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She was growing more comfortable here. It was hard to call it home, but then again, she wasn’t entirely sure she would ever call anything home really. Syrena wasn’t born for life in one place, she wasn’t raised to understand the concept of home. If it weren’t for the barrier that had stripped her of her powers here, she would have left Helovia long ago. There was no point to leaving though, now only a shell of the mare she once was. It seemed okay simply to stay, to see what shred of her old powers Helovia might return to her.

Orangemoon was still sticky with humidity, but cooler, bearable in a way Tallsun had not been. The tidal waves make it harder for her and Thea to waste time in the ocean, so the pair had taken to collecting metals during the early morning and late evening hours. She rather wishes they had somewhere better to store it, a thing she might ask permission to build when she felt more comfortable crafting larger items.

Today, with their stockpile of metal rather large, Syrena figures she ought to start making something. The season would end before she knew it, and if nothing else, she did try to do the job assigned to her. Recalling what Ampere had said of the different metals, Syrena starts with firmer iron. The sun is just beginning to set, and the Divner’s Fire seems to come to life as Syrena calls on the Sun God’s magic with metal.

Despite the fact it’s magic, she’s still sweating, and not just from the proximity to the fire. Though nothing can burn her as she uses the magic, she still finds it draining. Her mind begins to work, shaping the iron into a breastplate that their warriors could wear, or anyone really, that planned to fight. Though making an entire piece of armor would be better, she wasn’t sure her skills were up to it yet. This way she could make two though, protecting a rather important part of two of the Throat’s warriors instead of a gift for only one.

Once the shape of the breastplate is done, she begins to add gold and copper, creating a large sun that would burn across the chest of the wearer. She weaves the gold and copper together, trying to give the sun some depth, trying to make it look as fiersome and beautiful as possible. Art is perhaps not her strong still, but she does admire colors (she is rather colorful herself, when she’s wet anyway), and she finds it’s easier to create the design than expected.

Once done, she pulls the breastplate from the fire, resting it on a nearby large rock while it cools. Tired, but not yet done, she begins works on the next, shaping it as she had the first, adding the sun to brand it as crafted by the Throat. Even if she didn’t know or really care much for the Sun God, she did enjoy the emblem. There was something beautiful about it, after all. She pulls the second breastplate from the fire, placing it on the rock beside the first, admiring her work. Getting better, though only time would make her a master.


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