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[OPEN] WTH are you?[Hatching]

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The young lightning marked girl had been shocked when the strange creatures had given her an egg. She was still in awe, liquid brown eyes staring at the golden orb. Her excitement was outweighed by her exhaustion. Slowly the filly lowered her body down beside the egg, her muzzle gently resting against it's glowing shell. Her eyes fluttered shut and she drifted into a deep dreamless sleep.

The sun was already high in the sky shimmering off the mist floating lazily through the chilly air. Something tickled the filly's nose a few times before she slowly opened her eyes. It took a minute for the stupidity of sleep to wear off. Startled by the sight that met her eyes she scrambled to her hooves. Her eyes bulged at the cracks running over the orange shell. Fear pulsed through her young body as she watched the egg rock again. "Oh no..." She swallowed the lump in her throat as another crack appeared.

She'd only had the egg for a single night and already she had broken the poor thing. The poor baby inside was going to die, because of her. The strange blue and purples colored creatures had chosen wrong, they should have given it to someone else. Tears welled up in her deep brown orbs and she looked around for her mama. If anyone could help it would be her mother. 'Maybe she can heal the poor thing inside!' She turned to leave when something clicked in her soul.

She froze her skin quivering and her heart pounding. Something seemed to have slammed into her heart invading her brain. The world seemed to slow down as she turned to look back at the egg. Shock and joy flooded her mind at the stunning creature peering out of a hole in the shell. The creature looked like a bird, what she could see anyway. It had a three short feathers perched on it's head. The soft downy feathers were varying shades of brown white and black. The cream colored beak opened and a chirp sounded. She gulped watching the tiny bird tilting it's head back and forth hazel eyes sparkling.

Silently the filly stepped towards what was left of the egg. The chick called out again as if asking for something. Hunger clenched at her stomach, but she hadn't felt hungry before something flipped in her brain. "Are you... Are you my companion?" Joy tickled through her mind as she lowered her muzzle down towards the peacock. The second her muzzle touched his cream beak the creature kicked free of shell reviling another shocking discovery. Where the rest of the bird should have been was a cooper and white puppy butt. A fluffy tail curled over it's dog back. She looked towards the front half where scaly legs tipped in short talons dug into the ground. "What are you?" Her voice carried in the chilly morning air as her mind raced and stomach growled.

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The mare wandered aimlessly, picking off tall grasses here and there with her teeth.  The sun was high in the sky, warming her ebony back as a chilly wind made her locks drift back and forth.  Her bonded companion wasn't far away, the Zephyr circling the sky in attempt to spot prey.  She kept on eye trained on the black blur, her own feathered wings itching to join him in flight.  Her growling stomach kept her grounded, however, as she begrudgingly gave in and grazed.   Although her presence in this place was barely a season old, she has found moments of peace.  The cliffs were her favorite place, and it is where she finds solace during the night.  Crashing of salty waves and the moon reflecting the ocean made the awful time more bearable.  Finally, there is more things then flowers to bring her comfort during her nightmarish sleep.

Idolum, we are not alone.

Sospes' voice interrupted her thoughts of the cliffs, her head jerking upwards.  Wings spread, she was ready to spring upwards should whoever was close held less then honorable intentions.  But the figure in the distance seemed distracted.  Anxiety swirled around her decision to approach the stranger, but she had to meet more of those who also called this place home.  Each step she took brought her closer to having to face the stranger, but she timidly called out a greeting.

"Hello?"  Sospes landed on her withers, turning and cleaning his windswept feathers. The bird seemed unfazed by the stranger, but he has never had a reason to fear strangers.  His kind personality always shone forward, and has always been reciprocated.  It was Idolum's awkward and strange mind that created whispers and stares.  

Her ears pricked as she noticed the broken egg on the ground.  She caught the girl's words, but they sounded like that of a child.  Albeit, she was a big child, but a child nonetheless. She stopped her advance, still a few meters away from the young filly.  "It's a griffin."  Her voice was soft, and unexpectedly warm.  Usually it held a hint of skepticism and distance, cracking with use.  But today, it held a melodic tone, quiet and....beautiful.  


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Though Alysanne was trying to not be as strict as she had been with Naerys - she did keep an eye on Zoeya, and wasn’t afraid to ask others in the herd to do the same. Her friends were certainly willing to help out whenever they could, endearing themselves even further to her.

