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[OPEN] These wolves don't bite [Festival Game]

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She’s near enough to see the drink, but not near enough that she can actually go get it. This would be way more fun if she could grab a drink first and then come back to her post. That, most likely, would be frowned upon though, so like the good little corporal she is, she stays put. Instead she just watches as others gather, including Volterra. The sight of him brings a slight grin to her lips, thinking back to their spar. He’s beaten her, yes, but she’d sent him home certainly worse for the wear, and that was enough. She’d only hoped to be remembered.

Her black cape drapes across her back, the raven feathers prominent around her neck, helping to keep her warm in the chilly Orangemoon air. Though her coat is also growing long and scruffy, and she might not really need the cape, but that doesn’t deter her from wearing it. She’s grown fond of the outfit (though it is not quite complete, it’s a good start), and Raven has also grown rather fond of it. He’s pulled the cape into something of a nest on her back, tucking it about himself.

There’s a pile of cloth scraps with him – blindfolds. Raven sits ready to plop them on to any that come by and might need some help. Beside her in the fake wolf made of pine branches. Wessex’s game is way more fun, throwing rings on a live target. Weaver gets a wood wolf to play with, but whatever, it’s fine. A collection of various colored tails lay on the ground near her, ready for whoever feels like playing.

She waits for the main floor to fill up, pretending to be patient and happy standing there watching others have fun without her. Eventually, she hears Wessex call that the games are open, and she grins a bit wider, glad to have something to finally do. Guess her fellow Corporal decided there were enough gathered to get started, so she might as well too. “Step right up! Pin the tail on the wolf!” She nearly promises a prize in the form of a kiss, but stops herself, figuring that is likely too much given that they are supposed to be showing off the best of themselves. That may or may not count.

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Pin the tail on the wolf! There will be some sort of dice roll to figure out how close you get to pinning the tail of the wolf, the details of which I will include when I figure it out. ;) But step right up and grab your blindfold! Feel free to pp Raven helping your character put it on.

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The race seemed like it would be too hard for someone with such small legs, and the frightening white mare that daddy had insisted she avoid was working at the other game. Though she had, for a moment, considered not doing what he said, and playing, anyway, something about the way she recalled him saying it made her hooves trot in the direction of Weaver’s pine wolf, instead.

Dropping her berry sprig (all berries eaten) along the way, she patiently waits for her turn, looking around at everything about her with quiet interest. When Raven flutters over to her, however, she makes an excited giggle, even if she’s a bit scared of his flapping wings, while he buffets her as he ties the blindfold over her eyes.

Having picked up her cloth “tail” while she waited, Gwyn clings to the blue strip of cloth (her favorite color, because it was the same as her mommy’s eyes, and the magic rock her daddy said made him think of her), and blindly moves forwards. Dumbly moving her nose through the air, she nudges and feels for the branch-made wolf, and, when she is pretty sure she has found its butt, she tucks the cloth into the gaps between the woven sticks, and tries her best to make her way out of the way as quickly as possible.

Turning about eagerly to see how she’s done in relation to the others, she waits for everyone else to pin their tails, and hopes that she’s at least not the furthest away.

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'Cawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww,' came the loud, obnoxious, unruly greeting from the dragonking's throat, as he recognised Raven and Weaver. Amaris did what she could to hush him, but amusement was evident as she obliged to his desire to get closer to them, to see what game it was they offered, to maybe try and win, though just what they were winning was yet to be determined.

Prizes didn't matter anyway, the dragonmare, though fond of shiny things, wasn't much of a collector of trinkets or jewels that did not serve a specific purpose - the amulet woven into the depths of her mane attested to that. Dramyrth had a hovel somewhere in the Edge were he hoarded various things, but compared to some, his collection was nothing.

Amaris greeted the raven-mare and her raven companion with a bright smile, pleased to see the painted figure healed - they had both been rather scorched at their initial meeting.

The dragonmare watched the young filly have a go first, easily noting the similarities between she and the steed who had been eyeing her off earlier, watching with kind amusement as the belle clumsily stuck her tail onto her target.

Our turn, Dramyrth hummed excitedly, and Amaris had to correct him. My turn. No cheating. She commanded him to not give her any clues, as Raven expertly tied off her blindfold. Dramyrth huffed slightly, before sliding down from her withers to watch from the ground, resolutely turning his back on the game to prove that he would not be able to direct her 'even if he wanted to'.

With a tail in her mouth and a vague sense of where she was meant to go, the dragonmare stepped forth, giggling a little bit under her breath as she thought just how foolish she must look, but she tried to complete the game anyway, touching the tail to the pine-wolf, hoping it stuck as she withdrew and shook the blindfold free of her tiara, to view her efforts, and offer a final wry grin to the host of this game.
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Admittedly, this is not the sort of game I would usually participate in, but Gwyn is here, as is the dragon-mare. Making eye contact with her again if she turns to allow me to do so, I plan to talk to her once our turns are up, and I don’t have to be worried about either of us being interrupted.

Stopping at the pile of strips to pick up my own marker, I pay little attention to what color I pull out. Arriving alongside her with a smile, I look down at her before gesturing to the pine wolf, belatedly noticing that my cloth scrap is white, with pink polka dots. Great, I think to myself, meaning to swap it out before my turn comes up.

"Which one is yours, Gwyn?" I ask her, genuinely interested.

When she answers and I go to switch out my cloth, however, there is suddenly Raven in my face. With a clamorous bird noise and a wild flapping of his wings, he does as his companion has told him to do to whoever is next in line – which I adamantly try and refuse.

"No, stop it, bad bird!" I mutter at him and swat with my horn and muzzle, but damn it if Raven isn’t a complete badass at blind folding people; I’ll try to remember that for the future, if we ever need to kidnap someone, clandestine style. Hurrying back towards the pine wolf so I have a clue where I am before he completely cuts off my field of vision, I murmur under my breath (so Gwyn won’t hear my lackluster language): "Oh for fucks sake, alright. I’m going, I’m going!"

Sticking the polka-dotted, ultra-feminine tail wherever, because at this point I don’t care, I grumpily shake off the blindfold and stalk my way back towards the sidelines, and look about for the half dragon again. If I see her, I’ll make my way over, interested in learning her perspective of the histories of our people, if she’s amicable to it.

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Getting into line at the wolf, next, Maude quickly sees Amaris, and shouts a cheerful greeting to her, well before her cloven hooves carry her to her older friend’s side. If the dragon-mare thought of Maude as such was a mystery to the filly, but, ever since they had played tag at the river, the cremello and ginger maiden had taken a fast liking to the gold. As any who had earned this title were quick to learn, it didn’t matter from that point on if they thought Maude was annoying, like Kiada or Zubari seemed to, some days: she would always be there, with a happy smile, and a hello.

Hello miss Amaris!” she happily quips, the festival seeming to have been the perfect medicine for a girl missing her father (at least until she got home again). With an earnest bob of her muzzle, after inspecting the purpose of the wolf and the cloth strips, she looks to her newfound friend. “I’ll bet you get yours close.

Cheerfully bounding forward when her time comes, the filly grabs a cloth along the way – green, just like the silk binding about her tail, and some of the layers of her magical cloak. Lifting her chin and face towards Raven, the bird scarcely has the time to tie the blindfold in place before she is surging forward, eagerly nudging and groping with her nose. Shoving the cloth where she thinks the wolf’s hind end is, she slowly steps backwards a few paces, before looking at the pine-branch creature with wide, hopeful eyes.

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