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[OPEN] Healing [God of the Sun]

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The diviner looked behind her. There where the Temple she build stood tall with its point framed by a halo of sunshine. But what she also noticed was the straight edges and curves of shadow cast underneath, crawling at her hoofs like demons from the underworld perhaps looking to drag her under into the shadow of what was holy and right. To her it was ironic how detached she felt from both of these… perhaps absurd thoughts while her own feelings of guilt pushed against her hollow-feeling stomach. She felt her gaze cease and scramble; wanting to wander beyond, wandering to what it didn't see. The answers to her questions.

Standing in front of the fire, for once, she wasn’t sure this place was where she would find them.

It was silly, troublesome, stupid for her to think in ways so counterproductive, she was frustrating herself. Her insides had been warm, cozy before. Her eyes had been loving, so badly in love, as they had watched the dancing of the flames, the serenades of crackling whispers and the subtle nudges against the hot air. There was a fine line between the warmth and burn. Religion was a tricky thing. It had become a sort of obsession for her. Something that only an entity so wild and hot as flames could be grown into. Nevertheless the impatience she felt had birthed itself as an unwanted child from the creases of her swollen doubt.

Still, as she watched the Diviners fire, she wished for nothing more than to feel that love again.

The red flames licked the air, her eyes were gold within their reflections and she felt her breathing stagger for a moment as she curled her mane-draped neck to look up at the curling smoke that ate into the heavens. Or perhaps the heavens ate into the smoke. Whichever it was, it was their connection. Her wings lay stretched but still on the warm air underneath them as she called to the God.

"God of the Sun, we wish to request your wisdom on these recent events and guidance for our quest to heal our island." Her voice was a bit stronger than a whisper, with a roughness in it that could have been blamed on lack of sleep among other, more wilder things. (Then again, wild  to Maren could mean anything. Possibly ranging from something as easy as a whole day glancing at the wall of History, to finding a new spot of wild mint to harvest for her tea. Point being; did one ever really know with Maren?)

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Although the God normally appeared in a pillar of fire and signaled to all around that he had come to the earth once again, today he appeared in a mere handful of sparks and smoke. Ash fell from his wings, and his eyes, normally molten and clear, today appeared like the sky above a volcano. Still, he was handsome and serene, and though his gaze was tired and heavy, he still gazed upon his diviner with a look of love and admiration.

“Maren.” He said softly, shaking some residual soot from his wings, rolling the r of her name with a perfect elongated curl. “It has been too long." The deity smiled to indicate that this was not his way of chastising her, but merely a comment on how long it had been since he had left his post and come to speak to the Dragon's Throat. So much had happened, but also so little. The tiger-striped mare had asked what guidance he could offer them regarding recent events, which could only be a reference to Kaos.

The God sighed.

“Whatever Kaos pretends to be, he is powerful. He evades our detection at everyturn." The God's lips uncharacteristically tilt down in a frown. “I have no idea what to make of him, or what his plans are. All I can tell you is what you already know. All I can advise is what you would do anyways: be watchful, be bold, and protect one another."

At the reference to the island, the God again sighed. His daughter had been the one to want to heal it, but then she had been sent away. The Sun wasn't even sure the others were as concerned with it as she had been. “If that is still a priority then I'm sure we can come to some arrangement. How would you have the island healed?"

Glancing around, the God looked for Ampere or Volterra, sure that they would have thoughts on this issue.

god of the sun

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"Sun God."

The beast's great rumble of a voice heralds his appearance, his head inclined in respect to the fiery deity. "Diviner." Maren receives a nod of the white-splashed head too, grateful that she'd had the foresight to summon the God. The Sun God's words about Kaos do not escape the stallion's notice; there's a grim expression on his face as he realises quite how worried all the Gods seem to be about Kaos, with the apparent exception of the Goddess. "We will stand strong against his threat, Sun God. It will take more than one manipulative false God to bring down the Dragon's Throat." There's conviction and strength in his voice as he speaks, his thick chest thrust forcefully out to lend emphasis to his words.

