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Departing from the private conversation with Vezer and Volterra, Ampere slipped back into the party that was still fully underway. @Reichenbach was due to start his song, but Ampere sidled over to him and kindly asked him to wait for a moment. Although she was mostly done celebrating for the night given the news she had obtained, she would not stop them from doing so. She did however need their minds before they became too addled with ale.

"DRAGON'S THROAT!" she bugled out to them all, the edges of her body dissipating into sparks for a moment with the energy she put into the gusto of her shout. "We're making merry, and we honor the Sun in our glee and our prosperity. There is none better than the DRAGON'S THROAT, AND WE WILL CELEBRATE IT ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT!" she roared, wings flaring as she praised them all. She paused then, waiting for a silence to settle again. "Lend me your ears for a moment though, I've some important announcements." She grinned, for she was happy still.

"Please congratulate SYRENA for her promotion to Forger! Offer your same hearty cheers for SUNJATA, who is promoted to Sleuth!" She looked over for Volterra's approach and his promotions and mention of the morning patrol.


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@Syrena to Forger
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Knowing that this meeting is forthcoming, Volterra abstains from touching the alcohol at the edges of the party, difficult as it is to resist the allure of it. He needs his wits about him when he addresses the herd, so he's in fine fettle as he pulls up alongside Ampere to give their announcements to the rest of the gathered partygoers. His daughter's revelation has somewhat taken the shine off proceedings, as he can't stop thinking about the Kaos patrol hanging over them, but he does his best to keep his features jovial as he listens to Ampere's swift summoning of the herd.

"To add to that, we will also be promoting Pippigrin to Gladiator and Astarot to Sun Physician." He looks from the miniature pegasus over to his son, his eyes softening with pride and adoration. Despite his youth, the boy has set about his tasks admirably and is showing himself to be a fine healer. "As loathe as we are to disturb the festivities with tidings of doom, it has come to our attention that there have been....strange occurrences in the Spectral Marsh recently. My daughter Vezér informs us that during a recent visit there, the earth around the altar began to vibrate, before spewing oddly-coloured rain onto her. Where it touched her skin, she felt refreshed, and when it touched the ground it created black clovers. We believe these phenomena are related to Kaos, and they must be investigated as soon as possible. To that end, we will be taking a patrol into the Marsh tomorrow morning as a matter of urgency to see what we can discover." He pauses for a moment to let his words sink in. He does not wish to bring the tone down, but this is something important that needs to be digested before the ale takes away their wits.

"We need as many warriors and able-bodied adults as possible to come with us on this patrol. I will not lie to you - there is every possibility that this trek into the Marshes could be dangerous, and thus it is important that we have strength in numbers. Naturally, foals are to remain here, to be tended to by those who choose to stay behind." His gaze searches out his children, stern and broaching no argument - there will be hell to pay if he finds them sneaking along.

"I would also like the healers to keep an eye on Vezér in case the liquid has any adverse effects on her, and we have some of the clovers to be studied by those with a good knowledge of herbs." He falls silent again, casting his fierce gaze around the rest of the gathered herd. "However, I implore you all to force this from your minds for now and enjoy the party. You all deserve this opportunity to relax, have a good time, and rest your bodies ready for the patrol tomorrow. I will summon you at an hour past sunrise to give our heads time to recover. Until then, please continue as you were. Any questions, myself and Ampere will be happy to answer." He forces a smile, a valiant attempt at cheer in the face of overwhelming worry. Tomorrow could bring danger, pain and even death, but tonight they must try to forget their woes and enjoy.


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@Pippigrin to Gladiator!
@Astarot to Sun Physician!

Congrats guys! I'll be throwing the Kaos patrol up in the Marsh shortly, set the day after the party. Any adult can attend, the more the merrier, and those who remain are welcome to post a thread guarding the foals!

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Isopia is very pregnant. Extremely
pregnant, and that makes attending a herd meeting all the more painful. The demi-goddess has never been fond of such formalities as meetings - even when she was the one who had to call them - but now that she was in a new herd, nothing more than an apostle and just another mare impregnated by Volterra - she felt even more uncomfortable. Especially given how much extra room she took up. Isopia was not normally one who blended into the background well, but in her current state, she was like a walking blimp.

Still, she was pleased to see Thunderhead Ampere. That was a face she knew, and even a few others in the crowd were known to her. Unsure whether or not to speak up, but deciding that at least with Ampere and Volterra running the herd she couldn't get into too much trouble, she decided to risk it. Clearing her voice slightly, Isopia took a step forward to address her two new rulers.

"I spoke to the Goddess less than a month ago about Kaos ... She said the best thing to do was to remove our emotional responses from our understanding of him.A number of the Edge visited the Marshes and were met with experiences likely quite similar to your own ... some of us were healed, some were rejuvenated...One of my-" pausing, Isopia shook her head to clear the word away. "-a former sage of mine could read the symbols on the black altar. She interpreted them as, Kaos will save, peace, power, and forever. Kaos ... didn't quite appear, but spoke to confirm that her reading was correct."

