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He fell down, just to drown in a sea of delight
To tame champagne and creatures of the night

Orange, brightly, painted the clouds an almost impossible shade as the sun descended and set the sky aflame. From east, an ominous darkness was creeping in, quickly smothering the last rays of sunlight as they struggled over the horizon. Then came a soft rumble - not of hooves, our petite heroine treads lightly - but the God of the Spark honing his sword. Orangemoon had come to Helovia; and she arrived just in time to take it all in.

Small clefted hooves danced lightly across the fallen leaves that covered the soft soil below, halting for a moment at the top of a hill to survey these unfamiliar surroundings - in the budding night, shapes and landscapes started to take form before her milky eyes. Little Magda flicked her ears cautiously, assuring herself that no strangers had had the luck of sneaking up on her in the guise of the bright light. Satisfied, she lowered her head and inhaled the smell of wet dirt and decaying leaves, a smell of autumn that was at once familiar and yet unknown. For the briefest of moments, it felt like she had walked this path before, in another lifetime -

Caught in the flood of her thoughts, trying to identify the root of this peculiar feeling, she raised her crown and strolled further, slowly taking herself deeper into these lands. There was a pull there, something that beckoned her closer, despite her wandering nature. Another rumble, louder this time, deafened her for a moment, followed moments later by a glisten in the sky above. Nothing like a good storm to announce an entry, Magda thought to herself, with a slight smile on her charcoal lips. She took refuge from the inevitable rain underneath a large oak tree, letting her silvery gaze glide over the surrounding undergrowth, searching for company sure to come.

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As evening starts to envelope the fields and hollows nestled above the threshold, just to the east of the Falls, the piebald unicorn finds herself not wishing to go toward home just yet. She turns her face to the north, cold winds blow across her face and she can smell the ice and snow from the Steppe. Home can wait a little longer, eh? Her raven leans down from his pine branch he’s perched upon and clucks a few times, blinking curiously at his horned companion. Threshold? Her thoughts are hers and his, they share the echo off her soft honeyed voice within their minds. Yeah, Threshold. As if she’s thought it over so carefully, her bird too, and so they depart in sync.

Phrixus climbs into the dimming sky quickly, his altitude perfect for scanning far and keeping a keen eye out below where his friend jogs along a thin worn path through the trees. A mile or so ahead, through aspen forests and open hillside lays a cluster of mammoth trees, some oak, some maple, some ash or beech, all very old. The ancient trunks are surrounded by only bare ground, moss and small ground-covering vegetation. The maple trees are seemingly ablaze in the afternoon light, their reddish tones just starting to set in, some others are yellow and orange, glowing against the fading daylight.

Lone. Unicorn. The raven’s voice is sharp and direct between her ears. Her toes stop their patter and her hazelnut eyes scan around, her hearing peeled. Phrixus coos to her, clicking and croaking as he dives toward an oak tree set away from the rest. Rain is starting to fall now, gathering in her hair and the tips of her fur and dripping from her chin. She walks to where her companion has lead her and turns the corner to find a lone woman beneath the oaks wide branches, somewhat sheltered from the coming rain (which is now starting to build). “Hello there,” She approaches gently, smiling as always, warmth in her sweet chocolatey eyes. The mare’s milky eyes are not the first of her kind she’s ever seen, but they’re captivating no less. “Welcome.” She knows the women is new, or at least returning, here to find someone or something, or a gateway through. “Tangere.” She nods and breaks eye contact to look out to the rain falling a bit harder than before, thunder rumbling in the far distance. “Did you bring the storm with you?” She giggles in innocent jest as she watches the horizon flash and blacken again.

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He fell down, just to drown in a sea of delight
To tame champagne and creatures of the night

She is not left waiting for long. Just as fat drops of rain start to fall, her slender lobes perk at the rustle of foliage, eyes following as a skewbald femme pushes her way through the underbrush. Magda meets her chocolate gaze with an amicable smile on her charcoal lips, reciprocating the greet in her own hushed chords. "Evening." At least the welcome committee was a friendly one, she thought, looking back up at the building storm as another lightning ripped across the sky, illuminating the glistening trees as the rain continued to come down harder. Guess they would be stuck there for a good while, if they had any sense in them.

Magda turned her attention back to the mare as she spoke again, this time putting a name with the face. "Nice to meet you, Tangere. I’m Magda," she crooned. Might be this one could enlighten her. "Would be that I could, but I’m sorry to say the God of the Spark did not confer with me before he brought out the big guns," she replied, with a smirk. Tilting her head a little to the side, inquisitively, she flicked her leonine tail as a gesture to the surroundings. "At risk of revealing myself as the fool… You wouldn’t mind telling me where I have managed to get lost this time?"

It wouldn’t be the first time. Usually she was able to be smart about it, but her limited eyesight could sometimes get her in deep waters. Luckily, her demeanor was generally milder than that of her mother, and instead of brute muscle, Magda chose to use her words to get out of sticky situations. And so, she gave Tangere another soft smile, in hopes if making a new friend.

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He seems to be wandering more and more lately, but he could hardly get a real feel for Helovia if he stayed in his corner of the Throat.  And so the storyteller strolled through the lands, finding himself back where it all started. The looming trees and dark shadows could give the bravest of spirits shivers.  The forest truly lived up to its name, creating lost souls to find.  But, if there was a place to learn about, to create some history, why go anywhere but to the entrance of the land.  The stallion stepped forward, back into the maze of brush and trees that he himself had gotten lost in.

Thunder boomed above him, a grey tinge covering the sky.  It has been raining a lot lately, and he was grateful of the dry warmth of the Throat.  Though the gent is a lover of water, he would rather swim in it then have it rain down on him.  He quickened his steps.  He will have to at least use the cover of the threshold for now.

He continued to wander, his movement aimless as he walked.  He wondered if he could find that little stream again...Voices caught his attention, the prospect of meeting new people creating a broad smile on his maw.  He followed the sounds, determining that there were at least two.  The strangers came into view, and he let out a small noise to announce his presence.  The wind was less of a threat here in the trees, but it still whipped and warped their scent.  Both were female, their perfume unfamiliar, so he took refuge under a wide needled tree, close enough for conversing, but far enough to give some personal space.

The man tucked his chin, giving a little greeting in the form of a bow before offering some words.  "Good evening.  It seems you ladies share my predicament. It really is raining hard."  His blue orbs scanned the sky before coming back to rest on the strangers, their soft gleam accented by his warm smile.  "I do hope I am not interrupting.  I just think it would be easier to ride out the storm with some company.  Forgive me."  The stallion cocked on hoof up, shaking his thick mane.  "My name is Gulliver, or Gully if you prefer.  I am called both."


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