He glances around for Ampere, who he is sure will be here by now. "With regards to our home, it seems that our status as an island lends us great protection from living threats, but less protection from the dual dangers of time and the elements. We fear that the Throat will not last forever - that if given enough time, the tides could erode it fully." When Volterra joined the Throat, he'd have given nary a fuck about the loss of the island, yet now he's physically and emotionally bound to it, losing it would be like losing a friend, a lover, a child. "We seek your counsel on how we can reinforce our home and ensure that it outlasts us all." He glances between the gathered horses before looking back to the Sun God, hope flaring in his heart at the idea there may be something they can do.

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Although Isopia hates to interrupt or be a burden, given that she knew everyone present at this little gathering, she felt that her presence on the outset of their meeting would be relatively innocuous. She'd shared her philosophical notions with Maren before and found herself incredibly pleased and surprised by the halo'd mare's intellect. Then there was the God of the Sun, her uncle, and Volterra (whose relation to her was currently pushing the sides of her belly out).

For once, Babel was silent and mystified as he gazed up at the fiery being. Neither her father nor the Goddess had quite captivated him like this, and Isopia silently muses on this fact as she comes to halt nearby, offering a small nod of her head should any turn to look at her.

As a former Seer and Storyteller, she knows that these sort of godly conversations are not usually held in secret, but she also knows the importance of giving the one calling down the Gods their space; of respecting the magic imparted to them. And so, she merely watches and listens, wondering what advice this God might have, in relation to his siblings.

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The heavens exhaled one ashen deity within a drizzle of smoke and sparks, smoldering from its own subtle light. As if tired the God had sighed away from the turbulent, Heavenly flames she knew so well, as if bored with its own elegance and glam. (Still, He would always be purer than the sun itself when standing before them.) The Crownless bowed her head, feeling guilt weighing it down. (Was the dim in his fire the result of their herds actions? If only she'd read the signs – whatever signs – earlier, perhaps he would be still engulfed in the flames that danced within their herds warmth before. The ones she had gotten perhaps too comfortable with in her years of service.) – Or was this the fruit of her doubt? The absence of her belief?

When their smoldering God greeted her she still couldn’t help but smile. In a way she was glad He had noticed the aging of the memory of when they had last met. It had always been a honour to her; to be remembered, at all.

Priest, preacher, worshipper, but what is to become of me-

“That feeling is mutual,” which was an understatement. She had wanted to call upon him earlier, but possibly hadn’t felt the strength. Now, above all, she had felt the urgency.

She knew the Sultan had not liked the idea of rebuilding a bridge to restabilize the flow of the water, just like just couldn’t get used to the idea of crucifying their island by hammering in it with their iron-crafted nails. Bottling it up as it was more a fortress then a home.

She looked at Volterra as he spoke, her silent eyes silent, but her heart almost feeling the radiation of the warmth coming from his chest, his pride for their herd his willingness to protect his family. She didn’t put these kind of feelings into words, but she did experience them nevertheless. She barely noticed her ever so criticizing thoughts straying to the sound of the hushing ocean in the distance. Whispering that they would go as they would go, one way or another, whether the island got crucified by their gifted metalbenders or not - And hushing her to come along, that the water would flush away the rusty nails from her own wings, too.

“God of the Sun”, Maren’s outlandish voice rolled out hesitantly after all was said and done between Volterra, Ampere and the God. There was regret in her eyes, a view on a decision she couldn’t turn her back on for whatever reasons would there even be one left. There had been enough doubt within the creases. It was time to iron the pages that were her thoughts.