Swallowing, Isopia tried to find Volterra's ruby stare to see if this information was welcome, or even knew to him. 

hi have awkward preggo Iso with some info

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Suddenly, Ampere bellows out to the crowd, gathering his attention immediately. He shifted his attention immediately to her and Volterra as they began to make announcements. Quietly, his navy hooves began to drag him that way, wondering what kind of information was so important that it demanded attention at a time like this. Though it wasn’t like he’d say much about it. When he finally came to the meeting and gave his utmost attention to Ampere, he was pleased to hear the results.

At first, Syrena was promoted to Forger, and his icy gaze shifted across the sands to find the siren-mare and offer her a congratulatory smile and a dip of his head, noting that he’d need to congratulate her later on the promotion. Then, his own name was called, promoted to Sleuth. His feathers pricked slightly in surprise as his head swung back to Ampere as she looked for Volterra. And while his Sultan continued to speak, he was still stuck on the idea that he had proven himself enough to be promoted. A smile graced his lips as he finally focused on what Volterra was saying, about Kaos and patrols.

And before the man could say anything, an unfamiliar yet large mare spoke up of speaking with the Goddess and of another that had deciphered the strange symbols on the side of the altar. Nevertheless, he acknowledged the interest, his head shifting to Volterra and Ampere as his smile slightly faded. “Thank you for the promotion. I’ll do whatever I can for the patrols that you need.” He offered a hearty smile before remaining silent, yet still, to hear what they might say in return to Isopia’s information.


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Astarot and Zafir
He stood around watching everyone hoping that his herbs wouldn't be needed. With the herd being full of children and fighters he had abstained from the liquor. If anyone got hurt he wanted to be ready to patch them up. The stallion watched everyone smiling softly while Zafir sat on his back scarlet eyes trailing over everyone slowly. She loved to stare at people and try to make them uncomfortable. If they didn't squirm under her eyes she liked them, it was as simple as that. He glanced back at her smiling at his counterbalance. She was defiantly the opposite of himself, arrogant, distrustful, vain, and bitchy. She trilled softly to him as her eyes saw the two leaders moving off from his sister.

Ampere called them all forward with her great bellow. He chuckled softly to himself wondering how someone so small could be so loud. Zafir pricked her head up eyes on her bonded's father. The mighty stallion always intrigued her with his power and ability to rope in two of her kind. She called to the Sultan her head tilting slightly scarlet eyes bright. Astarot nodded warmly as his father from the front of the group. They both listened to Ampere their blood pounding with pride at her words. When she yelled about the mighty Throat Astarot and Zafir both raised their voices. A puff of frost flew from her blue lips with her excitement. They both enjoyed the comradery of the Throat and how much they all cared for each other.

They fell quiet once more as the blue mare carried on. His dual eyes brightened and he yelled again smiling brightly at the two that had been promoted. Zafir merely glanced at the two other horses. He nodded at each of them warmly, they were both very worthy of their given ranks. That was when he saw the large bay mare with wide sides. Quietly he strode towards her dual eyes warm and welcoming. "Hello Miss. I'm Astarot and this is Zafir, welcome to the Throat." His large skull marked face dipped respectfully while Zafir watched her with narrowed eyes. She could smell dragon's on the lady and shifted her eyes to the sky her lip curling slightly.

He turned when it was his father's turn to speak ears pricking slightly. 'Pippigrin seriously?' He stared at his father trying to figure out why they had chosen the midget to lead the warriors. Where they really that desperate for fighters? Then Volterra spoke his name. Zafir whipped her head around her heart soaring as she rose swiftly into the sky screaming her joy and shooting puffs of frost. His jaw almost hit the floor before her gathered his wits. His large head lowered again to both leaders in his gratitude. Then Volterra was off and running again. Dual eyes slam back to look at his littler sister and he walks to her side looking her over carefully. He chuckled and nudged her shoulder as she rolled her eyes at his examination.

Satisfied he shifted to her side to listen to everything else his father had to say. Zafir landed excitedly on his broad back cooing softly still thrilled for the dunskin man. His ears quiver curiously at the thought of black clovers sprouting from the liquid that had touched his sister. He glances at her curiously before turning speaking up. "I'll be sure to keep an eye on her. I will join the patrol tomorrow, and I would like to see the clovers. I think it might be best to study them when we get to the Marsh. If anything is going to happen I will be prepared with herbs." He turned his eyes between the Sultan and Sultana thoughtfully. He needed to speak to one of them about acquiring a bag for herbs, but that could wait. He took a deep breath, sure they wouldn't like what he was going to say next, "It might be in our best interest to not storm in there looking for a fight, or we might just get one." His eyes bore into his father's before turning to Ampere. They were both warriors in their own right and he was telling them not to fight. He was well aware how they both had flaming tempers and Kaos might as well. If they charging in ready to take on all of his might, he might not be able to save everyone.

