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[OPEN] Open your ears and eyes [Foal Lesson]

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Midday sunlight warmed the sands around the Oasis promising one more nice day before Frostfall. Since Volterra and Ampere had given him the go ahead to teach the foals about herbs he decided now was the best time.  A deep smile settled on his face as he trotted around with mouth fulls of herbs. Zafir carried claw fulls chasing after Astarot. She had no intention of sticking around to listen to all the little foals giggle and be annoying. Her scales prickled at the thought of them milling around. They started to set up near the Oasis. To the dragon's immense displeasure the young stallion got her to put three cuts on his right foreleg. Blood dipped on the warm sand He sent her good vibes through their bond, it was a necessary evil to get the point across.

Since Volterra and Ampere had given him the go ahead to teach the foals about herbs he decided now was the best time. He glanced down at the piles of herbs in front of him while Zafir straightened them out. He planed to keep the lesson short and sweet, since some of the foals were so young. He had carefully gone through his supplies and picked put three herbs he thought might be best to share youth of the herd. With Kaos looming in the background everyone needed to be prepared that included the kids as well. Zafir looked up at her bone marked stallion wondering how he would handle the entire youth of the herd talking all at once. He smiled and nodded at her giving her the right to leave. Grateful she took off her mind on finding some tasty birds to hunt down.

Taking a deep breath he let out a loud bellow, "FOALS come and learn something!" He couldn't help but realize how loud and like his father he sounded when he needed to. A warm smile settled over his face, but inside he was an insane mess. He kept running over what he was going to say worrying that he would screw it all up and look like a fool. 'Learning could be fun, right?' He had always loved to learn when he was a foal, but did they all enjoy it? He took a deep calming breath making sure he was close enough to the plants that the kids wouldn't trample them all.

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I like learning things.. Otem thought to herself upon hearing the stallion's call. The crimson and gold eyed filly glanced around, wishing she hadn't abandoned her brother this morning. If she hadn't, he would be by her side and she could drag him over with her. But instead, she'd tried to be independent and was now really regretting that decision.

"Vulkan.."  She whined harmlessly under her breath, trying to steel her resolve as she made a decision to venture down towards Astarot.

"Hi." The tribrid squeaked, trying to sound confidence but utterly failing. As she stood on the reddish sands, succulents and various sprouts of desert grass began to slowly rise from the ground. Otem took no notice of this - she already knew that plantlife seemed to simply follow her around (or at least it did here), and so her eyes remained focused on the skull-marked man before her. In the auburn tangles of her mane, Pandora, the baby owl, nestled snuggly, large golden eyes peering out unsure just what to make of this situation either. 

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At his sister's wanton abandonment, he's angry at first. If she wants to go and have fun, she could at least take him with her! It's not long before his initial annoyance gives way to sorrow as he begins to fret after her, unused to her absence. They've been nestled close in the womb, then equally as close now they're out of it - there's a void at his side without her, and he doesn't like it. It's already very apparent that the colt is adverse to change, but he's particularly adverse to change that involves him ending up alone.

Deciding that action is better than sulking, Vulkán begins to wander aimlessly around. When a call reaches his ears, it seems only right to heed it, thinking that it may be Father come to speak to them. Perking up slightly, the lava-boy breaks into a gangly, inelegant trot that launches him merrily across the sand, careful to keep as much of it as possible from sticking to the soft feathering around his feet.

The caller is none other than the young stallion who had attended the twins' birth, alongside his blue dragon. Vulkán isn't looking at him, though - he's looking at Otem, with her little owl snuggled into her mane. He feels an irrational level of jealousy towards that owl, even if he appreciates the practical usefulness of having a predator bonded to his sister's mind. "You left me," he whispers in an accusatory tone to Otem as he pulls up alongside her, careful to avoid her accompanying plant life. His lower lip is jutted sulkily outwards and his ears are flopped to the side, downcast, as he glares at her.

