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[OPEN] And The Angels Fell { Birthing }

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 The day was a normal one. The earth glowed with radiant light from the sun's rays. Clouds threatened the sky with rumbles of thunder. Teal orbs looked to the blue world above. Birds fled for shelter in the forest, animals ran for their den. What was going on? Her head tilted as she looked to Tin. The companion was worried about the child she was carrying. It seemed like she had the child in the womb forever. Pale golden sides swelled and curved out much further than her ribs. Tin let his eyes rest on her stomach. His bonded was much larger than she was last time. The sinking feeling fled into his stomach as thunder roared and lightning struck the mountain. Together the pair jumped at the cracking sound of the lightings whip. We need to get home... Raeden mumbled as a shooting pain started to fill her body. Fuck... A rumbling moan slipped from her maw. Childbirth was such a bitch... Green worried eyes looked to the sky above. A wave of panic filled the deer's, heart. Adrenaline coursed through Tin's veins as he nudged the mare to walk forward. She had to make it to some type of shelter.

Her legs struggled to carry her pain-stricken body. They quivered with every step, and the rain started to fall upon her bodice. Sweat started to collect on her dampening pelt. The rain felt like spine shivering needles digging into her skin.  I can't take any more steps.... This is different from Gawen Pained eyes looked to the deer as he pushed on her rear legs to keep on moving. The drops of rain started to fall harder and harder. With each splash of water against her pelt, her legs quivered more and more. The weight was starting to get heavier and heavier. The pain was relentless and intensifying. The baby was coming no matter what the weather said. Contractions started to come more and more frequently. They clawed and ripped at her body with rippling waves of intense pressure and pain. With every second the rain started to pound against the ground harder and harder. Pale golden strands of hair dripped with water. Thunder cracked and rumbled deep within the pairs chest. Finally, her legs could not take it any longer. They gave out from the pain. Her legs collapsed under her and folded beneath the weight. I can't go any further... Go... Moaning and grumbling the mare let her head fall to the soggy ground. Find Ron, Find healer... GO! The woman demanded Tin go, as she snapped at the air. In the blink of an eye, the deer was gone. Cloven hooves dug into the ground, and his heart raced pumping blood through widened veins. He had to get help.

The contraction's intensified with the strikes of lighting growls of thunder. The wind whipped through the trees shaking the branched with a ghostly song.  Her breaths became labored and pained with each wave of pain that rushed over her body. This was not a good time or place to have a child. Why now? Pressure started to build up within her abdomen. The baby was coming. There was no stopping now. Teal eyes closed and tears dripped from her eyes. The rain was quick to cover them and wash away the warm salt water. Taking a deep breath, the mare pushed and pushed. Her body was exhausted, but she was not going to give up. Then the pressure was gone, and a child was lying in the rain. Crackling through the sky, lighting weaved through the clouds. Raeden let her body lay there and relax for a moment before the pain shot through her abdomen again. NO! Not again!! Please Her voice cried to the gods above as her body began to contract and push once again. The sound of the pouring rain echoed around her. Heaving and breathing the Golden Specter gave one last push. Then it was finally over. Pain and agony washed over her sweat drenched body. Twins.... there was twins. Reality finally set in as she tried to lift her head to check on the children, but everything felt so heavy. 

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CALSTRON, the Blood Knight himself, had been absent from his love's side for some time. It wasn't that he'd wanted to be. It was more that he'd been unsure how to normally continue after that morning. Raeden might say something utterly uncouth or perhaps rebel against him or or..... Still, the King had not abandoned his Queen. He had been keeping busy so as to not crowd her or her him,  but he'd never been far. 

When the thunder cracked and the lightning flashed his first thoughts went to his pale bride. Birdsong was long gone now and he'd.... *snap, crash, whoosh* came the sounds of an animal bounding brazenly through the thick brush. At the end of the whoosh appeared the unmistakable form of Tin, Raeden's lesser-specied companion. What on earth would Tin be doing here at this-


If that skinny bastard had hurt his mare again Calstron was going to wring his puny neck! Heavy hooves assaulted the ground at a sliding, break-neck pace. Blades of grass scratched at his legs and the very tree branches themselves seem to reach for him, trying to slow his arrival to the scene. He growls at them, the grasses and the trees, for who were they to keep him from his mate? Soon enough, he smells blood and Raeden. "Healer! We need a healer!" booms his deep voice. The sound resonated far less than he would have liked but he didn't have time to ponder that for they'd arrived at their destination. 