For a moment her gaze wandered to Volterra, hang longer on Ampere, before it found itself back to her God. “I… I am leaving today.” Had she ever not been direct with her words, she wondered; strangely wishing she could’ve wrapped her words inside a cozy blanket that would’ve dampened the unturned sounds that seemed to fall so harshly from her lips. “I have lost my connection to the enlightened world, I'm afraid. And am I to find it again, this is something I must do.” so she thought. She looked at them, Volterra, Ampere (sorry and regret in her eyes). “I will return one day, God of the Sun,” she bowed. “I promise that.” She wished she could bring a piece of the Diviner’s flame with her, to enlighten her path as she went and remember her as to what it was that had brought her so far or so beyond, but alas. When she would leave, it seemed like she would need to find the answers on her own. Compared to when she entered the threshold, little had changed after all.

She had burned through the years here. that she was the dreadful black singe spot on a long abandoned battleground; marking a time that should've long passed with its leftover ashes. As warm and hot as the fire burned, it was cold now where she was.

But perhaps she could fix it.
Perhaps there was hope still burning somewhere, and so she left.

The coast was wide, covered in a welcoming coat of thin mist that hid parts of the morning sun. Clouded with mystery, more filled with unknown as ever before. She stepped into het boat, Mr. Teatime yawning at her side. The waves crashed like she would crash.
They danced, she saw, perhaps just as well as fire did. And the foam would lick at her body and drape her veils just like fire would. But it wouldn’t burn. It would hide her until forever if she wanted.

She, the Crownless, was a wanderer once again.

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Burning on the E D G E of something beautiful

She was not customarily tardy for things of import, least fo all with Maren and the Sun, but her silly bird had gotten himself tangled and as she tried to extract him the hour wore on until she arrived in a huff of feathers and breath. She slid alongside the Crownless just in time to hear the Sun God's word on Kaos; words which did nothing to soothe her troubled soul on the matter, but she was thankful for their honesty all the same.

Since Kaos was a problem Ampere didn't feel fully equipped to deal with, she tried to settle on the much more manageable (yet still sizeable) issue of their home gradually falling away into the sea. "Since the island was not in as much risk when connected to the mainland, perhaps we can mimic that support somehow, without reconnecting it... for Gaucho's work to transform it into an island has been incredibly securing for our herd." She gave a wry smile, remembering the former Sultan's mad idea and passion for completing the work, despite some protests from his herd, herself included at times, "What if we could work the metal into a securing net of some kind around the exterior, or key points for support could have beams fit into place to help ward away the sea's prowess where the land is weakest?"

"Either way the task seems too monumental for just our forger and crafters to manager alone, however skilled." She gave a wry smile, indicating that while she had faith in them, she also recognized when divine intervention of a sort was necessary.

As they concluded on the matter one way or another however, and Maren's gentle voice (so much softer and hesitant than Ampere ever remembered hearing before) spoke up, Ampere's focus shifted to the Diviner, ready and willing to hear her speak. Although Isopia's attendance was alos noteworthy as a demigodess, these halls would always truly belong to Maren, Diviner or not, and as such her word was always welcome.

So Ampere was surprised when Maen's voice didn't at first come, but rather hung on the silence as she let her gaze travel between them all, and with each passing moment it was as if a greater and greater weight were pressing down on Ampere. She could feel it in her bones, something significant was about to happen, but where Ampere was anticipating some news about having the Sun's second child or revolting against the island, she never could have prepared herself for what the tiger mare actually said.

In fact, Ampere was so astounded that at first she could nothing but let her mouth lie agape, eyes wide in shock and disbelief as Maren continued to speak, each word a wound carving itself deeper into Ampere's heart until finally the pain was greater than her astonishment.

"Maren!" Ampere cried out suddenly, the sound plaintative, like a child's. "Let us help you! Whatever you're searching for, I'm sure it is here, in your home."
Of course, there was a certain edge of anger to Ampere, a heat that rose up steadily once it burned through the layers of hurt and denial.
"Surely you wouldn't leave now, at a time like this?" a last ditcgh attempt, a begger disguised with a knife named guilt.

Yet whatever protests she made, the Crownless seemed not to here, as stubborn and set in her ways as ever - something Ampere adored about her as much as she cursed. Unlike Megaera, challenging the Crownless to stay would not end in a solidified friendship, and so Ampere could only watch those small wings curl about a pale face as the Crownless, the godless, departed.

