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[OPEN] Roasting Over An Open Fire

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Ingrid couldn't say she loved the cold, but she certainly liked it more than the heat. Up here, the grass was already coated in frost, and the ground was hard beneath her hooves.

In the distance, she could see something shining. The flickering light piqued her interest. She turned towards it, and soon realized that it was a small fire. As she drew closer, she realized that nobody was there manning it.

How did that even get there, she wondered.

Ingrid approached cautiously, but eventually decided to sit down beside it. Still suspicious, she called out, "Hello? There isn't some kind of booby trap or spooky critter that's gonna want a sacrifice from me for sitting near his fire, right?" She waited a few seconds,"Alright, I'm gonna take that as a no then. And no backsies!"

With that, she moved a little to the side of the fire, and had herself a good roll in a snowdrift. She coated her whole back in powder, and kicked up flurries with her hooves, snorting with laughter. It wasn't like there was anyone around to see her acting like a yearling, right?

No, there weren't signs of anyone being nearby, so long as one chooses to ignore the fire and the trail of hoofprints leading away from it that Ingrid had failed to spot.

@Weaver Here's your roast post! Idk if it's Weaver's fire or not, it can be though if that makes sense!
Probably open to others if they feel like getting absolutely roasted?

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She is not currently skilled enough to start a fire. That required some serious patience, which she doesn’t have, or some magic, which she also doesn’t have. Though she would like to solve the magic problem with some lovely, fiery ravens one of these days. That required getting lucky and running into the right sort of trouble though, which didn’t happen every day. Weaver runs into all sorts of trouble, but not the sort that often ends with fire ravens as a magical ability. Fire, however, is a useful thing. So, when she spots flickering light in the distance, she immediately makes her way over to it

Her hope is there’s something strange and wonderful happening in Helovia, as if often the case. Her thought is that someone just started and fire and hopefully she could steal some in case she ran into the zombie ice bear again, because fire seemed like it might be semi-effective at getting her away from the zombie ice bear without dying. What she does not expect is to find a mare rolling around in the snow nearby.

Weaver stops, not entirely sure what to say in this particular moment. Raven breaks the silence for her, cawing into the quiet air and rattling the silence around them. Content with his job, he returns to nesting in the cloak on Weaver’s back. Figuring there’s no way to slip off unnoticed, she instead asks, “You make the fire?” she asks, figuring if the owner of said fire was present, she should check before taking some with her. Which is probably weird since fire is not a limited resource, but still, it seems like the thing she’s supposed to do.

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She was enjoying her time in the snow when suddenly out of nowhere she heard a voice, somebody asking if she'd made the fire. "Shit," she muttered. She stopped rolling and lifted her head to look at Weaver, "No," she replied, "I found it." With a disappointed huff, Ingrid got up and shook off a blanket of snow. Rolling around had been fun for the ten seconds it lasted.

"You're Weaver, right? We met when there was an Edge collation to go get mirror water," she said, turning her head sideways so she could get a better look at the mare. She was standing right in that annoying between-the-eyes blind spot. As her gaze scanned over the tribrid, details started coming back to her. Right, one of the Basin's high ranking officers. Exactly who I wanted to find me playing in the snow like a toddler.

"I uh, like your bird," she added, unsure of what else to say. At least it's not a dragon?

With Weaver's appearance, Ingrid was also really starting to wonder who'd started the fire. It clearly attracted Helovians like moths to well, a flame. She had a feeling that a thinker like Amaris or Yael might be able to make something of the fact that simple moths and scholarly horses alike were drawn to pretty glowy things. Ingrid however was short a couple of the shits she'd need to give to be able draw significance from it.


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