Blood, there was lots of blood. But no visible wounds on her body. But, could those be? 

Foals? Twins? He was a father? 

Shock, terror, love, and joy rolled about in his mind. These things, louder to his ears than the storm pelting his hide. He drops to his knees, next to her heaving body,  and pushes her head up so she might see the two little beings in the mud. "Rae, they're perfect. You're wonderful my love. Do not worry, for you shall have a healer soon."He extends his wings to cover her head and body as best he can. He'd like to cover the foals too but his current position won't allow for that. Ron's breath comes in heaves and snorts for all his running and shock was causing quite the stir within his tiny, shriveled heart. It was almost like any other new father. The realization of responsibility. The fear of failure. The fear that, perhaps, you'd pass in something horrible to them. These were all real for Calstron. But, what was more, what Raeden did not know was how much of his fear was rooted in the possibility that one of them may have turned out like him. That they might be utterly insane. What then? What then might she say when he'd passed on that to her babies?[/size]

Near to them, the two small and bloody forms which were their offspring begin to stir. 

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God damn right, you should be scared of me. Who is in CONTROL?

The sound of her heart thumped deep within her perfect ears. Echos of her brother's heart muttered in tune with her own, but there was the sound of something else. Another heart mumbled faintly in the background. Where was she? Bright eyes tried to open, but the girl fond that task to be impossible. None of this made any sense; her hoof nudged her brother to seek to get a response from him. This new home was cramped, and the filly made it very clear that she was not amused with this new living situation. The only thing that she did approve of was the fact her brother was always right next to her. She never had to seek him out, nor worry that he has run off. He was her everything; the girl felt a deep-rooted connection that could never be explained with real words. Hate wanted to build in her heart, but the girl was not sure what this emotion was. This world seemed to be very different from the heavenly throne that was oh so comfortable. Unfortioanlly this place would now be her new home. Heaven could not have such a deviant being living among the sincere and honest. They kicked her out; they made her fall to earth, they did not care if she died or survived. Heaven is a cruel place. It is not what everyone expected it to be.

The walls started to cave in. She was being pulled away from her brother. This could not happen again. No, the girl would never let him leave her sight. Fighting back her underdeveloped muscles tried to push against the pressure, but there was no success. Grumbling and trying to open her eyes the girl finally felt something out of the normal. Cold air sent an eerie shiver down her spine. What was happening? As the walls got closer and closer together, the air got colder and colder. Drops of some cold liquid fell upon the angel's body as she made her entrance from the person she would know as mother.

The world was cruel, and the girl already had this notion that life would not be easy. Her heart was bittered, and her mind is already slightly crazed. Crazy, cruel, heartless, deadly, and pretty. Her bodice glittered with sparks of rose gold. Her face was painted pure white. Her wings bathed in blood, the mocking of the holy trinity plastered her face. A curse from the angels above. A sign that the girl is not pure. She should never be trusted.

Once the sparkling bodice fell to the cold mud covered ground her bright teal eyes opened. Blood speckles both orbs as the light pours into black pupils for the first time. Lifting her masked skull the girl looks for her brother. He can't fucking leave me here... Finally the darkened form of his body emerges, and her heart felt whole. Thunder rumbled above her, and she wanted to curse the heavens for laughing at her. If she only knew how to talk in this land. Muscles started to shiver slightly from the cold damn tears dripping from the clouds. Seeking the warmth of her brother the girl moved closer to his form. Her head turned to look at two larger beasts laying on the ground. One would be her mother; the other would be her Father.

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Failed Son of Satan, Incapable Child of the Light, Vagrant Soul of the Earth

THE muted foal's consciousness winks into existence all at once. Sensations assault the mind; sound in the form of heaves and grunts, feeling in the form of a hoof to the gut, and thought. The Soul within the newly created vessel was far older than the host. It had existed for millennia in all manner of forms.