Hemlock had found the girl first, hooting a hello to her as he came to land beside her - his black eyes flickering between her and the cracking egg. He called for Alysanne immediately through their bond and she didn’t waste any time in hurrying towards them.

She didn’t arrive in time to see the actual hatching, but she didn’t miss much. She smiled at the pegasus mare she didn’t recognize - reminding herself to make proper introductions as soon as she could - but her attention was drawn to her daughter and it wasn’t easy to tear it away. She had been there for when Naerys’ companion had hatched and she was thrilled that she would be so lucky to get the chance with Zoeya as well. She came to stand beside her daughter, nuzzling the girl’s neck softly. “Congratulations, my sweet.” Alysanne’s voice was a soft coo, her green eyes shining. Hemlock hooted at the hatching, delighted by the strange creature, before hopping around on the ground and hooting again at the zephyr with the pegasus mare. Two companions to meet, and neither of them were dragons! He didn’t have much experience with griffins, and Alysanne couldn’t even remember the last time she had seen one either. Arah, who had been missing for some time, or Torleik were the only ones with a griffin companion that she recalled at that moment.

And certainly, none of them had looked like her daughter’s. “Your companion is beautiful.”
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THE Demon Angels flutter along together through the undergrowth of the Edge. Akriel stalks behind his sister quietly, his nose caressing the tall, dry grasses as he goes. They're remnants from the heat of Tallsun but he doesn't know that, or care to, because all they are right now is entertainment. The ends are sometimes soft and fluffy but other times they catch and stab at his velvety nostrils with their dead edges. How one thing could cause two separate sensations was a wonder!  

Just in front of him, his sister walks with, he thinks, far less uncertainty than himself. His gangly baroque figure flits with decidedly more effort than her own, lighter body. He calls to her. "Are you sure we're not going to get in trouble for this? I feel like Mom's gonna be mad..."

Though there was still some fog floating about there was obviously a concentration of it around his body. The ghostly stuff emanates from his wings, stubbly mane, and bottlebrush tail. It turns a slightly sour grey at his question, mimicking his uncertainty, but is still streams off his wings as he moves none-the-less. The first few days of it had been confusing for him. He'd tried to get rid of the stuff at first, spurting about to try and get it to disappear. But eventually he'd just accepted it as part of him. Now, he rather liked moving about in fog like this because it made him feel part of it, stealth mode, a spy on a mission. (He was, of course, still perfectly visible) Castiella is rather far ahead of him when he stops to play with one of the blades of grass. Suddenly, there are words spoken surprisingly close to his ears, "Its a griffin".


The muted noise heralds the appearance of a tiny, round ghost. Akriel's eyes, round and shocked, stare unblinking at the entity. The floating orb-ghost shrugs as if to say he ought to know. Well, of course he didn't know. The colt shakes his head and returns his attention to the left of him where the voice had come from. A few steps through a bush and he's in front of a filly, two grown-ups....and another weird creature? This one was much more alive than his own though. He briefly disregards self-preservation (Aka, avoiding getting in trouble with Mom) in favor of sating his curiosity. "What makes it a Griffin?" His violet eyes turn to blink expectantly at the two adults.


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God damn right, you should be scared of me. Who is in CONTROL?

Her hooves picked their way through the lands that they were exploring. Bright teal eyes dripped with blood stains. Haunting thoughts floated through the girls mind as they meandered in the woods. Her thoughts were disturbed and crazed, but something broke the train of thought. Flicking her masked skull towards her brother she heard his voice ring out. Darkened pupils fixated on his darkened form. Then the girl smiled, white teeth flashed quickly before turning back around again. His question dug into her tri-colored mind. Trouble should have been her name. Why should she care if mother was mad at her? Her maw almost lifted in a snare, but she just smiled. Blood splattered orbs looked back to her sweet brother. "Dear brother, do not be scared of that woman. We are her little angels, she could never be mad at us... Well mad at you. If we get in trouble I will take the blame. I will always cover for you Akriel. As long as I am around you will never be in trouble." She winked softly before turning back around to continue walking.

