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[OPEN] Buckets of rain

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It was pouring, and because Orangemoon was now more than halfway over the balmy spring temperatures were beginning to slide downwards, hinting at what would surely be a chilly Frostfall.

Isopia's cloak was soaking wet, and the demi-goddess wasn't sure why she didn't just leave it at home. Oh well, it was far too late to consider going back. The Riptide isles might be the closest area to the Throat, but given that Otem couldn't fly yet, the journey had taken longer than was strictly necessary. Still, the Mountain felt compelled to show her daughter the world and although she had negligible amounts of motherly instinct, she knew enough to want to keep her children safe. So if they were going to explore, better they do it under her supervision.

"Well. Downpour is certainly a type of rain." The Mountain mutters under her breath, looking towards Otem to see how her child is fairing in this miserable weather.


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" you remind me of the blues
ever since you came into my life "

The rain feels lovely, washing the salt from her body. She can easily get it back if she wants to, because the ocean is right there in front of her, dark and tired as it soaks up the tears, and for a few seconds there, staring off into it, Sikeax thinks about pouring herself back into it, to let the water surround her so that she can sink and hide away, just one more time.
Seoul whines in her ear and reminds her that it's better not to. Time away needs to happen, so with a dulled frown melting onto her lips and painting her with disappointment, she turns away, pushing her legs against the water until she's free of it completely.
Hobgoblin waits behind, only briefly resting in the shallows with his head out to watch, idling in the day's low emotions.
"No dive?" It hurts that his voice is swallowed and downtrodden, dampened by both her and the rainstorm. She wants to, it's something she'll never be able to deny, but the little dragon is not yet ready to spend time alone, and definitely has difficulty flying this early on. The trip over was spent with Sikeax and Hobgoblin having to end their swims after short distances, toiling in the water as Seoul's wings struggled to make the length.
It obviously didn't help that the child brewed a strong batch of anxiety without their presences, and that Hobgoblin, easily angered, was quick to water his seed of hate towards her.
"She's too young to left alone that long." She tells him when his seal form can no longer push him further in land, grinding his stomach against the sand until he's forced to take up something new, pulling up aside her. Sand clings to his damp coat, and each foot shakes with every step in an attempt to free himself from it. Nothing stops her from smiling when she catches sight of it, stifling a giggle.
Seoul, on the other hand, doesn't fare well in containing her humor at the situation. Laughter spews out without control, earning her a hard, hateful side-eye from her brother. It's for the best that Sikeax doesn't catch it, despite feeling the pressure of it come rolling in.
What she does catch is the fast arriving hiss from the dragon, her body having moved down to Sikeax's withers and her hands firmly gripping as she leans down, head stretched out as far it'll go as a hiss spews from her lips.
Caught off-guard, all she can think of doing is attempting to correct the problem. Hobgoblin is frankly cackling as much as he can, looking as if he's next to ready to die with his joy as Seoul feels like a wildfire against their shared cold. The rain does nothing to cool her down, and as Sikeax swings her head around to swat at the child like some nuisance fly, she finds a good grasp on her wings and flight capabilities, and quickly takes off, heading down shore.
A smug look, topped off with a content smile is waiting for her when her rough eyes glare down on Hobgoblin. "Fuck you." slithers out of her mouth with the thickness of goo. Needless to say, it only pleases the shapeshifter further.
The dragon finds something much more interesting down the beach, beginning to be weighed down by the growing harshness of the downpour. Easily captivated by anything at a such a young age, Isopia's height is enough to win a few cries of excitement, only for them to increase in volume as she catches sight of Otem.
It's important to mention now that she has no idea of what children are just yet, despite being one herself, and that the sight of a tiny winged horse is everything to be excited about.
Her joy and activity, having been hovering over the mare and her child with her mouth full of curiosity and squeals of obvious delight as she moves about just out of reach, instantly increases at the sight of her bonded.
Well, excluding Hobgoblin, who's earned himself her snubbing. Not a single fuck is given from him though, so it's not like it really matters that she chooses to ignore him. Sikeax could care less as she returns to perch on her, looking out past the mare's shoulder in the direction of the pair.
"Giant. Met with Zhu." comes from him with little sense of care or acknowledgement, caring enough to give them a quick glance over before strolling off to the ocean, trading in his skin for something more favoured.
Sikeax wears her pity on her sleeve, not really thinking as of any reason to hide the frown that's slid across her face at their sorry presences. Nothing about the situation comes off as enjoyable, as it might be for her.
Her voice is quiet and calm as it comes out of her mouth, standing off to the side of the pair as Seoul's gaze continuously works to inspect them. "It's a nice day for a rainstorm, isn't it?" There's not a hint of sarcasm in her voice, even when her eyes can see that they're thoroughly soaked to the bone.
Or at least the cloak that the mare is wearing is, giving her a good idea as of how the rest of them must feel.
A shrug lifts off her shoulders as her gaze leads itself out to the ocean. "I mean, if you enjoy the rain." It's a bit more quieter this time around, cooled off and somewhat embarrassed with the fact that she might seem odd to like the rain so much.

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