The Soul had been forged by a King in the blackness of the Underworld. It had been created to offer false guidance to those seeking escape. To run them ashore in the Black Ocean, to take them down wrong turns, to trap their voyaging souls. This was against the rules, of course, for those serving time in the Underworld until their next incarnation must be allowed to leave when they were called by the Universe. But this King of the Underworld cared not for rules or old stories of woe from his predecessors. So, he made a Soul in his image. He pulled from the matter of the Universe indiscriminately, without caution, without hesitation. He pulled stardust from the air, anger and pain and deception from the abyss, sugar from the grasses of the Earth, and warmth stolen from Heaven.

Glee filled the Dark King when the Soul finally took its first breath. And the King was validated in his glee for a time. The Soul carried out its dastardly duties in preventing lost souls from crossing the divide. But soon the stardust lent the Soul free thought and it discerned that what it did was wrong. Sooner still, the Soul used its deception and sugar and warmth to lie to the King of the Underworld and aid souls instead of confuse them. Naturally, it was not long before its Creator noticed the dwindling numbers residing behind Hell's gates. Enraged, the King went to smite him. But Heaven had taken note of the Soul's work and saved the Soul.

For hundreds of years thereafter the Soul spent its time in the service of the sky. After a time though, the Soul again began to question its job. It couldn't fathom the purpose behind doing only good or only bad as both Heaven and Hell wanted it to. Heaven discovered its indiscretions after one assignment and cast it out. They had given the Soul a chance and it had proven itself incapable of purity. But it had not place in hell. Their only option was to impose the Soul upon Earth and see how it fared. And thus, the Soul found itself in a mortal womb being birthed.

Oh well, heaven hadn't been that great anyways.

The pushing, pulling, uncomfortable feeling comes again, stronger this time. The wild, defiant life next to him struggles against their birth. But she is no match for the strength of the Earth bearing down upon her tiny new body. He hears a squelch and he finds he can no longer feel her heartbeat next to him. Oh, but he can't be alone in this strange new existence! How was it that he'd dealt with arriving in heaven though? The Soul suddenly finds that his memories are leaving him in a violent, painful rush.

*Plink, plop, plink*

His sides heave in a loud gasp and he pushes himself upright in panic. Oh, she was there, just next to him. He becomes aware of how the liquid drops run down his face in a wonderful sensation of cool against warm. The Soul within him relishes the feeling. Life would certainly be hard, but oh, surely, feelings such as this would make things better. And then, the consciousness of the Soul leaves it, and it is just a hungry foal. Well, a hungry foal who's short, stubbly mane and tail were beginning to let off what seemed like more steam than they should be, a clean white mist.


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Healer! We need a healer!” At first Kiada wanted to ignore it. However, she managed to remember that she was a nurse now, and this is exactly what nurses did. She was to heal people, help them, though she chose to learn the art as a means of destroying others in the least messy way possible. Yet, she was inexperienced, and instead, focused on the idea that she should remain on the good side of those she lived along with. So quietly, she rose from her resting place, tired eyes looking in the direction of the sound as flames marked along her spine shifted to deer as she headed in the direction of the call.

Khairi also followed the nurse to the call, however hanging back ever so slightly in case he needed to fetch the random herbs she had collected along her travels. Easily, she made her way to the little clearing as the scent of birth flooded her nostrils. It had felt so short since she most recently smelled such a scent, when in reality it had been just above two years. Nevertheless, Kiada figured it must be a birth in which they needed a healer for. Passing along the info to Khairi, the pale vulture immediately sprung into action, returning to her cave to gather a few items to help.

As the girl broke through the treeline – clearly not in too much of a hurry – she let her eyes wash over the pale Specter and a blood red man. Moving a bit quicker now, she moved to Raeden’s side, offering a gentle smile of encouragement before her ivory marked face looked up to Calstron with a small smile of approval. “Congratulations.” She began, preparing herself in the event she’d need to look over the two children – twins, yet so different compared to herself and her brother. These two seemed to have almost nothing in common, where Kiada and Kianzo were complete mirror images of one another. “I’m only a nurse, but I can help where it is needed.” She added in, glancing over to the squirming children.

