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[OPEN] The Last Leaves of Autumn

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It had been fun, at first, to be alone. Though her father's news that he had to carry away on business had come with a heaviness in her breast that was a sure promise she would swiftly grow to miss him, the girl had done her best to remain positive. Smiling and giving him many hugs and tender kisses upon his cheeks before he left the World's Edge with all his worldly possessions, Maude had stood in the shade of the outer most trees of the forest, which led to the realms beyond, and watched his departure until she couldn't see him any longer. She still returned every day, at the fall of the sun, before she settled into Trewdwellan for the evening, to assure he had not come home.

But as the weeks went by, and more and more days passed that she made her way to the gate with hope for her father's face to appear there, and did not, the girl's heart began to yearn for the way things used to be. Though the freedom to chose her own lessons or goals for the day or week was nice, she quite missed his stories, and most especially she missed cuddling up with him at the end of the day. Sure, there was more space in the small cavern hidden beneath the roots for her to sprawl and stretch, and no one complained that she bullied them into corners anymore with her overconfident sleep, but that was just the problem.

Maude had yet to have been alone for this long in all her life. With Katua gone on adventures, and Zubari doing whatever it was he was doing now days, the filly had far too much free time to think about the friends and family she never saw anymore.

Today, it all coalesced into a minor meltdown. Standing at the spike straddled entryway into the Edge, hopelessly peering into the forest beyond, she finds no one, and, with a dismal sigh, her head falls lower than her pale breast, and her citrine eyes, normally aglow with hope, laughter, or both, blur with sadness, and a loneliness that she tries to keep at bay, still, with her positive attitude.

Turning back slowly, she doesn't take her usual path to Trewdwellan, her heart far too heavy for that place just now. Instead, she makes her way towards the edge of the Edge, where she and her father had last spent a full day together, planting the saplings she'd grown all spring and summer. Sure they are fine (as she has checked on them just this morning) but lonesome for any sort of kinship, even if they are just trees, the girl slowly wanders the paths of the forest which will lead her to her tiny glow-cherry saplings.

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The boy was getting older and older by the day. His body started to fill out, and he did not have the awkward foal looking body anymore. His horns grew well above his skull, and his mane and tail floated to longer lengths. Long legs made him tower above most that were his age. Kuuma seemed like she was growing larger by the day. Growing up was a bitch. He could not get away with things as well as he used to. Adults judged him more and more he was never the good child. He was the one under scrutiny and the one who was never good enough.

On this day the chocolate boy decided to wonder the edge. He spent a lot of his time getting away from this land. He never spent his time wandering through it. When he was a younger foal, Zubari was always looking for a way out of this hell hole. Sneaking past the Warriors was always a fun thing to do. Those days were long gone. With the towering size of the boy, most believe that he is older than his actual age. His mind flickers through memories that he will never get to re-live. Innocent, fun, hate, passion, and play were all things that came to mind. Those were all gone. Tuttie was gone, mother was gone, and Father the so-called ex-king was with his REAL family. Maude Had everything he didn't.

She was so perfect. Every inch of her body was beautiful, and she was loved by her family. Her father was always there for her. He would do anything for her. Resentment was always on the back of his mind, but those thoughts were always clouded and pushed away. There were other feelings for Maude that he could not explain... The boy shook his head getting out of those deepened thoughts. Blocking the emotion from his face and locking his feelings away in his heart.

Kuuma was off hunting again. Zubari knew she would come back to him once she was done, but he would not sit and wait for her. Walking down a winding path, the sun warmed his gorgeous chocolate pelt. His golden eyes looked to see prints of another in dying ground. Winter was approaching, and the land hinted at a brutal weather. Sighing slightly, muscles moved and shifted under his gleaming pelt. Black hooves covered the smaller tracks of whoever followed this path before him. Then golden orbs locked upon the beautiful creature in front of him. Her cream bodice sparkled in the sun's rays, but her normal radiant glow was gone. Something about his little ray if sunshine was off. For a moment a frown found its way across his features, but it was quickly absorbed off his face and locked away. Trotting to catch up with Maude, the spotted boy attempted to keep the same pace. His body was already starting to tower over the girls. Blackened spots covered his rich mahogany coat and bright golden eyes looked to over the Maude. "A penny for your thoughts? You do not seem your normal self." a sheepish smile fell across his maw. He was not sure how to go about this situation. Zubari never really tried to care about how others felt. Except for this moment...


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The familiar youth which arrives alongside her earns her gaze, a sidelong thing through pale lashes that reveals how very morose she is. Though she is glad to have Zubari’s company, the young woman cannot help but bitterly wonder where he has been until now. She quickly rectifies that thought, however, wondering where it was she had left her patience, as it hasn’t been that long since she’s seen the spotted colt, after all. Maybe her father had accidentally packed it away with his things, she thinks to herself.

So, she tries to smile for her friend instead of just scowling, though she continues onward. With an ear tilted to Zubari’s words, she catches his peculiar opening statement - what’s a penny? she ponders briefly – but sets it aside. What matters about what Zubari is saying is the last bit, but Maude isn’t so sure she is ready to talk about it yet, afraid of whether or not she’ll wind up a crying mess, especially in front of Zubi. He was notoriously less kind than one would think such a girl’s friends would be.

Do you really want to know?” she asks him, her eyes skeptically tilting in his direction as they continue towards the edge of the Edge; a lot of the time, Zubari was mean, the sort of guy to take something like a girl feeling down to make fun of. Maude was sure that she would just burst with outrage at him if that was the case, today, and so she asks what any girl would, when she really wants to talk, but is unsure whether or not the person she’s talking to actually cares, or just wants to pick on her. He certainly had never missed an opportunity to make her scowl at him for his attitude before. “I... I don’t know what if you laugh at me, Zubari, but you won’t like it!

The look which is then provided to her golden eyed friend is the fiercest and determined she can imagine – which is still quite impotent. On Maude’s face, the stern expression her mother put on when dealing with things she’d rather not just doesn’t quite fit the “cold and silencing” bill just yet, and is instead simply… cute.

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