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I had left Gwyn with Rikyn for the day. As much as I loved her, a mother needed a break after all. I made my way down the mountain, and towards the thistle meadow. I had decided to get a herb known to help with digestive problems, among other things, like hives and boils. It is a longer trip, and I am sure I will make it home late, but worth the time I got to myself. I left early, and reached it by late morning, as I had been going fast. Enough time to graze, drink, and gather. My lips begin to pull at blades of grass as I begin to fill my stomach after my journey.

I spend some time, milling about the meadow slowly, pondering the things that have happened in my own life, and the things that could effect my life. Gwyn, my most recent child. She was already a spark of light, where there was darkness. She was strong, and healthy. I was protective of her, but I also did not want to hover over her. I don't know how I managed to love her so much it hurt, but felt so incredibly detached from Kvasir. Maybe it was because of the trauma I associated with his birth. Shame filled my being. I wanted to love him, but I couldn't bring myself to love him the way he should have.

Pushing him out of my mind I tried to think of other things. Kaos. I hadn't been here for each of his challenges, yet rumors had hit my ears of the most recent threat to my home. It always seemed to be something threatening our way of life. Threatening those we loved, or wished we got to know better. And if it wasn't power hungry gods, well then it was nature itself, or those who lived among us. I think of the voice who had taunted me, at my worst times. I shiver to think that there are those so awful out there who could beat another while they are down.

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