As Khairi returned, he passed by Kiada and landed on the soft earth beside Raeden’s head, his scarlet eyes hoping to look into her own as his beak held a few different herbs to help relieve the pain. “Here, I have some herbs that will help with the pain.” She answered as Khairi dropped the chamomile on the earth beside the pink mare. “How else can I help?” This time she questioned Calstron, wondering if perhaps he might have some idea of what else might be wrong. Perhaps she needed water? She chose to get the confirmation of whether or not she needed other items before she would send the pale vulture back out into the rest of Helovia.

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She is still not used to not having her healing magic, so much more useful than the ability to clear tensions around her. She’d been able to save lives once, and now she could only hope to make those around her less angry. They were not the same, and the quest from the Goddess to get her own healing magic still hung in her mind. She needed two more horses, but they were proving harder to find than she might have expected. No, that’s not true, she knew it would be a hard quest to find so many needles in so many haystacks.

Tin finds her first, and she always worries when a companion comes without their bonded. Soon the call of “healer!” makes it through despite the cracks of thunder and the pouring rain. It’s a terrible day already, but Lyanna is quick to respond anyway. She’d respond quickly for anyone, but her steps are faster still for Raeden, for the golden mare that was one of her better friends here.

It doesn’t take her long to find the Specter, but she is far from the first. A stallion she doesn’t know but who seems like he might be the father is there, along with one of the nurses, Kiada. There are two new faces though, beautiful little things, lying in the grass near Raeden. One is pale and the other dark, and the dark one seems to be emanating some sort of mist?

Kaida offers herbs, and Lyanna joins in time to add, “There is no such thing as only a nurse.” There is no such thing as ‘only’ anything, really. Everyone starts somewhere. The girl doesn’t fret as Lyanna does, which is probably a good thing. Lyanna keeps her mask of calm on her face though, smiling at Raeden and Calstron, “You have two very beautiful children.” She moves toward the twins, checking the boy first, if he will let her, for any obvious signs of issues, before moving on to the girl to do the same if the filly will allow her close enough. It’s likely she won’t be able to hear much of anything wrong in the rain, and they seem healthy enough, but she checks out of habit anyway.

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A great amount of hubbub nearby garners Maude’s attention, and the yearling pulls away from the shrub she had studiously been tending to, and makes her way in the direction of all the shouts at a swift canter.

Seemingly trampled by a deer or passerby, many of its branches had been broken, and were withering, and all about this wound the plant itself was suffering. So, she had stopped, and carefully begun to snip away the snapped boughs with her teeth; by the time the noise had lured her away, the shrub still had some damage withstanding, but the girl was sure that, even if she did not come back to finish her task, it would live.

The ginger kissed darling arrives upon a birth: not the aftermath, as she had seen for some others, but the actual act. Though she is sure it entails groaning and some measure of blood (for her father had carefully explained the more… innocent, scholarly details of bringing life into the world), something feels very wrong, as if they bustle of the many individuals about isn’t enough to clue her in. The mother is hidden by the already gathered healers, and as Maude looks about, she finds she knows all of them here, except the stallion.

Lyanna is tending to the foals, and Kiada has dropped some chamomile on the ground in front of Raeden. Instantly the girl thinks of how tasty that herb is, before another thought leaps in like a raving tiger. Miss Raeden! Maude focuses in on her friend’s mother’s face, and finds it pained, and worried. Oh no! Quickly she shoves her nose into her endless pockets after tossing her frivolous amounts of pale hair aside, sniffing as she rifles through the unseen plants. Grabbing out a wad of Lady Fern, she places it gently next to the chamomile already procured, before looking at the learned sleuth’s face with a soft smile and perked ears. Taking a few steps back towards Lyanna and Kiada, the girl wears a most worried expression.

"Something is wrong," she quietly tells her fellow medics, trying to keep the obviously worried stallion and Raeden from overhearing, "I… I don’t know what. But Miss Raeden should be moving more."

