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It didn’t actually take that long for the Seer to spread the word about the inscription on Kaos’s altar. To the Throat she went with Lyanna, bringing news of the Windswept’s ascension to the throne and promises of communication, trade, and spars. To the Basin, she went by herself, finding Tiamat and Rikyn (and even the General) in the midst of their lovely (but chilly) festival. Yael was not surprised to find that her translation was met with skepticism and tales of equally good and bad run-ins with the mysterious God.

And either the Goddess doesn’t know about her task, or doesn’t care. Her mouthpiece isn’t quite sure which… though she, herself, was rather stunned at the promotion. For various reasons. For awhile there, she’d even forgotten that Isopia isn’t inclined to emotions - that is, until she’d left the Edge.

And so it seems that life barrels ever onward, and with Zani to care for, her days are infinitely fuller, richer, and more interesting. He wakes with curiosity in his gaze and an eagerness to explore the world - to smell and pounce and playfully thump everything he can dig his claws into. She feeds him with excursions into dragon form and sleeps with him curled up next to her belly. In lieu of a(nother) mate and more children, he is all she could ever need. The kitten lacks the words to describe the place where he came into Helovia, but Yael talks about it often enough that when she says they’re going back to see Kaos, her bonded responds with a burst of happiness and chirps. Kaos, to him, is good - he gave him her.

It takes the better part of the day to walk there as Yael must alternate between carrying her heart-and-soul and reigning in his ADD. But they do eventually come to the dark, rocky outcrop which juts into the sea, the four shrines of the other Gods surrounding them. Once again, she feels like she is trespassing on some land that is not his - but the Marsh is filled with unceasing patrols and this is not something she wants everyone to see. Zani leaps from her back, mewing loudly and weaving in between her legs. “Shhhhh… dear xeart...” she cautions to him, and he lowers his volume just a tad, but persists in frequency.

“Kaos?” she ventures, talking to the empty air - the ocean as it extends far beyond any mortal’s vision.

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Yael has returned, having completed the task Kaos gave her, in this thread.

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