Although not as dear to her as Gaucho, there was almost something just as worse in this loss, because this one was intentional, and that perhaps hurt most of all. Even if she understood the need to leave, to find, to remember, even if she would never hold it against Maren the day that she returned, Ampere wasn't okay with actually surviving through the process.
She exhaled loudly, wings and tail feathers sleek and flat at her sides.

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“Hush Ampere." The God said, his voice soft but stern as an inferno. His molten eyes were hard as he looked upon Maren, but only because he was holding his emotions at bay. Beneath his handsome and regal mask there was a deep sadness, and a forced understanding. He could not hold the Crownless here if she needed to go, but that she hadn't come to him for guidance and a way back to the enlightened world was something that he felt tearing at his heart. Still, he knew that he was a God and she a mortal, and such relationships could not always last the way they were meant to ... and yet it saddened him deeply to hear her words.

The God waved a wing towards Ampere to signal that his demand for her silence was not offered in anger, but his gaze remained firmly placed upon Maren. “I understand." He said softly, fire rippling down his golden coat and dripping into harmless pools by his hooves. “We shall await your return, and the light your presence brings here."

Glancing towards Ampere, the God sighed. “Sometimes we must leave to know what it is we need to find our way back to. You have travelled down those paths more than once I think."

Knowing that Maren's mind was made up and that there was little he could do to change it, the God resigned himself to focusing on the quest at hand and what needed to be done. “The edges of the island could be reinforced with steel...That would prevent the island from corroding. Though it would do little for the natural elements that continue to buffet the Throat, such as the wind and the waves. Though ensuring that you do not lose anymore land mass should probably take priority. Is this what you two wish?"

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He is aware of Isopia's presence even if he does not remark on it, and the hint of a smile at the edges of his mouth are the only giveaway that he's noticed her arrival. Maren, meanwhile, is speaking, and the Sultan's attention shifts fully across to her. Volterra has always been poor at hiding his reactions to things, and this is no exception as surprise plasters itself across his face like a noticeboard. Of all the things he'd thought the Crownless would say, he hadn't expected her resignation to be one of them.

His shock turns to a frown. He might not have seen eye to eye with the mare himself, but she is as much part of the Throat as the desert rocks and plants. She is part of the furniture here, and a Throat without her just doesn't seem...right. "You will be missed, Maren," is all he can say, knowing that it would be fruitless to try and convince her to reconsider. Ampere's arrival bids him to look over to her, and surprise yet again appears on his features at the spark-mare's outburst. She's always so controlled, yet she seems extremely upset by Maren's revelation in a way he hadn't thought possible from her. The Sun God offers a sharp rebuke to her, and Volterra is reminded that the fiery deity before him is not the same as the placid, kind Earth God that he chooses to follow. The Sun God is a whole different animal, and his stern furnace of a voice towards his loyal follower is quite a shock to the Indomitable. The man is fierce, strong, an inferno in living flesh; he is not to be crossed, that's for certain.

The stallion hesitates for a moment, aware once more of Isopia's presence and her probable disapproval of what he's about to do next. He does it regardless; he moves to Ampere's side and seeks to place a gentle, comforting muzzle against her shoulder, next to her deflated, flaccid wings. The touch is entirely platonic, the touch of a friend and co-leader, and it's so swift that it would be easy to miss as Volterra moves briskly away from his Sultana in the aftermath of his attempt at reassurance. He hopes the little mare will understand the gesture and that it will help her to know that she has people in the Throat that will stay loyal to her as long as she stays loyal to them; she, too, is part of the golden sands and Volterra is quickly growing to consider her a firm friend.

The Sun God speaks again. Steel... It makes sense for them to use metal to reinforce the island, given their crafter's ability with the element. He glances to Ampere, all stony professionalism now, then looks to the Sun God. "That sounds as though it would work, Tűz Királya. What must we do?"

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