Inside, though, she’s screaming, running back and forth from mental filing cabinet to another, paper streaming from the air in waves and rivulets. She’s never been at a birth before, much less one that something was going so obviously wrong. Miss Raeden seemed as if some of her inner spark was diminished, after all, and when Maude remembers meeting Katua and Zubari, still damp alongside their dam, she had been full of vigor, and love. Deciding that it doesn’t matter what is wrong, Maude is going to fix it, she suddenly lifts her chin, filled with a renewed vigor, and sense of prideful hope.

"I have magic!" she quips, jutting her chest forward, to reveal her brown pouch, full of leaves – not that she’ll need it, really, as she’s standing in the middle of a forest, but the pearl string pouch is a very physical reminder that she can make the life left in foliage slip into the body of another. Turning to her patient with the curt question she had practiced asking, after her daddy had instructed her to never touch a person or use a power on them without permission, especially while healing. "You don’t mind if I use it on you, do you Miss Raeden?"

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Childbirth was something the mare hoped she would never have to go through again. The pain was something that she could not explain. It was worth everything she will have to admit that. The two small forms started to move about the cold ground. Her head rested in the mud and teal eyes closed for a moment. Deep breaths filled her lungs as she rested. The mare knew she had to stand and take care of the children, but she couldn't. She had no energy; she was hurting, everything was just wrong. Then a deep voice filled the air. One teal eye opened to see the man she was falling in love with. A smile rested on her pained face as she felt his warmth next to her. The man lifted her pointed skull to see two winged foals on the ground. One was dark and emitting a mist, the other light in color and sparkling in the rain. The girl wheezed and coughed. Closing her eyes, she let her magic wash over the small family. Hopefully, this would cure the children. Resting her head against Ron's, she let a sigh out. His large wing protected her steaming body from any more rain falling on it. "They are beautiful. The dark one, his name should be Akriel. I think it fits him. What about the girl? I want you to name her, please." Bright teal eyes looked into deep crimson orbs of the man. Her voice was shallow and soft.

Finally Tin emerged from the bush and he brought healers. The first was a girl; her name was Kiada. She offered herbs, and the mare looked to the plants on the ground. Tin ran to the children to make sure they were okay. "Thank you, dear. You are far more than just a nurse. Please make sure the children are okay if you could ." Raeden reached down and ate the herb. She knew it could take some time for the effect to kick in. Gritting her teeth the mare hoped it would not take too long. Then another face arrived. A sigh of relief swept over her as she looked at Lyanna. "Thank you..." She smiled as she watched Tin come closer holding wing guards. He walked to Lyanna wanting to give them to her. "Please take those wing guards Lyanna. I have no use for them, and you have done so much for the herd...." She huffed slightly in pain looking at Maude walking forward. The rain finally started to slow, and teal eyes shut for a moment. "Sweet child, please do anything you can. " She almost begs for help, but her voice tones her desperation down.

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Without magic, it’s harder for her to attend to all three horses involved in the birth, particularly since there are three and not just two of them like usual. She’s still examining the twins when Maude comes up, quietly stating that something is wrong with Raeden. Lyanna turns her head to Raeden, keeping worry off her face and her movements slow rather than worried or panic. Her teal eyes watch her friend for a moment, trying to think through what herbs are nearby that she can grab to help. The others have already brought some things though, and without magic…

Then Maude is speaking again, saying she has magic to help. Lyanna grins, watching the young healer as she takes charge, glad to see that the younger generation was taking an interest in healing. They needed healers, particularly with theirs all but gone. She recalls too that Raeden has her own healing magic, though likely, she is too worn out to do much with it. Lyanna moves to Raeden’s side, watching, though staying out of Maude’s way. She laughs slightly though as Tin comes over with glass wing bands. “Only you would think of giving a gift in the midst of child birth,” she says, trying to lighten the mood slightly.

Still, she takes the wing bands, slipping them on with a small smile. She carried her old life on her ear, her hope on her chest, and now the Edge on her wings. Her life laid out in jewelry for all the world to see. “Thank you,” she says, eyes shifting between Raeden and the foals. She moves back their way, keeping an eye on them while also watching Maude and Raeden.

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