Castiella was the one who always pushed her brother to go further. For a moment she did not realize that her twin fell behind her steps. Her bodice sparkled and glimmered with gold. The sun moved and glistened with every one of her steps. The girl never questioned why her body sparked and glimmered with the sun. She was kissed with this enchantment perhaps a gift from god, or a curse from the devil. Then a sound startled her. A loud, annoying, and hungry cry rang out in the air. The sparks on her back arched, and three doves made from blue electricity jolted into the air. Teal eyes watched them disappear in the air. A quiet huff came from her maw. That was odd...

Her attention shifted to her twin to see if he saw the doves. The dark colt was fascinated by something else. Her beloved brother was speaking to others. Quickly the girl trotted over to see what was going on. Blood spattered eyes looekd to the adults standing there, then there was a girl like herself. Well that needs to be rephrased. No One was like Castiella. The girl was just a filly. A smug look fell upon her demonic satanic face. Akriel was the first of the twins to speak. He asked what made it a griffin. Her white skull lowered and the three rings marked on her muzzle sat at the same level of the bird thing. God, the sound it was making was piercing her ears. "For havens sake make it shut up; before I silence the unfortunate soul. " Rolling her eyes Castiella looked to her brother then to the other girl. Blood splattered orbs quickly looked to the adults to see their reaction.
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A voice called out, but the pair ignored the hello assuming it wasn't for them. When the sound of hooves drifted closer the filly lifted her head startled she gazed at the black mare. Her eyes widened as she took in the skull like marking on her face and the strange bird on her back.  "A Griffin?" She uttered before turning to look back down at the creature.  "I've never seen a Griffin before..." Her head tilted to the side and the griffin's head moved as well mimicking her. A familiar hoot sounded above the duo and they both looked curiously. "Hemlock!" Her head turned quickly to find her mother not far behind the tiny owl.  "Mother, thank you." She grinned and pressed her nose briefly against her black and white side. He turned her brown gaze back to the tiny griffin as he watched Hemlock curiously is tiny tail wagging slightly.  "I think I'll name him... Ajax." She glanced at her mother and the strange mare wondering if it was a good name or not.

Another voice drew her attention away sharply. A very handsome colt about her age asked what made it a griffin and she smiled shyly wondering the same thing. A filly stands with him looking on at the group with a nasty look on her face. Her eyes widen slightly and she turns to look at her mother eyes sparkling with mixed emotions. Who were the strange foals and why did the girl have that look on her face?

The strange girl spoke her muzzle close to Ajax. Something she had never felt before pounded through her body driving her forward. Her thin white tipped legs rushed forward and her nub studded head dropped trying to ram into the girl. Her lips pulled up with her defensive anger.  "You'll have to go through me first!" A tinge of fear mixed with her rage swirling through her heart. No one would ever harm her companion. She glared at the girl brown eyes flashing dangerously. Confused and angry Ajax screeched again behind his bonded. He scrambled to get closer to his bonded snapping his beak in the banded girl's direction.

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Lady and I are out wandering around the Edge, again. I mean, when do we ever really settle down and stay in one place for to long? Merida's amulets clink softly in my mane. The sound makes be breifly think of my birth mother. She hadn't technically done wrong by me. Not really. Leaving me as soon as I stopped nursing was the best thing she could of ever done for me. The second best, was when I found her again and she gave me all these amulets. Lady whines softly, alerting me to something going on. Eagerly I follow her, and arrive among those gathered just in time to hear a younger filly speak. "For havens sake make it shut up; before I silence the unfortunate soul." Wait, what?! Don't get me wrong I heard the cries of the new companion just as everyone else surely was.

Lady, go catch something for me please. As my ivory dog moves off, surely hunting a mouse or a squirrel of some sort I step forward into the gathering. I take note of the griffin clinging to a young filly, and I beam a smile at her first before looking to the one who had spoke of silencing the cries. "You even attempt to touch her bonded and you'll have to deal with me first." About that time, Lady comes trotting back with her prize. A small squirrel is flopping in her jaws. Give it to the griffin please. I know you're hungry too, I can feel it. You can hunt for you soon okay? I'm so glad that she listens. moving right over to the newly hatched and plops the dead squirrel down. "It's hungry. That should help." My eyes narrow on the ignorant girl, daring her to say anything more.



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