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Astarot's call roused Iskra from his nap. Stretching out where he lay in the sand, the colt gave a great yawn, his lower lip flopping comically as he rubbed his head and growing mane in the sand. Sprawled out he laid for a moment, contemplating what exactly Astarot would be teaching, and whether or not healing was the route he ought to explore for his career next year. Already a yearling now he was playing less and less games and trying to find more ways to help the herd, especially with his mom being Sultana he knew how busy she kept and he wanted to pitch in. He figured healing would suit him best given you helped people and he loved that idea, but he wasn't too keen on the other end of the job - seeing everyone in pain constantly.

Matheo seemed set on being a warrior, and he'd watched his friend have some scuffles a few times. He knew his mom would appreciate that path, but if being a healer was hard enough at having to handle all the injuries, Iskra was sure he'd do even worse at inflicting them. Still, he supposed one way or another he ought to try them all, or else how would he ever really know? Besides knowing some of everything was probably useful - though that was reasonable to say or think but quite another task to actually accomplish.

"Laying about certainly won't help," he murmured to himself as he finally stood up. After a good stretch and a shake he trotted towards their Sun Physician, ears perking up as he spied two new foals he hadn't encountered before. Always happy to meet new faces, he was nonetheless disappointed that his sister Tae wasn't around to also demonstrate, and that none of his other foal friends had shown up (yet) - granted Arakh was older and already picked a job, but Matheo and Melita and Vastra had to be nearby!

"Hello!" he greeted them cheerfully, slowing to a standstill and a smile as he joined the group. "You guys are new aren't you? I'm Iskra!" As his wings tucked at his sides, small sparks with origins of flame and lightning fell like distrubed dust from beneath the feathers. Iskra's gaze traveled towards their apparent abilities, his grin widening. "Whoa that's neat! You've got plants all over you," he laughed, "bet you'll never go hungry."

"And you've got lava," his eyes widened, impressed. "Is it hot, does it hurt?"

Remembering himself Iskra quieted and turned his gaze to Astarot. "What're we gonna lear-" Iskra cut off when he noticed the blood on the healer's leg, his stomach churning.
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She wouldn't be a filly for much longer, and she was still trying to decide what she wanted to do with her life. Of course all of her sneaking about gave her a pretty good idea of what she was going to do, but it wouldn't hurt to try other things. Healing was on the bottom of her list for sure since she couldn't give two shits of someone was dumb enough to get beat up. Whining grated on her nerves causing her to lash out. It wouldn't do anyone any good if she kept beating up someone that was already hurt or sick for bitching. A soft sigh ruffled from her lips as her silver speckled eyes turned to look over her pristine pelt. A warrior's life was hard and called for much more muscle than she was ever bound to have. That left two other possibilities, one of which her mind kept going back to.

Before she could go over the ideas a call rang out from her brother. Yawning she thought about ignoring his summons. 'If I learn how to patch people up I can use that...' Grinning she flipped her white streaked mane and picked up a graceful trot. Cresting a dune she didn't even pause as her eyes slid over those gathered. Her eyes shifted to two very young foals, one of which screamed of her father's blood. Her brow furrowed slightly as she looked over the young colt then the filly. "Hello fivér és nővér." She purred when she was close enough for them to hear. She winked at her older brother playfully before turning to someone more interesting. She tried to leave her siblings out of her little mind games; for the most part.

Lowering her head she smiled softly up at the gold and blue man. "Hello Iskra." She fluttered her lashes teasingly, trying to lure him into her web. She was always ready to devour any young man that was easily lured with honey words and coy expressions. Then she noticed him looking at her brother and she looked towards him as well confused. Surely Iskra wasn't on that side? To her surprise Astarot had some blood running down his leg, from three cuts. With a snort she raised her eyebrows smirking, "You don't mess around when it comes to teaching do you kedves bátyám?" She shook her head smiling softly before turning back to Iskra, "Don't worry sweetheart, they are tiny scratches, I doubt he even feels them." Her voice was a gentle purr meant only for him.

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