful enough of their boundaries." The mare moves a little, feathers ruffling. "You may stand by my side if you wish to see them a bit better."

Then her head moves forward again. "I did not know that the god had assigned us to watch them....the pups caught my attention without that in mind." Zona noted that some of the members were watching them a bit more warily...perhaps disturbed by the arrival of two more equines. "I hear tales that if you can get a wolf as a young pup...that you can perhaps train them to be your companion....but I have never heard of them becoming magical before now." Who was she to question it though? If it was the word of a god, she was sure it would come to pass in some manner. Zona flicked her tail a little, moving her ears. For a brief moment she wondered what it was like to meet a god.

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