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The Sultana's bellow pulled his attention from his mingling, his eyes finding the stormy mare. The news of promotions made him smile, and he quickly searched to pick out those who's names have been called.  He still can not claim to know everyone's name, but the party has lent a hand in identifying those who he didn't recognize.  His ears pricked at his friend's name, and his head bobbed with excitement for Pip.  He hasn't known the pegasus long, but he has a deep respect of love for him.  After all, Pip is the one who showed him home.  He glanced at the hobbit, sending a heartfelt smile towards him, unsure if Pip noticed in the crowd.  That doesn't matter, though.  

His eyes drew forward once again, this time focusing on the Sultan standing beside the dark mare Ampere.  News of doom?  Vibrations of the earth and a black rain sounds like something out of a grimoire, a spell of dark magic.  He knows now that magic is all too real here in this land, being a witness to it first hand.  His brow furrowed.  The potential of knowledge here was great, however the passive stallion tends to keep his body out of harms way.  The thought of venturing out of his now comfortable home made his heart thump.  Gully stared at Volterra, swallowing hard at his call for the able bodied.  Of course, Gully couldn't hope to gain any knowledge by staying hoveled up in his little hole.

He watched silently as an unfamiliar, pregnant mare spoke up.  This whole thing seems to be orbiting the name Kaos.  It was unfamiliar to him, but the air felt stiff every time someone said it. Like a sooty fog that choked the oxygen out.  The talk of runes and alters caught his attention.  After all, he holds the title of apostle.  Things of that sort always holds his interest. He moved forward from his position at the rear of the crowd, sliding his thick frame between the others of the herd.  He hopes to catch Volterra before the stallion departs, or drinks.

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The word is one that has haunted Arakh's dreams since he was a boy, since his mother was twisted and torn apart by the foul bone monster summoned by Kaos. It is the bull's most dearly-held desire to be the one who annihilates the heinous beast, and nothing will stop him from accomplishing his task.

He will ensure Kaos is killed, or die trying. The Gods will protect his mortal flesh if he is destined to destroy the heathen God, that much he's sure of. If he perishes, then at least he will be reunited with his mother and father. Nothing else matters but this.

The meeting about the patrol, then, lands upon eager ears in the form of the young stallion. He's fully-grown now, monstrously sized and powerful, and it does not escape his notice that he's now large enough to look their esteemed Sultan in the eye. Arakh has no real ill-will towards the man, yet it irks him that he's spoken of as such a great warrior when really the only true warlord is Gaucho. Still, the stud's bull-horned head dips respectfully towards their king as he arrives on the scene, his wings folded at his side and his eyes glowing with vengeance. A patrol, hm? It seems Kaos's reach extends further than they'd thought... "Arakh help. Kaos kill Arakh's Mai - Arakh kill Kaos." The guttural, heavily-accented voice speaks up from the crowd, accompanied by a decisive nod of the head.

It is sealed - the reaver will march with the Throat, and he will do everything he can to bring Kaos down.

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She’d been around, but not really, because parties were definitely not her thing. She doesn’t like touching anyway, and all those bodies so close together is basically a recipe for brushing into everyone and everything nearby. Syrena kept to the side, letting Thea try to make friends, though even her companion seemed a little overwhelmed by the number of horses in one place. Syrena did, at least, get herself a drink before settling in to watch what unfolded. There was plenty of entertainment in watching.

What she isn’t expecting is a meeting, but soon Ampere is calling to them and Syrena turns her attention, moving a bit closer to the Sultana though as always, staying on the outskirts of the group. Ampere has far more enthusiasm than Syrena could fathom, really, but she listens politely wondering if this was just going to be an amp-em up kind of speech, because she didn’t care about those if she’s being honest. Instead though, Ampere turns to announcements, which start with her name. That is a surprise.

Syrena is silent for a moment, entirely uncertain if she’d heard correctly, though she knows she did. There are no other crafters, meaning she was the only choice for Forger, even if not the best choice. After a moment too long, she nods to Ampere, accepting the position without words. Sunjata is also promoted, and Syrena tries to catch his eye and nod at him as well. She likes the blue stallion well enough from their encounters, after all. The other two she doesn’t know as well, so she simply returns to listening.

Volterra turns the topic to Kaos. Syrena listens, disagreeing that anything regarding Kaos necessarily meant doom, but he talks of strange happenings. She hadn’t even noticed Isopia in the group until the mare speaks up, but there is the Mountain. When did the Mountain join the Throat? It feels right, in a way, and wrong in another, to be in this herd that is not their herd with her former Czarina.

When there’s an appropriate lull in the conversation, she speaks up. “Something similar happened when I was there. A blue-green mist came from the altar and black flowers grew around us, and those that were there, myself included, felt stronger and rejuvenated after.” She’s not sure how useful that information is, but she figures it’s worth sharing. Her eyes glance toward Isopia, since she had been there at the time as well. It seemed to be quite a trend.


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